The Insane Logistics of Formula 1

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Van Hendrix
Van Hendrix:
The driver gets the fame, but winning is a team effort
xiaofei zhang
xiaofei zhang:
I love how Renault is getting passed even on highways.
Rai Gervasi
Rai Gervasi:
Imagine being in williams and doing all this stuff just to know youll be last. So sad. All that money wasted could be spent on more innovations for the car
I wonder how many 10mm sockets get lost with all this traveling.
David Does
David Does:
Back in the day a man by himself drove his car to Lemans, won the race, and took the trophy home in the racecar.
"When things go wrong"
Perfect description of Ferrari
Another thing to note is that each car alongwith it's engine and chassis goes back to the home factory after each race for inspection, repairs, servicing, upgrading and repainting and if flown back to the race weekend. Every race. No exceptions
Tong Lu
Tong Lu:
Well I'd say in F1, the vehicle is more than "the other half". It's more like "the other 70%".
Harri Levido
Harri Levido:
red bull has a house like an IKEA flat pack lol
21 races worldwide - in Elroy? Most people know this as Austin, Texas.
P1 Sebastian P1!

Don James
Don James:
I'm now all of a sudden interested in Formula 1
Sidd Sen
Sidd Sen:
"...As the Non-Priority Paddocks were delivered Overnight..."

Amazon Express delivery is having a major existential crisis right about now.
Logistically challenged sounds like a way to call someone sloppy.
Thanda Paani
Thanda Paani:
Holy shit if only I was that organised
Shadow Fan
Shadow Fan:
"recreated the entire US" lol... You've seen the map...right?
Software Man
Software Man:
The Formula 1 of Insane Logistics
Jamie Newman
Jamie Newman:
Excuse me but crew are also Athletes, try pulling a 30 Hour shift then you will see my meaning. Motoracing is full on!
Ben Jeck
Ben Jeck:
This funny american way of starting the week on sunday (makes sense, right?) really threw me off on those calendar graphics
I can't believe Steven Spielberg had a city named after him
Cryonic Bonkers
Cryonic Bonkers:
“Accurately recreated the racing I did at Spielberg” this cracked me up😂like who in their right mind wud play the crew for accurate racing😂
Matthew Roalkvam
Matthew Roalkvam:
I’m so glad to see two of my most favorite things combine, Wendover productions and formula one
Falcon King
Falcon King:
6:27 That moment when he literally shows a satellite map of your country including your home area
Thank you for putting the "é" in Montréal on the map! Natively from there it's nice to see that it's represented as a french speaking city!
Kashmira Brahmane
Kashmira Brahmane:
Do they have a set of basic items in the respective locations - eg. chairs, kitchen items, etc - the inexpensive stuff can be stationed at the respective venues all year round ?
If you play the video at the lowest speed, it’s still gonna be faster than Williams.
Mohammed Aradi
Mohammed Aradi:
Wendover mention my tiny counrty Bahrain, with accuret maps, locations and street navigation, *mindblowen* i feel hounerd.
Elroy?! It’s Austin.
hokhim chan
hokhim chan:
Kimi after watching this vid:”Bwoah,I just go home,sleep eat then go to next track and drive,I don’t know Bwoah”
Sponsored by a massive video game??? Well done, Sam! Channel progression at its finest!
Man I saw this video and my face just lit up like “yes”.
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay:
We were lucky to go to Monaco during race week.

I went down to pit lane and was allowed to walk down and talk to some of the teams. The garages were empty, so went back to hotel and then went back the next morning and it was completely built and only thing they were doing was connecting the pit wall with comms cabling.

