The Gorgeous Gigi Hadid's Ellen Debut!

The stunning supermodel joined Ellen for the very first time, gushing about boyfriend Zayn Malik, checking things off her bucket list, and her love for a kid you'll apparently remember!

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Gigi's voice exactly suits her. She is all so delicate and gentle, and that's what her voice is like.
It’s so sweet to hear her speak about how she met Zayn especially now that they’re expecting their first baby!
"we played it cool for like 10 minutes then i was like 'you're really cute' "
now gi's a MOOD
Julia’s Life
Julia’s Life:
I’m not her fan, but obviously she is nice and beautiful and I don’t understand why people are bothered by her voice. Her voice is ok and it is unique. And if you don’t like her voice, just don’t watch this interview or any other. You’re annoying, people. Maybe someone doesn’t like your voices, too, but they don’t tell you. Then why are u so rude? Why should everybody say “her voice is annoying “. Her voice is ok.
Rasiga Dhanya
Rasiga Dhanya:
She seems like a great person to be friends with
FariHa jk
FariHa jk:
does anybody notice zendaya and gigi has similarities like in face, voice and the way they talk. goshh I love both of 'em so much
Kristen Hamel
Kristen Hamel:
Who’s here after the announcement of Gigi being pregnant? Just me?
Aminola Tomawis II
Aminola Tomawis II:
And now, she's pregnant. We love you Gigi
davi jr98
davi jr98:
A super model is excited to meet a little viral kid, i love her.
+ I wanna be as tall as her HAHAH
Eliza W
Eliza W:
I like how she acts like she's not a celeb
Gigi is such a sweet person. Like I'm in awe of her. Her and Zayn's chemistry is the best and their baby is not only gonna be the gorgeous baby but the most kindest precious blessed one.
she is so humble and down to earth absolutely love her
She acts like a normal person she is so down to earth I LOVE ITTT
Kevin The Pigeon
Kevin The Pigeon:
I have a list of reasons I love this woman, but I'll put down three:
- Such a sweet and selfless person
- Isn't self absorbed as other celebrities
- Has such an amazing personality
- Positive and loving person

(and yes I realized I was supposed to put down 3 but oh well)
Faith Paul
Faith Paul:
She is so calm and well mannered she acts normal like she is not a celeb wow and her voice is perfect
Kasaiah Broadhurst
Kasaiah Broadhurst:
shes so humble her fan girling is the best thing i have ever seenm
Eleanor Taulbut
Eleanor Taulbut:
I absolutely love Gigi hadid she such a down to earth person and I love her personality.
kushika dhakal
kushika dhakal:
She's actually a really great idol for us young girls.
Aftermath Nihil
Aftermath Nihil:
She's like an actual fangirl and because I can relate I love her even more. This is adorable.
Fantasy Sehun
Fantasy Sehun:
She's so adorable!! How can you not fall for her!
Ankita Nath
Ankita Nath:
I have always liked gigi, her vibes are positive and nice
K Hovsepian
K Hovsepian:
1:53 the way her face lights up when zayn is mentioned omg🥺🥺 they’re gonna be amazing parents
Maria Olano
Maria Olano:
I'm here to protect my Gi! SHE'S PREGNANT Y'ALL!!!
For everyone saying she's so nervous because of her "voice"... that's literally her normal speaking voice. If you look at any interview she's ever been in you would know that her voice has always been shaky and low like that to the point that in every video she's in there's always a few people that comment, "why does she sound like she's about to cry or she's scared?" Some people have unique voices lol ! It's a little weird but I guess that's what makes her her and it's no big deal.
Ani Sa
Ani Sa:
I love her.... She is Perfect for Zayn...... I hope they'll back in their relationship...
She is so adorable & relaxed..... Zayn needs her..
Well this is my opinion....
anu njoku
anu njoku:
She’s gorgeous and really relatable ❤️
Marian Dematera
Marian Dematera:
she's so beautiful even her voice is like soothing idk but i love it
The Princess Fairy
The Princess Fairy:
I really loved watching her. I mean you can feel that she's a warm and sincere person. I wasn't exactly a fan before but now I think I am. 😁
Gigi's so sweet and chill. Really hope for the best for her and her collection.
