The Kissing Booth 3: Joey King REACTS to Elle's Ending (Exclusive)

Spoilers ahead! ET’s Matt Cohen chats with Joey King to break down the end of ‘The Kissing Booth’ era, and the actress shares her reaction to where her character, Elle, ends up after a six-year time jump that caps off the movie. She weighs in on whether she thinks the ending is a ‘happily ever after’ or not, and reveals when she’d liked to revisit Elle in a possible fourth film. ‘The Kissing Booth 3’ is now streaming on Netflix.

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Nailuxe Nicky
Nailuxe Nicky:
Must admit the movie didn’t end the way I thought it might. But I do feel the way Noah turned and looked at Elle gave us a glimpse into their future. Then we see them riding on their bikes, too me it was like watching them ride off into the sunset. I totally feel it was to keep us guessing to what might be or could of been. Do I feel they end up together, definitely. They have a love that lasts through the ages, although not perfect, but there is definitely love and an ongoing spark. That doesn’t disappear.
I admire Noah for letting Elle go, so she could find herself, u could certainly see the pain as he did. But, Noah’s road has always lead back to Elle and Elle’s road has always lead back to Noah. I, like most love a happy ever after, but unfortunately real life isn’t always like that and not always in a movie either. But for myself I do feel that both Elle and Noah do eventually get their happy ever after. I’m happy to continue to think that way.
Everyone deserves to b happy and loved, even if they experience some bad along the way. It’s what helps to see clearer the good once it is right in front of us when we are ready.
Would it b great to see a Kissing Booth 4, absolutely, but, for now I feel we need to just enjoy the ride. Thank you to all the cast and those behind the scene, thank you for the last few years. This last movie has left me with some disappointment but I’m prepared to use my imagination and see into their future and see that they got their happy ever after.
Dinesh Pangan
Dinesh Pangan:
The ending would be better if after that "revisiting the kissing booth" scene, Elle goes to the "spot" and saw Noah standing there.
Rhio Fabro
Rhio Fabro:
“I’m sorry that things didn’t work out between the two of us”

It’s like Jacob telling Joey, not Noah to Elle. Huhuhuhu noooo I’m not crying 🥺🥺
Andrea Madea
Andrea Madea:
I’m probably going to deep for a teen movie, but I think the bike was a metaphor. In the first 2 movies Elle was just on the back of Noah’s bike going wherever he would take her as part of his life. Even so far as to pick Harvard, just to follow Noah in his life. Then at the end, she got her own bike and took her own path and he just happened to be riding along side her.
Rey Ann Paran
Rey Ann Paran:
I think the essence of the ending was Noah turning to look back at Elle. That was it, the point, the ending. It’s a recall from TKB1, and here, him looking back at her means he’s changed and matured and is ready. For me, at least. Happy endings don’t always need to show a kiss or marriage or idk. But here they literally rode off into the sunset together ❤️
Isabella Siejkowski
Isabella Siejkowski:
I was so disappointed with the ending just because I’ve been team Noah since the first film. I know in my heart the two definitely ended up together. When he looked back at her my heart exploded and made me feel so nostalgic of the first movie.
fhea sampong
fhea sampong:
No matter who Elle ends up with, im here to say that Elle-Lee Friendship has got me teary all the time. Its so solid and pure and true.
TTV _ShyC96
TTV _ShyC96:
I enjoyed part 1 and 2. Part 3 to me the ending was bittersweet. After all elle and noah went thru in part 1-2 they definitely deserved a happy ending, but i guess the writer didn't see it fit. Kinda disappointed because both part 1&2 had really great endings. still a good movie id watch it again but i just really wish the ending could have been a little better. Part 4 maybe?
Veronica Ivanova
Veronica Ivanova:
I absolutely agree: this ending was perfect, leaving us wanting more ❤
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone:
The ending would have been PERFECT. If El and Noah both kissed at the kissing booth and get back together. Noah accepts the job offer in LA and start a family like Flynn did. That would have been an end of an era. Plus a great movie where it could represent that whether if we choose our career over our loved ones at the end our love for each other finds back its way .
despoina mavrovasili
despoina mavrovasili:
Obsessed with the first two but not the last one… producers should know that the corny story with the happy ending was what made the movies so popular. With all that craziness in the world I want the hope of the “fake” and ultimate love with the happily ever after and not just assume… like I do in my reality..
Sarah Villalpando
Sarah Villalpando:
Anyone else this time around kind of want her to choose Marco? He let her be herself! The Flynn boys just sucked the life out of me on this movie with their selfishness. But I guess Elle choosing Elle isn’t so bad.