Absolutely mind blowing demonstration of team work.
Arnav Gairola
Arnav Gairola:
0:39 ironically, this channel has 1.3 million subs

Nice job guys
Abradolf Lincler
Abradolf Lincler:
1:28 is that what they double for microsoft scam call centers XD
Cerdaspedia Indonesia
Cerdaspedia Indonesia:
Sounds so tiresome and stressful. But on the positive side, you can travel around the world.
iRacing Rookie
iRacing Rookie:
Watching every F1 session including Practice 1,2 & 3 there's small stories you hear like Ferrari sending a private to jet to pick up a gear box to send back to Italy to be inspected then Sent back ready to qualify the next day
Yes, I'm from the future. And yes, F1 had their own video regarding logistics too recently. But nice work, Wendover, I watched yours first long before they are.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake:
I am surprised that Codemasters didn't sponsor this video for their upcoming F1 2018 game...
Olek L
Olek L:
Omg episode about F1
Great see this on this chanel !!
When should we expect "The Insane Logistics of Formula 2"?
Xera 51
Xera 51:
0:37 The way he pronounced that lmao
3:34 there's no race at a place called Elroy 😂 the US one is in Austin but I feel like this is an Easter egg anyways 👏
Ondrej Štelbacký
Ondrej Štelbacký:
This is probably the most interesting YouTube channel ever.
Space Bound Cadillac
Space Bound Cadillac:
When i was a mix and up until a few couple years after getting my tractor trailer license, I always wanted to be a racecar hauler.
Keep up the great work wendoverproductions!!!
Vito C
Vito C:
2:39 - Teams only have 3 days to break down

Perfectly described the weekend before finals week
Mirco Baldisserri
Mirco Baldisserri:
5:23 Imola?
Space Enthusiast
Space Enthusiast:
1:52 still they racing eachother
Cats TCB
Cats TCB:
When I was young and playing Mario cart, I thought that ‘Grand Prix’ I said ‘Grand Pricks’ as I didn’t know the ‘x’ was silent ahah
Prins van Oranje
Prins van Oranje:
And this si why teams like Lotus bankrupted once they started adding lots of tracks.
I love F1 so most of the information in this video I knew anyway, but it was still an entertaining watch and I learnt a few things I didn't know like every team starts unpacking at the same time for instance.

One thing you didn't have in your video is restrictions on alcohol branding for the French race in particular which meant doubling on several pieces of kit like uniforms and such like making the already logistical nightmare complete insanity!!
Anthony Poveda
Anthony Poveda:
This came out of left field as a f1 fan but I love these types of videos!! 🙂👍
Alex Jeff Dust
Alex Jeff Dust:
it bugs me so hard that you used american trucks and european trucks at the same time
Pedro Figueira
Pedro Figueira:
It always amazes me how I always find the subject lame when I read the title but I find the video absolutely incredible.
Wow you managed to do the whole video without mentioning the logistic partner of F1.
There are many people involved and the teams do so much work, but still DHL would be worth mentioning
Your Trusted Battlefield Medic
Your Trusted Battlefield Medic:
Thank you for spelling Montréal the correct way
joseph humphrey
joseph humphrey:
Another reason why F1 is the coolest thing going.
Thank you for telling the routine, I am working on trying to get into go karting so I can finally start formula
James Dawkins Jr.
James Dawkins Jr.:
I thought the logistics for NASCAR was hard, I now have a greater appreciation for Formula 1.
AAron Thom
AAron Thom:
Wendover is my curiosity cure! I have always thought of the logistics of F1 and look Wendover answers it again for me with this video.
Usually a sponsor is mentioned at the beginning as common practice so people know they're being influenced. But I was surprized there even was a sponsor because the quality was outstanding. I have no interest in Formula 1 whatsoever but this was just incredibly interesting.
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve:
I haven't even started watching this yet, but thank you. I've been wondering for months now how do F1 teams get it done.
Eddie Baker
Eddie Baker:
Hey! I'm from Texas, Home of the Elroy Grand Prix!
Rohin Alla
Rohin Alla:
I've been following your channel for a long time now and I love your content.
Being an F1 fanatic, this video is a dream come true
David Massey
David Massey:
Good grief! I guess I knew this subconsciously, but it's amazing to have the information laid out. Racing really is a team sport. Amazing.
C Purchase
C Purchase:
That pronunciation of scuderia though
A Z:
F1 channel just copied this video but after watching both, I feel like Wendover gave us Ben Affleck while F1 channel gave us retarded discount brother Casey Affleck...
Josh Scott
Josh Scott:
There is no formula 1 race in "ElRoy" I think you ment to type "Austin, TX"
Oh shit i forgot this video about one of my favorite sport (and game series) was sponsored by one of my favorite games
I like wendover productions.
I like formula 1.

