The Miami Heat Figured Out LeBron James' Weakness... But it Doesn't Even Matter

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Strange Plum
Strange Plum:
LeBron tryna make this quick so he can get home and grab his belt
Butler is giving his all and honestly you can do nothing but respect that
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson:
Bronny and Jimmy on the Phone Rn Praying For 7 Games As we speak...
*”KCP saved LeBron’s legacy.”*

*I can already hear it.*
dat boy
dat boy:
Kcp turned into Ray Allen
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson:
KCP was the MVP for today “Most Valuable Pope”
King Chopppa
King Chopppa:
if lebron drys his hand while backing up you know he’s making that fade away 👑
Jachai Moore
Jachai Moore:
It’s funny how people are saying Bron’s ring isn’t gonna count, but Kawhi’s ring against the warriors does, with their best player KD injured and arguably their best shooter Klay injured. Everyone was saying Kawhi was the best in the league after that, also when Love and Kyrie were injured in 2015 against a great warriors team, That apparently counted too and There’s plenty of other examples of players winning rings against injured or weaker teams. People just don’t wanna give LeBron any credit. Appreciate greatness while it’s still here.
Lakers after winning the nba finals
Lebron: job's still not finished
Bronnie: *gulp*
V Chand
V Chand:
Miami Heat Figured Out LeBron James' Weakness... was this even discussed in the video?
Jn Mc
Jn Mc:
Figured out James weakness...

He’s been in the league for 17 years... someone is slow.😁
TenThumbs Productions
TenThumbs Productions:
The over under. Lebron James Championships 5.5, you taking the over or the under? 4 is in the bag, I think they repeat for 5... but will he get that 6th?!? I say....... under, LBJ finishes with 5 like Kobe.
Man when the lakers bench starts clicking it’s near impossible to beat them
Akwenda N
Akwenda N:
Everyone figures out LBJs secret every season
Siddhanth Talukder
Siddhanth Talukder:
Honestly if the heat won this game they probably would’ve gotten the momentum and this would’ve been a really great series
Jimmy Robinson
Jimmy Robinson:
So they figured out his weakness and he still had 28-12-9, 53% shooting. I want this weakness!!!
Kimberly Hill
Kimberly Hill:
He averaging 28, 10, 9 on 53% shooting...I'm just thinking of the biggest LeBron haters right now 🤣, hearts sinking and crying...LBJ in 17th season STILL adding to his illustrious resume. If they close, all he would have left is going for the epic career 40k points 10k 10k
Emanuel Castillo
Emanuel Castillo:
Lebron had the highest points and rebounds out of both teams. Safe to say he's FMVP
Lebron wanna finish the job fast, he need to take care of Bronny's ass
Lebron James
Lebron James:
Hey, that's me in the thumb nail!!! 😁
One day we make fun of KCP other days we love him😣
dj spike
dj spike:
Miami heat fans through the years

2014 15 million

2017 2 million

2020 20 million

Dragic tore his plantar fascia in his foot. He can barely walk at the moment. He's not coming back.
Lebron gonna score 50 next game so he can go home and give Bronny an ass whoopin.
Al Ala
Al Ala:
The "Invisible" Danny Brick.
Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry:
Kyle Lowry would be the perfect fit on the lakers, but he ain't going there.
LOGIC_ mattnotmicYT
LOGIC_ mattnotmicYT:
Bro y do you never give lebron James his credit, even tho he had 6 turnovers he had a 28 point triple double
benny gomez
benny gomez:
How u gonna say "u in trouble" down 2-1 I get it if the heat is 3-0 or 3-1 but your down 2-1 and you're trash talking LeBron James which was a mistake
Ari Magiiik
Ari Magiiik:
Dragic has a fractured foot. That's an injury that takes everyone out for at least a month bro... has he even returned to the gym yet? He won't play
Malik Salami
Malik Salami:
Who ever is reading this have a blessed day stay safe!!