S T:
This movie is what missed in Lara Jean ending, was much more real and bittersweet which is what growing up is. I liked that Elle found herself alone, that her beastie was called of for being a spoil brat without hardships in life and Noah becoming frustrated and tired with the love triangle and the endless arguing with Elle. Those things made the movie much better for me.
I think this was the perfect way to end the story. As much as they all loved each other, they were destroying each other at the same time. Seeing them all take a break from each other and watching Elle choose herself was so freeing. Also the flashbacks as Elle was covering up the furniture was directed so beautifully i fr started crying. Great movie.
Carrie Cruz
Carrie Cruz:
I think we all just need to be patient because the actors do deserve a break after making three movies and maybe later in the future, they will decide to make a 4th film, remember actors are still human beings and if anyone wants a 4th film. I encourage you guys to be patient and have faith and hope.
Yo I finished watching it, and it was so good🔥 even tho I cried some parts u can tell it was awesome. I really loved it, like it basically made me feel like I was in the movie and I was friends with them. And the ending was not what I expected 🤔 it was even better then I thought, I kinda like the way they left it as a cliffhanger bc now we can guess what happens next if they ever make another one in the future. The kissing booth films are just the best, they make me feel like I’m in the movie and that im friends with all of them idk how to explain that also I already said that LOL but all I’m saying is the kissing booth films make me feel a bunch of mixed emotions 🤪🤩 that’s what I love about it.....😍
jc rhoads
jc rhoads:
I rewatched the first 2 KB’s to refresh my wonderful memories and watched Kissing Booth3 this morning. It was so fun and I loved the ending….Noah turns around😆😆😆❤️
Mary Cutie
Mary Cutie:
"It s bittersweet to think about the damage that we do
When I was going down I was doing it with you "- that is what this movie is like for me 💔
CM Solinsky
CM Solinsky:
She is adorable! Loved the movie - for a 3rd installment, I think it was done very well and I personally feel that Elle and Noah definitely end up together, being the hopeless romantic that I am. When Noah turned around at the end of the film when he was at the top of the stairs, it took my back to the ending of the first movie - to me this spoke volumes! I loved how she said that when Elle is in her 40's that her kids and Lee's kids would be best friends - so sweet!
Pam Kowaski
Pam Kowaski:
It was just like the airport scene all over again. Except this time he turns around and looks back at her. That says a lot itself if you remember the end of the first one.
Nandana Murali
Nandana Murali:
How I wish if kissing booth was a series with a lot of seasons😢🤩❤️. Really will miss the whole cast😭
Kristy L Swank
Kristy L Swank:
I'm in love with this series and this one was awesome!
I absolutely loved the ending, it was so mature.
The ending wasn't as I expected but I really enjoyed 🥺💜 I'm gonna miss you forever the kissing booth 😭.
dream come true
dream come true:
Oh my God! I love you, girl!! You don't wanna know how many times I've seen the first 2!! I will definitely see the 3rd one as soon as possible!!! You helped me go through last winter's quarantine's anxiety... Stay as you are!! Bless you! Many kisses from Greece!! 😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗
We deserve and demand Part 4 i can't believe they end up like that my heart is 💔 right now😭
marian thomason
marian thomason:
I was disappointed. Not too much action between Noah and Elle. I realize as a real life couple they broke up and maybe it was uncomfortable but it really left me wanting something more in this last film. I feel let down.
Riya Joseph
Riya Joseph:
Dinuki Devapura
Dinuki Devapura:
We deserve a part 4 😭😭
Asen Sangtam
Asen Sangtam:
The ending was blah!! It was an open ending but I wished the ending was more happily ever after,💔 what’s use of going through so much in part one and two for then the ending to turn out like this:(part 3 made my heart feel bittersweet. I didn’t know how to feel.
Cruz Alvarez 4th
Cruz Alvarez 4th:
Absolutely enjoyed all 3 movies 💯💯
Rhiarn Johnson
Rhiarn Johnson:
I cried the whole time through this movie
Taryn Stevenson
Taryn Stevenson:
I need one more with the wedding and them getting back together please
Leonie MR
Leonie MR:
We need part 4 😔❤️
Beth Stephenson
Beth Stephenson:
I was so sad. Glad that they left it as if they COULD end up together but I NEED that happy ending! So, please give it to me!!
