The Netflix Afterparty | Mary And Xolo From Cobra Kai Talk Awkward First Kisses | Netflix

Kissing scenes can be awkward even for the pros. When you're done with Cobra Kai Season 3, join the cast on The Netflix Afterparty, now streaming.


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The Netflix Afterparty | Mary And Xolo From Cobra Kai Talk Awkward First Kisses | Netflix

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Russell Marcel
Russell Marcel:
I hope that with season 4, every episode is close to 50 minutes.
Raul Barraza
Raul Barraza:
*Xolo talking about the kissing scene*
Mary: “I am so nervous because Xolo you are like a brother to me”
Xolo: “We are filming Georgia so it’s fine...”
Are we just going to ignore this Beauty of a joke? Yeah ... we are ... okay......
To be honest season three left us with so many untouched details like it’s missing so much like season 4 will be a banger
Sabrina Sususa
Sabrina Sususa:
Miguel looks so much different in real life,i can't believe him with the moustache
Anthony Not here
Anthony Not here:
The sad thing about cobra Kai, was that I finished the whole season the first day it was released.
Cosmic King
Cosmic King:
“youre like a brother to me xolo”

Xolo: “ we film in georgia its fine”

Edit: context 0:36
illuminosity awareness
illuminosity awareness:
His the only guy in the 21st century that can wear a turtleneck properly
Abbas Timmy
Abbas Timmy:
"We film in Georgia, so it's fine." 😂😂😂
Guru Nayak
Guru Nayak:
Xolo is going through a drastic puberty transformation
Ellen Page
Ellen Page:
The last scene of season 3 really gave me goosebumps.
Eduardo Vetorino
Eduardo Vetorino:
Não entendi porra nenhuma,mais é isso ai
TheWrite Font
TheWrite Font:
David Spade is too disinterested for this gig. I notice this with everyone he's interviewed.
Toyboyzink TV
Toyboyzink TV:
Such a killer show were so pumped on Season 3
Mark Ziegler
Mark Ziegler:
There’s something about Mary.
Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus:
Xolo is going in and out of puberty. One moment he's manly and the next he's still bebby, I'm so confused.
Gaming Utopia
Gaming Utopia:
Why is bill burr sitting in the background silent like a npc in a mortal kombat game
Bruh Mary is sooo freaking pretty I can’t get over it
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth:
Season 3 was so fuckin awesome. Also Peyton List needs to be here. She's so badass
Gaspar Francisco
Gaspar Francisco:
Cobra Kia is the best show on Netflix everone.
Thomas Song
Thomas Song:
0:45 The moment when Tanner got the joke is hilarious 😂
Howard Rash
Howard Rash:
There's an after party for Kobra Kai? Who knew? And when did David Spade get old?
CurlyFries 10
CurlyFries 10:
Season 2 ending: God I can't wait for season 3
Season 3 ending: instantly googles if there will be season 4
Google: Season 4 practice is in motion
Me: ಥ‿ಥ
Hari Prasath
Hari Prasath:
When will come season 4 . i can't wait🤓
Cobra Kai Dude
Cobra Kai Dude:
“Can you tell him not to grab my face”,



