The Nets acquire James Harden in a blockbuster deal | NFL Live

Laura Rutledge, Keyshawn Johnson, Dan Orlovsky and Marcus Spears react to the news of the Houston Rockets trading James Harden in a blockbuster deal to the Brooklyn Nets.

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100+ comentarios:

Dynamo XP
Dynamo XP:
Such a big trade it's getting talked about on NFL shows
U know it's a blockbuster when NFL LIVE reports it
Unlimited Eugene
Unlimited Eugene:
I've been a DieHard lifetime Nets Fan Since January 13th, 2021 5:45 PM. Glad to see the team is making great decisions to maintain their Dominance 💯👍🏽
E J:
If Steve Nash can somehow get this team out of drama, he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
Thula Khumalo
Thula Khumalo:
I love the idea of Caris Levert on the Pacers. That's gonna be HIS team now.
Rocky Doggy
Rocky Doggy:
I hope this can work, idk if harden, kyrie, and kd can share the ball but if they could figure something out it would be amazing to watch
can't wait to see harden in a nets jersey on Saturday 💪
chg hfd
chg hfd:
Finally, I can watch my Rockets again. It was hard to watch Harden give up while on the court. My team might not even be a playoff team but I'll have fun watching them, good and bad.

Now, Texans, get rid of Jack Easterby and Watson would be much more happy. Lets not lose both Harden and Watson.
Joseph J
Joseph J:
Props to this crew for covering the huge NBA trade! So yes, "The Jump" should cover some NFL trades or future breaking news for these guys.
Nice. I love watching NFL Live to catch two retired NFL players’ takes on NBA things.
The Nets bout to be the equivalent to putting mentos into a Coke bottle.
Jeff Brisson
Jeff Brisson:
Nets have gutted their depth in order to have a top heavy team,  with three players that want 20 FGA per game. Two of which are pretty injury prone. This should be interesting
S s
S s:
So I like all the players involved my only issue was that I was actually liking the way the Nets were playing this yr so far.
jed fernandez
jed fernandez:
really great seeing NFL live talk basketball and impressed with Marcus' basketball knowledge.
I'm from Houston and I feel awful for the city. I'm just hoping they can figure something out with Watson.
King Austin
King Austin:
I official am taking the Nets to win the eastern conference finals. Also when Woj is on NFL Live talking about basketball you know this trade was definitely something crazy 😂😂
kevin rara
kevin rara:
I'm gonna be positive here, they have extreme offensive firepower and is a championship contender team
Meanwhile other "silent" teams be looking at themselves and realize they have no chance of winning a chip.

But honestly, i love Levert and J. Allen in the Nets. They should've just traded Kyrie and some picks for harden...
GOAT Status
GOAT Status:
For rockets this is a win you could make the playoffs or tank this year and get a great draft pick they have couple that will be good for the future of the franchise
Greater the team, HARDEN the fall. Lets go Lakers. REPEAT!!!!!
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
James gonna have to face Giannis 4 times now
General Grievous
General Grievous:
Glad that Key put his insight on this, he def knows what Harden's mindset is and he made some good points honestly
God Family Success Millionaire Heaven Paradise
God Family Success Millionaire Heaven Paradise:
Lakers need to improve their roster. They just need a legitimate center to improve defense and another legit scoring option.
KD was all like, Steph holds me back. Leaves. KD: Finally, I get to shine. Harden: Hey buddy.
Dave Clark
Dave Clark:
If you're a Nets fan are you okay with losing LeVert and Jarrett? I thought that was great versatile lineup. Now they have KD, Kyrie and Harden but only one ball.
The Maf Garage
The Maf Garage:
I'm looking at the Rockets having Oladipo, Wall and Boogie together. Not a bad core to build upon with all those draft picks. 😎👍
Alex The Rican
Alex The Rican:
This is going to be great for the nets.. Is crazy wat the nets are going through with kyrie disappearing out of no where but they are going to pull this one off with this trade
Dawsohunnid 305
Dawsohunnid 305:
Next wizards trade Westbrook to Brooklyn and Kyrie to the wizards😂😂 I can smell it coming especially how Kyrie acting
Post-game media: "Can you please talk about that last few plays that Coach Nash called."