=> I like this video.
Fateh Azim
Fateh Azim:
Bro this is insane. Thank you so much for it! Keep making more.
Sadly, I missed the last Formula E in zürich, and the next one (in switzerland) will be in bern, thats pretty far^^
Jungle Brother
Jungle Brother:
Great video, I love Wendover Productions as much as I love F1
Jane McDirty
Jane McDirty:
F1 season is always the most exciting time of the year. we get to inspect all the equipments and give them clearance. too bad they no longer race in my country.
Damn I love this channel :D Every topic is interesting!
Gregory Wolff
Gregory Wolff:
This video is awesome! I literally did a project on this in one of my supply chain courses in university. Well done Wendover!
I just stumbled upon this channel this week, and I think it is incredibly well done, brilliant in explaining complex systems in a simple to understand way for lay people, and diverse in its topics. Keep it up.
Oscar Ferne
Oscar Ferne:
Love the style of video. It would be super interesting to see a similar video for the major surfing competitions. They also have to move around the world chasing swells and transporting communications, buildings, crew and film equipment to spots both on and offshore. Huge logistical effort.
Sounds like a pain in the balls year round for the staff. Great video. Thank you
u already know
u already know:
start of the video: 🚶‍♂️
0:37: 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Jaxon Ancona
Jaxon Ancona:
8:30 that race track was featured in mighty machines!
I love wendover production
<3 i also buying the crew 2 today
Wait Discord is worth a billion dollars?
Miguel Alvarez
Miguel Alvarez:
Holy hell i just started to get into F 1 racing mostly because i was hearing about lewis hamilton so much that it interested me and me loving cars well i thought hmm but wow i never would have thought it was this intense and massive
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake:
Wendover and Formula 1
cant get any better than this
asdwegfwes.... anyways formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
M G:
I loved this video it is way more amazing ... Please try to make more interesting video's specifically on SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS. THANK YOU. BLESSINGS YOUR WAY.
Toujours Pret
Toujours Pret:
As a recent follower of Formula One, I knew there had to be a very interesting story about how everything gets moved. Thanks for telling it!
Mythic Pie
Mythic Pie:
The Crew:Poo more like am i right? :)
john smith
john smith:
Wendover, the F1 world is amazing. Please, make more videos about it
Javier Seah
Javier Seah:
“everyear without fail”
Yey an F1 vid from Wendover!
Toben Weston
Toben Weston:
Software Man 1:03 I think ull find that’s 6 continents mate..! 😂😂🤣
clinton LeFort
clinton LeFort:
Thanks for the info about formula one logistics planning and execution. I now have a greater appreciation of what each of the f1 teams do to prepare for each race. I'm subscribing to this channel.
Kashmira Brahmane
Kashmira Brahmane:
In the interest of saving resources, money and tim, why don't they have venues as per season. Eg - 2017 in Europe, 2018 in US, 2019 in UAE ?
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson:
Thanks, always wondered how the F1 teams did these operations. I am very familiar with certain pieces when the US military does massive deployments overseas.
I love seeing my favorite sport on mainstream (and American) channels like this
Please! It is Scudería Ferrari, the accent goes on I of Scuderia...
Pato Sheridan
Pato Sheridan:
FINALLY!!! as a huge F1 fan Ive been waiting for this (from you) for a long time