The Homeless Boy Who Invented Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is the No.1 luxury brand in the world — valued at over $30 billion. Its history dates back to the 19th century and begins with a homeless teenager who could only dream of success. With no money or food, he worked odd jobs with artisans and craftsmen to survive, barely making any money but learned valuable skills that led to pioneering modern luggage and creating a billion-dollar empire.


[Louis Vuitton/The Vuitton Family]
Vuitton: A Biography of Louis Vuitton

[John Wanamaker]

[Henry Racamier]

[Marc Jacobs]


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Martin invest with Steven Jenkins fx on telegram
Martin invest with Steven Jenkins fx on telegram:
Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life
wow this is such a touching story ,getting to d top is never easy we have to work hard and tirelessly to make it in life, we shouldn't give up in hard times we get harder
mk salvador
mk salvador:
imagine if someone has the oldest version of louis vuitton, handcrafted by the founder... it would be the most expensive lv ever owned...
Parents: If you don't study hard, you will end up like the homeless guy
The homeless guy:
Elon Musk Zone
Elon Musk Zone:
I am mind blown by the quality of this video. Congrats!
Michelle LL
Michelle LL:
Heavenly father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen
Jasmyn Demtrice
Jasmyn Demtrice:
Netflix should make a documentary series called Behind The Brand and each episode is like this video, but with different brands, etc
Bruno Wyss
Bruno Wyss:
successful people don't become that way overnight .most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..
Salman Kayani
Salman Kayani:
So essentially this explains why the prices are quite expensive. It’s a poor boy getting back at the rich.
Many people will panic to find a charger before their phone dies ,but won't panic to find a plan before their dream dies
Sam Anonymous
Sam Anonymous:
I needed to listen to this. Literally cried. I had no idea about his story. So much respect for him. I used to diss brands. I am so sorry for that. I truly understand the value now.
dash dillinger
dash dillinger:
The story of a guy who built a legacy that he never got to enjoy
Kwa Roba
Kwa Roba:
Whoever reading this, God knows what you are facing through, He heard your cry, He is going to deliver you Just trust in him. Amen.💕
Joy Kent
Joy Kent:
You can't just say that he "suddenly passed away" in those days to live past 50 was considered amazing let alone living past 70.
Cassie Jacobs
Cassie Jacobs:
When you invest, you're buying a day you don't have to work
Kaddejah Harrison
Kaddejah Harrison:
Watching this video makes me really emotional don’t give up on your dreams ❤️even when everyone is against it . God is good all the time !
Woka Cola
Woka Cola:
I love stories like this. Hard work, talent and legacy is always misunderstood as privilege
Dominica Mitchell
Dominica Mitchell:
Sad how the family doesn’t own part of it anymore. Good story
Kyle L
Kyle L:
I had no idea Louis Vuitton was a rags to riches story.
Takeshi Blue
Takeshi Blue:
I feel like you took your school projects seriously growing up lol. But seriously it sucks that an outside party took the business away from its family and then ruined it then asked for help and revived it.
itzz Renee
itzz Renee:
What I’ve learnt from this is never give up on your dreams no matter what .
Cindy Wise
Cindy Wise:
Dylan you're a legit trader and your method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with your strategy.
CrappieHook King
CrappieHook King:
LV was blessed with son's who looked up to him, he must of been a good father.
Lierol Sein Vaidzeil
Lierol Sein Vaidzeil:
Moral of the story: No matter how life brings you down. Don't give up.
Natasha Dussard
Natasha Dussard:
Whoever wrote this documentary did a fantastic and thorough job! And I primarily watch docs. Well done!
Farhana Sanjida
Farhana Sanjida:
Now i know why it's so popular .I won't ever look at LV the same again .<3
Life Well Loved
Life Well Loved:
How sad that their family business was stolen from them by the current CEO. Smh
lesson learned from this story: be careful on choosing your allies...
pragadish waran
pragadish waran:
I still can’t believe that homeless boy created an most favourite brand for all all those richest.
Absolutely Amazing testimony of perseverance of a family throughout time. ♥️
Kyuthie Mae
Kyuthie Mae:
It’s a very inspiring story of success that everybody can learn.
Andrew JM