Small basketball youtuber looking for your support
Dayne Amyx
Dayne Amyx:
If only Dragic and Bam were available from the start...

Well they were. They both started and played most the first Quarter.

Bam played almost the entire game atleast the part that was competitive.
Lebron > Jordan imo
Wassup yall hope y’all having a great night man we blessed to be watching the best sport in the world y’all stay safe!
I’m a small YouTuber looking for some support appreciate y’all boys 🙏🏾
Dragon won’t be returning in the finals. With that injury for his play style he’ll hurt them more than help him.
Liam Noble
Liam Noble:
The game could have gone either way, but in the fourth quarter the whole Laker team was just clutch.
Enerio Edward
Enerio Edward:
TBH I really didn't expect heat to come up on top at the Eastern conference. Much respect to butler, hes finally back after that odd plays..
Ima heat fan and it’s like I’m not really worried like jimmy didn’t take over like he should’ve cause he’s our leader but he wanted to let our shooters shoot and we shot 34% honestly we found a way to beat the Lakers but we need jimmy to take over when we need him and our shooters to shoot better and we can win this shit 🤦‍♂️
Gibran Camus
Gibran Camus:
This has been an underrated series. The Heat have impressed me—they have a remarkable future ahead of them.
So what was LeBron’s weakness? Just curious cuz of the title, cuz you really ain’t mention much about a specific weakness.
Man i wish we could have had actual crowds for these finals man. It would have been insane.
Roni Smith
Roni Smith:
WOW all year we have doubted lebron and he proved us wrong who is the best in the league giannis or kawhi who is going to win the chip its clips who is the best lebron who is gonna win lakers still wow
Calmfucker Fuck
Calmfucker Fuck:
"Weakness" lol Bron dropped 40 points 😂
Dino Morfessis
Dino Morfessis:
The series is over
Flight: Do you think the series is o-

