THE LAST OF US 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [4K PS4 PRO] - No Commentary (FULL GAME)

The Last Of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full The Last Of Us 2 Gameplay on PS4 Pro. This The Last Of Us 2 Gameplay is recorded in 4K on PS4 Pro and will include the full game, all endings and all boss fights.

Huge thanks to Sony for providing me with an early copy of this game!


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The Last of Us Part 2 is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. Five years after their dangerous journey across the United States, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming. Living amongst a thriving community of survivors has allowed them peace and stability, despite the constant threat of the infected and other, more desperate survivors. When a violent event disrupts that peace, Ellie embarks on a relentless journey to carry out justice and find closure. As she hunts those responsible one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions. Set out on Ellie’s journey, taking her from the peaceful mountains and forests of Jackson to the lush, overgrown ruins of greater Seattle. Brought to life by the latest iteration of the Naughty Dog engine, the characters and world are more realistic and meticulously detailed than ever before. Feel her desperate struggle for survival through improved features such as high-intensity melee combat, fluid movement, and dynamic stealth. A broad variety of weapons, crafting items, skills, and upgrades allows you to personalize Ellie’s capabilities to your play style.

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Part 2 -
Huge thanks to Sony for providing me with an early copy of this game!

I had to replace the music that plays between 8:28 and 9:20 with a song from Youtube Audioswap due to a copyright claim.
SPOILER WARNING, WATCH VIDEO BEFORE YOU READ: I know some of you have read the leaks and have decided to form an opinion based on that. I can totally understand why it's not something everyone will enjoy, especially if you only consider the story. It took me until the very last scene in the game before I was ok with the story. I'm still not happy with the story overall though. If it was up to me I would have never killed Joel in a million years. He's one of my most favorite videogame character ever.
It's a shame the story went this way because the game itself is really good. It has great graphics, I love exploring the world and the gameplay was much improved over the first game. The animation is top-notch, great voice acting and the soundtrack is amazing.
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Gromit Mug
Gromit Mug:
Can we just appreciate the dog that got employee of the month at the supermarket he must have been a really good boy
"Bigot sandwiches"
Subham Das
Subham Das:
Abby: Joel Miller
Joel: oh no...I am Joel Smith
Abby: bad