Andrew JM:
im not even into high fashion, i wear cheap clothes for the most part but this story is so inspiring.
Louis is probably proud for what his son done for him
Virgil who? Virgil where? Mad respect for Louis Vuitton !!!
The fact louie can’t live to what he started
Alaysha Abigail
Alaysha Abigail:
I'm so happy for him I'm crying RN 😭🥺
Talat jabeen Hafeez
Talat jabeen Hafeez:
During my Fashion design diploma I gathered a lot of information about LV.And you can say I’m a proud collector of 20 LV cases and bags.
Khayriyyah Furqan
Khayriyyah Furqan:
Wow, this gave me so much inspo for my business. Sad LV isn't family owned how it started out but sometimes you need outside resources! Great story
Laura Velandia
Laura Velandia:
A Super inspiring history! Wow! I can't belive how hard Louis worked for this dream!! He Was a warrior!
LV is truly the highest quality in fashion.
7:05 Luis was so far ahead of the time that he even managed to secure himself an extra year worth of life within 71 years!
VeraMoore's Lounge
VeraMoore's Lounge:
I want this to be my story too 🙏
Philomina Jesus
Philomina Jesus:
Born an investor, always an investor.
I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Invest some of it if you want financial freedom.
Leticia Jackson
Leticia Jackson:
This story just made me realize why I love this brand even more. Love it!
the girl with black heart
the girl with black heart:
my mom bought a louis vuitton when she was young and still has it. she has no idea how expensive these bags are, i only recently got to know about it. it even has the classic logo style and is a brown bag
Kathie Newman
Kathie Newman:
No wonder I love Louis Vuitton Handbags!!!!!!!! Unique Quality! Lovely, Classic, yet can wear them with all styles of clothing today! Got my first genuine LV as a gift in 1976. I have all sorts of bags but at least every four to five years buy the latest interesting style! Only designer name that Im truly impressed with along with Tory Burch these days. Otherwise not very impressed with any name really. The quality must be exceptional for me to totally love it! So happy And loved ❤️ the story of the Vuitton Family! Truly wonderful! Love them❤️🙏🌹Kathie
Wali Khaled
Wali Khaled:
Most people care about the end result of hard work, but they don’t care about the struggles successful people have to go through.
Robert Webb
Robert Webb:
I never knew this and I cried watching this VERY beautiful, unforgettable &
BITTERSWEET ❤️ above all THIS goes to show WHY Louis Vuitton has withstood time over the years and is STILL here TODAY across the world 🌎
LoneWolf Ranger
LoneWolf Ranger:
Lol. Now days people who buy his products wouldn’t give a dime to a homeless person
Meme master 6M
Meme master 6M:
louis worked really hard so do all his successors also!!
Joan Manalo
Joan Manalo:
Very inspiring...the real..from rags to riches.❤️❤️❤️ Blessed with a son that has same passion.
Too bad Louis Vuitton didn’t get to see the success of his brand
junior ramos
junior ramos:
basically, if i wanna be rich, i just have to start a business, and wait generations to be successful
chac cmi
chac cmi:
impressive story, had no idea of the hardships LV went through. Very inspiring!
having a perfect manager like Mr TRISLER has saved me alot, it's high time I do what's right and recommend him to everyone.
Kassim Khan Khan
Kassim Khan Khan:
You taught me more about the vitton label than my fashion history teacher ever did. Thanks for enlightening me
Shut up David
Shut up David:
College doesn’t make you millionaire it just makes u stay under the system
I’m happy I get to support his brand. What a story and so inspiring.
Wow poor louis, Makes me want to buy a louis belt now, You never know the history behind the products we use or wear, Always be thankful 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Moral & Bible Stories
Moral & Bible Stories:
One of the greatest story of persistence in history!!! I am inspired! They kept rebuilding till they won!! OMG!!!
Norzilia JD
Norzilia JD:
This really inspiring, how to never give up with when things get tough.
The prices make sense now, it’s designer/history
Sabrina Sykes
Sabrina Sykes:
What learnt from this is to never give up 💯
Alexis Alejos
Alexis Alejos:
I've seen a couple of his videos and I find it interesting that almost every creator dies of un expected reasons
Doodledot Plays
Doodledot Plays:
This video is so amazing and really interesting, thank you!
Yusif Mubarak
Yusif Mubarak:
One of the saddest story i have ever heard, LV was a legend and still a legend

