The PROBLEM With Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey not long after it was announced that for the first time in history the top of the charts were dominated by blaque women decided it was her chance to speak on how excluded she feels based on the style of music she makes.

The PROBLEM With Lana Del Rey

We must stop this Vanilla Venom, this WhipCream Whining, this Onion Outrage

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Scooby MiKE
Scooby MiKE:
She should do a track with Future
she said “question for the culture” like she’s
charlamagne or summ
She should have made her point without dropping the names smh
June Asiimwe
June Asiimwe:
It's hilarious how Lana truly thinks that she's paved the way for women to 'not put on a happy face' and sing about dark subjects when artists like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse and many others were doing that years before her. She sounds bitter.
I can’t believe lana just clicked post and went to sleep unbothered
Cori-Jaiden Langley
Cori-Jaiden Langley:
its crazy cuz she mentioned kehlani who has for one never had a number one record and for two literally talks about the same things as lana like they both heavily talk about toxic relationships so she was really just coming for people to come for people that happen to be doing well.
shut up, travis
shut up, travis:
Bruh she out here being a “born in the wrong generation” person in the year of our lord 2020
Kavini Giri
Kavini Giri:
this is billie eilish saying “rap is full of lies and my music isn’t” in a different context
She belittled the music these women make by suggesting they only make music about "sex, getting naked, cheating" as if they each don't have discographies as complex and full of diff topics as her or any other artist. Also she's speaking as if she never sings about sex - a ton of lana's songs are about sleeping with men (rich, or shitty, or married men usually) and bragging about how she is in bed or how her pussy tastes like "pepsi cola" yet she has the nerve to paint herself as some victim of.... what exactly? What is she going through that these women arent also going through in the music industry - except they get the added layer of racism and being "big booty seductresses" for being black women embracing their sexuality but lana is some saint for embracing hers? Nope. It honestly screams white feminism and belittles the struggles black women go through in the industry - she's claiming to be the only victim of sexism, and completing ignoring the racism that goes on or the struggles and criticisms black female artists deal with :/ love how she paints herself as "delicate" as if these women haven't shown vulnerable aspects of themselves... also she didn't pave the way for making sad music / music showing vulnerability lmao
Not the case
Not the case:
She literally is the biggest "i'm not like the other girls" ever
Teddy Usher
Teddy Usher:
its crazy how someone like lana del rey can say something like this when it is clear that she is just angry that women who are making music that she doesn't deem good enough are more successful than her and it really shows how out of touch she is
Elizabeth Sanders
Elizabeth Sanders:
Lana Del Ray I love her as an artist but its just disappoint at the timeing. Nowthat the charts are being dominated by black women your raising these concerns ...
Four black women have JUST made history for the first time on the charts and she's mad.
So: Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Adele don't exist?
“Why does upbeat music make people happier than sad music” lmao
Jakourius Corbin
Jakourius Corbin:
I hated how she made it seem like those ladies were stopping her from doing her music.
yujibell draws stuff
yujibell draws stuff:
Lana del Rey makes music for girls who fantasize about being with serial killers ofc she gonna get criticism
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M:
Too me she sounded she kinda jealous kinda tone deaf honestly when she said this. She could made a point without saying names.
she’s a white woman who’s concept is living in late jim crow era are we surprised
lorenzo radi
lorenzo radi:
Lana acts like a toxic tyler the creator fan
minnie babi
minnie babi:
let's talk about Melanie martinez real quick, Melanie has been told she sexulizing babies and she was making the same old music but she kept making her music and going on with her style.