Sarah CB
Sarah CB:
I appreciate how this guy pauses and let's us look at the scenery and little bits we might not have noticed otherwise. Exactly how a silent let's play should be done.
Lan C
Lan C:
Help I can’t pass this first part, every time I get control of Abby I just let her die.
Guys, don’t dislike the video, he’s only the messenger!
some scrumptious tap water
some scrumptious tap water:
All these years Joel was my favorite, they just ended it like that. I am so shocked I can't even form any kind of emotion, dude.
K Alexander00
K Alexander00:
Imagine being Tommy, saving a woman’s life and offering her people an alliance only to be knocked out and then waking up to find your brother dead...😬
When I first saw Joel riding on a horse I was like “Damn Red dead redemption 3 looking good”
Evan Scollan
Evan Scollan:
3:19:57 that joke was so bad mk aimed the revolver at her head fs
This man played so we didn't have to.
I hate that how they killed off Joel too. But people who dislike the walkthrough because of it are absolute morons.
Big Kook
Big Kook:
I didn’t even watch this like a game, watched it like a movie.
Camryn Janz
Camryn Janz:
I asked my friend what he thought of the game. He said it was good but they "hit joel's character development away with a golf club."
Only now do I get it.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
I was watching TheRadBrad play this but he’s literally so clueless and brain dead that I had to watch your playthrough instead lmaooo
Moving Stone
Moving Stone:
TLOU1 Joel: "That wounded man screaming for help? It's obviously a trap, Ellie. You can't trust anyone nowadays."
TLOU2 Joel: "Hi strangers, I know I am a highly wanted man, and I don't know any of you. But I still trust you and I will accompany you to your secret base full of threatening armed men!"
Johnny Demonic
Johnny Demonic:
Ellie (TLoU 1) : "If we get out of this you're so singing for me."
Naughty Dog (Literally 12 minutes into TLoU 2) :
*"Well now that that's taken care of!"*
Killing Joel in the first part of the game and releasing it in Father's day, great job ND
Retrograde Beats
Retrograde Beats:
look how they massacred my boy
Fre Sha Voca Do
Fre Sha Voca Do:
The journal entry: “I felt a deep appreciate for her coming along. I really love her.”
Jesus my heart FLIPPED.
ma ntosh
ma ntosh:
This mans had been supplying me with that great commentary since 2010 you the real mvp
Andrew Bias
Andrew Bias:
It's Naughty Dog. The gameplay is fantastic. Voice acting is spot on. Animation, movement, graphics all beautiful. I'm not here to be toxic. But my God, this writing is terrible. By their standards, It's too random. The world building is nice, Jackson lives and breaths. And I get it. The theme of revenge. That we don't choose our narratives and that violence and death isn't glamorous. But the death and exclusion of Joel in this game after the first? The lack of ANY character development for his murderer before his death? It feels like a cop out. Not a payoff. Shock value. Not a narrative. I expected Joel to die. This is the post apocalypse and the stakes are brutal. But I *do not* care about these *new* characters. I wasn't given time to. I mean at least to let them develope. The game is a sequel to a post apocalyptic western based loosely based on the bond between a father and daughter, and the selfish moral decisions we make for those we love. The level design, mechanics, crafting, it's all here. But this is nowhere near as gripping as the first. I was hooked by SARAH'S DEATH to the first. Fans of this series deserved better. And don't attack me with toxic fanboy "no one deserves anything bullshit." The game is still great, I'm sure. To play. It's just this kind of... Takes my motivation to play it away. Still great, as a "game." But... it could've been the *greatest* as an *experience.* The execution and pacing of this story, is rushed, contrived, and very disappointing, in my opinion. Those of you who disagree with me, I am happy for you that you feel like this is the sequel you wanted and I hope you enjoy this game to the fullest. And that isn't condescension. More power to you. I however feel let down as a fan.
Edit: And to anyone who says this is about me being intolerant don't even go there. It's bad story telling because it's bad, in my opinion.. Sexuality and politics don't add or take away anything from how bad it is, again, in my opinion. I mean my God. The fact they even found Joel per chance after how many people patrol that towns outskirts. It's a CITY. The fact her new girlfriend continues to chase after Joel's ghost with her, when she barely knew the guy, after they had JUST became a couple, risking her life against a militia on a romantically fueled guilt whim. The sudden JARRING perspective shifts to Abby, whom we don't know yet. This is not organic storytelling. I'm absolutely shocked this cleared the writer's room. It's not the content. It is the execution of the content. All of these scenarios could've remained the same if they were executed properly. They were not. Pacing, motive, payoffs, themes, these all matter in The Last of Us.
My Friend who's never played the Last of Us: "Why does the player always walk into dead ends and bump into random things"
Me: "You wouldn't understand"
I think this game actually just traumatized me. I’m seriously shaking right now.
Daniel Jaeger
Daniel Jaeger:
"she sounds a little hoarse"
you can see whoever is playing turn around and try to shoot her for that one
Game Stallion
Game Stallion:
Let me get this straight, Joel & Tommy save Abby's life and then she brutally kills him as if it was a scene from Saw or something? And then the narrative goes into you having Abby as your main character?
Random Dude
Random Dude:
They really made a character so likable (Joel) that when he died, instead of listening to the game's message of cutting your losses and moving forward, many fans were so deep in denial that they channeled it into hatred into the game. It's like Joel's death hurt just as much as the death of someone close to you. That's some amazing character development, goes to show how amazing TLOU1 was. I'm glad I went through TLOU2's journey with its commentary on loss, rather than make those mistakes in real life, were I to be as unlucky as ellie. It wouldn't have worked with anyone but Joel because the loss wouldn't be nearly as impactful. TLOU 2 is an amazing just hurts so much tho. Dang, it's ironic how the people who hate TLOU2 because they couldn't cope with his death are the ones who most need the message.
Zeke Jordan
Zeke Jordan:
Joel: What the the downside of eating a clock?

Me: You will find out after this commercial break!!!!
Maverick McArthur
Maverick McArthur:
This game would’ve been a perfect 10 in my eyes if Tommy was killed first and Joel went on a vengeance mission to Seattle while Ellie had to go after him and THEN they could’ve killed Joel. Would’ve had a lot more time to make a impactful build up.
Arthur Wild
Arthur Wild:
Neil Druckmann: "Believe me, killing Joel like this is a good idea."
*Freeze Frame*

Narrator: "It was not a good idea."
Abby : Joel ... Millerrr
Joel : Arrg! Actually it's ... Joel ... mfff... Fitzberg...
Abby : ... oh... oh man! I... I'm sorry, I...
Owen, facepalming : Abby, not again...

Credits roll with Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson duet singing on an acoustic guitar version of "Why can't we be friends"
Post-19 Poewatt
Post-19 Poewatt:
I feel sorry for people who have put this game in their backlog. They have no idea that the more you rush to finish this game, the longer it gets.
Emma Takácsová
Emma Takácsová:
Okay ya'll I literally bowled my eyes out when i saw his grave...I thought he will survive but this is unreal,I-I i know its just game but this made it much harder...omg I'm so sad
Classy Gangster
Classy Gangster:
Joel and Ellie are searching for the cure..

