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This video took nearly 9 hours to record and 5 hours to edit, I basically got no sleep and I love you all, consider buying the games DLC and clicking "Join" on my channel to become a member of channel if you want to fuel my unhealthy life choices - Get the Sid Meier's Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass on Steam:
Also I heard the game is free on the Epic Game Store if you don't have it yet! My EGS Creator Tag is PotatoMcWhiskey
Arvin T
Arvin T:
"Just going to play a peaceful science game"
"Rome is getting on my nerves..."
"China is kinda annoying me too"
50 turns later: The Mayan Military Industrial complex has conquered half the world
PotatoMcWhiskey: "Let's choose a game mode in which everything is horrible."
Also PotatoMcWhiskey: "Everything is gone horrible in this game mode!"
Potato at the beginning of the video: we're only going to settle 7 cites, playing tall this game guys.

The Mayans never said the world would end, their stone ran out.
ThE mAya ArE mEanT tO oNLY hAve A cOuPle Of CitIes
Jakob Raahauge
Jakob Raahauge:
In the beginning the Universe was created. This had made many people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.
Alan Dev
Alan Dev:
The Mayans are a great Civ for turtling he says as he rampages through the world lol
1:13:50 The world is being struck by deep impact comets, potato is sacrificing machine gunners into a volcano and India is having rock concerts 😑. Absolutely marvelous!
Matthew McNeany
Matthew McNeany:
That intro had a real Douglas Adams feel to it: "The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move"
Aaron Meehan
Aaron Meehan:
ok, gran colombia is broken af. I won a diety domination victory with them last night on TURN 96! Admittedly it was a small pangea map so only had to conquer 5 civs, but I won the game with coursers..... that's ridiculous....
W Dietsche
W Dietsche:
"Rome must die"
"Scythia must die."


"China must die."


"Yea I'm thinking this might be a nuclear game."
אור פאר
אור פאר:
since now civ6 is now free on epic store, maybe make a beginner tutorial that is updated with all the new content for the newcomers for the game?
"the past tense of yeeted sould be yate, this is just kind of a shower thought as I murder China" potato 2020
Potato: who do you want to see first?
The majority of the people: Play Gran Columbia!
Potatoes next video: "The Mayans were right!"

note: I voted for Maya anyways so im not complaining here
Ping 1988
Ping 1988:
I don't even want to know how much work you put into this. You must have been up at 12:00 to get the game, played a full diety game with tips, edit the whole thing and post it this quick.
Brock Easley
Brock Easley:
I literally just got the steam notification that the Frontier Pass is available, you are insanely quick
Kyriacos Stavrinides
Kyriacos Stavrinides:
"We just bumped into Armagh" always makes me giggle like a kid.
really liked 'gdansk gdansk revolution'
Sean Hiller
Sean Hiller:
"the Mayans are the tall Civ"
proceeds to go full domination
Israel Gole
Israel Gole:
Potato: One of those shower thoughts that comes to me as I murder China
me: Ohhhh, one of THOSE shower thoughts.
This was so much fun to watch. The frantic rush towards a science victory while meteors kept raining down was amazing!
Wang Terry
Wang Terry:
Imaging in the end of the world. Someone is conquering others, another one is sending people to space, and you are trying to build rock bands to attract tourists.
Davi Oliva
Davi Oliva:
Gathering Storm: *Releases*
Potato: *plays kupe and doesn't place a single mine*
New Frontier: *Releases*
So I just finished a game as the mayans and i had a city reach 35 pop and my empire hit 700 science production late game they're insane!!
Man, Scythia got ripped apart in the end. Compare the minimap from 1:11:35 to that from 1:15:44.
Also I've rerolled a few maps with the Maya just to see what spawn points the game favors. Over a dozen rerolls and so far the answer is strictly "next to one or multiple rivers", for the single civ in the game that doesn't need it. Gotta love it.
A. Middleton
A. Middleton:
"Yote" is the best past-tense of yeet, fight me!
Timothy Falcone
Timothy Falcone:
"They have oil." Well, at least Potato was honest about it. XD
Elvis Thao
Elvis Thao:
37:14 Surprisingly enough, this is the situation I always have with Rome specifically. In any game I play with them (even against other people), Rome will never leave me alone and I have to ultimately make the decision to either die to them or rob them of their rights to existence. Damn you Trajan. So now, whenever I play a game of Civ, I drop anything I'm doing and immediately gear up for war whenever Rome makes themselves known.
Old Gerontius
Old Gerontius:
PotatoMcWhiskey: "The Mayans work when you build a small compact empire."
Also PotatoMcWhiskey: "Rome and China must both die and I must ultimately conquer half the map, 70%+ of which is definitely more than 6 tiles away from my capital..."
Legit tho, my partner and I are happy drunk on her 25th. We have both just giggled and belly laughed through this video. I have no qualms at all about my previous decisions to like and subscribe; even less about the decision to click the join button that I previously had no awareness of. Love you yourself very much sir; and can't wait for the next 8 hour gaming session for the Civ I damn well voted for. In the meantime, please sleep and regain essential nutrients and bodily functions xD
Ryan Colligan
Ryan Colligan:
Maya: Let's build a compact empire of tall cities!
Rome: *spits on your measly territory*