KD, Kyrie, Harden: "We just took turns, the way the game is supposed to be played."
Golu Bhai
Golu Bhai:
I feel James Harden to the Philedelphia 76ers for Ben Simmions and some picks and one more player makes a lot more sense, cause 76ers can now space the court while the rockets add another amazing player. The acquisition of Victor Oladipo is the best thing for the rockets out fo that trade.
"James Harden, right now, looks like the best offensive player in football." - Stephen A. Smith
Laying The Foundation
Laying The Foundation:
The 3 biggest divas in the NBA on the same team with the New York Media, this is about to be hilarious lmao
Ronny Cary
Ronny Cary:
Hard to believe the Nets traded levert a Allen not to mention all the picks. Allen defense and rebounding can’t be replaced. The Nets had a good thing going and blew it. Could go down as one of the worst trades in NBA history
Mr. J
Mr. J:
What nobody is saying is he really wanted to be reunited with Mike dantoni. He made Nash MVP twice Harden once, and got Lin paid.
Brooklyn actually offered Irving to Houston but Houston replied "Nahhhhh. You can keep Irving and his baggage. We prefer first round picks and trade them later for a reliable great player".
Steve Nash is going to have to channel his inner Phil Jackson to get these dudes to act right.
Ariana Gandhi
Ariana Gandhi:
If the Nets somehow manage to win a chip you already know that the two players who don’t win FMVP will bounce right away
At least Harden is still in his prime. The last time the Nets traded three unprotected future 1st rounders, it was for fading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the most disastrous trade in modern memory.
Ant T
Ant T:
Its going down! Harden represent the borough now BK all day. Got the most prolific trio in the NBA
Jaleel El-Shabazz
Jaleel El-Shabazz:
I understand the Nets are having problems with Kyrie Irving, but trading for James harding will be a move they will regret. James Harding, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul will never will championships unless they go to the Lakers and accept loser roles.
Corpy Hogan
Corpy Hogan:
If the nets don’t win the chip this year KD, Kyrie, and Harden will never be looked at the same ever again 😂😂 this trade was STUPID the Nets gave up their depth, defense, and future
Harden would be great for a smaller market: a team that isnt competing for a championship (because his game can't win a championship), but can still sell tickets and bring excitment to games.
Jaeden Sports
Jaeden Sports:
Kyrie, KD, and Harden together. I don’t think this will work well.
Bdot 4
Bdot 4:
Philly just blew their chance at making the finals. James was either going Philly or Brooklyn & regardless how much they like Ben Simmons, they gotta know that it’s better to lose Simmons for harden than to let Harden to go to the nets
James Harden hopefully he gets a ring. He's a great player . Sensational .
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
Bron in the West and Harden/KD/Russ in the East. Crazy world.
Three pionsous all-stars on the same team. Now we know why Irving has been missing. 🤦‍♂️
De la fuente
De la fuente:
Mindblowing, nets are favorites to win it all now
will lazenby
will lazenby:
The Rockets lost the ability to contend when they traded Clint Capela, huge mistake. If he was still there, Harden would still be in Houston.
There's nothing and no one to blame anymore for Harden. Nets were already considered contenders pre-season, you've got all the talent in the world, no excuses now.
CG Alchemist
CG Alchemist:
KD leaves golden state to validate he can win without a super team yet he ends up with another unfair team 🤦🤦
Edgar Bolden
Edgar Bolden:
Cleveland will probably be play off team now. Houston got set back for about 3 to 5 years later. Got nothing in return for Harden
Riffer Madness
Riffer Madness:
Brooklyn isn't going to keep Kyrie. I highly doubt they would have taken Harden if they knew for a fact that Kyrie was going to ACTUALLY play like he is supposed to.
4 first rounders sounds great but if things work out for brooklyn you are looking at 27 to 30-----maybe one becomes a starter
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson:
You know it’s a big deal when it’s Breaking news on an NFL show in the middle of the playoffs
Mac Daddy 50
Mac Daddy 50:
Harden style of play needs to change. His focus needs to be on scoring about 20 points, 8 assist and rebounds, but more important getting others involved. He needs to adopt a team concept quickly !
James Pier
James Pier:
There is no way this turns out well for the Nets.
