'The Flash' Star Hartley Sawyer Fired After Racist and Homophobic Tweets

'The Flash' Star Hartley Sawyer Fired After Racist and Homophobic Tweets
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no one can replace ralph he was funny and awesome
Adil S3N
Adil S3N:
The first episode Ralph joined that episode was dedicated on how people could change. And now they are firing him for something that he did 8 years ago. Unacceptable Cw
It’s okay guys I’m sure Barry will run back in time and delete those tweets.

But fr tho this is a stupid decision
Jory D Williams
Jory D Williams:
Someone was really looking on his social media to find fault.
Joanna Smith
Joanna Smith:
They getting everybody this month.
ImperiusMaster -
ImperiusMaster -:
Ironic how in the show his backstory shows that people can change and the past doesn’t define who you are in the present.
They’re old tweets. He has moved on and changed. Even CW said something like we should become someone better and to forget the past but yet they fired Sawyer over a tweet 8 years ago
The Flash Edits
The Flash Edits:
Is nobody gonna talk about how that person was online stalking him?
Black Thorn Romeo
Black Thorn Romeo:
I’ve seen people say George Floyd deserved to die and still keep their accounts. This guy makes dark humor jokes and they get rid of him? There is a problem here being offensive is not the same as being racist. This is the kind of thing Dave Chappell speaks out against. Is this what the future holds?? Thought policing?
Jay Fran
Jay Fran:
I hate this culture. When does it stop. Like there should be a line. All I see from stuff like this the belief that people can't change, when clearly they have and can. He shouldn't have been fired.
cap ghosty
cap ghosty:
These were like 6-8 years ago why is it coming up now wtf
Captain Silver
Captain Silver:
Did they forget about James Gunn ??!?
He was literally hired by Warner bros after the tweets came out
That was a long time ago and I’m pretty sure Hartley isn’t that kind of man
I’m not gonna judge from TWEETS I judge him from who he is now
Harangue Meringue
Harangue Meringue:
The tweets were “exposed” at the end of March, yet it took the CW until now to take action? Riight... they just wanted to time things perfectly w/the BLM movement.

Do the research yourself: there’s a team of cyberbullies that harass CW show cast & crew. They pretend to be fans of or actually one of the black actors like Candice Patton & then try to start in-fighting & other drama.

Hartley was dumb to make those tweets, yes. But the CW’s cherry-picked standards are tiresome. Good thing there are far better shows out there to watch; the fanboys & girls who actually believe whatever the network says happened, lol, can have these shows.
I guess people just aren't allowed to make mistakes huh
McDonald’s Manager
McDonald’s Manager:
Isn’t it weird how his character arch is about not being defined by your past but he gets fired because of tweets that are 6-8 years old
Abdelrahman Osama Mohamed
Abdelrahman Osama Mohamed:
Seriously people change, everyone has skeletons in their closet.
So sad. Except for Constantine, Harey's Elongated Man was the only other character who seemed like he walked right out of the comic book. He will be missed.
Red Mob
Red Mob:
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone -
Dragon y2k
Dragon y2k:
I've seen comedians say things that are worse...
Every single one of us have something in our past we wouldn't want on the news now. Has he changed is the question. Cancel culture is a group that act like they're perfect and know nothing of mercy and forgiveness.
journey pleasant
journey pleasant:
I am not going judge someone on their past. It’s all about the present. If he did this now that is a different story. I do t think they should’ve have fired him.
Alonso Gustavo Pacherres Rodriguez
Alonso Gustavo Pacherres Rodriguez:
Warner Brothers: WB we want Hartley Sawyer back, everyone deserve a second chance ( Que vuelva Ralph Dibny a The Flash, lo queremos de vuelta - ¡Firma la petición! http://chng.it/wKcMmcs8 a través de




i not underage 55
i not underage 55:
As much im disappointed in him i think they should give him a second chance because those tweets were from a while ago. Like look at some celebrities who are good people but did some questionable things like shane dawson who did a black face character but he apologized and he's a better person. We all said or maybe did some questionable thing's in the past but we need to forget them and try to be better so he needs to get another chance to redeem himself cause if we all were in his position we all will be canceled.
Scorpio Og
Scorpio Og:
This is so sad, this was 8 years ago ppl. That is waayyyy more than enough for someone to change. He is not what he was and he is a great person now. Now look at what ya done, he got fired and now we lost the good old Ralph from the Flash.