Le Frosty
Le Frosty:
Me: *thinks about the colossal meteor strikes that can completely wipe a city off the face of the map*
Country Roads: *intensifies*
KaiZerMier Krazy
KaiZerMier Krazy:
41:24 Potato is actually american it seems
Robert Gaj
Robert Gaj:
I love how aliens just send you a tank from outer space with a meteor at 45:02
Chris van Lent
Chris van Lent:
I was just playing a civ game and my settler started on a one tile spot completely surrounded by water except for one mountain. I couldn't move anywhere.
Mayans never said the world would end , 2012 was the end of a baktun, see ma that meso american studies class wasn't a waste of time!
Daniel Starnes
Daniel Starnes:
Finally! I’ve been opening and closing your channel for a new video. Like when you go to the fridge and just look over and over.

Love you Tato!
Christian Beske
Christian Beske:
Potato: "Omaya wa mou shindeiru."
Chariot: "Nani!?"
A CityMaker
A CityMaker:
The maya* 😬
"10 people dislike this" I know who I"M throwing into the volcano....
fun drinking game: take a shot every time potato says "sweet jesus"
Rian x
Rian x:

edit thanks for all the likes never had a comment with more than 5 likes! so *Thanks!*
Max Jahns
Max Jahns:
Potato: „You know what I like about such peaceful science games...“

Also Potato: „Let‘s murder Rome... and China too, why not?! Let’s just murder everyone!!!“
Vitor Rachor Porto Alegre
Vitor Rachor Porto Alegre:
I've heard that watching the ads until the end give you more money, and so I did. If it's true, I demand more episodes AND QUICK.
taylor kesterson
taylor kesterson:
The past tense of yeet is yote. “He yote the units into the volcano.”
This would fit nicely into a Stellaris roleplay with the Apocalypse Origin
I honestly didn't think the Maya were going to be very good on deity and I still think they are very map dependent (if you few or no plantation near you can't get +3 in most observatories) but how well you played them this game changed my mind in all of my Maya criticism (except for the plantation one).
Great game, even deity players can learn a thing or two from this video.
That gilgamesh remind me of when I had triple the science of the strongest AI with netherlands on turn 70... then 5 times around turn 160... The only reason I didn't win that fast with science is that I was the only one getting enough great engineer point so couldn't get the important one (but felt good to have 2 time the +1 culture from workshop and the like since I had halicarnasse online from the get go)
I am extremely happy to have the extra customization of having different colors to your civ character.
Potato: I'm gonna build a tall, efficient empire

Also Potato: conquers the world
Edge OfSky6
Edge OfSky6:
Causing the end of the world is fun
John Brown
John Brown:
Rome :

Maya transform into Ken from FONS.