Marissa Galvez
Marissa Galvez:
She’s such a sweet bean!! She’s so sweet,loving and caring!! You can tell she’s just being herself! And she’s being a fan girl!! Omg I love her!! 🥺
Kay Adarne
Kay Adarne:
Gigi and Zayn are so incredible
I do love them and they look so cute together and wonderful couple. I hope they will be together and forever.
Spread Love!
Jia Hassan
Jia Hassan:
She owns such a warm personality💜
Zoe B
Zoe B:
Gigi's Bucket List: To be on a Vogue Cover, food network and Ellen.

My bucket list: Not to sleep in.
Anto V
Anto V:
She is really amazing. She is a beauty, chill, sweet and a workaholic! Even regardless of the fact that her dad is a millionaire. Keep the vibes girl, you seem a beautiful person
Rijowana azad Tonni
Rijowana azad Tonni:
Everyone taking negative about her voice
But I'm obsessed with her voice,
very Unique, unusual & soothing to hear
Vivek Mourya
Vivek Mourya:
Gigi is perfect for zayn or Zayn is perfect for Gigi, whatever I meant they both are made for each other 👌♥️
Hanna Jane
Hanna Jane:
I love her voice! What’s the problem about it!? It’s so unique and sometimes I try to like imitate it. I just want to have her voice like, something like that 😍😂
Ama zayn
Ama zayn:
I want zayn malik on ellenshow.
A k
A k:
I love her voice ❤️
Preity Pallavita Padhi
Preity Pallavita Padhi:
I'm jealous of her for having Zayn.
Joy D.
Joy D.:
I love how she doesn’t let her anxiety control her and I’m so happy she’s has confident spirt
Faith H
Faith H:
she is pretty, and smart but her personality is so awesome.
You know, she seems a lot nicer than I was somehow expecting. I'm pleasantly surprised!
Gayatri Ramchandran
Gayatri Ramchandran:
I love the fact that she didn't let the fame get to her head. super humble <3
preetisoni debidutta
preetisoni debidutta:
Her voice is shaky.. I thought she is nervous but then i have seen her many other interviews.. It's actually shaky.... Btw she is nyc girl n she seems very down to earth.
kulsum Sheikh
kulsum Sheikh:
*Now she had 35 Vogue covers in only 3 years*
I love gigi💜
Lina Irawati
Lina Irawati:
I love her voice, so special 😀👍. Gigi is so natural, I love her.
I love her personality, she sounds so chill
Toli Gradah
Toli Gradah:
She seems so humble 😍 love how she talks 💙
Anjana Kamei
Anjana Kamei:
Love her personality
i love gigi she is so gorgeous and i love theway she talks she seems so humble and kind
omg i love gigi she seems so humble and down to earth
she is so me when i have an anxiety attack and trying to play it cool
Areeba R
Areeba R:
I actually forget how drop dead gorgeous she is because her personality shines through so much
I see so many comments of "Who's here after the accouncement of Gigi getting pregnant?"
Well, who's here after Gigi delivered her baby?
Pot Potato
Pot Potato:
OMG! Gigi I love you!😍❤️❤️❤️ She is so cute, genuine & gorgeous. I love her voice. It’s the most unique voice I’ve ever heard.❤️❤️❤️
Maroua Grinat
Maroua Grinat:
I honnestly really like her voice when she talks!! even tho she sounds like she's abt to cry but it's still unique and cute and has its own vibe
Love her voice
Simran Sahota
Simran Sahota:
I love her voice actually 🤷🏻‍♀️
yas xyz
yas xyz:
So nobody is going to talk about ellen?the way she makes her audience so happy❤️
Emaan Ahmad
Emaan Ahmad:
i love the fact that gigi dosent act fake and is always so chill and casual
She seems like the kind of girl at school you want to be friends with because she’s so sweet and cool at the same time
Larry_For_The_Brave :
I've always wanted to be a model and you literally can sneeze, Gigi, and you're gonna brighten up my day :)
niamh kirk
niamh kirk:
She’s stunning and humble omg
Sobia Adnan
Sobia Adnan:
She's such an inspiring person like I just adore her!!