He started to delete those comments because he was ashamed of himself. He regrets what he wrote. I am pissed
Il Manticore
Il Manticore:
So it's official. There is no redemption in our society. I hope you are all happy as you get torn too pieces. Tick tock. Clocks running out now.
Jason Lee Barnett
Jason Lee Barnett:
AND James Gunn lives on why? Compare them. Both worth firing for or not?
The Commenter Dragon
The Commenter Dragon:
Since Hartley was fired, it makes me wonder if they're either gonna find another actor to replace him as Ralph, or if they decided to just completely erase Ralph from the Flash period as if he never existed.
Paul Johnson is a nonce like Arch Stanton
Paul Johnson is a nonce like Arch Stanton:
That's SJW's for you. Remember to never make an edgy joke because these things will cone after you decades later. They have no lives so want to ruin everyone elses.
Sarah Leite
Sarah Leite:
What the heck?! This is so dumb! Hartley is clearly sorry for his actions and he isn’t like that anymore. Isn’t one of the main topics about the flash is giving people a chance?! Like with Captain Cold, Golden Glider, Allegra, even Ralph?! But when it comes too real life nooo that lesson doesn’t apply anymore. They judged him by his past mistakes and they won’t give his a chance. This is so stupid
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO:
This is seriously stupid. It’s like these decisions don’t allow for further evaluation of whether someone is the same person as before. It’s kind of reinforcing the notion that people can’t change or grow up. We live in a society where we hold people accountable for something they did a notable while back, and once it’s found- no evaluation for current character. You are done. It’s like the message you’re sending is that second chances don’t exist. Everything you did to better yourself, has amounted to nothing. That’s what it feels like.

Not promoting racism and what not. Just against this whole notion of a one solution fits all, that everything someone has done to become someone else that’s better has amounted to nothing. How are people supposed to believe they can change, learn, grow, evolve, if people just slam the doors every time? How many people have become hardened criminals and such because of this notion that there are no second chances?
Might as well say redemption is a lie.
Cunny Nham
Cunny Nham:
Those tweets were jokes he didn't deserve to be fired over jokes 😂 😂 😂
Truly horrific news. Poor Hartley.
Boba Virus
Boba Virus:
I like how Ralph has homophobic comments, but was in a gay movie. He’s contradicting himself. I still feel sorry tho. He was amazing in the FLASH.
Skooma Guardian
Skooma Guardian:
Wtf something said in the past should stay in the past
Franco Pelaez
Franco Pelaez:
Damn I was trying to see him and caytlin be a couple
Dirty Burger
Dirty Burger:
I saw the tweets and theres nothing there. Overly sensitive losers all ofyou
Adam Sultana
Adam Sultana:
The Arrowverse has been SJW Liberal crap for years now, and this is the icing on the cake for me.
give the man his job back
C P:
They have a right to fire Hartley.
That being said, The Flash can't do any redemption arcs/speeches anymore since the cast and crew don't believe in that.
Just make Barry Allen become an vindictive superhero who believes in absolutes in future seasons if there are going to be any.
You know what... forget it! I’m officially done watching the Flash! I hate it when shows get toooooo political
LAI HORACE (6E09)黎昊儒
LAI HORACE (6E09)黎昊儒:
I love Hartley I don’t want him to quit
stay true
stay true:
Joey Baseball
Joey Baseball:
He made himself very clear, that he was just trying to get attention. I don't think he deserves to get fired for that. Who hasn't said something crazy just to get attention? If that was not what was really in his heart, he should not have been fired. And I think the fact that he admitted openly that he was only trying to get attention comedy shows that that's not really how he feels.
5 digits Are A digits
5 digits Are A digits:
I would be happy If next season Didn’t get anybody to watch cause of Hartley sawyer being fire. That would just convince them to bring him back I think atleast
Landyn Hostetter
Landyn Hostetter:
9 year old statements I would have been 5 years old
This literally happened a decade ago why can’t people understand that expierences and people can change us as humans
Imagine firing him just bc of some tweets 8 years ago.
I'm so very sorry that I told dark humor jokes on my twitter 6-10 years ago. I've been great friends with The Flash cast for years but because of these tweets they all hate me and I'm now an outcast and my career is ruined. I've since matured and don't make such jokes anymore but that doesn't matter. Thank you for ruining my life. -Hartley Sawyer
Grant made racist remarks too, but he's still apart of the show
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
If we're now retroactively holding people to account for past content then why is nobody campaigning for Disney to be dismantled for making movies like Song of the South?
Imagine digging up old tweets from nearly a decade ago just to ruin someones career 💀
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Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
This is why you shouldn't use social media if you don't think in binary.
character based entirely around changing for the better and they fire him for shit from YEARS ago
Landyn Hostetter
Landyn Hostetter:
He said that a long long time ago
I don't watch the flash but this is so stupid. I bet everyone in the cast of that show has done questionable things but they're so quick to push someone away to keep a good image
When he was introduced in the flash as Ralph the whole episode was dedicated to how we shouldn't judge people for their past and that people can change and they can become better person then they were in the past
And I'm pretty sure the show runners who are heartbroken by this probably aware of the tweets when they hired him in the first place
Samira Rahimi
Samira Rahimi:
Nooooooo flash was so funny with him
Why TF would they fire him for mistakes he made in the past?
To be honest this sounds pointless, idiotic, childish, and downright a bad decision, Ralph played a HUGE part in The Flash's success, the way I see it firing him was a huge mistake.
Jlan From LF
Jlan From LF:
Guys when you think of it none of us have a right to judge one another, we all make mistakes and we shouldn’t see people on what happened in the past, that’s being blind sighted you should see the person for how he/she came out today. That was matters *proggression*
Intelligent Basketball Player
Intelligent Basketball Player:
This is like getting kicked out of college for cheating or failing a test in high school.
He was one of my favorite characters bro wtf
Green Delta
Green Delta:
Matthew Bedore
Matthew Bedore:
I see situations like this and I think of my children. The ones at 2 - 5 years old, ya know when we told them "use your voices" as directed by the government. Didn't know you were setting them up to punish!
SAM . O A:
that's a real shame, past sins caught up with him. twitter police never miss a beat
SiyabongaLuyanda Siwundla
SiyabongaLuyanda Siwundla:
The first episode Hartley showed he changed from being a dick to superhero it shows people they can change CW knows that
they wrote the episode
Beauty Queen
Beauty Queen:
Eweryone deserve seacond chance!😭😭😭😭
Braydn Telfor
Braydn Telfor:
We should start a trend to get Hartley back
Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz:
There so many planets in retrograde stuff from the past reemerge. Venus retrograde in Gemini can expose secrets .
Lol... From *the flash" to " the FLUSHED" .... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Omg tweets from 6+ years ago whoa
DJ Batman
DJ Batman:
I’m now 100% against the protests
Joey Foegelle
Joey Foegelle:
And what's the flash with out him
He was my favourite character 😭 why he didnt erased his tweets if he didnt meant it?🤦🏻‍♀️
Politically Disgusted
Politically Disgusted:
He's Excoriated Man now!
Alp Gul
Alp Gul:
Guys the post was from his crooked cop days
Pathum Winchester
Pathum Winchester:
*CW you have failed The Flash!*

