'The Kissing Booth 2' Cast Shares Their First Kisses, Acting Roles & More | Teen Vogue

Joey King, Joel Courtney, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, and Meganne Young of 'The Kissing Booth 2' tell Teen Vogue their “first” everything! From first red carpet jitters to their first time on set, the cast of ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ are open books. Whose first celebrity crush was Angelina Jolie? How did Joey King's first relationship come to an end? Where did Joel Courtney participate in his first kiss(es)?

The Kissing Booth 2 is available exclusively on Netflix July 24. Watch here: https://www.netflix.com/thekissingbooth2

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'The Kissing Booth 2' Cast Shares Their First Kisses, Acting Roles & More | Teen Vogue

100+ comentarios:

am I the only one who hated Chloe at first but after started to love her
Sammi Adler
Sammi Adler:
ok but WHY is Maisie so beautiful??? Purple is def her color :)
Pratikshya Chaudhary
Pratikshya Chaudhary:
When Taylor talks about his first role haha he's the cutest. I am crying 😭
Who has already watched the movie and now is binge watching all related interviews?
Sophie Marie
Sophie Marie:
I recognised Maisie n then i realised she was Eve Sinclair on The Originals n omg shes stunning😍😍
the1nonly WT
the1nonly WT:
This Taylor guy has a weird combination of Jacob Elordi and Mena Massoud. (Weird in a good way)
Is it just me or does taylor and Jacob lowkey look alike?? Cause it’s been bothering sm cause I see it
Emily vasquez
Emily vasquez:
Taylor’s smile just does something to you!
Marie G
Marie G:
Idk I feel like there’s gonna be a part 3 minus Jacob. She probs would end up going to school with her best friend and then something would happen between her and Marco by the way he said “she’s worth it” at the end of the film.. idk though
Juicycarrot Nadine
Juicycarrot Nadine:
Notice how jacob isn’t in any of the kissing booth 2 interviews. Edit: uh anyways so follow my insta:@ssaadiaabdi thanks✨
Alysha M
Alysha M:
Maisie just CASUALLY dropping that she had a scene with Carrie Fisher has me jaw-dropped 😲 that is so amazing! jealous!!
Cece Berry
Cece Berry:
Who’s she dating in real life cos she looks like she has a crush on this new guy.
Uhh Hona
Uhh Hona:
The kissing booth is something I’d watch when I was 12 secretly thinking it’s bad.
Grace Lindsay
Grace Lindsay:
bro has Jacob done any press for this movie or posted abt it at all??? like ik he's in Australia but zoom exists