And so are we! Lol.
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer:
Imagine waiting 7 years to see Joel and Ellie in action again and then you realise that Joel dies 1+hour into the gameplay
I always come back to this channel when i want to see a walkthrough of new games, im always annoyed when people talk over gameplay, it ruins the immersion, thanks for being here and making this content
Endoe Kronic
Endoe Kronic:
I'm still amazed that I can just watch someone play the game just as bad as I would be playing it. Hoarding, looting and reading everything. Double back to upgrade my weapons... Shoot and miss head shots, then figure out making noises then throwing things and stabbing is just as effective.
Just saying, after red dead 2, this graphic looks really cheap to me.
Wow, just noticed the dried tear marks on 'that page' in Ellie's Diary. Great little detail
“No commentary” people are so under valued
First to Infinity
First to Infinity:
Joel: “who are you?”
Abby: “guess”

I really don’t understand this at all. Her saying “guess” makes it seem like Joel should know who she is and she’s someone so important that it’s obvious who she is. But her character is such a reach. It would make more sense if it was David’s daughter bc at least he was an important character. This writing is just lazy
Eshaan Rawal
Eshaan Rawal:
so the leaks were true , I'm disappointed
I really appreciate you taking the time out to explore and trying not to miss anything. I wanna watch the game be played how it was meant to be played, and even though I’m upset about Joel, I still wanna see it played through - not skipped through.

I just switched from pewdipie’s playthrough because it was really annoying me how he was missing everything and talking over the dialogue and literally skipping over the options to talk... So thanks brother
Artie Gatsby
Artie Gatsby:
Y'all I could listen to Ashley Johnson's moody Ellie voice for a thousand years. I need Ashley to read me bedtime stories in this voice. Like don't get it twisted, I'm a very gay man, but Ashley Johnson could GET IT. Brian W. Foster is the luckiest man since Travis Willingham.
Bryce Connor
Bryce Connor:
What I hate is that Joel and Tommy just gave out their name to them? Knowing the two of them from the last game they would never do something so obnoxiously stupid like that.
Omkar Sangvikar
Omkar Sangvikar:
It said 'no gas'
My mind: what does 'nogas' mean?
Aden Stone
Aden Stone:
Whoever filed that copyright claim should be publicly shamed and have their eardrums punctured 😂
Bo Song
Bo Song:
Disappointed with the fact that there hasn't been anything addressed on finding the cure. Just revenge after revenge. Enjoyed watching the gameplay!
I planned to watch this game all at one time but idk I can’t after that
joel first game: wipes out a whole organizitaion that the federal government couldn't even handle
joel part 2: haha golf club go brr brr
Sri Nugroho Prahastono
Sri Nugroho Prahastono:
Whenever loud noise happens like breaking glass, running in water, or something. I always grind my teeth afraid of Clickers hearing
Benjamin Baron
Benjamin Baron:
Stunning logic: You find a bomb. What do you do with it? Light the fuse and put it in your back pack.
I am 30min in watching this and I am already so much in awe and loving how they created that town and how it is even more detailed as the first LoU. Man it is good to finally see this. :)
Arc ham
Arc ham:
2:47 Nathan Drake's Ring! Sir Francis Drake's Ring Sic Parvis Magna -From small beginnings! - cool!
A Ames
A Ames:
Lol all those who said the leaks weren’t real. I’d love to see their faces
“Stop looking down” he says it with the most monotone voice, the whole conversation sounds like some Resident Evil 4 corny shit, and this is supposed the game of the generation.
suki motoro
suki motoro:
I missed joel so much😭

When I saw the scene Ellie was writing I thought she was real life person
Eric Mesias
Eric Mesias:
No one ask themselves who makes clothes in this apocalypse worlds I mean how they keep making clothes and shoes in this zombie 🧟‍♂️ worlds yes they may have some in stock but it won’t last
Ageha Vercor
Ageha Vercor:
It may sound silly, but I really love seeing you take the time to look around and interact pretty dang naturally with the world. Some streams/playthroughs of games go so fast and so mechanically it ruins my immersion, and I miss out on little details. Nice pacing, brah <3
Four Slotted Toaster
Four Slotted Toaster:
I'm not mad that Joel died, I'm mad HOW he died. Man no one believed me when I told people about the leaks.
I've never seen TLOUS before, what did Joe do that pissed those guys? And who are they?
Jonathan Helas
Jonathan Helas:
My thoughts on this character. Ellie swearing as a young girl- Surprising, funny at times. Endearing.
Ellie swearing as a young woman - Lack of an extensive vocabulary, inability to articulate herself through the fullness of the English language without profanity. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kei Casi
Kei Casi:
It's so good! The stakes are much higher in this sequel!
But "Smash Brandi's Cootch" tho. lol