Katie Jensen
Katie Jensen:
Why is everyone hating on her? She is so cute!
Abiha Fatima
Abiha Fatima:
I love her so much, she's a sweetheart ♥
She so sweet!! I really hope where and Zayn get back together,I they want to,now that Yolanda's been called out!! They're the cutest couple 😍
Muskan parveen
Muskan parveen:
Watching This For the 5th tym...So obsessed with Her❤... Natural, Down to earth, Gorgeous & funny... Ellen plzz invite Zayn Malik 😩🙏
It's not possible to dislike this young woman.
Anjali Ahuja
Anjali Ahuja:
"um, we played it cool for like 10 minutes and then i was like ur really cute" 😂😂😂
Akira Andrews
Akira Andrews:
Gigi would be a cool friend to have, she seems so easy going. Good for her! I wish her well on her pregnancy 💕
Prachi Todalge
Prachi Todalge:
She has such a great personality. She's so adorable 😍😍😍
Love her voice
la la
la la:
Love her voice
Sophia Hanani
Sophia Hanani:
If Gigi was a large chubby girl who wasn't considered conventionally attractive you would all be fawning over her and calling her cute and quirky. The only reason you think she's fake is because she's beautiful and you've been conditioned to think of thin pretty girls as competition.
Daiashisha Marwein
Daiashisha Marwein:
Love her voice
Claudia Barchilon
Claudia Barchilon:
She’s very sweet and down to Earth.:)
MC 1990
MC 1990:
She’s adorable. ❤️ beautiful inside and out
I stole Jungkook's Banana Milk
I stole Jungkook's Banana Milk:
She's so bright and cheery I LOVE HER
Ayesha Ishaq
Ayesha Ishaq:
Gigi fangirling is so cute
Pinaccle Penny
Pinaccle Penny:
I have a similar voice like her and people think I’m nervous but that’s just my voice and I actually like it .
K •
K •:
I really like her! She is adorable!!
Hasti M
Hasti M:
She has a good soul
I mean why r ppl hating. She just sounds like a 21 yr old that's excited to talk abt the things she's done and bout her life. Like don't overthink it lol, we don't personally know any celebrities (unless u do) so u can't truly judge them
Maya Leander
Maya Leander:
And now she’s expecting a baby... I’m so proud🥺
Aryadne Meneses Espine
Aryadne Meneses Espine:
I love how she’s so normal
i love her voice im glad I have a deep voice like her, it sounds so calm.
Gloria de Prado
Gloria de Prado:
She’s so cool and so sweet
Kayla Victoria
Kayla Victoria:
Why is everyone judging her for being nervous, I would be hella nervous too tbh and I'm sure most of you would too.
Dowlay Jeylani
Dowlay Jeylani:
I love everything about gigi hadid there fashion her sense of humor the way she gets excited her personality haaa
nahiyan bhuyan
nahiyan bhuyan:
Gigi and zayn are gonna have the most beautiful human being ever
Teresa Scognamiglio
Teresa Scognamiglio:
She's so talented. She deserves to be happy and loved. Can't wait to see baby zigi.
QueenJennie_KweenJade Videos
QueenJennie_KweenJade Videos:
I'm starting to be a fan of Gigi❤ She's so pretty and cool😍
Zara Luzzi
Zara Luzzi:
She is now a mom 🥰🥰 so adorable
Aric Mackenthun
Aric Mackenthun:
This young lady is going to go very far being a model. I wish her nothing but the very best for the rest of her life.
Aruna Shreya
Aruna Shreya:
I love that expression she makes when Ellen announces about the 250$ credit. So cute and lively
I love her voice
Ben Navarro .
Ben Navarro .:
She seems so genuine and fun! Good for her, she has accomplished so much ! So happy for her
She's like a excited little baby.
Protect her pls