The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

The Kissing Booth is open for business again! High school senior Elle juggles a long-distance relationship with her dreamy boyfriend, college applications with her best friend, and a new friendship with a handsome classmate that could change everything.


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The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

As Elle makes post-high school plans, she juggles a long-distance romance with Noah, a changing friendship with Lee and an attraction to a new classmate.

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These movies make it seem like getting into Harvard is easy as calling an uber
SuP Peeeps
SuP Peeeps:
I should probably apply to Harvard myself.
Kartun Land
Kartun Land:
Man, stop with stupid rules. Friendship doesn't work like that!
inanimate shizzhead
inanimate shizzhead:
This movie pissed me off soo much. But the thing that bothered me the most was the fact that Lee was only upset that Ellie wanted to go to a different school although she cheated on her bf who happened to be his brother??!?!?!?
Jade Alcordo
Jade Alcordo:
*just bc Noahs ur first love doesn't mean he's THE ONE. You are just young, indecisive, inexperienced and don't know who's truly best for you.*
Sheldon Evans
Sheldon Evans:
Pitch: Here's a crazy idea, let's create the exact same show, same story...but this time...hear me out...WE USE A DIFFERENT GUY!
Producers: *Genius.*
Ester Leng
Ester Leng:
When Elle said, “I miss you, JERK.”

*She really meant it.*
doni ellenberg
doni ellenberg:
I wouldn't get into a community college with Elle's essay, it was so bad.
Manaswi Thakur
Manaswi Thakur:
You remember the guy who came at the end and told marco, "she's not worth it". I think he was the smartest character in the movie.
curiosity spark
curiosity spark:
Elle: decided to get to Harvard while she spent her high school having fun and slacking off
The real Harvard admission counselor: Hold my beer! 😂😂😂😂
Ample Pink
Ample Pink:
It's funny how every romcom character ever ends up going to Harvard, Yale or some kind of Ivy League college like it's a piece of cake lol
Marco's role is really something. An actor who can both sing and dance and act ♥️
Mᴀʀᴄᴏ ɪs ᴀ ɢᴇᴍ, ʜᴇ’s ᴊᴜsᴛ sᴏ ᴅᴀᴍɴ ᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴏᴜs! ✨💎❤️😩
Noah is hot af here but I believe Elle should've stuck with Marco. PERIOD
Clarence del Rosario
Clarence del Rosario:
I hate the scene where Noah greeted Chloe by kissing her on the cheeks and saying, "you look beautiful," like they have a thing! And he literally like shoved it in front of Elle's face! Ugh... Marco could've been better for Elle just saying...
Thalya Warthland
Thalya Warthland:
Ok, but...they literally just showed us the whole movie.
Emanuel Fick
Emanuel Fick:
They did Marco dirty, and they could have atleast endid him up with someone else, instead of leaving him heart broken
Aesthetic Playlist
Aesthetic Playlist:
Unpopular opinion: Elle must have gone with Marco.
But didn’t joey and Jacob broke up in real life and then had to shoot the second movie??! Acting like a couple in love with ur ex. That must have been really akward to shoot.
I'm sorry but that "Rachel" actress looks really old for her role!! I didn't believe for a second she was a high school student!!
Annie Lucas
Annie Lucas:
They use Harvard as if everyone can easily get in tho...
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose:
Comments section: theres no way elle can get into harvard that easily
Elle: what, like its hard?

My legally blonde stans will know
Mikayla Chaplin
Mikayla Chaplin:
This movie was shot at my university (University of Cape Town), at my res. Was kind of traumatizing watching it, not gonna lie lol. I remember when I went back to varsity after the holidays last year, they were filming. My dad's car battery died and the background actors had to help push the car. Funniest moment ever.
P e a c h y B e e
P e a c h y B e e:
I swear I wanted Marco to get with Elle SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking bad like at this point I was getting tired of Noah like I really liked Marco but then Netflix made me get depression when Elle got with Noah instead of Marco like I’m MAD and sAd 😞😡
Aindrila Saha
Aindrila Saha:
Unpopular opinion: Marco's eyelashes are actually 25mm mink lashes.
Must Ard
Must Ard:
Let me guess, at the end of the movie, she chooses herself.
The comment Guy
The comment Guy:
She was so worried about Noah cheating then turns around and kisses Marco😂
carrie gomez
carrie gomez:
It is not fair! Marco deserved way to much better. :(
Let us enjoy Our own world
Let us enjoy Our own world:
Marco should have an happy ending because she uses him to make money
And going to harvard is not easy ask
Elle from legally blonde
Ananya Tickoo
Ananya Tickoo:
Marco!!!! Man I smile everytime his scene comes. THAT SMILE!!
Itachi Uwuchiha
Itachi Uwuchiha:
I can’t wait for generic-teen-high-school-drama-wattpad-story-with-actors-that-look-30-instead-of-17 the sequel!
Marcella Torry
Marcella Torry:
bruh idc what anybody says, noah definitely got with chloe
tala qari
tala qari:
This movie is so cringe it turns into a list. Just teaches people to lie and be deceitful and unfaithful. And act so flirty with strangers...and the parents don’t even defend their daughter??? Great parenting.
so so
so so:
I totally shipped Marelle (Marco&Elle) who else?😰
Devajit Barman
Devajit Barman:
I was really hoping Elle and Marco will end up together as thr chemistry make more sense..
rawr !
rawr !:
so it’s literally just kissing booth but with a different guy-
username 2003
username 2003:
-Dont you believe in charity ?

