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When you find out every player's vote combined only accounts for 10% of the end result for GoTY you begin to realise the ability to vote as a player was an empty gesture that was never meant to matter.
Ori is massively under appreciated, it deserved to be nominated for goty
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood:
Good to see you back on the couch together, mates. Still great chemistry. I've laughed out loud (to the detriment of my relationship with my gf) a bunch. Thanks for putting this up; I couldn't watch it live because I was working.

You two, together, are absolutely my favorite YTers. Separately, I still watch everything (and like everything) you do, but together: so fetch. Thanks for making my night. Cheers.
Da vid
Da vid:
I thought Maneater was going to be the game of the year. This award show was so rigged 😂
Players choice is the real winner, the people have spoken!! This year it was the most predictable game awards show ever.
Sean Sherman
Sean Sherman:
2:30:15 The pain in Ralphs face when Troy Baker is talking🤣🤣🤣
Doom Eternal for me is game of the year. Played it pretty much since it came out. It made lockdown at least fun, 5 Awards for The Last of US Part 2 is stupid. Only good part about that game is pretty much the Gore system
Got to love Hello games. They may have had a rough start but they have turned their game into something amazing.
"The Last of Us 2 was bolder and you have to appreciate that"
Well... Yes and no
Something can be bold and bad, those are not mutually exclusive.
All their boldness here makes me say is "Why the hell did you make things so hard on yourself to deliver so little in the end ?"
This is no indie game boldness where I'm in awe of what they are trying to achieve with their limited resources.
Here, all the boldness reeks of the over-indulgence and condescension

There's nothing that illustrates my point more than the comaprison between TLOU2 lead and HADES leads reacting to them being in the game awards GOTY:
HADES lead: thankful to the players
TLOU lead: vote for us to make dem haterz mad!!!!!!

Sorry, but I'll pass on their "boldness"
The Last of Us was one of my favourite games of all time

The Last of Us Part 2 was one of my most forgettable games I’ve ever played
Nihal Riaz
Nihal Riaz:
I agree with sam on this one. Death stranding was highly decisive even though it was bold. Same thing with the last of us, except it is even less bold. Ghost of tsushima was a better product overall and should have won.
Michael Oswalt
Michael Oswalt:
1:47:53 as an Elite player, its adorable hearing Ralph talk about it. Definitely a lovable game but it was hard to recommend for the last year or so as it was somewhat dead in terms of events. Now that Frontier are doing story and community events leading up to Odyssey, its a great time to get into it. Definitely remember it is an MMO and get involved in a community. Playing Elite solo is doing it a disservice.
Dan Ambroziak
Dan Ambroziak:
We already knew there was an unbridgable divide between games media and people who actually play games, this just confirms it.
The fact that Doom Eternal lost Music and Audio Design is a joke. I get maybe losing to FF7 in Music (although a remake beating an original product is silly) but losing Audio Design to TLOU2? Ridiculous...
I often hear "it was bold" and "it tried something" in regard to TLOU 2. That in an of itself is meaningless if the End product is just not good. I heard the same Arguments I hear for TLOU 2 for The Last Jedi, and it was just straight up a horrible Movie.
Lawrence Gillespie
Lawrence Gillespie:
I think they did a great job putting on a virtual game awards show, regardless if you agree with which games won the awards. Also, it's fun watching along on this channel.
Whatever. These events don't matter anyhow. What is considered a classic and how big of an influence will it leave on the industry is not determined by the critics, but by fans.
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood:
I love how entertained we all are with The Swedish Chef.
Joel Rudey
Joel Rudey:
Watching this now since I had to decide between Laymen and AJS for who to watch it live with this year. Angry Joe won out this year. At least he didn't disappoint. 😁
I've missed you Ralph, it's not the same without you there to rip into Sam on the casting couch haha
Emmerson Charles
Emmerson Charles:
You could be looking at Horizon 2, God of War 2, Cyberpunk and Breath of the Wild 2. It might be the most stacked year ever for Game Awards.
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim:
Agree with Sam. Everybody (even reviewers) love GOT but people are extremely divided about TLOU2.
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood:
Vedder knocked it out. Really did well, on all fronts.
36:00 Best performance
1:22:30 Best Narrative
1:53:40 Best MP
2:08: 32 Ellie v Abby
2:30:00 Eddie Vedder
The Gentleman Warfighter
The Gentleman Warfighter:
What does it mean to be the game of the year? By my estimation, it’s a combination of smashed sales target as well as the most unanimously positive reception. You look at the accolades surrounding TLOU2 and you wouldn’t be able to tell people didn’t like it. All the negative press gave it free publicity. I reserved judgement until I knew more instead of being one of those dumbasses that review bombed it and not played it. I didn’t buy it. I watched a playthrough of the first and it was good. This second one sounded like it was full of “that should not have happened by any stretch of the narrative” so I didn’t subject myself to it. The only people who didn’t like TLOU2 was half the audience. And it outsold Ghost of Tsushima by like 2.6 ish million copies. If you’re going to hate on a game, be sure to use bullets that can’t be blocked by a sheet of paper.
Im excited for Perfect Dark from the Initiative. If you listen to Microsoft they will tell you the Initiative is one of their very top most talented studios. lets see what they do.
Guys 90% of the Game Awards vote is critics and 10% is gamers.
Drake PT
Drake PT:
This was really disappointing, for many reasons, but most was last of us part 2 shouldn't have won half of the awards that did win, there were more deserving games. Especially game of the year, a game that divide the public should not be game of the year. This shows more and more that the critics do not represent the public. And the public vote should be more than 5 percent.
Dorin Alexandru
Dorin Alexandru:
There is this new trend of teasing the game and not hear anything about it for 4-5 years. Who came up with that?
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
I can't believe the Last of Us II getting GOTY with all of the other amazing games that came out this year that were far superior in everything other than graphics maybe.
Best Lofi Beats To Chill
Best Lofi Beats To Chill:
You are a super human, keep it up!
Taken King I still think is the pinnacle of Destiny but Stasis is almost just as good as Taken King subclass additions.
Music 101
Music 101:
Guys get together again , the banter is tops 👍
Imagine believing that the few manchildren that couldn't take a game not being what they wanted could be able to destroy the credibility of a game show for rewarding a game that broke all record and is loved by the vast majority of players.
raja gopalan
raja gopalan:
Sam is on point with his argument here. He should host skillup sometime.
Apokolips MEOW
Apokolips MEOW:
I can't wait for Naughty Dog's next game so I can watch "Naughty Dog Presents: Our Next Game of the Year Awards Show"

