THE LEICESTER DREAM - The Greatest Sporting Story Ever

When words can't help you describe the greatness of something, then that "something" must be really important, and so here it is, the video about Leicester's unthinkable campaign.

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Vadym Sklyaruk 2016

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Without doubt the most spectacular and most dramatic football video ever - it's a masterpiece!
How can you be that good at editing?
Nino Productions
Nino Productions:
Perfect video. Congratulations Vadym. :)
many congrats , great edit ! is not easy to tell a story like the Leicester one without being mainstream or boring , I'll keep the video on my playlist for every time I wanna see it again ;)
Stanley Lau
Stanley Lau:
RIP Vichai. He brought the foxes to league Champions.
Sensational work Vadym, what a great movie this!
Complimenti Vadym!
rohan jain
rohan jain:
The 134 people who disliked this are spurs fans 😂
Badro NDZ
Badro NDZ:
Schmeichel, kante, Mahrez, vardy 🔥🔥❤️😍
Riku Machida
Riku Machida:
Leicester have won more in the past decade than Liverpool, Tottenham and arsenal combined
Bravo! Great video 👍👍👍
Sashi Barathvaj
Sashi Barathvaj:
Who's here after Leicester started playing so well again with Brendan Rogers
Definitely the best video of Leicester on YT, masterpiece! :)
hey im yolo
hey im yolo:
5000 to 1 and Leicester win it
Jose William
Jose William:
Claudio Raneri your are the best manager in any league....only you could do this
kkk kkk
kkk kkk:
I'm proud of Okazaki,one of the best samurai .
Masterpiece! Very nice video, good job and nice idea with the counting points at the end :)
Dan Izak
Dan Izak:
Rip to the Leicester owner will be missed☹️
Vadym Sklyaruk Pictures
Vadym Sklyaruk Pictures:
Hello guys, given the extraordinary attention that this video got in the past year or so, and also considered that for some reason I didn't do it earlier, let me just spend two minutes to thank all of you for the kind compliments that you've been giving out.

Sure, this video isn't perfect, I can point out more defects than you can reasonably think of.
In the end, though, even if I could go back in time I wouldn't change anything, because my goal was, and always will be, to re-evoke a unique emotion, to make you re-live an experience that in all likelihood will never repeat itself, and judging by what I've been reading, it's done its job just as intended.

Owen Starkey
Owen Starkey:
That season was the best in my life. Seeing my team go all the way to division 1 and coming back to winning the premier league. Leicester proven that season that anything is possible.
Football is awsome
Living in Leicester, im 66 , and a fan for over 55yrs, .. so emotional to look back on this , so proud, brings tears to your eyes, .. think this will always be remembered, as long as football is around for many many many years.
i used to edit football videos myself, and i've seen thousands of football videos.
but i'm sure, without a single shadow of a doubt, that part about hazard is the best part of a football video YouTube has ever seen.
great job, only an outstanding video like this is great enough to describe an outstanding event like leicester's championsship.
Happened a year ago on this day, Tottenham vs. Chelsea, 2-2, draw gave Leicester City the win. I have faith they will carry the trophy again one day soon. They did it before, and they can do it again.
Jose Esquivel
Jose Esquivel:
I truly do not know why don't you have more views I've seen plenty of your videos and are amazing ...but see others that aren't as good with a million views
Muhammad Farhan Rohani
Muhammad Farhan Rohani:
Ranieri got sacked few months after this. 😢
Arminiusz Mazowszanin
Arminiusz Mazowszanin:
Who's here after 9-0 with Southampton.
Damn dude, it feels like watching a trailer for official big Hollywood movie, you're really, really good at editing bro. I wish you good job somewhere at Hollywood, seriously xd
Cian Preston
Cian Preston:
I was in a serious depression I had thoughts of suicide and everything I’ve been a Leicester fan ever since the age of 4. When I was 16 shit really hit the fan I didn’t even want to get out of bed I needed a miracle to keep living and by god a miracle happened this kept me alive I didn’t think about suicide for months all I thought was can we do it footballs more then a game if it wasn’t for football I wouldn’t be here right now
Claudio Ranieri! massive respect
Sonu Raj
Sonu Raj:
Holly shit.that part of tge hell can anyone be this good at editing? Great work man.this is not "one" of the best video this is the best video i have evr seen on lcfc
Will never forget this!💙
Keith Simpson
Keith Simpson:
Fantastic video, I grew up in England, but moved to Canada 35 yrs ago, but watched all last season on TV, what an incredible acheivment, just get the goose bumps watching this!!!!! thanks for sharing.
Vynek Gaming
Vynek Gaming:
Goosebumps every time!
Pedro Martins
Pedro Martins:
what the fuck!!!!!! best edit i've seen in years
Ol lac
Ol lac:
Total respect . RIP sir. You always will be on our hearts ♥️ RIP #Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha
Yousif Bucheeri
Yousif Bucheeri:
The most underrated editor
S S:
Im watching this after the tragic helikopter accident so tragic. The chairman evry team wanted maid this happend. Will never forget this seasone.
nadame nhoo
nadame nhoo:
R I P Khun Vichai ...The Possible Man who made LC dream come true !
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus:
Wont ever be another sporting moment like this again! Not in my lifetime anyways.
fahdunn dun
fahdunn dun:
this story makes me goosebumps. what a great season they had
Kurt Ledger
Kurt Ledger:
Well, that's it. I'm crying again. The best memories.
Irvin Nicollier
Irvin Nicollier:
There was "La Decima" from DavePictures, now there is "The Leicester Dream" from Vadym, absolutely fantastic. The way you edited this video is brilliant.
Bobo Kun
Bobo Kun:
The best sporting story i ever seen and you're editing is really amazing
6:26 literally gave me goosebumps...
Official Nik The King
Official Nik The King:
Bruh that part with the soundtrack from “interstellar” gave me chills
jai devnani
jai devnani:
You can't help but look in amazement. They took defying the odds to a whole new level.
Karma Stream
Karma Stream:
4 years ago, they are Champions
A story that will told and re-told.
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss:
So happy this didn't happen this period it would have been heart breaking for fans not to enjoy this
This team proved that dream can be reality.
Whenever a team wins against all odds like this... Surely they will be called the Leicester foxes of thier time.
georgie henderson
georgie henderson:
top 4 this season what we saying lads
master skull
master skull:
Mahrez , vichai and vardy they were everything but we don’t forget the other players 👍
Mike the Moocher
Mike the Moocher:
That will never be replicated again what a run from battling relegation to winning the hardest league in the world some crazy stuff you are not a fan of football if you can't tip you're hat to Leicester for that season
Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson:
I have never seen someone edit a video to this standard, it reminds me of watching a film trailer. TRULY RECORD BREAKING
Milani Mba
Milani Mba:
This defies description! Thank you for making the impossible possible, Mr Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. May your soul rest in peace!
The Matrix Unfolded
The Matrix Unfolded:
Wow so Harzad played a mojor role that day with that 2-2 draw 😃