Ej Ridenhour
Ej Ridenhour:
Loved the movie wish they didn’t split but that’s how life goes they should make this a tv show but a little more mature since they older
I loved the ending actually. The movies were crap but they did good on this ending
Pauly Manyaga
Pauly Manyaga:
I’m so disappointed. After finding herself and realised that she loves Noah . They should have worked things out after all the things they passed thru
I'm personally hope for part 4. I wanna see ellen new love story
Debora Rodriguez
Debora Rodriguez:
It can’t be the end of kissing booth 💔
im not gonna lie, i got teary eyed during the breakup scenes.
It was way too rushed. Like they just suddenly toss in some breakups and confessions then slap us in the face with a bad time jump
Amal Mansour
Amal Mansour:
That was a stupid ending I thought she would have ended up engaged to Noah but they didn’t 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Khairunnisa Zaini
Khairunnisa Zaini:
the ending where noah turned and wave reminds me back to tkb 1 which he didn't turned just like what elle asked to. now, noah turned and wave. imma cry
It’s Cat
It’s Cat:
I liked the movie until the ending I thought she was going to end with one of them. But I think the did end up in the end. I’m sad that there is probably not going to be another one tho. I still love this movie tho!❤️❤️❤️
Kaye Catembung
Kaye Catembung:
Realy love the story especially the characters ❤️
Lee❤️ Rachel
Ros Ulep
Ros Ulep:
We demand a Kissing booth 4! 😅
Pam Kowaski
Pam Kowaski:
It ended how I guessed. She did something for herself for once. I had guessed either take a year off, or go to a totally different school all together.
Crystal Telf
Crystal Telf:
Why did they have to do that to her hair! Not good, I could see them wanting a more sophisticated look, but come on 🤮
Samantha Estrada
Samantha Estrada:
I hope there is a Kissing Booth 4 but if there isn't then that's ok! I just feel like we are going to be surprised with a Kissing Booth 4! ❤
I seriously was sitting on the edge waiting for Noah to pop the question. Why did they twist it around like that!? Also why no
More Marco??
I feel like I already knew they wouldn’t end up in the end with the on and off in they’re relationship but a bit sad that they didn’t end up in the end, because especially now they are grown-up so I don’t really know if it is a opening ending…
Patrycja Dyr
Patrycja Dyr:
I'd like to see Episode 4 of The Kissing Both, where Ellie & Noah will be together forever.
Jessica Bhagwandass
Jessica Bhagwandass:
If only there were another part 😍
Maopa Kotoisuva
Maopa Kotoisuva:
I'd say this movie was all about true friendship based on elle and lee and finding out our true being without anyone pressuring us👏👏🙌🙌❤❤🧀
Gabi Amaya ll
Gabi Amaya ll:
Not happy about the ending.
Was really looking forward for Noah and Elle to end up engaged…
sreenath jimmy
sreenath jimmy:
Really awesome movie.Didnt feel bored .
This ending, Carrie 2013's ending and Ma's ending was devastating for me, like i kind of wanted Marco with Elle, and also hated that scene where he punches Noah and she literally blames him like it's even Noah's fault, also seeing the main characters in Ma being unseen and unconfirmed wheter what happened, Carrie dying, and Elle being in 6 years later is making me hating it. Like idk wheter the fourth one would take place between this ending or before the ending? And i have a theory that it was all a flashback and the real Elle is the one in the ending.
poot and beans
poot and beans:
I loved all these movies!
Quinny's World
Quinny's World:
Loved how it ended
Matt and Betsy Young
Matt and Betsy Young:
I feel like elle and Joey King are almost alike well I would say L’s friendship with Lee is the same friendship they have in real life because they both crack each other up they’re both weirdos they’re both amazing they have the same exact friendship that they have on the show but in real life but like personality wise I feel like Elle Joey are a little diff but do you have similarities
Higinia Guel
Higinia Guel:
Yes they do to me they stay together ❤️❤️
Yasmin Ahmad
Yasmin Ahmad:
We need the 4 period!
Mitchell Real
Mitchell Real:
I can personally vouch for the quality of the FAKEABABY shapewear.
So happy that it arrived quickly and just in time for a party.
Love how it gave me an hourglass figure isntantly!
♡I was sad that it was ending♡
Ocean xx
Ocean xx:
i really wanted to have elle and noha o have a happy ending
Please TKB 4 🙌🏼♥️♥️♥️ or a mini clip where Noah and Elle together
More like goodbye Joey King and Jacob Elordi 🥺
Ivan Mendez
Ivan Mendez:
I love The Kissing Booth movies
Cinderelli Raschelli
Cinderelli Raschelli:
I didn’t like the 3rd movie. I loved the first. I didn’t care for the dance dance revolution theme for the entire movie for the 2nd. I really liked Noah’s character in the first.