LV is not Dead
You would never know a homeless teenager would be a billionaire one day.
Maria Dominguez
Maria Dominguez:
What a cool story. Thankfully, most of us will never know what it's like to nearly starve to death or become a refuge. We are more blessed than we realize.
Collins👉 Beastclone on Telegram 💳
Collins👉 Beastclone on Telegram 💳:
I can't appreciate you enough 👆👆 your cc is legit and the balance is also incredible💰
Josh Schneider
Josh Schneider:
I'm so proud of my hometown of Chicago for having such a positive influence on this family's product
This is such a well put together video 👍🏽 amazing research /editing
That’s amazing I didn’t know the brand had such a amazing history
It’s weird how a homeless person can create such a expensive brand! Great video you make learning fun! 👍❤️
leon hue
leon hue:
At the age of 12, I ran away and I left my idealic family home that boasted gardens flowing down to the Indian ocean beach,
My mother, a strict and cruel German woman was not child friendly and I knew I'd never be able to meet her expectations.
I went into my bedroom, threw out my school books from my bag to replace with clothes and a few treasures. I sneaked out to make my way up to the highway by walking on the dirt road that wound it's way through the sugar cane fields to the highway.
With much trepidation I put up
thumb to hitch a ride, within minutes a VW sedan stopped. I climbed in beside the driver and there began my journey to find love, security, adventure, fame and fortune.
Yes, I'm sure, many of us are harbouring a story that could be of interest to others .
Salma Aripin
Salma Aripin:
This video made us realize that there are always ups and downs in our life. But what determines the result was how we strive during those times. P.S I just love how the video flows with all those suitable soundtrack.
Don Madre
Don Madre:
I dont know who needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving money.invest some part of it if you really want financial freedom.
Ehna Derecho
Ehna Derecho:
This video makes me wanna buy a Louis Vuitton bag because of the history and hardships its been through.
But sadly I am broke.
Desta Wold
Desta Wold:
Wow such a great reminder of how beauty is born of struggles!
Carina Parry
Carina Parry:
What a brilliant video, fascinating and informative, thank you! :)
Never knew there was such a history behind Louis vuitton..
Minnie Nicki Minaj Barb
Minnie Nicki Minaj Barb:
Wow. Just wow. Rag to riches!!! ❤❤❤
Koning Willem-Alexander
Koning Willem-Alexander:
“Created by the poor, stolen by the rich.”
astari djatmiko
astari djatmiko:
the best legacy was the spirit to never give up that the heirs could maintain their family bussiness
Shirley Lennyn
Shirley Lennyn:
I like these stories. There are many people who did great things in favor to humanity. Those are my heros !! Nothing is impossible when you want to reach your dreams.
Peanut 12 Pickle
Peanut 12 Pickle:
This video/story just shows how unexpected life can be I think the moral of this story is just to be hopeful and never give up. To those out there still dreaming don’t dream do it !
Factum C
Factum C:
This is why I could never carry a replica. It is about respect. I never knew his story, but I have a new found respect for Louis Vuitton’s legacy. Imagine someone who loves you so much they will continue on your dream for generations.
So crazy that the original pattern has been around so long. I’ll never look at LV the same again. Very inspirational.
eden hundsdoerfer
eden hundsdoerfer:
Highly interesting amazing story of the most luxurious bags in the world - Louis Vuitton!❤️
Dean Steenkamp
Dean Steenkamp:
This a great story and really motivational
Kgomotso Ndwandwe
Kgomotso Ndwandwe:
What an inspiring story 👌🏾
Ntsika Mniki
Ntsika Mniki:
This is So inspirational, more especially to a fashion designer like me who started with nothing is Africa.
Katrina Aliviza
Katrina Aliviza:
Let's be honest, we didn't search for this. It was recommended
Samatha Arce
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TaShaula Clark
TaShaula Clark:
Beautiful story. I'm so glad to see the underdog on top. Now I want to buy one. 🤗
very well documented, very interesting a life lesson , never give up
I am so fascinating with this video that brought intellectually to become greatness
Gurosama Bltch
Gurosama Bltch:
It's crazy how you see these "Since 1800" type labels but you never think how much history, wars and hardships such an old brand went through
Linda Schrump
Linda Schrump:
imagine how much money one of those old suitcases would cost