Great editing my guy 👌

I think they can do it again KING-POWER ✌
Schalke 04 | Video
Schalke 04 | Video:
Alexandhe S.
Alexandhe S.:
Leicester is my favourite team in master league. They just have, different touch and balance.
Love it
deep shah
deep shah:
The best Leicester City video ever. keep it up!
Hats off. one of the greatest ever!
Shubhankar Thakur
Shubhankar Thakur:
i never wanted it to end !! brilliant !!
connor hetherington
connor hetherington:
I'm so happy to be and support Leicester I still can't believe it
Don S
Don S:
Still get goosebumps at this football fairytale
Omar Sarmiento
Omar Sarmiento:
amazing!!!! i only have seen a small handful of videos that have given me goosebumps!! thank you
As a chelsea fan i’m loving the fact hazard decides all the premier league titles, now he’s gone but we got Havertz, Pulisic, Werner, Ziyech
Joran Van Laere
Joran Van Laere:
It is almost 2020 and this still gives me goosebumps. 100% sure that I will tell my grandchildren about this in 50 years.
Words can't describe how sensational this is - well done Vadym!
Taskin reza manam
Taskin reza manam:
Go to movies are way bigger then YouTube
Niranjan Naikwadi
Niranjan Naikwadi:
What are you? the god of editing? Damn.
Mikaeel Kahoul
Mikaeel Kahoul:
Leicester Board: Thank you Ranieri for everything.
Manager: Your Welcome I had my struggles but in the end we surpas—
Leicester Board: *YOUR FIRED B*
How you are at just 20k, i will never know. Should probably be a million already.
Ferdian Arif
Ferdian Arif:
wtf! im crying. from now! ill give my heart for leicester! ah fak!
AJ Lynch
AJ Lynch:
wow. Just amazing i love your videos! ❤️
Novanda Z
Novanda Z:
Hey dude.. You know what ? This is the most inspiring video i've ever watched on youtube for the whole of my life!
Daniel Vowles
Daniel Vowles:
Gives me goosebumps
Theo Kram
Theo Kram:
I love the fact that when De Bruyne was on screen a dollar or pound bill was in the background.
bawling my eyes out (not even a lcfc supporter), what a video, your skills are insane!!!
OMFG,Vadym my friend,thank you for this! Bruno.
Francisco Viana
Francisco Viana:
And now they are a power house once again more tittles fot lester love from wolverhampton ❤️
Do this more,more and more! It's amazing! I can watch your videos even all night! Good job, I'm waiting for more. Maybe movie about Barca's triplet last year? :)
Barney Runble
Barney Runble:
Incredible team , incredible edit made me relive that whole year watching this short video , thank you !
Nur Uddin Tamim
Nur Uddin Tamim:
I can relate to their champion feeling

I was one of the lasts in my class and next year i was at the top 10 in the school🤣🤣
Vardy also the most underrated striker in history. World class
United Films
United Films:
Respect Vadym!
Tim Jucius
Tim Jucius:
One of the best things I’ve ever watched
Sultan Wahid
Sultan Wahid:
Mate, this is a brilliant video. Thank you!
aim amri
aim amri:
Leicester have more fans than big club Man City 😂
Vishnu Prakash
Vishnu Prakash:
This is the best editing I have seen in a football video
Ron Vinayak
Ron Vinayak:
this should be a movie :: Title : Footballs GREATEST STORY ever told ....
Devo Ksh
Devo Ksh:
You deserves an oscar in editing🔥🔥🔥
Ns Mjkl
Ns Mjkl:
Leicester and tottenham may never have such a great season
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim:
Using Zimmer’s Mountains an excellent choice.
Josh Lane
Josh Lane:
As a Leicester fan since I was 4 this gave me goosebumps
I'm working on Leicester's movie now and I thought it will be the best video on YT. But now, when I saw this... no one video can not be better than yours :) Thumb up, amazing, great, wonderful, unbelievable work! Thank you for this :)
M J:
Easily the greatest thing in SPORT
Paul Gov
Paul Gov:
I still come back to rewatch this even years later in 2020 as the world is in a tough time but this video helps give me hope
Simon Baker
Simon Baker:
As a leicester fan, this makes me weep every time.
Jordan Blackburn
Jordan Blackburn:
What an incredible team
Matt Perino
Matt Perino:
This is legitimately the single greatest sports edit I've ever seen. Oh my God. Thank you.
es serr
es serr:
beautiful. absolutely beautiful.