TLOU2 did not deserve this over Ghosts of Tsushima. It didn't even release a multiplayer this year and GoT multiplayer alone is more compelling than TLOU2.
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood:
Thank you for not being in love with that actual-goat Eddie Vedder. He's great - legendary - but he's not "interrupt the Laymen"-good.
The issue is both sides of the field KNEW TLoU was going to win. That’s the issue. Even the people who just didn’t like the game knew it was going to win.
I hope Cherami Leigh gets at least a nomination next year for female V's voice acting.
Joseph Abrams
Joseph Abrams:
3:02:51 I actually don’t think TLOU2 deserves it for direction if you account for the crunch the employees went through. From a strictly creative standpoint? Maybe, but based off of everything else in its development I don’t agree with legitimizing it’s crunch cycle. There’s a good article on Kotaku about it.
You should talk about the new copyright bill that Senator Thom Tillis is proposing that streamers and youtuber's would get a felony for getting a Dmca.
best OST should go to Doom. It's not only fantastic but also smart, layered, interactive and adaptive. Beyond more advanced than any other game that just plays music on que.
Smash aka pedo game of the decade...
Vlad the3rd
Vlad the3rd:
Problem was that GOT was a better ‘game’ then TLOU but it lost to the TLOU because it was more ‘artistic’ and in a award that looks at the best game this shouldn’t happen ... think of a game winning and Oscar ... ah well my game of the year is what matters to me and that was Doom Eternal
I'll be back when the guy with the timestamps is done
Reina Consejo
Reina Consejo:
streamers can be content creators but it is always not the case. great content creator examples are scott the woz, GVMERS, keef, alanah,they make content that you can watch at any time. i can't say the same to people who just play and then stream while reading the chat and not paying attention to the actual game.
Marc Edmundo
Marc Edmundo:
Last Of Us 2 is a gaming journalist "moist" dream product. Hated by the general public, millions of paid customer gamers, and numerous gaming influencers. Comedic madness.
I think divisiveness is a factor. If 40% of people love something, and then 40% hate it. and 20% say its ok. Vs a game that 75% of people love. 20% hate and 5% say meh. The game with 75% should be the winner over the other game.
Liquid Knives
Liquid Knives:
You can be daring and still win as long as the story and other factors are good and makes sense. Which the TLOU2 sucks at.
French Noodles
French Noodles:
Skill up: "we need a balance between professionals and fans" so 90% professionals vs 10% fans is a balanced process?
2021 is going to be the jam of the indie scene. There are so many fantastic indies releasing next year and I'm way more excited for that than any of the AAA releases.
The Last of GA's Credibility
Just Me
Just Me:
Now i'm happy for all of the delays.
Imagine Last of Us winning against Cyberpunk(i know bugs and terrible review code distribution and none for console).
And no fucking Elden Ring thank GOD i did not watch the whole 2 hours i lost maybe 25 mins+.
watchboy m
watchboy m:
laymen gaming should have a blooper reel
The only awards Tlou2 deserved was accessibility and Laura Bailey. Sephiroth hype! Other than that it was super lame.
Peter Pinto
Peter Pinto:
i wanna see a wrestling match between thicc boi and ralph - sam just watches sternly and eats fritos as a referee
Running Commentary 21
Running Commentary 21:
Abbie for Smash sounds like a fantastic idea.
Derek Clair
Derek Clair:
The problem is that The Game Awards is increasingly becoming the Oscars. It's no longer really about what the best game is. It's about a good game that also has the bullshit Academy "X-factor", and there are bonus points given for SJW themes (real or implied). This is the reason the divisive Death Stranding failed to win GOTY 2019 but the even more divisive TLOU2 won in 2020
That dragon game reminds me of the PS3 launch game that was all about the sixaxis control.
The Last of Us 2 didn't deserve to win GOTY.
I’m not mad about TLoU2 winning GOTY, but It was extremely divided, compared to almost everyone loving GoT.
2:07:00 To be honest: I have more fun and interest in playing stuff like Genshin Impact, Path of Exile and the likes, than any of the AAA stuff, nowadays.
