The Most Underrated Part of His Game? Rafa Nadal Most Amazing Hand Skill Moments

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88 comentarios:

hr. Doctor Løve
hr. Doctor Løve:
Rafa is so unique. There is nobody like him on The tour
Ghislain GUERRIER:
Nothing should be underrated with Nadal, he is a beast
quentin hirschfeld
quentin hirschfeld:
I see a lot of people saying "not underrated", but it actually is!
When peoples talk about Nadal, they're always pointing out his fighting spirit, speed, strength, but rarely his creativity and hand-skills, which is a shame!
For me, he is a better shotmaker that Paire, Kyrgios, Monfils,...
Tom Deverson
Tom Deverson:
It's not his natural game style to play risky, shotmaking, or be an all court player. For the majority of his career he's been a counter puncher and a baseliner. That's why this part of his game has been so overlooked, and as he's shown recently, he can adapt his game to easily incorporate more aggressive shotmaking and net skills. He's super talented
Guillermo Puebla
Guillermo Puebla:
When he pulls the rabbit out of the hat nothing goes wrong. His percentage of unforced errors is so low and that's because he has incredible shot selection. Perhaps not underrated but one of the aspects least talked about
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
I can't really add anything to this video. This video says it all. Nadal is amazing, incredible, fast, relentless but we all know the best part of Rafa is that he is a good person. Nadal Is My Champion!
Berk Arslan
Berk Arslan:
Young Nadal kills your dropshots. Old Nadal kills you with dropshots.
Edit: and drop volleys
Aarnav Kembhavi
Aarnav Kembhavi:
So many parts of his game are underrated and that's mostly because he's one of the only players to evolve his game so many times over the years, when he first started only his forehand was known to sting but ever since he has worked on his touch and volley game which gives him a free point every time he comes to the net and he also now has the most effective serve on tour, not to forget- the best overhead ever
The greatness of other aspects in his game doesn't have to blind us about his incredible hand skills. ✋

*If he's at 100% physical and mentally, next US Open champion.
David Skelton
David Skelton:
1:05 is incredible. The fact Nadal hits the shot and immediately gets back in position...a lot of players can learn from him
Shantanu Verma
Shantanu Verma:
Nadal is for SURE the GOAT 🐐
He can play amazingly on ALL surfaces 💪🏼
Nadal's Backhand Is the most underrated shot in Tennis.
Not even Nadal knows how great it is.
prateek dwivedi
prateek dwivedi:
Yeah but still people call him clay court specialist only... the ultimate disrespect he is getting specially after nole's domination currently... people forgetting how great nadal is... nadal too is a complete player... greatest competitor in sports
sai charan
sai charan:
Nadal has the best clip volley and over head smash in history. If someone can't see that, they know nothing about tennis
Gawrike Hettiarachchi
Gawrike Hettiarachchi:
Nadal's incredible hand skills are kind of underrated,but when you've got almost all of the skills in the game one of them is bound to go underrated........
Mario Doblado
Mario Doblado:
Some incredible points here that I've never seen before, keep it up admin!
moothong dt
moothong dt:
What’s amazed me is he can produce those amazing shots after shots for us to witness for nearly 2 decade.
Sara Dridi
Sara Dridi:
definitely this will became one of my favorite video about him 🔥
akhil mudenti
akhil mudenti:
Nadal consistency is underated........
He played least grand slams among big three and as many as them
Mitchell Rayner
Mitchell Rayner:
Shot at 8:41 gets me every time, defies laws of physics, it’s incredible
Calin Muresan
Calin Muresan:
Notice that in many of these situations Rafa was already down a set and some breaks yet still manages to find these magical shots, it's the kind of character he is, he never relents, always fights to the end no matter the score line, and that is why he is the champion he is, that is why he is different, a legend and a class act, that is why we love him so so much. And by the way, is it just me or does James Blake seem like an older version of Tiafoe, seems to me they move the same, I just now noticed this:). Thank you for the video Tennis TV, nice edit!
Aryan Swaroop
Aryan Swaroop:
It's not about how hard you serve.

It's about how good you return.
Zussy LIttle Baka
Zussy LIttle Baka:
Rafa has the best plays no question on that
Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
He developed that slowly, i'd say in terms of technical improvement, rafa has made the most stride among the big 3. I clearly remembered the teenager rafa, he was just a physical specimen with a forehand. The serves, volleys and backhands are now all weapons in his game. A close one is Novak, but i think his improvement is more in the mental and physical departments.
shikhar govil
shikhar govil:
his hand skills are great but i think he is more comfortable behind the baseline and backs himself to score from their under pressure or better to say consistently. much like roger who if you ask will love to be forward playing volleys consistently rather than playing from behind the baseline.
Ryan Stefani
Ryan Stefani:
That wry smile from the line judge at 8:50 is just too good
Dominic Lester
Dominic Lester:
A great set of points!!
nir S
nir S:
amazing volley skills from the beast Nadal one of the goats
Utkarsh Amar
Utkarsh Amar:
We all knew that insane athletic behind the back reverse-scoop genius beauty of a shot against Stepanek was gonna be there.

