The Heartbreaking Life of Freddie Mercury

Check out our featured song: "Where We Belong" by Eric Fernandez!

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Come along as we take a closer look at the story of this legendary singer, musician and performer, including the many challenges and hardships he weathered before being taken too soon. Our video includes Freddie’s struggle to be taken seriously as an artist, his issues with substance abuse, his battle with AIDS, and more! What do YOU think is the most heartbreaking thing about Freddie Mercury’s life? Let us know in the comments!

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Check out our featured song: "Where We Belong" by Eric Fernandez!
*Freddie's the only guy I've ever heard say "I'm not gonna be a rockstar, I'm gonna be a legend and actually doing it.*
kenadee kuiper
kenadee kuiper:
Beyoncé: I’m the queen
Taylor Swift: No i am!
Queen Elizabeth: Ahah these comedians

Freddie: Ladies please.
Elijah Lulla
Elijah Lulla:
Freddie is the greatest showman. sorry hugh jackman.
JP Tuddao
JP Tuddao:
This man died 28 years ago and he's still the greatest singer of all time....
Govee Catli
Govee Catli:
"There is one Freddie, it's impossible to replace him"
-John Deacon
Bassist of Queen
Dapot _09
Dapot _09:
Freddie was one of the best singers to ever live
Said Toshimaru
Said Toshimaru:
Why should Freddie, anyone indeed, give any kind of answer to the press about their sexuality?
My people skills are rusty
My people skills are rusty:
Would’ve loved to go to a Queen concert
Idc for his sexuality. I love how he puts his heart and soul into his music and I respect him for that. Glad my mom introduced me to Queen.
Kali Bridges
Kali Bridges:
I can confidently say, he would looooaaaatthe to hear you've said he had a heartbreaking life. Whether it was or wasn't, he REFUUUSED to be a victim ever, especially after being diagnosed.
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American:
He was one of a kind. One of the greatest musicians that ever lived
Kate Maloney
Kate Maloney:
The only "heartbreaking" thing about Freddie Mercury was that he couldn't love himself as much as everyone else did.
Sunshine Hour
Sunshine Hour:
Rami Malek played the hell outta the Freddie Mercury biopic role. Glad he won an Oscar for playing Freddie in the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.
Gary Ayres
Gary Ayres:
Who really cares if he was gay? Or straight? I don't think it matters.
Ella Dawn
Ella Dawn:
If you haven’t heard Freddie, you haven’t heard rock
His speaking voice was so different from his singing voice, his accent was so thick.
The song “The show must go on” is one of the most inspiring songs they have created, it literally puts that message in your mind every time something goes wrong and this encourages you to carry on <3
Zalgo, He comes
Zalgo, He comes:
''I won't be a RockStar. I will be a legend.''
Freddie Mercury
Suchandra Sarkar
Suchandra Sarkar:
Honestly, Freddie was the First Indian to be a Rock Star as well as a legend....there are many controversies that either Freddie is Indian or a Parse-Indian...well, if according to Freddie's parents, they were born in Gujarat,India, which makes Freddie an Indian. Thousands of year ago Parsees fled to India. Looking at this POV He's a Parse-Indian...No matter where he born or what his nationality is....I am proud that I was born in the same country where his parents were born and his childhood flourished.. Love you Freddie
Jane Hamith
Jane Hamith:
4:03 Freddie’s childhood was certainly not a happy one. He only saw his parents once between the age of 7-15. He would cry frequently because he was so homesick. Not only this, but he was bullied and I’m sure much worse. Boarding schools were terrible during this time and taught kids to have a stiff upper lip. The severe abandonment he must have felt. He did not receive love as a child. His inability to form long lasting relationships is a psychological response to the hardships he faced as a child. Any time someone mentioned Freddie’s years at boarding school he got angry. He definitely suffered from boarding school syndrome and PTSD.
Brandon I. Johnson-Jewell
Brandon I. Johnson-Jewell:
Funny how the most iconic ppl in the world are the ones the media view as “weird, confusing, off, or/and strange.” 🤔🤔🤔
Trina Q
Trina Q:
Poor Freddie, he was certainly a champion of the world ahead of his time. It's amazing how much of his life was omitted from "Bohemion Rhapsody", but then again, you can't cover EVERYTHING in a biopic! 😊🎸🎵
Mr. Requiem
Mr. Requiem:
I love the stammering he does in the interviews.
Cmdr Tomalak
Cmdr Tomalak:
Should've mentioned his remains were buried at an undisclosed location by Mary Austin and she will take that location to her grave.
the title shouldnt be like that, yes he died too young but freddie live his life to the fullest with his friends, family and loved ones
Trebor Miller
Trebor Miller:
Freddie NEVER owed anybody any explanation ESP.about his sexuality and boy am I glaaddd he didn't💪💪....Even now nobody owes anybody else an explanation about their sexuality....period!!.
Elmo’s World
Elmo’s World:
“I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear” – Freddie Mercury
Josh Leggett
Josh Leggett:
"Nothing really matters, nothing really matters, to meeeeeeeeeee!"
*Playing of the piano and guitar*
*Softly* "Any way the wind blows"
*Gong is struck*
Catherine Telford
Catherine Telford:
Freddie was the best and had the most powerful voice in the world, it does not matter what sexuality you are he was the king
Every interview with Freddie always makes me laugh, man knew how to ease the tension, and make everyone have a good time
Nik Athwal
Nik Athwal:
Freddie is a legend and a god of music. No singer will ever have his talent. We all love you Freddie.
Deylan Bremer
Deylan Bremer:
“Fairytales of yesterday, will grow but never die! I can fly my friends!”- Freddie Mercury, the show must go on
Kool Koolaid
Kool Koolaid:
You guys should rename this video to, "Crying for 14 minutes straight"
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez:
Poor guy. Feeling alone you're whole life with so much that he's given. Rip big guy
yes papa
yes papa:
you forgot the part where he got stuck in a slide
first king Royal three's
first king Royal three's:
My mom loved there concerts and she got me into them at a young age
Megapolis Of Facts
Megapolis Of Facts:
*He was and he is a true legend! I miss him so much*
A Cuber
A Cuber:
WatchMojo: The Heartbreaking Life Of Freddie Mercury
Also WatchMojo: Shows videos of Rami Malek