1:25:37 Why everyone loves this I will never know. It must trigger some childhood memories or something. Angry Joe was all giggly over this too. 🤦🤷
I wish they would have chosen somebody with a pleasant voice to lead through the show.
Sam Vidovich
Sam Vidovich:
Again with these streams I can't hear half of what you guys are saying because you have the stream too loud. If I cared about hearing the trailers and talking heads I would watch their stream. I came for you two and would love if you turned on closed captioning and mixed the stream way down so I can hear you.
Mars The Prodigy
Mars The Prodigy:
Hades: Action game of the year ✅
Game of the year: Last of us 2?
Earth: No, bad gaming awards, bad doggy.
Rare Message found
Rare Message found:
People over in twitter are celebrating a rigged awards show and undeserving game, now they have an exuse to push that piss poor game golf of us par 2. Only thing that got it going was the shock value the ill intent to piss off your player base.
Draven A.
Draven A.:
35:20 Ralph's reaction to Mario getting killed
Immortal CBox
Immortal CBox:
TLOU2 award show 🤢. Ghost or Hades should have won.
I went to the end. Saw last of us II get game of the year. Lost interest.
Like Sam says, it shouldn't be a popularity contest. But at the end of the day, it did not deserve to win most of the awards it ended up winning. It certainly shouldn't have won goty. It most certainly shouldn't have won best story or action/adventure. That's why everyone is angry. This was rigged from the start and proved its nothing more than participation awards.
GOT won the award that matters. The one real gamers voted for. The rest are irrelevant.
The Woke Awards. I’ll have to start my own I guess lol
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood:
Wowza on that trailer for "Crimson Desert". So long and so, so bad. What were they even thinking?! That's the best they can do?? I literally can't even.
Ron lee
Ron lee:
Crimson desert looks good. They didn't have dialogue cuz its not an American company
Naked Beekeeper
Naked Beekeeper:
No Elden Ring and tlous2 winning everything? lol glad i didn't watch this crap. Best decision I made this year.
56:40 I can't believe GTAV ain't on here since it's been ongoing for like 7 years haha.
Rad 123450
Rad 123450:
The Callisto protocol has VERY big SOMA vibes
Only thing worth a damn on the whole show was the Smash reveal and Nolan North's joke.
Edit:OH YEAH and Swedish chef! Muppets always get a pass.
Guys we haven't finished making ark one.... but I have an idea, lets make Ark 2!
Jacc Just-A-Concerned-Citizen
Jacc Just-A-Concerned-Citizen:
Ahhh, the LOU2 has been politicized EXACTLY the same way they tried to maximize profits on Ghostbusters (2016) or Captain Marvel or etc etc. If you don’t like our (objectively awful) piece of art, you must be a bad person and an incel or you’ve been red pilled. How dare you criticize our profit maximizing endeavors! Years from now, no one will claim LOU2 was a good game (well, other than the political hacks who never played the game). If you need to resort to political attacks to defend your art then you never had good art to begin with. LOU2 isn’t the worst game ever made but the only reason this deeply flawed, unintentionally comedic game gets so many accolades is because of politics. Activists defending corporate profits because of messaging is the ultimate irony.
Its critics vs players now rather what is really deserving or not.
ANX Arts
ANX Arts:
9:00 Tsushima had samurai combat.....are the game awards people brainless or something.
TLOU2 was trash compared to GOT wtf
10:58 I think The Last of Us II has a lot of hype carried over that blinds people. I was going to say politics may have played a role, it's kind of the poster child of the progressive left, but I don't think they have a large base, not large enough to make a significant impact at least. It was just heavily promoted by traditional games media. I've seen so many people really struggle to get through the game. Either they were bored, thought the characters were shit, or were angry at the amount of times they died to jumping in the direction they didn't want.
It seems pretty mediocre. Not something that would win awards constantly.
My bois just glossed over halo infinite coming out next year
deep rock galactic should have won at least 5 catagories :/
Andy Wounds
Andy Wounds:
I was waiting for your video all day.
It said it was starting like in a few hours.
then it was 'streamed 6 hours ago'