Maya : *You are already dead.*

Rome : Nani?!
Cole Herman
Cole Herman:
apocalypse is happening, meanwhile great artist just painting happy mountains
I hope they fix the switch version for this game because after the game made you update it to 1.2.3, you can't use the Rise & Fall and the Gathering Storm dlc packs
The separate character dlc still works however
Pile Of Cheese
Pile Of Cheese:
beating everyone after they joined an alliance to kill you has some serious six day war vibes
41:20 and the Mayans turned into the USA :D. Someone said OIL!!!
Marius Raats
Marius Raats:
25:30 - Australia’s summer/spring 2019/20
mano Oxi
mano Oxi:
tnx, that was very entertaining!
I especially loved the revenge you got on all those who stole your wonders, it was nothing more than heavenly justice, and of course, the Maya knew that all along
t_xxic TT
t_xxic TT:
"How the turn tables." x 2!! LMAO ;D
John Curtin
John Curtin:
4 Adjacency bonus campuses that’s cute try beating an 8 adjacencies campus on turn 50 no one can beat the great nation off Australia 🇦🇺 on science yield
Edwin Holmer
Edwin Holmer:
"Oh my GOD! I am nearly one-shotting this city, now that I have Fascism!" I feel like is something Hitler said too.
Justin Fleagle
Justin Fleagle:
Potatoe, I've been watching you for a while now, and I love the your content so much. It seems to get better everyday. Thanks Potatoe for the quality content.
Graham Turner
Graham Turner:
In the update, the most broken exploits have been patched (pantheon, infinite districts).
another 1000year Flood hits you in the nuts a turn before dams are finished: "Just remain calm potato. think About your happy Plays. it'll be fine. you gonna be ok." this was so godlike xD
Danilo Giorgio
Danilo Giorgio:
"you've got oil... I need oil"
USA in a nutshell
Toader Carausu
Toader Carausu:
Epic is giving out the "simple" version of CIV 6. (stay at home edition)
Kooky Badger
Kooky Badger:
The plantation improvement giving adjacency bonuses to science is going to screw with my head; I see that geothermal fissure and the mountains and it's screaming campus. They showed the Bermuda Triangle on a developer livestream earlier - if you manage to somehow get a map where that's in your territory - 10 science yield per tile? Yes please.
"Scythia did you join me in my defense? This is gonna be a long night." My mind went somewhere completely different with that lmao. Love the video though, though I very much relate to the constant suffering of natural disasters and an AI not wanting to stop annoying you.
Also available on console! Wow didn’t have to wait as usual. Weekend is set
Trae Hesket
Trae Hesket:
"Please click the like button to make me feel better" lmao done! :)
I can't stop laughing with you lol, I feel like this is how a mad politician overfueled with power looks like. 😂
Nicholas Estrada
Nicholas Estrada:
This was the most entertaining gameplay video I've ever watched!
Fadel Muhammad
Fadel Muhammad:
That battleship reminds me of my game where i have a bunch of lakes and managed to connect two oceans across the whole continent with canals and panama canal. I was at war and I have to defend my cities with submarines, ships and cariers in the middle of continent. Good times.
Your hard work editing this paid off! What a well edited, concise and thrilling game, with lots of twists and turns! Apocalypse Mode looks delightfully unfair, but also exciting, lol.
Karsten's Chronicle
Karsten's Chronicle:
27:42 Everything is flooded AND on fire.
Raven Shoe
Raven Shoe:
On the plus side, when the AI forward settles you with a shitty off fresh water city, you don't feel so bad!
Wai Seng
Wai Seng:
"This chariot is already dead." You missed your chance to pull a kentaro reference.
if this isn't the greatest civ video of all time I'm going to bottom text on twitter!
Ben's Random Shows
Ben's Random Shows:
