The Missing Pieces: Brittany Murphy

When actress Brittany Murphy passes away at 32, it's hard for people to understand why a healthy, vibrant, young woman would die of pneumonia and anemia. When her husband dies of the same causes just five months later, tragedy turns into a mystery.

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100+ comentarios:

joanna freedom
joanna freedom:
She was murdered for speaking out about human trafficing. She was going to testify against some very powerful people. Her husband too. I'd take a closer look at her mother and UCLA programs.
L S:
I miss her big doe eyes and personality. She was a great actress! RIP
Heidi’s Hideaway
Heidi’s Hideaway:
I heard she was going to blow open info on a child sex trafficking ring that had alot of higher up officials involved 🤷🏼‍♀️😑
Nyasha Chifamba
Nyasha Chifamba:
I'm a doctor and i can't believe that coroner who put natural causes as the cause of death in a 32 yr old 😳 that is reserved for elderly patients, those who are chronically unwell or just frail
I still believe Brittany Murphy's dad, on why Brittany and Simon were murdered. When they want you to shut up, they make you shut up.
Yin Yang
Yin Yang:
Her mother was living in the same house with them, how come she never got sick ? Not even mildly !
Brittany’s mom killed her ... I don’t care what anyone says!
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson:
If it was the black mold, why didn’t Sharon have any issues? Suspicious.
They called her paranoid and an even much dismissive way, crazy. A crazy person.
She was not crazy. She knew something wasn't right. Sadly, as it happens with most, if not all cases, they won.
Sone Blink
Sone Blink:
Can Brittany's mother give a valid explanation on why she didn't call the 911 when the victims were in a very very bad state? Why she waited until it was to late? She was there when Brittany got sick and refused to get help for months, oh causality the same happens with Britt's husband. So without Britt's and her husband money go to...
Lin R
Lin R:
I honestly think that getting involved with monjack was a fatal mistake but....

