THE OLD GUARD Trailer # 2 (2020) Charlize Theron, Action Movie

THE OLD GUARD Trailer # 2 (New 2020) Charlize Theron, Action Movie
© 2020 - Netflix

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Flo Onditi
Flo Onditi:
'Just because we keep living, doesn't mean we stop hurting..'

I am sooo watching this!! 🙌
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez:
Charlize needs to be in “John Wick 4” and the “Matrix 4”!
777 Starchild
777 Starchild:
This should have been a series
Moon dust smells funny
Moon dust smells funny:
Came for Charlize Theron
Stayed for Charlize Theron 💯
P D_v
P D_v:
I just watched it yesterday and i loved it !!
Hope we get a sequel one day..... soon though!!!
BarnesN Plebian
BarnesN Plebian:
They should have had Keeanu Reeves in this movie. Everyone knows that guy has been alive for centuries.
Kirby Starnino
Kirby Starnino:
"Just because we keep living, doesn't mean we stop hurting." I feel like thats a quote to live by.
Kim Groslouis
Kim Groslouis:
Can't wait to watch it on Netflix . Looks awesome.
J I:
LOVE IT and can’t wait to see it. 🎉 LOVE CHARLIZE 👸
Nina Vazquez
Nina Vazquez:
Okay I watched this and I thought it was amazing!!! Gonna watch again with my husband! Can not wait to see if Netflix picks up a sequel!!!!!👏👏👏
Watched it last night and loved it. The Old Guard, The Witcher, The Umbrella Academy, Netflix is on a roll.
Alexis Golzman
Alexis Golzman:
For some reason I'd love to see Charlize in a movie acting as a blonde pleiadian alien woman. I think she'd be great at it.
v t
v t:
A movie about past lives, reincarnation. I love it.
Mercedes Haskie
Mercedes Haskie:
Why not make it a series 😭 Charlize such a great actress
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson:
I really wish charlize was in the eternals that would be so epic😁
Xander Krolis
Xander Krolis:
This looks very very very awesome. Anyone else getting a more dramatic Hancock style immortal vibe with this trailer/film..? (*_*") 📽😁 would still definitely watch
Charlize looks good as the new highlander! Can't wait for the after credits scene of Connor MacLeod walking out of the shadows to setup the HCU...
Cinematic Addict
Cinematic Addict:
Love Charlize Theron so I’m in
RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy
RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy:
The fact this is an Image Comics series being brought to the live action screen makes it even better.
Amellia Lucille
Amellia Lucille:
Just watched it and was actually a really nice movie
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson:
Loved the new girls reaction to the two guys having been alive during the crusade's. Just wait until she finds out how old Charlize's character is, in the comic she's supposed to be over 5000 year's old.
Wanga Nxitywa
Wanga Nxitywa:
Charlize sells every role or character she plays..👑🔥
Ro Velt
Ro Velt:
This has the potential to be 🔥
Frederico Sousa
Frederico Sousa:
the graphic novel is very very good. So looking forward to this. The casting seems fine to me
vidah Paz
vidah Paz:
Damn but she really is the most beautiful woman alive!! She makes action super dope as hell!!!
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor:
"There can be only one!" No but seriously, looks good.
John Nash
John Nash:
You had me at Charlize!
Can’t wait 😊
Rufaro Asuquo
Rufaro Asuquo:
Can’t wait 😊
This looks damn cool
Eagerly waiting for this one
Netflix makes some good stuff but so does Amazon and "The Boys" is DOPE! Season 2 is supposed to drop in Sept. IIRC
Pamela Martinez
Pamela Martinez:
Charlize Theron has become my favorite actress
Abdul-Rahman Washington
Abdul-Rahman Washington:
Can't wait for this
Dawood Omer
Dawood Omer:
Mad max - Out here everything hurts.

Old guard - Actually everything hurts.