Edit: With that said, I think LIS2 did the journal and notes a little bit better than this game tho.
Qualified Idiots
Qualified Idiots:
Even without commentary, you nailed that joke friend.
Nikita Chitoroaga
Nikita Chitoroaga:
Dude in the trailer joel is alive and says "You think i am gonna let you do this on your own". They lied to us. Thats not fair.
Pramit Naidu
Pramit Naidu:
I find it hard to believe someone can run so fast on snow.
Libor Sýkora
Libor Sýkora:
Ellie: I'm a pro
Also Ellie: Puts the molotov upside down in her pocket
Dominic Knight
Dominic Knight:
I love when Ellie and Dina are admiring the veiw and even among all this chaos and death, they still find time to just be human and deal with awkward flirting situations.
Victor Munhoz
Victor Munhoz:
59:16 Dina: "There are original Ellie songs??"
Mk: **nods**
Why are these two teenagers born in a post-apocalyptic world acting like contemporary Californians...?
Luan Rocha
Luan Rocha:
I could understand Joel and Tommy helping Abby thinking that she's part of their community, since there's a heavy blizzard and can't see a damn thing, but not checking who she is and who she's with seems out of their character. These are characters that survived 24 years in a zombie apocalyptic world doing all sorts of things. It seems completely forced and very convenient to handle Joel just like that to Abby and her group. It just seems completely careless and not satisfying.
Bunko Man
Bunko Man:
The Seattle section looks so much like Nier Automata
Li Casper
Li Casper:
2:46:59 Sic Parvis Magna, I gotta admit it this is the only part I didn’t prepare for and burst out crying, Jesus the soundtrack just start playing in my mind🥺
Abby looks like when you slide the muscle slider to the max in Skyrim's create a character.
Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley:
So Joel, the man who was wary of even a single man, decided to go with a group of organized people into a closed room? After which they gave out their names like cups of coffee? I smell bullshit
Eduardo Carvajal
Eduardo Carvajal:
Thanks for playing! Love this first part. Sad about Joel, but the man had his past. Love the history until now. Tomorrow I will see the second part.
Abby: Dear Issac, I can't come into work today again, not feeling too good...
Manny: Um, Yeah, me too..
Danny: Nobody knows who I am, man...
A few non-descript others: Feeling "bad" bro...
Mel & Nora: Signing you all off work for the next... (how long will this 1700 mile round trip take?) ...for the next 2 months...advise some mountain air...
Isaac: Okay! Get well soon guys!
It's Yuri L. Small or main character it's hard not to recognize his voice
1nstant N00dles
1nstant N00dles:
I was just disappointed that i spent a whole ten hours building Joel’s character, just for him to be killed off after 2 hours in the next game.
MisAnthro Pony
MisAnthro Pony:
Imagine a daughter of a random storm trooper hunting down and killing Luke. That's how stupid the plot of this game is.
Álvaro Cáceres Muñoz
Álvaro Cáceres Muñoz:
3:11:14 when a stool looks suspicious and so you attack it
O H S A N G W O O:
So i fell asleep while watching this. Woke up at the part where Joel got killed..
Incel Magnet
Incel Magnet:
Didn’t actually think they would kill Joel now I’m happy I didn’t buy it lmao
George Deves
George Deves:
3:19:54 *says bad joke*
*immediately pulls out gun*
yep, would have done the same thing...
The person who leaked this a few weeks back is a hero!!
dr nobody
dr nobody:
I was sent a free copy of this so I made a video of me receiving it and destroying it with a half club and sent it to naughty dog
Now I can see Joel dying in 4K!
Mary Jo
Mary Jo:
I can't believe that killed off Joel like this... I'm shocked
Fidel Cashflow
Fidel Cashflow:
"The movie with the surfer bank robbers." Hell yeah, Point Break is canon.
I haven't paid a penny, but I still feel like I've been robbed.
Taylor Nielsen
Taylor Nielsen:
2:20:53 yea I sure hope it does!!!
lucia mendez
lucia mendez:
damn, they ended joel just like that. i couldn’t even form up a emotion, i just just shock & how it happened. naughty dog did him wrong🧘🏼. i didn’t expect him to just die like that. i didn’t see any of the leaks but damn.
Kedlin Eloissaint
Kedlin Eloissaint:
Definitely regret not having a ps4 or any game console at all , to play this amazing game! But hey that's why we have MKicenfire ❤💯 neverfail bro👌
abby !
abby !:
It's the fact that they killed Joe makes me mad like how could you call just an important and amazing character
Joel's death made me depressed combined with quarantine holy shit.
Tom Clarke
Tom Clarke:
you play this game like you've never held a controller before and it hurts me
Pepot de Asis
Pepot de Asis:
I appreciate the way he plays TLOU2, checking around every corner for supplies. <3
Sigit Triyanto
Sigit Triyanto:
So the last of us is about revenge,revenge and revenge.
Rol M
Rol M:
Ellie after Joel dies:
*looks at the camera*
Well, I really am the last of us... too.
*credits roll*