Edit: Also Freddie did come out as gay, in the early 70’s saying “I’m as gay as a daffodil.” And again in around 1984 in a German magazine
Velizar Kunchev
Velizar Kunchev:
Heartbreaking life? In an interview from 1987 he said that he did all things he wanted and would not care if he die someday
Sunshine Hour
Sunshine Hour:
Live-Aid Queen concert is one of the greatest rock n roll preformances of all time.
big n8
big n8:
YouTube is drunk again, 22 likes 1 view
He was so troubled about his life and his feelings that he covered The Great Pretender.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury:
someone pass me a tissue please, I can't take this anymore :'(
Sara Bertek
Sara Bertek:
It would’ve been so cool to seen Queen in concert.
Jason Mendez
Jason Mendez:
I love Queen! Freddie Mercury was an amazing singer and he left such a lasting impression. RIP to a true legend!
His life was not heart breaking. He died early at 45 , but Freddie was full of fun and games, he always had a twinkle in his eye. He himself said many times "he had a good life and had really done it all" "I have no regrets" He had his lonely moments but who doesn't.
Lacy Inmon
Lacy Inmon:
I have been a long time Queen fan. I grew up listening to their music.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson:
Ummm, I'm sure that straight men wear mustaches 2!
Megan Parreira
Megan Parreira:
Makes me cry when he expressed that he was lonely and no one would love him.
I understand that pain I wanted to be in the perfect relationship most people can dream about 😭
Learn and use protection when having sex, especially when you have multiple sexual partners.
Jade D
Jade D:
RIP Freddie. We will miss you forever. 🐱
Mister Fahrenheit
Mister Fahrenheit:
"Nobody wants to share their life with me."
I'll share my life and love you until I drop. I love him so much....
Katyusha Braginskaya
Katyusha Braginskaya:
I miss FreddieR.I.P Freddie Mercury.
My teeth are the same as Freddie’s and it just makes me happy that there’s someone else who’s famous like that
I think they must have forgotten the fact that the movie *WAS ABOUT HIS BACKSTORY*
Tony Brittingham
Tony Brittingham:
Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson two of the best to ever grace a mic, stage and just overall presence ever!
She Who Must Not be Named
She Who Must Not be Named:
This man has inspired me in many ways. He is one of the few people in the music industry who showed so much passion in everything that he does. He is a musical genius and it's really amazing how he incorporated stories through his stanzas. He also was (for me) the greatest vocalist having that tenor voice (and he also sang so good in baritone) and the way he radiated this incredible aura and energy on stage, no one compares.