When Xolo said we film in Georgia so it’s fine I started rolling!!! 😂
Travis Mitchell
Travis Mitchell:
Bill Burr in the background is the best part of this.
Sooby Saghir
Sooby Saghir:
Everyone is sleeping on my boy Tanner 😤
So no ones gonna talks about their immaculate drip?
JJ Elson
JJ Elson:
It's so funny seeing people getting upset over Xolo's joke about Georgia. It's a joke everyone. You poor snowflakes in Georgia.
guillermo acosta
guillermo acosta:
I liked when Sam told those girls whispering about her at school to say it to her face and they didn’t do anything 😂
Xolo is so underated
You guys just bought a series from YouTube and slapped your sticker on it
when is season 4 coming out? i already watched season 3
AJAY Production
AJAY Production:
Who else just watched all of season 3 in one day
Abel Aguirre
Abel Aguirre:
0:43 🤣🤣 “we film in Georgia so it’s fine” 🤣🤣 what a low blow
Cobra Kai is the best Netflix show no cap!
Xolo looks like he's auditioning for a Carlito's Way reboot
Romma Dazzle
Romma Dazzle:
I really wish season 4 would come quickly! We need shows like cobra kai to keep us inspired and stay positive❤️
Xolo is dressed like a 70's coke dealer, and the other dude is dressed like young papa smurf..... why.
Juan Andres Blanco
Juan Andres Blanco:
Fun fact: Xolo doesn’t like Sam and Miguel
Raynaud Moreno
Raynaud Moreno:
I hope these guys continue to have successful acting careers. They brought so much joy to my life via Cobra Kai
Ryutaro Uchida
Ryutaro Uchida:
Season 3 was super awesome 🤩
Can’t wait for next season!!!
I finished season 3 in less then a day. It was so short...
Vennix 76
Vennix 76:
0:55 voice crack
This "After-party" show is terrible
Caden Bagasao
Caden Bagasao:
Waiting for season 3 for months was totally worth it. It was the best season ever!! Hawks redemption, Johnny and Danial teaming up, and so much more made the season the greatest!!
Dark Spartan
Dark Spartan:
What's Mayfield doing in the back? I thought he died in that explosion
Hrishikesh Mahendravada
Hrishikesh Mahendravada:
Ol' Billy red balls in the back laughing made my day.
Brianna UwU
Brianna UwU:
Hey, when is season 10 of The Walking Dead gonna be on Netflix? I can't wait! 😫
Mihir Gamit
Mihir Gamit:
Where is season 4
We want stingray back!!!❤️
FNCda_ Beast2010
FNCda_ Beast2010:
Is it just me I or has anybody else watched cobra jai over and over again
Mark Limjoco
Mark Limjoco:
They should make it a hour long and 16 episodes for every season.
Tài Khổng Đức
Tài Khổng Đức:
When the ss4 is coming ? I just watched all of those episodes in only one day:)))
Wayne A. Pollock
Wayne A. Pollock:
I watched this after finishing S3. I hated the SJW co-hosts they brought in for Spade.
Brandonj21 -gaming
Brandonj21 -gaming:
Rodsuper 1213
Rodsuper 1213:
Cobra Kai III IS THE BEST!!!! Episodes 4,5, and 10 are tied for #1 of these great 10 episodes!!!!
ray 736funny
ray 736funny:
Robby sounds different
JTKing 101
JTKing 101:
Xolo looks so much older lol, they will have to take Miguel outta high school in season 4 fr. He finna look like a grown man thats still in high school. So in season 4 or 5 they should make it so that they have a high school graduation
I watched the whole season 3 in one day
Skipper 13
Skipper 13:
when is the flash season 7 coming out?
“we’re in Georgia so it’s fine”
Chasing Ghosts All Night
Chasing Ghosts All Night:
Why are they all dressed like narcs?
Can't wait for season 4❗❗❗
Harrison McConnell
Harrison McConnell:
Disappointed with the duration of the season they should have had 12 eps 11 to train then 12 should be the all valley
Scorpio 69 poison
Scorpio 69 poison:
If there is really going to be a season 4 then I would like to see the karate girl in this as well
Ubah A
Ubah A:
Miguel and Sam had 3 major kisses throughout three seasons. Now tell me why tf 2/3 were on the floor on top of one another💀🤚🏾
🤔Hmm, Tanner Buchanan reminds me of a young Brad Pitt
Q the omnipotent
Q the omnipotent:
Lost and Found was a good movie, I thought. It was supposed to have Chris Farley in it, but he had already passed away. The girl he speaks of was fkn hott!
Valerie Montes
Valerie Montes:
Love Tanner Buchanan aka Robby 💜💜💜💜 season 3 missing to much of Robby
ツ Annie3000ツ
ツ Annie3000ツ:
i got so excited when the 2 groups got together.
i got so idk mad at Robby for not listening
I got sad for demitri
To be continued....
Jim Wong
Jim Wong:
Mary Mouser look so muck like Emilia Clarke
Wisdom Walibe
Wisdom Walibe:
Pov: you watched the season 3
Bill Burr in the back having the time of his life XD
For a sec at 0:38 I thought Mary Mouser was Emilia Clarke lol 😂
matt kylie
matt kylie:
Cobra Kai season 3 was pure 🔥!!! Problem is it was too short!!! Now I’m roasting for season 4!!! .. still in shock how good it was 😨😨
Christian Krogh
Christian Krogh:
HOWCOME THESE AFTER-PARTY CLIPS ARE SO SHORT IN LENGHT!? Truly irritating. Why even bother then?
Capalot NE3M
Capalot NE3M:
I binged watch this whole season in exactly 20 hours
Beach Life
Beach Life:
Martin Kove is in AMAZING SHAPE!
Nicole Galozo
Nicole Galozo:
This is a new generation of love triangle
Johnny-Robby .
Michael Primato
Michael Primato:
Me: I’m from Georgia woahhh
My mind: Do they mean Alabama
Also my mind: would a deer’s uncle be called uncle buck?
Kjell Stokke
Kjell Stokke:
Season 3 was amazing, great show. Even I would like it to be even a little darker but guess is a show for every age so they keep it light. But don't hope they drag it out to much, s03 was better than s02, but I don't think the rivaly against Kreese can last more than season 4. So if they to contiune after that, they need a really good twist of story. peace
Combat Gamer
Combat Gamer:
Release brooklyn 99 on netflix philipines
Season 7!!!! I have been waiting 'cmon brother
Nurul Ros Adira Mahady
Nurul Ros Adira Mahady:
It's one of my favourite actors with the cast of one of my favourite series!
Esther Aiyekoto
Esther Aiyekoto:
omg i watched season 3 in a whole day i cant wait for season 4
Amazing Asian
Amazing Asian:
Thought I was watching the 70s show for moment
Luck poof
Luck poof:
Omg they ruined everything trying to make Robby and miguel switch positions is so dumb and Johnny gets the trophy for the worst dad in 2021
Dream Chaser97
Dream Chaser97:
“ Xolo, I’m so nervous because your like a brother to me”