Haleigh Ogden
Haleigh Ogden:
This was so disappointing !!!! I wanted them to be together !!!I feel very let down :(
Nina Bernheim
Nina Bernheim:
I wish they had Been together
June Bulley
June Bulley:
No No No we need more it can't end like that Elle and Noah need to get back together and we need to see Lee s wedding please please 🙏🏻 💜 ❤
mimang sassa na buzowg
mimang sassa na buzowg:
i really love the tkb1 no awkwardness and it just balance elle to lee and elle to noah then the three of them onscreen. tkb2 and tkb3 less onscreen of noah and elle cause of their breakup
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
I was so disappointed with the three movie elle ,and noah deserved a happy ending after everything they being through.
Celeste Vasquez
Celeste Vasquez:
The ending absolutely sucked.
Signal Retakez
Signal Retakez:
My opinion for the ending would be great if she chose Marco as he was nothing but nice to Elle and he was always there for her. Noah have her reasons for her not to trust him but she wasnt the greatest of girlfriends as she often but lee before noah. The most important part is that noah gave up on her and marco didn't.
Nina Bernheim
Nina Bernheim:
I still can’t believe ell and Noah broke up 😢
Tanvi Karthik
Tanvi Karthik:
Everybody hates the ending but I LOVED it....... not all stories have happy endings....jus my opinion
Steph’s Vlogs
Steph’s Vlogs:
I’m just sad Elle n Noah broke up 😭
Linda Aposto
Linda Aposto:
There's hope, minus the appalling short hair cut!
Jovis This and That
Jovis This and That:
I think in part 4 one of them will be divorced and the other one unhappy married and in the end they come back together🥰😅🙈
Alessandra Denófrio
Alessandra Denófrio:
I absolutely hated the ending. The first and second I really enjoyed, but the third was super unfulfilling.
Garima Sharma
Garima Sharma:
I cried 😭💕
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
I love these movies
lior sh
lior sh:
I think, like everyone, i wanted to see Noah and Elle having that happily ever after. however, i do think the director kinda hinted us they'd find their way back together. tbh, i didn't know how i felt about everything when the movie was over. #kissingbooth4?
Coconut girl
Coconut girl:
Demand the kissing booth 4
Esmerald Salazar
Esmerald Salazar:
I love the kissing both
Chyner needs to be held responsible and accountable for spreading COVID to the entire world forever period facts 💯
Jessy PL
Jessy PL:
When I saw Elle with short hair🙁, I thought of Rita Hayworth Gilda whose opulent red hair had been cut by Orson Welles 😢
Please, TKB 4 💑
Pauleen Bien Pamittan
Pauleen Bien Pamittan:
Im gonna miss the kissing booth
Ayan Hassan
Ayan Hassan:
I wish there was part 4 last night the kissing Booth three what's not what I expected to be it's supposed to be a pack too bad it wasn't🤮
2:12 fr i haven't heard that song since I was a teen you should have put a trigger warning for my EMOTIONS
It's funny how everyone was hating the relationship of Noah and Elle on TKB1 and TKB2, saying that they were a very toxic and childish couple, and everyone seemed to love Marco for Elle. But in this film, they are all hating the fact that Noah and Elle didn't have a proper "ending"... like wth people???
I must say that I enjoyed this movie way more than the first and the second one. This movie made Elle grow up as a person, and even if many people didn't like what happened between them, I loved the fact that Noah broke up with her, specially since he didn't want her to be dependent to him and his decisions. If she wants to go to Harvard, it must be because she wants to go there, not because his boyfriend is in there. I'm glad that Noah noticed that and make the difficult decision of letting her go in order to make her grow.
Also, it's good to see Elle redeeming herself by apologizing to everyone, and most specially to herself.
Idk I found this movie more interesting and I was very surprised with the ending, I was #TeamMarco and it would have been really cool and refreshing if she ended up with him instead (I knew that wasn't going to happen tho, Netflix is very "coward" when it comes to extreme decisions) But I'm happy with the ending, I think it's important that people understand that you can have a happy ending without a partner :)
Shone Kurian
Shone Kurian:
''That all of this happened just because of...well you know'''-elle
Just because of what?👀
Can anybody ?
Ivan Mendez
Ivan Mendez:
I love Joey King
Ivan Mendez
Ivan Mendez:
I love Joey King
Bella Cacciotti
Bella Cacciotti:
Gabby Gilsilvetti
Gabby Gilsilvetti:
Honestly I love everything but the ending it was like meh-
Noah and Elle that’s it 😇, part 4