I just don't like how sometimes he is being portrayed as a lonely man, if you've read books about him and watched documentaries and people talked about him he was showered with love by so many people. He has lived his life to the fullest and literally enjoyed everything that the life has to offer. He was surrounded by loyal friends even until his last breath. His relationship with Mary Austin alone is something only few lucky people can have. Him entrusting her with his ashes only goes to show how much he trusted her.

I am, and forever will be a fan of Freddie Mercury.
no one
no one:
John glover who played Lionel Luther on the hit TV show smallville said he dated Freddie at one time 🤷🏿‍♂️
Anavadya Shibu
Anavadya Shibu:
Heartbreaking life? Are you kidding me? That man loved his life until the day he died. He once said and I quote,"I don’t want to go down in history worried about, ‘My god, I hope they realise that, after I’m dead, I’ve created something or I was something.’ I’ve been having fun." He was a lover of life.
awais ahmed
awais ahmed:
do you know that everyone's' life is heartbreaking because everyone dies at the end. if one led a happy life, we are going to be sad how good he was and see how he ended up. if someone had a miserable life, we gonna say how he led a poor life and ended up enjoying nothing. death is sad. it's inevitable
Sourabh Suri
Sourabh Suri:
Freddie Mercury: The Heartbeat of QUEEN, the Greatest FRONTMAN in the History of ROCK MUSIC.

Freddie Mercury became MUSIC 🎶 when he died ! God Needed another *LIVE AID* up there.

Obviously Fame and Success does come with its own cost, but that would never take away his VOICE, His MUSIC, His PASSION and his Unmatchable TALENT, which will continue for Centuries. It was Idiotic of people to dive into his sexuality. Glad he found Jim Hutton !

We Love you Freddie !
analien briones
analien briones:
I wish I was born on his days. I'm dying to see him in person and watch his performance in every concert 💋💞 Freddie is such an amazing person and the great front man. He really is a legend. Love you Freddie 💕
JJ Donahue
JJ Donahue:
Saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody five times in the movie theater. Every time was awesome. I play nine instruments, but Mercury is a thousand times above me. He is truly so amazing!
Austin Webb
Austin Webb:
“Do u agree with our picks?” Ugh what picks
He had a bad-assed mustache
Ivan Wynn
Ivan Wynn:
"In My Defence" captures all this perfectly.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Best singer in the world: Freddie Mercury. Singing isn't just about the notes that you can hit; it's about the way you use your ability.
Absolute legend. I like queen over the Beatles by a lot. His music was so great and his communication with the audience was out of this world. It’s a shame when legends die because they changed music forever.
Eiko Chann
Eiko Chann:
“You want to share your life with someone?”

Freddie: “Yes, but no wants to share their life with me”

Ellie Hernandez
Ellie Hernandez:
Stupid title. I love this man dearly he had many sad moments in his life but his whole life wasn’t heartbreaking.
Bonni Nicholson
Bonni Nicholson:
Freddie Mercury loved his life and lived every day to the full. His life was fabulous. I don’t like what you are showing from the movie which is full of untruths! This movie didn’t even show how upbeat Freddie was and how everyone loved to be around him. He was not a depressing person like Brian May was. Freddie found joy and happiness in his life. Even when he got that horrific diagnosis of HIV/AIDS how he handled it was incredible. He continued on living his life to the full and told his doctors he was going to die with dignity which is exactly what he did!! Freddie was kind, generous, loved people and animals. Especially his cats. I have lost all respect for Roger and Brian allowing a movie to be released that’s just NOT TRUE! Happily, people know how magnificent Freddie is and his generosity and love lives on. Freddie is a unique genius. There aren’t many but he is definitely one one. Those are words by Mike Moran. There will NEVER BE ANOTHER FREDDIE MERCURY. If it weren’t for Freddie there’d be no Queen. I have to say, I don’t give a shit about someone’s sexual life. It just doesn’t matter to me. Freddie will always be admired and missed and he truly is a gift from GOD. It was said so many times by Peter Freestone (Phoebe) Freddie’s PA, that if you were lucky enough to call Freddie your friend, that is everything!!💔💔🔥🔥🔥
Freddie's birthday tomorrow and I just hope he'll be celebrating up there with his loved ones🖤 we still love you Freddie✨
Maria Bravo
Maria Bravo:
He’s the best artist to ever live and he is STILL the best artist even in death
It’s heartbreaking that most of us will never get to see him live.