Pete Aldrich
Pete Aldrich:
The Nets brought their team out of the ashes like a Phoenix and in one maneuver became the Neo Knickerbockers.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird:
Nets gonna need to play with 3 basketballs at a time to have chemistry!
Nicholas Nguyen
Nicholas Nguyen:
I swear this team about to have more drama than the kardashians
Juy Ahmad
Juy Ahmad:
The rockets honestly won this trade 💯
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez:
I love it but I don’t think it will work out there will be 3 super stars in a team and there will also be to much drama
Ishmael M
Ishmael M:
This team will be deadly. Ask me why. James harden has respect for KD. Those two can make things work. Kyrie might be a problem tbh. Only reason why I say they are deadly is because there's a way where Steve Nash and D'antoni can make this work. That offense will be lightening fast. I think D'antoni will finally have the pieces he needs to go further than a conference finals. Sucks that he ain't coaching but oh well lol. This is a hard puzzle but I think they can make this work reall6 well
David Hinton
David Hinton:
I'm with what Dan alluded to at 1:35 (whether he actually meant it or not) ........ the Texans need to trade DWatson. that front office has torpedoed that relationship and it's unsalvageable at this point.
Economicamente Incorreto
Economicamente Incorreto:
Nets gonna put 130 a game and give 140
Jay King
Jay King:
Oladipo Wall and Cousins ain't gone be to bad in Houston and Levert finna become a Star in Indiana
Jonah SD
Jonah SD:
Can’t believe he made it seem like harden was in the right I see it as the rockets were always doing what harden wanted getting everyone who he wanted and never got the championship and then for harden to act like the rockets were doing something wrong is annoying but we got 4 first round picks and oladipo for an out of shape harden rockets definitely made the right move it’s championship or bust for the nets tho
Kyrie and Harden? How long y’all think it’s going to last?🤔💭
You know this breaking news when NFL LIVE is reporting on basketball 🤣🤣
John Pestano
John Pestano:
Who would have thought last night would be Harden's last game as a rocket. his postgame last night was the final nail in the coffin. he said the Rockets can't be fixed that was it.
This move means Kyrie is out. There was no way 3 Ball Hoggs can play on the same team and be happy. This means Kyrie is done in BK, he may be bought out, traded or he may retire. But Kyrie is done in BK.
im hoping that kd and kyrie will be traded for westbrook.. this will be phenomenal!!!
Fredrick Charles
Fredrick Charles:
The Houston rockets been had a good team even before harden got to Houston they already had a team they had some of the best players but can’t win a ring they should of went back to back at times they just can’t get it right same for the Houston Texas 😤
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias:
Just watch the Brooklyn Nets trade Kyrie Irving to the Washington Wizards for Russell Westbrook! Haha!
So does this make KD the new LeBron forming his own super-team in the East? I wonder if they move Kyrie now.
Aaron Cascone
Aaron Cascone:
Keeping up with Kyrie Kevin and James, the Brooklyn Nets present a limited time series tune in live this season to watch the events unfold before our very eyes
aaron garcia
aaron garcia:
This team is about to be more Volatile than the stock market reminds me a lot of the 03/04 Lakers tons of Star Power on Paper but the rotting/infighting within derailed them
Tyrese Crockett
Tyrese Crockett:
Houston got a nice lineup with Victor being added
Notorious TAP
Notorious TAP:
Bad move by the nets unless they plan on walking Kyrie out the door
Lane B
Lane B:
I don't want to hear about how Durant is the best player in the world when he's only won with the most winning team ever and now he's got kyrie, harden and a loaded bench. If they lose this year it would be devastating
HOUSTONIAN 4 LIFE. Harden had it all in Houston then gave up. Cee ya! This is gonna go done just like Harden and West. Rockets 2021 - Victor Oladipo with John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Christian Wood. I'll take it!! ❤️
Abe Lincoln
Abe Lincoln:
Hey great job Nets. You got rid of one of your best rebounders Jarret Allen and one of your better scorers Caris Levert just for some overhyped player who won't be that much of a help in the end. Good job.
Dee Pee
Dee Pee:
Kyrie just trolled the league and the media and was able to get harden to the nets without being traded for him