The only person that is still alive is her mother!!!
I always thought it was the mom. She was envious and wanted her $$
Andrea Vlasis
Andrea Vlasis:
know thyself
know thyself:
I dont respect Brittney's mother at all. I hate women who sleep with their family members men.
tj m
tj m:
She had been seeing doctors. She had medication. I still think her mum had something to do with it
MakeupQueen Zz
MakeupQueen Zz:
Is very sad and is weird that only Britanny and husband died, but not the mother 🤔 mmmm.what a weird mistery
Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee:
Poor Brittany. She was definitely a beautiful woman and I liked her in Clueless.
Nancy Piccirillo
Nancy Piccirillo:
To me Brittney Murphy was a shining star. To me she was so beautiful a natural beauty without plastic surgery and I'm saddened I will never see her on screen again. Many celebs have passed, but she above the others leaves a gapping hole in my heart. I think of her often, wonder what really happened, hope someday someone can solve her demise.
Judy Holiday
Judy Holiday:
Stephanie Harlowe is coming up the ranks..You go girl!
Markie de Sade
Markie de Sade:
Twelve minutes of more theories and speculation. Did we really get anything new out of this? Hhmm.
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson:
Brittany dies right before a doctor’s appointment? Again, suspicious. Someone didn’t want the truth told.
Bag of Bones
Bag of Bones:
Yes, she was blowing the whistle on border trafficking.
Quave Hip Hop
Quave Hip Hop:
Being a public figure might be the most dangerous thing you can do in this world
K T:
I always felt the mom and her husband were having an affair, something about the mom doesn't sit right with me.
Carol McDowell
Carol McDowell:
So sad about Brittany .... how did u get mixed up with horrible Simon RIP my beautiful girl Reopen her case!!!
Amanda R
Amanda R:
Brittany was absolutely stunning. She's one of those actresses I will always remember because she legit stood out from the rest. She will always be missed. Finally a recent story. People seem to forget these suspicious deaths.
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo:
My God she was so beautiful.
Kerri On
Kerri On:
Look at all we’ve learned since about Hollyweird and Trafficking
Glitz Garcia
Glitz Garcia:
Ive always had the suspicion that the mom killed them both
Michael Longford
Michael Longford:
Stephanie Harlow spot on there, as usual.
April K
April K:
The one common denominator is: the mom.
patrick bowers
patrick bowers:
Susana Salinas
Susana Salinas:
The mom didn't get sick from the house,and didn't get sick and die from the trip in Puerto Rico,the mom is suspicious!
Lady Pamela
Lady Pamela:
She and her husband were taken out I believe. Just like so many others. Rituals from SRA or to shut them up.
Dana Martinez
Dana Martinez:
The mom was jealous and poisoned the daughter.. Then the mom did the same to the husband because he refused her.
Amethyst Angel
Amethyst Angel:
Wasn’t Brittany’s Mum sleeping with her husband after her death?🤔
Cymru Corpse
Cymru Corpse:
If it was mold, wouldn't they have found evidence of that in the lungs?
It's a far stretch the male narrator to say she had drug intoxication, when it was just her medication. That's totally disrespectful making her sound like some drug addict.
cattus lavandula
cattus lavandula:
And yet her mother, Sharon, lived with them and is just fine. She had survived cancer, had a weakened immune system, and had no related health issues to mold.
Rising Horizon
Rising Horizon:
I read somewhere that Brittany tried to contact Dept of Homeland Security about pedophilia in Hollywood.
i have thought for years it was murder because of the court case ahead
I have always wondered about this. It was just so weird the way they both died. I wonder if we will ever know the truth?🤷‍♀️
Bella Beex3
Bella Beex3:
There's no coincidences in crime they were both killed I believe
Katie Reed
Katie Reed:
Something very odd about their deaths 🤔 Brittany was an amazing actress and will always be missed.
Crystal Mae
Crystal Mae:
What a pleasant surprise to see my girl Stephanie Harlowe on my favorite channel!!! ❤
MonJack was her handler, cmon people. Hollywood insiders called him "ConJack" behind her back. FACT
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown:
When Part 4 comes up it says “international bug.” If they got sick from Puerto Rico, it’s not an international bug. Puerto Rico is a part of the United States 🤦🏻‍♂️
Alice Kirk
Alice Kirk:
I love Stephanie Harlowe, excellent investigative journalist check out her channel! Her coverage of every case is in-depth thorough and absolutely amazing.
jennifer blanc
jennifer blanc:
If there’s metal in their hair and blood they’re poisoned
Nika N
Nika N:
I miss her laugh! Her contagious, loud, laughter! Her beautiful smile, and quirky personality! Rest in Paradise beautiful girl!
Jen the Nosey Cow
Jen the Nosey Cow:
Love Stephanie Harlowe! This was a great vid
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi:
6:40 How a well-off people buy a house with so much Mold, and why they stayed in that house without fixing the Mold problem? That is insane...That is true that if the cause of a death of two young people was the Mold, why the Brittany's mother did not get sick? How in Heaven a Mother sees her daughter super sick and do not take her to the Hospital Immediately? Something strange happened in that house, and for sure something that involved Brittany's Mother. Many mothers did and still doing strange and something horrible things to their children...Its very possible...
She was a great actor. I enjoyed her movies.
Miranda B
Miranda B:
STEPHANIE!!! My mouth was dropped when I heard that !! I love her channel 🥰🥰🥰🥰
So in summary, Harlowe is an adrenachrome user or afraid of being "suicided".
Guadalupe Castruita
Guadalupe Castruita:
Very strange situation... somebody is hiding something?... let me guess, the Mother is the beneficiary of everything....🤭🧐🧐
This tells me nothing...
Emmylou Sleeman
Emmylou Sleeman:
I believe it's got something to do with this whole pizzagate stuff that's just been released this world has been going to hell for some time now!!!
Cash Jaxson
Cash Jaxson:
Awesome job Stephanie! Loved seeing you....💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Debra Salinas
Debra Salinas:
Chris L.
Chris L.:
well, what happened to the "drug intoxification" that was mentioned on the M.E. report? could it be she died from drugs?
Agent 99
Agent 99:
I watched this on reelz and it was all bs! I'm actually sadly glad to Cyril wecht- Greene county pa native, one if the greats come out and say there was foul play. I believe him and the whistle blower. 100% believe she was targeted by the government.
She had pneumonia for goodness sake. I've had pneumonia and didn't realize it till a week later when I can hardly walk.
Heather Velasco
Heather Velasco:
The mom murderd her because she was having a affaire with her husband after she died the husband probably didn't want to be with her so she killed him
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis:
Hollywood is evil. Look at the celebs now, bailing out violent rioters, telling us all how bad climate change is while they fly private, they're against walls while they live in gated communities, they want us disarmed while they have armed security, etc.
Barbara Williamson
Barbara Williamson:
There's no telling what happened to these two people.
Jacob Singer
Jacob Singer:
The missing pieces just leave you with as many questions prior to watching this video then after seeing it.
Taylore Red
Taylore Red:
Clueless, girl interrupted, 8 mile, some of my favorites.