Lebron: *yes*
Friedrich Patching
Friedrich Patching:
How’s they find his weakness he scored 28 on 8-16 which is good. How could I forget he grabbed 12 and dishes out 8 assists
When he took over in that stretch in the 3rd i knew it was over, we need that LeBron to win
Gavin Mitchell
Gavin Mitchell:
He just drop 40 throw the whole page away
flight team
flight team:
I can all ready hear flight
If LeBron looks at his right hand he's not missing 😂
Dayne Amyx
Dayne Amyx:
Also, where was the secret to stopping Lebron? Spoelstra be clicking on this video and finna be disappointed
Tal Rubin
Tal Rubin:
i think you just didn't answer the clip title question, what a fraud!
I simp for food
I simp for food:
I would say the series is over but a great laker would say the job’s not finished
Devin Green
Devin Green:
Bron just trying to get home so whoop his sons Ass
itsNovahh 676
itsNovahh 676:
Just because of 1 game yous Switch up so quickly like Pick a side man you guys switch up because someone has a bad game and yous think its over like wtf! Its getting annoying asf
Jordan Phillips
Jordan Phillips:
For being a "Laker" fan u give way more credit to the opposite teams like crazy! Its low key annoying!
Prince Kilo124
Prince Kilo124:
In loving memory of Dog Dight Physics.
Premiere gang
G Lyle
G Lyle:
Ayo if you win the PS5 lemme get your address so I can congratulate you👀😭😭
Lord Juno
Lord Juno:
Hey look on the bright side at least the heat dnt have a long trip home considering the fact that their already home 😂
Dead Shot
Dead Shot:
Bro keep bring the 🔥🔥🔥🔥 content this game was back and forth til lake got hot at the end vets came in clutch experience is the main key to me
Gemini __ HML
Gemini __ HML:
Bro the heat are relying heavily on rookie experience, it won’t work. I’m not saying everyone on the heat are bad but it just doesn’t compete, they are not playing like LeBron as a rookie.
James Vinson
James Vinson:
Unfortunately, I think the series ends in five games with an epic Game 5.
mhigzyWhigzy Gee
mhigzyWhigzy Gee:
Well, in all honesty even without lebron this lakers team is already built to be a championship contender even the bench can contribute greatly adding lebron to the line up just makes this strong lakers team stronger. but without lebron this lakers team would not have been put together.I believe the credit should go to the lakers as a team and not just on lbj
Julia Parker
Julia Parker:
One of the best final series I’ve seen it really had my adrenaline running and I couldn’t really choose which team I wanted to win but rn I low key what the heat to comeback 😅
3-1, it's over...You think LeBron isnt treating the next game like it's a game 7?
Conner Frost
Conner Frost:
I honestly don’t know we’ve seen crazier things.
1 Sub Before Tomorrow
1 Sub Before Tomorrow:
‘Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day😇❤️ and who’s talking negatively god bless you too’’..
mike wellman
mike wellman:
LeBron better start getting hair treatment to the back side of that
Jamie Gaskins
Jamie Gaskins:
Oh come on Bam he looked down at the ball everybody knows that a 3
oh well 24
oh well 24:
This didn't age well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Merhi Tower
Merhi Tower:
This year we have seen more 3-1 leads blown then ever don’t expect it not to happen again anything is possible
Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez:
I wanna say it's over, but when you got jimmy playing like MJ, I don't know man, I got the Lakers in 6
Nah, the series is not over. They still have one game left to play
i’ll still never be able to take this guys videos seriously because he lost to flight
*the first 3 to 4 minutes of all your videos are worthless*
Mystical Sage
Mystical Sage:
I cried when I saw this, my god that game was beautiful 😭
Namoud Normand
Namoud Normand:
Imagine a player that average 28 11 8 when the opposing team Figure him out.
Unimaginable X
Unimaginable X:
do you have to mention your giveaways each video it kinda gets annoying for regular viewers
Stephen Wiafe-Amoako
Stephen Wiafe-Amoako:
heat in 7
Cowboys are Goated
Cowboys are Goated:
Hey i think mike mad because YouTube made a tweet about 15m intros and he took it personally so he made a 2m one
1 Sub Before Tomorrow
1 Sub Before Tomorrow:
‘Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day😇❤️ and who’s talking negatively god bless you too’’....
terrance howell
terrance howell:
flight mike i would love a ps5 i would reeeaaally like to play 2k21 next gen but anyway hope you and everyone else doing ok
Jake Waugh
Jake Waugh:
They just fronted the post, they weren't playing zone.
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew:
Can I win the ps5 my dad got laid off his job and it would really help me out.
Come on Mike you know it's over 😭
Cleveland we the best
Cleveland we the best:
Lol heats winning yea right and they Figure out his weakness that something to laugh at but he dropped 28 points wow
James Studley
James Studley:
No one:

FlightMike: HeLl EvEn
Winning 1 game doesn’t mean they’ve found out how they play😂💀💀
eman oluin
eman oluin:
Series is over. Remember the nuggets?
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson:
You can always count on a flight mike video after every game.
I need a ps5 😢😢 I still play on ps3
Joshua Canteen
Joshua Canteen:
Do we still have a chance to enter if we been subscribed and had all notifications on
Bill B
Bill B:
His weakness? Yea, hes never been on a deep team so he has to do a lot.
Then you find out, he can do a lot.
Jed Mars
Jed Mars:
Forget Bam&Goran or the 'snarling' Herro, if AD plays well in game 5, it's a wrap. And Kuzma gets his first ring, lol.
Dry Rain
Dry Rain:
nah finals is done next game!
Beef Boss
Beef Boss:
I want some mcnuggets right now
Nebojsa Todorovic
Nebojsa Todorovic:
It’s funny when you said you’ll give us time to think, ad showed up on my screen.😂
I Am Mitch
I Am Mitch:
PS5 🥺🥺
It’s aight, heat in 7🔥