Man young Nadal was just something else, like seriously.
michael t
michael t:
8:53 OMG did this bounce twice!? 😱 please tell me it didn’t. i’m a huge Nadal fan and this is one of my favorite rallies of all time!!! HELP!
Felipe Akama
Felipe Akama:
Everybody knows it is amazing but nobody talks about ir
Kai Young
Kai Young:
Smooth Hand Skill
Peter B
Peter B:
Rafa Nadal is one of the best volleyers on the tour, its sure.
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark:
Wow how his shorts have changed throughout the years😂
His touch and volleys are world class, but that is obviously to be expected of someone in the competition for the second or third best player of all time, if not higher. He is more comfortable dictating or wearing people down from the baseline with sheer spin and power
Diego Sabino
Diego Sabino:
honestly you cant put Roger above Rafa and vice versa . both spectacular in their own way
Kristy Sokoloski
Kristy Sokoloski:
How sweet it is. My Rafa.
Christian Schander
Christian Schander:
Those no look shots like 4:28 are so satisfying to watch
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
Only a phenom named Nadal can flip the script with subliminal deft skills....
Arturo Perez
Arturo Perez:
G.O.A.T..... 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Himanshu Nigam
Himanshu Nigam:
I think he is the best player on net presently.
Janino Herdeklar
Janino Herdeklar:
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
unbilibovol player
my no, 2 fav player ever
Małgorzata S
Małgorzata S:
Rafa the best
it's rawwwww you donkey!!
it's rawwwww you donkey!!:
his forehand are one of a kind
Are you serious? That is NOT Dr. Nadal. You shall address him as Cap'n Nadal, Pirate King of Spain.
Sadly he never wears a bandana like that anymore, hehe
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma:
2:00 Never seen that point before.
Adrián Jesús Santiago Santana
Adrián Jesús Santiago Santana:
Enorme siempre el de Manacor!!
Hmm, probably Nadal is not only a fighting bull but also a skilled magician same as another guy, whose name I forgot...
Wilbur Strongman
Wilbur Strongman:
It's bound to be underrated when his court coverage, speed, and footwork are insane. Just like Federer's court coverage and speed being underrated
2:06 delpo’s forehand was a little bit different from now
Emiliano Sosa
Emiliano Sosa:
Great idea, great vídeo, ir was excpecting this
gbolabo Aluko
gbolabo Aluko:
Just keep remembering that volley miss in the french open semifinal tiebreaker. Hand skills deserted him then 😐
ammar hassan
ammar hassan:
I would like to see a video like this about Djokovic
🎾💪🏻 *Of the most respected athletes* 💪🏻🎾
Piqué Blinders Fifa
Piqué Blinders Fifa:
Nadal is imo as good a volleyer as Federer, it’s just he comes into the net less often. Glad his skills are finally getting some attention
John Kim
John Kim:
"you have GOT to be kidding me!"
VanY :
Almagro want to kill Nadal at the net ; ) pure strike on the body lol
Soroosh Alishahi
Soroosh Alishahi:
2:25 delpotro appearance 🤣🤣🤣
Matteo Vitali
Matteo Vitali:
Just like Roger's defensive skills and return
He will win roland garros 2022
The bandana. 😂
2369 dennisc
2369 dennisc:
Nadal hand skill is not underrated for people who really know tennis. They already KNEW IT.
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer:
"The guys got like, decent hands" - Nick King Krygios 😄
Lanie Oliva
Lanie Oliva:
Rafa rules
So underestimated
uday Gadge
uday Gadge:
It's not underrated as much as underutilized.
Berk Arslan
Berk Arslan:
First time I saw the point at 11:49
Krishnasai Chalasani
Krishnasai Chalasani:
First sees Nadal's name and underrated in the same video title.... huh????
Ajay Shankar
Ajay Shankar:
No one said his hand skills and touch are underrated🤷‍♂️
chinga tu
chinga tu:
Nadal and underrated on the same sentence?
Coin Chaser
Coin Chaser:
Not underrated lol
Swarnabh Dasgupta
Swarnabh Dasgupta:
But But Still Claydal for some people
Philip Jaffe
Philip Jaffe:
"hand skills"
Alfando Savant
Alfando Savant:
What is 'hand skills'?
Probably not as highlighted as his raw power and forehands, so it's nice to see a compiltation of that more subtle aspect of his game for a change.
Itamar Bushari
Itamar Bushari:
For me Rafa has the best hand skill of all time.Everyone say always that roger is the toughest tennis player but don’t forget Rafa and his left-handed paw.Vamos

M Y:
Not underrated at all.
Del potro with long hair
Nikola Ramic
Nikola Ramic:
Roger is flashier at the net, but Rafa is probably better...
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic:
As I said in the previous statements It is not underrated If it is not the best
Djokovic the goat
Viggo Wagemans
Viggo Wagemans:
Yes but Federers hand skills are,still better