He's not a murderer, and he is not doing anything to harm anyone. Everyone make mistakes. I think he's regret of what he does. People need to learn about forgiving peoples mistakes, if is not who will do that!
Jory D Williams
Jory D Williams:
They should give him another chance. Like it's 2020. Those post were six years old.
That might be irony bc that kimf of offensivity is so artificial.
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen:
The CW fired Hartley Sawyer for old tweets. He shoud be rehired since this are old sayings and not the sayings of today.
Gojira 2010 2.0
Gojira 2010 2.0:
What in the world why did is happen if they fire Tom I am don e
Haliff Roslan
Haliff Roslan:
soon enough, someone will make the same comment of incest and they will be fired as well
M0V13 M4ST3R
M0V13 M4ST3R:
What does this mean for Elongated Man?
First view wow
I’ll just say oof
Marialena I.
Marialena I.:
In tv shows everyone forgives everyone, second chances, lots of compassionate words, standing by you blah blah blah. and in real life, the people that potray the characters who are compassionate to others, abandon and shame them. if he was a female and a person of color he wouldn't get fired and that's a fact. cw continues to dissapoint
Billy Leiva
Billy Leiva:
i imagine what the porn industry is doing god there's a lot of womens
Gionni Gunn
Gionni Gunn:
Some people needs to stop bringing back old shit a decade ago
Prodigy 7
Prodigy 7:
Why does it keep showing ralph even tho he isn’t Hartley
Justin Pereira
Justin Pereira:
Did he really tweet it
Rishiraj Saikia
Rishiraj Saikia:
Lets see your comment histories 😌.
Alonzo Tovanche
Alonzo Tovanche:
I loved Ralph, this is sad.
Allan Cap
Allan Cap:
If he learn from his mistake a long time ago, why not give him a chance. :-)
Wade Walsh
Wade Walsh:
google the tweets, theyre sick
Emily J
Emily J:
I understand what he said was despicable but that was 5 years and longer ago a person can change and shouldnt let his past define his jobs and the way he is viewed by the media
James Crow
James Crow:
he is a comedian, those things destroy people jobs.
i mean lets be serious for a movement: you really think a real racist/homophobic would work with people he hate?
its a shame, great actor and funny person
Angel Witch
Angel Witch:
And I thought he was hot.
Manchurian Candidate
Manchurian Candidate:
He just got James Gunned
Iam gonna cry
Y hartley, just y