-im standing here talking with you.
This film sucked more than the first one. I know. I didn’t think it was possible either 🙈✨
Gjethcka Official
Gjethcka Official:
The part 2 was good but I think Marco deserved better, like Elle broke his heart and he was left alone in the end🤷‍♂️
But other things got fixed in the end✌️
Just my opinion🤓
Hey_Its_me, Akay
Hey_Its_me, Akay:
Unpopular Opinion: Chloe was really a queen throughout the movie
Anyway, waiting for Alex Meyer's review...
Jewel Ernest
Jewel Ernest:
Harvard must be a community college because it seems like no other colleges exist in these teen rom-coms 😂😂
sheri bynoe
sheri bynoe:
This movie was too heavily cliched and clearly see through. The accidental snack announcement part was a cringe from start to the finish! Who wrote this movie?
Poppy Oakden
Poppy Oakden:
greenCM 11
greenCM 11:
Lmaoo these comments. This is why Jacob didn't really like playing Noah😂😂
dhruv bhutani
dhruv bhutani:
Noah seems so uninterested in the movie
Bold of her to assume she’s getting into Harvard.
miko foin
miko foin:
No one: Absolutely no one: Rachel: “I’m not in the mood, Elle.”
I'm quite disappointed in this movie and the actual kissing booth was like 5% relevant to the actual movie. They could have done better with the storyline I'm not going to lie.
Kyle Swisher
Kyle Swisher:
Idc man Marco gang all the way, literally had so much chemistry and the movie was leaning toward Marco the whole movie, and then it just took a 180 turn the last 30 mins... such a great movie until the last 30 mins
Melda Kavak
Melda Kavak:
Like everybody else I'm here to read what people think about this movie and let's be honest.
I think at the very ending Elle didn't deserve anyone. He cheated Noah and he used Marco. Marco didn't do anything wrong. Marco didn't go for a girl with a boyfriend. Elle kissed him.
Also Noah deserves better too. He will have trust issues in his whole life against Elle. That relationship is broken and unhealthy after that kiss.
I think Elle just needs someone else apart from all this drama. She needs a fresh start. Marco and Noah also needs a fresh start.
Nina Crowe
Nina Crowe:
If that movie was about a girl wanting to get in Harvard, the whole movie would be about her studying
Top Data
Top Data:
These movies make it seem like getting into Harvard is easy as calling an uber
Florencia -
Florencia -:
I actually find the second film for "The Kissing Booth" better than the first film
Sofia Rodriguez Santiago
Sofia Rodriguez Santiago:
When I say Marco is my favorite is like when I say I’m team Jacob: It’s not because I want him to end up the the protagonist, it’s because I think he deserved better and want him to be happy.
Rixy LA
Rixy LA:
Anyone watched the movie and was like... "this is literally the plot of To All The Boys I've Loved Before 2"?
I'm talking about the love triangle part, there's a new boy but she still goes back to the other one...
Francesca Gabrie
Francesca Gabrie:
I can see the writers nodding like they really thought they did something with the "snack" line
Ilhaney 95
Ilhaney 95:
Honestly felt so bad for Marco. Deserved better.
This movie is terrible, heres my opinion on it.

Elle has a best friend who is Lee and it happens that his brother is Elles boyfriend. And yeah there’s a new guy, and you always know the new guy will lose. And that’s what I hate about this movie, Marco was the one Elle was happy with, yet she threw him in the trash just to get back with her boyfriend who wasted your time for the whole movie because she thought he was cheating. Like for real, Marco didn’t even do anything towards the end but get rejected. And yeah Lees face looked so punchable when he started crying with that ugly double chin, and Elle was playing the 2 boys. With that boy Noah just acting suspicious and it meant nothing. Screw this film. Oh and btw spoilers...oh sorry was I late? Well your not going to watch it anyway because this movie is absolutely rubbish. Even with those 2 gay men kissing only to show what more highschool relationships there are.
Tevin Rittenhouse
Tevin Rittenhouse:
I actually really liked this movie! I thought it did a good job at showing how each character made a mistake and how they fixed it by the end.
Vibes shotHARD
Vibes shotHARD:
This is literally" to all the boys PS I love u"
they didn't change a bit
Who agrees?
Aryaman Shukla
Aryaman Shukla:
Pretty bold of Netflix to put out this whole movie on YouTube
All i could think about the whole movie is that Marco looks like the ice age baby’s dad lmaoo
What was the point of the movie if she just went back to him
Also they make getting Harvard seem like you don’t have to do anything
Dia Dianna
Dia Dianna:
Is it just me or Noah looks like Jeremy Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries...
Laxman Patel
Laxman Patel:
I think Joey King looks a bit like actress Giaa Manek
Khali Flower
Khali Flower:
Why do these "high school" boys look so old? Like they got three kids and a mortgage 🙄
When I was watching the movie I couldn’t stop thinking about Rafael from Jane the Virgin bc Marco’s reminds me of him
Men why did Elle left Marcos I thought they had chemistry
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
I loved this movie and is it just me who love Noah and Elle together ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Please Netflix keep finding more Rory Gilmore vibes girls, I just can't get enough.