Without question if there is one performer I could bring back it would be him.
Becky Aul
Becky Aul:
Enjoyed the Freddie Mercury film very much !!
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat:
Freddie Mercury with Jim and waiting for with friends. And his love of his life Mary.
Angelo Lorilla
Angelo Lorilla:
I can't imagine before an anime about Punching Ghosts introduced me to this one hell of an icon.
Table tennis with will
Table tennis with will:
Anyone annoyed that she said jimmy instead of Jim
Alyssa Black
Alyssa Black:
It was honestly touching that Mary Austen stayed close to Freddie for the entirety of his life after they met. She even helped cared for him when he was dying from HIV.
Richa Sigotia
Richa Sigotia:
People were and still so invested in other people life as much as to know who they are sleeping with, it's just shameful. I still don't understand why people wanna know who are you taking bed to? A girl or a boy? Maybe just mind your own business.
Lovely _memories
Lovely _memories:
Why is it literally always that people I like die on my birthday I’m literally crying
i realise that he said in boheiman rhapsody the music he actully said "SOME TIMES WISH I'VE NEVER BEEN BORN AT ALL!" thats kinda sad to know 💔
Fine Arts
Fine Arts:
Freddie Mercury was a true legend
Alyssa Black
Alyssa Black:
Freddie was an amazing musician who we lost too soon. Such a gift our world was granted. Seeing the group perform last summer was special (even without Freddie’s physical presence) as you could hear all the love Brian had when he would speak to the audience & we even had projections of Freddie which made us all tear up
Carmem De jesus
Carmem De jesus:
I wonder why "heartbreaking"? He lived his live to the full & how he wanted. The way he chose it to be. We should resperct that & concentrate on his beautiful music. What other people have to say about Freddie is their personal point of view I wonder if Freddie would agree with some of them.
Pawn Hearts
Pawn Hearts:
Top 10 characters from Rain(the webcomic)
Joe Mudd
Joe Mudd:
Anyone else find that his voice when he normally talks doesn’t suit his face
ayoub ayoubi
ayoub ayoubi:
Kaelyn Pelayo Villa
Kaelyn Pelayo Villa:
Freddie Mercury has the voice of an angel 😇
Mark III
Mark III:
He was, is and will ever be celebrated for his music and his charm!
Who gives a **** about his sexuality and i felt the entire video was around tagging him and depicting that he didn't have the perfect life that the so called world believes in.
He had a perfect life in his mind and soul.
Sylvia-Novella Underwood
Sylvia-Novella Underwood:
I miss Freddie Mercury

Worked his behind off all the time just to give everyone a good show

The world lost a great friend when Freddie died
str8 vibez
str8 vibez:
il never respect heavy metal because all they do is scream while Freddie uses his voice and effort
What a legend😕
Bonnie Lockwood
Bonnie Lockwood:
The bigger the better... in everything.

I laughed the hardest today...
Rose Water
Rose Water:
I always liked Queen growing up. My mom would listen to their music at times and so that's how I grew to know them. Sad about Freddy Mercury. Some people don't really have a sexuality or they just love everyone. I think he loved both in the end. Rami Malek did an amazing job in my eyes of the portrayal of Freddie Mercury he almost got his voice down to the T and I think Freddie would be proud.
Andres Acosta
Andres Acosta:
I love their channel, and this video in particular for being Freddie Mercury one of my musical idols, but I found it really awkward that they put the actor playing Freddie, It is a subjective opinion to say to say, but I did not find it nice to see the actor instead of seeing the real Freddie, in the same way, excellent video that puts his name up
Ari Renzi-Surprenant
Ari Renzi-Surprenant:
I love Freddie Mercury. He is one of my biggest inspirations. ❤️