Please stop hurting Charlize Theron
_abbi.b_ 0722
_abbi.b_ 0722:
This movie was really good and I enjoyed it but there seemed to be no conclusion it ended so abruptly and if felt like it was finished half way though (if that makes sense) would have been better as series
The Harlequin
The Harlequin:
Well thanks to them dropping that bit about "Nobody lives forever. one day you just stop healing...: Im pretty sure i know what happens to Charlize's character in the latter half of the movie. That "everything hurts" line at the end all but confirmed it.
James Campbell
James Campbell:
I cannot wait to see this. It’ll also be my first time joining Netflix as well 😂
Felecia Tan
Felecia Tan:
wow amazing movie ilove charlize theron,i sees many time this movie its really nice i admire her.
Sandra Ferreira
Sandra Ferreira:
Muito bom
point black hash
point black hash:
Charlize are best! Love her.
Dwayne Lawson
Dwayne Lawson:
I hope they make a second one👍👍
Nim Vaughen
Nim Vaughen:
i loooooooooove it !
A.Z. B.
A.Z. B.:
Finally an other badass girl power movie.
Dika Intan Ayudiaswati
Dika Intan Ayudiaswati:
Did I see Charlize Theron ? Can't wait for it
Chiwetel hunted River, a superhuman genius, in Serenity. Then he hunted wizards in Dr Strange and now he's hunting immortals. Dude got a thing for supernatural shit.
I need Christopher Lambert in part of this series.
Roland Gile
Roland Gile:
charize theron is BADASS!
Raul Rubio
Raul Rubio:
Por dios! esto esta incompleto!! Falta Connor Mcloud y Jhonn Wick!! Los verdaderos inmortales!!
Ilhan Aden
Ilhan Aden:
Am tired of waiting 2021 for the best movies 💯💯
Bokang Phelane
Bokang Phelane:
Damnit this looks good AF
Sabrina Novais
Sabrina Novais:
muito bom
S.A Sadeghi
S.A Sadeghi:
didn't said that in a while about a female lead movie in hollywood , but I have hopes in this one , good actors , good idea and maybe good story telling .... I want this to be good so much
I’ve been saying forever that there needs to be a new franchise centering around immortals. Ideally I wanted Anne Rice’s vampires to go farther than it did but Queen Of the damned was made by someone who didn’t even read the book and fucked that up. We could have seen vapire celts, huns, romans, egyptians, sumerians, mongols etc. Looks like this will gives a taste of something similar but end up being another over the top action flick to part the unimaginative masses from their money. Sigh...
Dustin Owens
Dustin Owens:
The theme fits nicely with the new show warrior nun.
maddie man
maddie man:
Looks fantastic
Catherine Tarte
Catherine Tarte:
I need this NOW!!!!!
A weird mix between Middle Age´s customes and current ones.
The perfect mix.
Seen the whole thing in this clip, they don’t die, somebody knows that, wants that, goes after that. They fight a few skirmishes then on to the big boss fight, maybe one of them dies, but ultimately they win. THE END.
Norbu Grg
Norbu Grg:
Can you please stop doing that?
After pulling out the knife off her chest, the girl throws up. A lil over. But Charlize is always killing it.
Clinton ibekwereonye
Clinton ibekwereonye:
Great movie
mgtow monk monk
mgtow monk monk:
I can't wait for this it comes out 10th of July in Sydney Australia
M. Clark
M. Clark:
Gives me that Mad Max vibe...
Who else saw Theron all covered in desert dirt and got super excited for second because they thought this was a Mad Max movie.
Alvin Leong
Alvin Leong:
Charlize is looking good at her age :)
Nathan Domke
Nathan Domke:
This looks dope
YES all the way here for Kiki Layne!!!!
Tito Shawky
Tito Shawky:
The most powerful clips and terrifying follow-up
a P
a P:
WOW also a dutch actor, belgium actor..... love it💕
Bishop White
Bishop White:
I saw a battle axe, I'm in.
Just hope she ends the movies a mess, like main characters in action movies do. Bloodied, bruised and untidy, but a winner.
Faiz Ullah
Faiz Ullah:
Charlize Theron really you are a awesome actress
Love you you so much 😘
Seems like a different spin on Highlander esque immortals. I am so in then!
This looks very interesting
R T:
I getting gay vibes from Charlize big time. She's a badass
Great Wazzoo
Great Wazzoo:
Stop, you had me at Charlize Theron and Action Movie.
Zak Zak
Zak Zak:
best movie of 2020 :D
i see Charlize Theron, i hit thumb up :) its a reflex.
Jonathan Chicorli
Jonathan Chicorli:
There's something wrong with my eyes does this actually look like a good new movie. Sure everything has been done before, immortal, fighting, greasy little white a-hole, but good luck trying to avoid that anymore.
Glenn Harcourt
Glenn Harcourt:
Charlize Theron is probably the only actress who can do this without making it look like a joke. But she's kind of wasted in this comic book silliness.
Charlize Theron is such a bad-ass woman.
Giving me some Furiosa vibes in the begining of the trailer 💀
First few seconds of the trailer, Wow Mad Max Fury Road returns, then another few seconds, Wow she look like The Matrix Trinity😅Last few seconds trailer Wow this feels like Fast& Furious all over again. Nice Charlize Theron Nice!
josie park
josie park:
Charlize looks so hot in short hair 🥵
Wait, its not a series? .. Huh, is one movie enough time to not feel rushed? Guess we will see.
Thee Samuel Nelson
Thee Samuel Nelson:
Something about Charlize Theron in short hair... DAMN!!
This doesn't give covid vibes. I thought Netflix would deliver. They delivered something greater than covid vibes.
I'm a renewed person. 😮
*i am actually seeing Movie Coverage more than my friends in these days*
carlos cardoso uchia
carlos cardoso uchia:
Charlize Theron my man I'm in...
Those fights are gonna be insane.
Vivian Malala
Vivian Malala:
Watching this trailer for the 10th time hoping 10th July arrives fast😏 raise your hand if you're watching the old guard trailer everytime you come across it😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jaydia Simmons
Jaydia Simmons:
At first glance I thought that was Xena in the thumbnail. I started to get excited about a remake.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist:
Shoot. So you stop aging, you stop dying, but you don't stop feeling pain. That's really gotta _suck!_
Charlize is the sexiest woman in Hollywood
Matthias Schoenaerts does it all for me.
XiTin Trump
XiTin Trump:
In starting scene who remembered Mad Max Fury??
Anni Kohen
Anni Kohen:
Awesome. Reminds me a bit of Xena
Esther Paul
Esther Paul:
Is Andy gonna get her immortality back?😭
Luth razak
Luth razak:
When is this gonna be out again?