That Marco guy and that Noah guy just show how things have changed since the early 2000s. They are basically Jess Mariano and Dean Forester on steroids.

Which makes me wonder where is the enhanced Logan Huntzberger? Maybe next movie?

By the way, how did you guys find a British Selita Ebanks?

I just have to say excellent work guys, finsishing with The Beach Boys was a really nice touch.
Sophia Rain
Sophia Rain:
Do I think this movie is dumb and generic and poorly written: *YES*

Am I still going to watch it?: *YES*
sokin jon
sokin jon:
Comments section: theres no way elle can get into harvard that easily Elle: what, like its hard? My legally blonde stans will know
Julissa SailorMercury
Julissa SailorMercury:
After watching this hot mess, I still believeve Noah cheated on Elle with Chloe, their relationship just seems strange. 😌😒
bowen voowy
bowen voowy:
didn’t get on the plane is because chole told him not too. . Again love Noah but Marco is the right one for Elle.
Umukoro Oboroghenenurhe
Umukoro Oboroghenenurhe:
It's funny how everyone is supporting Macro. Macro actually was looking for love where there was none. Elle told him she had someone already but she is having little issues. Macro's mission was to get Elle but the heart belongs to someone else already.

As for Noah, I guess he would have opened up earlier to Elle to calm her nerves but he was scared it will make her worried even more.

Nice movie and nice ending.
Love prevailed.
Regeena Vasquez
Regeena Vasquez:
why does every wattpad story make it seem like it’s easy to get into harvard
So what I basically learn from this movie
is that Chloe is for the streets🛣
Sunil Poudel
Sunil Poudel:
Literally Elle used Marco to win the competition kissed him and then ditched him 😏😏😏
Loved it! Screaming loudly when Elle kissed Marco...and almost cried when i saw Jacob’s face!!! Thank you for the third!! Looking forward!😍I Love this “cliche” romantic comedy with “masculin toxicity” of Noah😂🥰🥰keep up the good work!
Wait oh Ok
Wait oh Ok:
I get so much “episode” the game vibe from this movie
If she literally changes her college plans for a boy, this movie is gonna hit a whole new level of disappointment
Moon STar
Moon STar:
Me after watching this movie : क्यूँ किसी को वफ़ा के बदले वफ़ा नही मिलती....😆
Funny how Jacob is younger than Joel but he played the older brother 🤣
Shubhra Tyagi
Shubhra Tyagi:
Why do I get the feeling that she's eventually gonna settle with Lee 🤷
Brown And Toasted
Brown And Toasted:
"What do you want to be in 5 years?"

that's all i can spoil🤣
Nada Aouine
Nada Aouine:
I just wanna know how the hell he got in to Harvard, the guy didn't even go to school half of his senior year
Lee:-Hey dude what's your last name
Marco:- peña , middle name valentin
Elle :-MVP
Sahal Ansari
Sahal Ansari:
I did not know Elle's real name was Rochelle. I thought it was just Elle. 😳
jadaa ‘
jadaa ‘:
well damn what country they live in needa make sure to apply there
How to get in Harvard university:
Step one: finish highschool
Step two: congratulations you're now in Harvard university
Mulya Utari
Mulya Utari:
This movie is REALLY GOOD, highly recomended, i thought it will be like boring movie, but totally not. My rated 10/10
lee gets mad at elle for dating his brother: we hate him
Rachel gets mad at Elle for taking all of her boyfriends time: we hate her
Marco gets mad when Elle kisses him then acts like nothing happened: We hate him

Now look at Elle

Elle leads a guy on just to break his heart: We love that
Elle betrays her bestie and dates his brother: We stan that
Elle cheats on her boyfriend: We want that

We are we always on her side 😭😭😭
Riya Joseph
Riya Joseph:
We didn't even ask for the second part and you're making the third one🤦
Give us the next season of Stranger things and bring back 'Anne with an E', thanks.
Sonia Ortiz
Sonia Ortiz:
If I would have known it was this easy getting into Harvard, my 3.0 GPA having ass would have applied there instead of community college 😂
your mother
your mother:
i like how every netflix film the people just casually get into harvard and ivy league schools
Toxic relationships in this movie, yet can’t wait for the next😁
After watching the kissing booth i never thought i would ever come over my crush on Noah but Marco made that happen i mean he is so cute
Ms. Larabel Vlogs
Ms. Larabel Vlogs:
They announce for having part 3 and its 2021!!!
Jasmine Ninsiima
Jasmine Ninsiima:
And the fact that movies like this make getting into an Ivy league school as easy as ordering food but anyway who am I to judge 🤷🏾‍♀️