EDIT: it was just an observation that I had made (no shade on him at all bc we stan jacob !!) but looking back on it I don't think he's promoted many of his things actively and now that some interviews he's done have come out/the movie I can see that he really did look like he was enjoying himself (especially in the bloopers- the slideshow!!). I just wish he wasn't in Australia bc maybe he'd be a bit more active like the rest of the cast in promoting.
linh dan do
linh dan do:
Lmao this is really random but why is nobody talking about Ollie’s and Miles relationship? They are literally so cute
Forum Desai
Forum Desai:
I love Joey’s personality!!!
Valster Huera
Valster Huera:
I would love to see Maisie play Storm in another X-men film. I'm feeling Halle Berry vibes on her, but sassier! I think she would do justice! Besides, Storm didn't really get enough airtime in all of the X-men movies.. Time to have another X-men film about her past.
Nejat Alhussan
Nejat Alhussan:
i love how maisie is getting more recognition!!
Marta Verônica
Marta Verônica:
Amei 🥰❤️👏🏻
I don’t care what anyone says, Noah and Elle with forever be my fave ship in this movie. Marco and Elle would be great too, but Noah and Elle just hold a special place in my heart.
Ayell Aya
Ayell Aya:
Who else think that Chloe looks so stunning with her hair like that 🥰
Betiel Desta
Betiel Desta:
Ellie:”I walk in and I’m like, holy handsome” 😂😂😂😂
Jiya Solanki
Jiya Solanki:
Dont come at me but I think Taylor and joey would be such a cute couple
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose:
Jacob literally never shoes up on any of the kissing booth interviews
Maliya L
Maliya L:
We need a Kissing booth 3 end of story!! The second one was amazing!! Loved it!’ I want to know what is going to happen to the main crew!! It seems they left a cliffhanger in a way!! I need a 3 end of story!! Make it happen lol
I just finished watching kissing booth part 1 and 2 I was sooooo happy and it was a crazy awesome experience I really hope for part 3😊🥺
Tylee Scheerer
Tylee Scheerer:
Who else loves kissing booth
Normal people: think of jazz and pearl necklaces
Me: thinks of stefan becoming a ripper
Kavya Shukla
Kavya Shukla:
Meggane's reaction are everything❤️
Vikram C
Vikram C:
"I'm classically uncomfortable with girls." says the only one of these who is engaged
Izzy The Wizzy
Izzy The Wizzy:
its kind of adorable how taylor smiles so wide whenever joey said something, like they arent just a screen ship, they are a irl ship too.
Maisie is just so perfect. I'm so into her.
aymara corcho
aymara corcho:
Kissing both 2 was great! I was afraid of different ending between Elle and Noah! We are missing Jabob in this group videos! All cast did great! Cute and fun movie to watch!
I am super excited for the new Kissing Booth like I wish it was already out!!! 😻
Jennifer H
Jennifer H:
I love how enthusiastic Joey is
“Holy handsome!” I cant agree with anything more 😂😍
Vivi Winkler
Vivi Winkler:
Holy Handsome!- yeah that’s pretty much what everyone thought when they first saw Taylor
Biel Sabas
Biel Sabas:
Joel seems like such a (an actual) nice guy who'd be friends (but not flirty) with everybody.
Aidan Kakela
Aidan Kakela:
All their faces when Maisie was talking about her in Star Wars and Carrie 😂👏🏽❤️
Maisie was in the vampire show “the originals” she was awesome! Love her
Velen Kanisius
Velen Kanisius:
Oke bye Noah, my heart goes to Marco now 🥰
Navya Santhosh
Navya Santhosh:
Joel being so frickin shook hearing that Maisie was in Star Wars was just so adorable aww
matipa mavi
matipa mavi:
This movie was amazing with so much drama and well me my crazy sister screamed every time something happened and I lost my voice but it was worth it 😎
sunghoon qt
sunghoon qt:
i would say taylor has the most beautiful curly lashes!!!! he is so gorg
Vee AC
Vee AC:
Joey you are a queen, you rock!!!
Ellen Bueno
Ellen Bueno:
Is there going to be a third cuz your movies are so good 😃
Nathaniel Rufino
Nathaniel Rufino:
Can't wait for the 3rd movie. Their chemistry is unbelievable. I like them all. This is the only gang that I like.😍
Clementine Rusy
Clementine Rusy:
Maisie is gorgeous🥰 the melanin shining everywhere 😍 she is very beautiful. I also love the hair 🤩. ✨Black girl magic✨
Safiyyah Ibrahim
Safiyyah Ibrahim:
Who else thought they photoshopped Maisie in the thumbnail, but then realised she's actually really gorgeous
Sana Wansa
Sana Wansa:
I wanted to hear about Taylor's first kisssssss😢
moon 🕷
moon 🕷:
“he’s geart we can’t wait to see what u think abt him:”

“i walked in and i was like HOLY HANDSOMESD”
Aya Sinawi
Aya Sinawi:
I found it so funny when Joey just laid down! 😂😂
Bella Goularth
Bella Goularth:
🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 legendas por favor
Averie Miller
Averie Miller:
So much love for the cast
the kissing booth 2 is coming tomorrow, and it’s gonna be soooooo akward💀
Katie H
Katie H:
Ok but this who interview is Joel being amazed by Maisie's experiences🤣🤣🤣
Am I the only one who thinks that Taylor and Jacob don’t look alike..?
Narley Cat
Narley Cat:
at 5:41 did yall notice Joeys and Taylors body language? They say when you like someone you unconsciously make the same body movements as the person you like, they really have good chemistry either it be a romantic or simply a really beautiful friendship <3
Wow great!!!
Kissing booth 2 was perfectly nice, i like it....congratz to all the cast, they made it remarkable.
shyanna .W
shyanna .W:
Anybody else already want kissing booth 3?
Perrine VANNIER:
I'm the only who wanna the comeback of Joey and Jacob together ? 🥺
Stanzin Yangsdon
Stanzin Yangsdon:
Ok but who remembers Maisie’s cameo role in The Originals?
Amber O beirne
Amber O beirne:
Love these guys cant wait for friday that's when it's coming out on Netflix for me
Josh Miral
Josh Miral:
Omg..I love it..
I cried, I felt like Marco don't deserve to get hurt.
The whole movie showcase all face of love with different role.
Season 3 please.