I was really skeptical of how viable they actually were but now they seem super powerful. People keep saying "The hul'che and +5 bonus damage near the capital is defensive" and that's true to an extent but it also ensure no one encroaches on your land
Nutt Edunity
Nutt Edunity:
Love how it start off as a peaceful science development,
Then Rome nation attack
Rens `V
Rens `V:
Oh no, both 0:16 and 0:20 look like editing from TheSpiffingBrit. Has SpiffCo gotten to you Potato? How much Yorkshire Gold did they make you drink?
Maya don't need river and then when potato to don't need he is in middle of biggest rivers
Psycho McWhiskey, love how nuts he went in his mashy mind this time :). Also, like every game of civ. You got declared war time and time again, you're sick of it, you have to destroy to stop the annoyance, you get called warmonger, the world declares war on you, so you conquer them all. This time is different. You just wrath them to death with meteors >:).
Daniel Ruppert
Daniel Ruppert:
I just can't believe how big you've gotten! I remember watching you when you were tiny at around 500 subs :)
Zayn Khalil
Zayn Khalil:
I believe the correct past tense of "yeet" is actually "yote".
dalton mussi
dalton mussi:
Hey! Learned a lot from your games at Civ, but I need you to learn is Nuclear, not Néclar, i do understand your pronunciation thing but that is with ethnic names, such wonders and stuff, but nuclear is not pronounces néclar, cmon, i stress in this since it is a thing saying Néclar, Keep it up! streams are always amazing!
Eric ausm Osten
Eric ausm Osten:
The Internet: I think the Mayan are great to go tall. Just a few citys.
PotatoMcWiskey: Hold my Agave Juice!
When I heard all that nonsense about the world ending because the Mayan calendar ended, I thought to myself: Maybe it ended because they aren't around to continue it?
Fevkalade Sohbetler
Fevkalade Sohbetler:
This was so much fun - I love Rome but they deserve what they got... And leaving that city is poetic justice for Rome
Potato at the begining: as maya u should have rather fewer cities
Potato at the end: *has most of the map*
Le Frosty
Le Frosty:
Potato: I'm feeling like this is gonna be a nuclear game...
Nuclear Gandhi: We should hang out sometime
Dontae Hicks
Dontae Hicks:
I usually play war heavy civs but I like to walk lightly and carry a heavy stick.. But these dang AI just ask for it sometimes!
en bee
en bee:
i tried out simon, he’s not too broken but he need a little tuning. the generals shouldn’t stack with other generals
raam munther
raam munther:
Grand colombia should be banned !!!!
Just finish a diety win after five hours and around 170 and I wasnt optimium by far! I could have done in in 20-30 turns less .I am also not using any mods so just a regular game. My fqvorite victory from civ 5 was science but since they made it nearly impossible in civ 6 my favorite became domination and this civ is insanely good at a military victory,I took down Hungary's capital with three archers and a worrior at around turn 55 !
Did they fix the pantheon bug? Hoped you would mention this on picking a settler
Ashwin Shukla
Ashwin Shukla:
Can we also appreciate the fact that the single work of art produced in this volcano-riddled game was that of Mt. Fuji - an active volcano?
Just a fun little Easter egg!
Will Jackson
Will Jackson:
Loving the new frontier pass and all your content covering it,tomorrow night will there be a gran Colombia stream?
Wijnand Wetsteijn
Wijnand Wetsteijn:
"Into the volcano, the Mayan army march..." so now my favorite civ-youtuber is covering my favorite band! I love your taste McWhiskey!
40:04 *Special Agent Monkey Star, we have a new mission for you today.*
Angus Stewart
Angus Stewart:
Hey Potato, I've been watching your videos for a while now and this has been my favourite so far. You just genuinely seemed to be enjoying yourself and it made for great content. Keep it up, buddy!