That's our girl Stephanie. I'm so beyond happy to see ID partnering up with someone who truly cares about the work she does.
Honor Silverthorne
Honor Silverthorne:
These deaths were always so WEIRD to me.
Dar agostini
Dar agostini:
RIP my favorite actress wish she would of been alive to see more of her in movies
Janet Brewer
Janet Brewer:
I always wondered why this wasn’t questioned .. I still think it had something to do with the mom..
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi:
Many times Actors do not take care of their health, working too much, and only thinking about work and money they forget about themselves...Strange that her mother stayed healthy, strange that her mother did not take her to the Hospital...I believe that they were poised.
In this case just God know the truth.
Rest In Peace.
she knew too much.
She was so beautiful. I don't know why she reminds me of Gwen Stefani.
Alternative News
Alternative News:
"if this long fanciful story seems like bs, that's because, IT IS!" OK SO WHY TELL US ABOUT IT THEN!?
Jazzi Fig
Jazzi Fig:
M A R Y A M C H:
She is missed she was a great actress with a lovely personality 💜
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna:
1:43 she looks like she's had a stroke in that pic
Stephanie's on I.D!😀👍
Prissy Lots
Prissy Lots:
I so miss her, wish she was still her. do young so beautiful.
swifie-emma -13
swifie-emma -13:
i honestly think her mom poisoned her and collected her money.
This mystery !
Candle Kane
Candle Kane:
She did not die right before she was going to go to the doctor. She WENT to a doctor. Her mother said she had multiple antibiotic prescriptions that she was taking. Anyone who thinks this wasn't foul play is an idiot.
Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley:
God damn she was so beautiful, nice, happy, and great actress.
My theory is the black hand of hollywood got to her.
Marissa Frances
Marissa Frances:
I loved her. I miss her she was so young so talented.
Leslie Hice
Leslie Hice:
I love watching Stephanie, what a pleasant surprise to see her on this video!
Dave Rivera
Dave Rivera:
Damn I remember how beautiful she was
Zeinab Akram
Zeinab Akram:
after watching 8 mile movie and being in love with her I was shocked when I heard that she died 😢
Sheree Caves
Sheree Caves:
I love her so much!! She is so pretty and a great actress very fun loving !!!🙏🏼🙏🏼❤❤💒💒
Melissa Flores
Melissa Flores:
Watch out world! Stephanie Harlowe is on fire. We adore u and your amazing videos.
It is what it is....
It is what it is....:
I was today years old when I found out she died! Wow, she was a cutie....😢
Dee Bar
Dee Bar:
Is this coming back on TV anytime soon. I missed this special.
Carmen Dilcherd
Carmen Dilcherd:
She was one of my favorite ACTRESSES!! I saw her in her first movie ever with Reese Witherspoon," freeway"!!!
I'm her age right now when she died 32. 11 years ago.
Zanmari Sholje
Zanmari Sholje:
I realy loved this girl she was special and I was realy sad when I herd that she died.. Rest in peace Brittany 💔
Katelyn 88
Katelyn 88:
Rest in Peace, Brittany♡ I hope she sees that she was so loved and respected by so many and that her death will not be in vain. The truth will come out
Cha Cha
Cha Cha:
Wow she’s been gone over 10 years already 😔 I remember being at work when I found out; what a shock. And then when her husband died a few months later it was beyond shocking. Something just wasn’t right (although no, I don’t believe they were murdered). The program mentioned how they were into holistic healing etc., but wasn’t there narcotics in her toxicology results? Doesn’t seem very holistic to me. I think there were at least one narcotic pain killer and also a benzo found.
Anhedonian Epiphany
Anhedonian Epiphany:
Wow, there's plenty of delusional paranoia going on here! I find it incredible that anyone took the 'border-crossing whistleblower' woman seriously _at all._
Teacher By the Sea
Teacher By the Sea:
Was Sharon on both of their insurance policies?
Meli Doe
Meli Doe:
So proud of Stephanie Harlowe been following her since day one yay for her and I do believer it was not natural causes at all !!!