And hey, I love the song Wonderlust. The official OST.

Dramione Is Everything
Dramione Is Everything:
baby panda
baby panda:
Super 8 was a super cool movie! I'm not sure if they released it in our country. Otherwise, we wouldn't have missed it. We only found out it existed when it was on Netflix. We watched it so many times. Joel Courney and the little kid actors were so awesome. Joel is so humble. He never even mentioned how he won so many awards for his first movie. I couldn't believe he was in this teeny-bopper flick, so we ended up watching and enjoying The Kissing Booth 1&2.
Side note:
I kind of wanted Lee and Elle to end up together weird as it may seem. Haha
Faiza Irma Chowdhury
Faiza Irma Chowdhury:
When Joey said she ended her relationship over voice memo, could it be with Jacob, if so, now I'll very heart broken. They are super cute together. Aussies guys are always genuine!
Sara M.
Sara M.:
Joel's first kiss story is so cute and funny.
Pradeep Viswambharan
Pradeep Viswambharan:
Did anyone notice Joey said that she loves Taylor so much....cough cough cough.....I sense something's up there and hope too❤️🤞🤞
Michelle Dominguez
Michelle Dominguez:
i just finished kissing booth 2 and its SOOOOO CUTE!
Samantha okk
Samantha okk:
marco and elle should be endgame
Aurora Saiano
Aurora Saiano:
Omg, how can taylor and joey be so perfect??
Hello kitty
Hello kitty:
I love the cast of the kissing booth 2 together like this♥♡★☆
Guneet Kaur
Guneet Kaur:
I really want elle and marco to end up together !
Lily Medina
Lily Medina:
“ i was like HOLY HANDSOME” as you should 🤭😂
Your local Crackhead
Your local Crackhead:
When Joey was talking about her love for Freddie Highmore I was just like “Girl SAME!” Except for like the meeting him part. I wish though
Nika's Words
Nika's Words:
Jacob was like ‚I’ll do the second movie ONLY if you don’t drag me to press events’ 😅
Literally squealed when i saw amaya jiwe on kissing booth. Love Maisie!!
Miss Xau
Miss Xau:
Maisie is such a beauty, that smile 😍
It’s Nyah’s World
It’s Nyah’s World:
Freaking love kissing booth😩
Pamela Arenas
Pamela Arenas:
Meganne is 30 years old.. how on earth does she look so young?? 😍
Is there gonna be a part 3??
i only know maisie cause of the originals and then she shows up on the kissing booth and im like 😻
Syaza Q
Syaza Q:
imagine filming your first film with CARRIE FISHER. joey king's reaction is relatable
Nasiha Yahaya
Nasiha Yahaya:
Everytime Taylor smiles or speaks, i can't breathe...
Lahari Sengupta
Lahari Sengupta:
I'm on Team Marco after watching the sequel. ❤️
Alana Brooke
Alana Brooke:
I rlly hope Taylor dates Joey in the movie kissing booth 3
bianca pinto
bianca pinto:
I recognised Maisie n then i realised she was Eve Sinclair on The Originals n omg shes stunning,she didnt age that much😍😍
Ngl Elle and Marco’s dance is so ICONIC!!💋
Monaet Jessica
Monaet Jessica:
It’s sad because I literally love Jacob but he hasn’t done many interviews and it looks like Noah and Elle are breaking up in the third movie... but I hope not.
Joey's first reaction to Taylor was very similar to Elle's first reaction to Marco.

P.S. I still ship Noah and Elle always
"my heart just -- missed a beat" lol me too buddy me too
Cristine Joy Tulod
Cristine Joy Tulod:
i dont know but 4:18-4:22made my heart scream 😍❤✨
Farha Faizal
Farha Faizal:
my heart literally can’t stop going marco marco marco 🥰🥰
Os 10 Mais
Os 10 Mais:
The Kissing Booth 2 is amazing, omg i love ittt
OMG. When Joey said Freddie I was shook. British king 💚💚🇬🇧
Lilly Bug
Lilly Bug:
I just finish this movie I love it 🥰
Izzy ffs
Izzy ffs:
I ship Joey and Jacob in the movie but I prefer Taylor and Joey in real life 😂
Michaela 💗
Michaela 💗:
I loved the kissing booth 2 😄