At the end of this season, Harden will be pushing the nets to trade away KD and Kyrie lmao
The media gonna make it seem like the Nets have drama all year especially when we lose regular season games but the truth is KD Kyrie and Harden are all in together. No more Westbrook Kyrie is an upgrade especially shooting which is important. We’re keeping the special sauce X Joe money Harris baby. Shamet can take the next step up he’s a legit shooter man. And you can never forget about Dinwiddie he is literally a sniper looming to get back. This is insane. Love this. We don’t need the picks lol. We’re not developing this is 💍 💍 💍
Nile Agia
Nile Agia:
Pacers lowkey took a W getting Levert. The way sabonis been playing lately that team can be lethal
Eric Perez
Eric Perez:
I’m honestly glad the sixers didn’t trade for James harden no disrespect he’s a great talent but in the long run we’re going to be in a better position with Simmons and embiid still in there prime
Never would see the day NFL live breaks NBA news.
Kurtis Merriweather
Kurtis Merriweather:
You know this trade is a big deal if they're talking about it on a NFL show
M Ja
M Ja:
How are people upset? Brooklyn now has a player who can score and is second in assist.
Danny Duds
Danny Duds:
Kyrie and Harden on the same team, hard to imagine that working
The LeVert deal is a no no we need him on the nets
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming:
What if this was Kyrie's plan all along (with Harden) to trigger this blockbuster trade 😏
This could have been a power move from the nets to not trade Kyrie Irving , if he’s missing games they not gonna want him for a trade , smart move
Manny Bruce
Manny Bruce:
I predict this season we will see the first 190 - 200 points game .
Kngnate 26
Kngnate 26:
They said the 76ers were losers in this deal for not getting Harden. I say we are the biggest winners. Nets loose 4 first round picks. We keep all of our picks and our young up and coming players ??? So how are we losers????
God Family Success Millionaire Heaven Paradise
God Family Success Millionaire Heaven Paradise:
The nets best shot is getting rid of kyrie and keeping harden and kd and improving their bench
Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter:
The Nets better win within the next 2 years, otherwise, this deal is a major failure...🤔
might be ok and might be bad. let's see how these three players work out in the line up.
If Brooklyn fails.. This will be the biggest blockbuster disaster in sports history
michael rodrigues
michael rodrigues:
when are we all going to understand that collusion bw players and agents in the league is rampant and is the only way teams are able to land  2 or 3 all-stars to play together.  The speculation/narrative created by the media regarding kyrie absence makes absolutely no sense.  Kyrie didn't recruit KD to come to Brooklyn only to decide he doesnt feel like playing or whatever rumors are circulating. 

This to me smells like this entire kyrie saga was orchestrated.  It's no coincidence Kyrie goes missing, Brooklyn management, coach, and players have no idea what's going on while at the same time harden officially declares to the media/public he wants out thus forcing rockets to make a move. 

Kyrie absence only fuels speculation of instability which is brilliant  if you ask me and in doing so applies more pressure on Brooklyn to step up with a better offer in order to make a deal that will provide  reassurance  because they can't rely on kyrie.  I truly believe this was orchestrated by the powers that players and agents have in the league.  We saw it happen with LBJ/Wade, Kawhi/PG ,.and now these three.  
Kyrie will return, media will chew on this news for couple of months as always and eventually all will be forgotten.  Life will go on and non parity coontinues.
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor:
The NBA and NFL are not the same in this respect.

NFL stars don't just demand trades or to leave, and if they do, their reputation (and often their on-field effectiveness) is diminished for the long term...