I would have watched it live but I got robbed.
YT fucked you
I'm not convinced by the winner of GOTY.
hOF alt
hOF alt:
Stop pretending Elden Ring exists, I can't take this anymore!
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood:
That "OMEN" teaser was ridiculous. Hooooly shit.
Everyone in the comments on these streams always complain the games they show aren't "next gen" then when cdprojekt makes a next gen game they complain cause they can't run it
Jerry Andersson
Jerry Andersson:
Yeah, i also feel like the last of us 2 is way over rated. Lots of people do, sadly some people love it, look at Hollywood, makes crap all the time that people love for some reason, but that is way over rated for what it is. That is life i guess, i just do not feel it is game of the year good, at all.
The Last Of Us 2 won because game jornalists declared war against a certain portion of the gaming comunity, this is really not fair against those other games, FF7R or Ghost should have won...
Sorry for my english, i am from Brazil
Alexander Mcgill
Alexander Mcgill:
No idea how you can say the users where split . the game was mediocre
User metacritic Score

9.2 Ghost of Tsushima
9.0 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated
8.9 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2
8.9 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
8.9 Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition
8.8 Sackboy: A Big Adventure
8.8 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV
8.5 Tennis World Tour 2
8.3 Spelunky 2
7.7 Manifold Garden
7.6 Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
6.7 Wasteland 3
6.3 Pacer
5.8 9 Monkeys of Shaolin
5.7 The Last of Us Part II
5.5 Giraffe and Annika
5.0 Marvel's Avengers
3.8 Necromunda: Underhive Wars
3.8 Twin Mirror
1.9 Cyberpunk 2077
Im glad TLOU2 won GOTY
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez:
FF7, Ghost, and Hades are clear winners bruh
Alex Tiedt
Alex Tiedt:
Why wasnt warframe in any of the nominations? Especially best ongoing game. Let's be honest, destiny 2 is just a shittier warframe. I also agree with Sam, last of us 2 shouldn't have won. Ghost of tsushima was the better all round game.
Dale Leombruni
Dale Leombruni:
Did sony forget to set their alarm?
So the bought critics who don't know what gamers like voted for tlou2 and not GoT? Shocking. Who the hell gives a shit about critics anymore? They are out of touch, out of mind activists, not critics. Their opinion is essentially worthless nowadays.