Me: that’s tuff. And ik she has a bf 😂
Dead pan
Dead pan:
The friend of my friend, is probably my future friend
Dragon Hunter
Dragon Hunter:
0:54 something's not right about that
Michelle Reyna
Michelle Reyna:
They are so cute!! Together!! Love his turtle neck!!💖💖
0:36 Words that I know too well....*sigh*
I had a few doubts when I heard Netflix took on Cobra Kai, but I shouldn't have. Season 3 was absolutely amazing!! Not gonna spoil, but Hawk was my favorite :)
Arthur Zakaryan
Arthur Zakaryan:
Love David Spade, oh yeah, the others are fine too.
DrakonicJordan Playz Roblox
DrakonicJordan Playz Roblox:
Does anybody else know there's a season 5 coming
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones:
Bruh why couldn't they just premier one episode every week on the same day and a channel or something. Because a lot of people are done watching season 3 and now we are wait for season 4. Or they could at least add more episodes.
William Kuncio
William Kuncio:
is no one gonna talk about how puberty hit Xolo like a truck
Guys chill with the release date questions they still need to start filming and get every scene correct so they’ll see coz it can be confirmed
Has become one of my favorite shows. I hope it goes well beyond 4 seasons. We can thank How I Met Your Mother for jump starting this idea.
John Rambo
John Rambo:
The ending was absolutely awesome it ended the way I wanted it to be... In a way it’s kind of like a happy cliffhanger...there was so much nice character development this season
Fck im so out of the loop, i didnt even know spade had a new show on netflix. Awesome