So Lana could and can make her music. I've seen videos calling Meg a man, and just being straight rude (that goes for the others as well)
The Weeknd
The Weeknd:
That’s really disrespectful calling her a Mayo mischief she’s a stargirl.
The way she kept describing herself as "feminine" and "delicate" was disturbing. Sounds like she just wanted to humble-brag about fitting into a conventional gender role.
Austin S.
Austin S.:
Lana lost when she name dropped artists like Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj who are constantly critiqued for things she stated in her rant(especially because of the amount of hate Beyoncé received because she was talking about police brutality in her music/people even threatened to lynch her). Lana bout to get *CYBER BULLIED*
Evgenia Stankevich
Evgenia Stankevich:
No one gonna mention that she normalized “when woman says no and man hear it as yes!!”
right wing left wing chicken wing
right wing left wing chicken wing:
I love how she said “I’m not not a feminist” 😂😂😂🙄 I’ve loved her music since I was 14, but damn Lana, wtf does that even mean? 🙅🏿‍♀️
Criticism: Exists
Lana del Rey: Stop oppressing me!
whizzard blizzard
whizzard blizzard:
Can Azealia Banks bully her again? I feel it’s necessary.
John Ricotta
John Ricotta:
‪Lana’s post would’ve been fine if she didn’t compare herself to mostly black female entertainers who have faced tremendous criticism in their careers. Then again the people she mentioned are just the bigger female names in music. ‬
Renzi Kalaw
Renzi Kalaw:
“I like Lana’s music”
*shows picture of Lorde’s album
"These black women are winning...there's no space for soft, gentle, pure white women any more."
She basically said "Make the charts great [read 'white'] again"
Ruth Uribe
Ruth Uribe:
Camila Cabello is half Cuban and half Mexican so yes another minority 🙃
Joaquin Costa
Joaquin Costa:
The 50’s mentality played a big role when selecting the artists to criticize lmao
A username
A username:
This woman managed to be feminist and anti women at the same time im 💀
S M:
"oh so you like racial segregation" i-
Dusty Donlad
Dusty Donlad:
Wow, looks like she typed that on a typewriter! She really is such a sophisticated and old school role-model for Nirvana girls
Tevin McClain
Tevin McClain:
“you are not a victim... you are a Karen” 💀
Mario Bros
Mario Bros:
7:47 dude you just explained what I have been thinking everytime one of her stans wants to undermine new artists or smaller artists when it comes in doing alternative music, saying that they could have never had the success or inspiration without Lana. For some reason some of her stans think that *all* alternative artists have had Lana as an inspiration. Look, I'm not saying Lana didn't made an impact on this industry or influence some edgy artists that today exist, I think she is really creative and I really like a lot of her songs. But I really don't see her as the woman who started alternative music or the *only* one who made it more acceptable for mainstream media. I know she sometimes doesn't get enough credit, and I'm not here trying to take her influence on music away from her. It just annoying how some of her stans act like she is the only one good enough to be alternative.
Rachel M
Rachel M:
Bro, I love Lana but even I don't want to be in that "mood" all the time. Her music isn't "happy" or something you can play ALL the time. Also, did she forget Adele and her incredible success for mellow music?

This just seemed so unnecessary.
Frankie Russell
Frankie Russell:
The problem is Lana's complaining about being criticized for lyrical content. And the women she mentioned are criticized for their image.
the Flawless MoonlightQueen
the Flawless MoonlightQueen:
She sound like “I’m not like other girls”
Leyou Andualem
Leyou Andualem:
You have to realize that Lana’s last album (Norman) was very different from the rest of her discography and was the most critically acclaimed. A lot of the positive reviews praised the “feminist”’ message of the album. But nowadays critics are coming around to respecting women who chose to make music that may have been considered “objectification” in previous years (like with lanas older albums). So I think Lana was just saying that all these other artists are getting love for things she has been criticized for but the truth is society/critics are just progressing enough to where all stories can be viewed as valid no matter if they are morally correct or not.
Usnavi DelaVOOGA
Usnavi DelaVOOGA:
1:20 The amount of white girls in my high school that always say "I wish I could live in the 1950s", is astounding
wicked LH
wicked LH:
It's Grammy's fault she's been snubbed for years.
All I got from her post was that she was critisized. Every single artist has been criticized.

Y'all have a great day.
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996:
She wants to have her cake and eat it too, she'll say that about them yet she still wants to go to met-galas with them and be considered part of the club.
no one held her at gun point and told her she can't make music no more.
James Catania
James Catania:
Shawn my mom was her highschool Spanish teacher in New York

Her name was Elizabeth Grant

She chose lana del ray as her name
I don’t like her music but Camilla counts as a minority, she’s Latina
Vera Debra
Vera Debra:
Lana obviously doesn’t understand intersectionality. Such a Karen
Edgar Jardines
Edgar Jardines:
A lot of edgy teens are going to go after your head
Sarang Saranghae
Sarang Saranghae:
Lana feels as though she's entitled to chart high simply for existing. We've heard this story before...
“The N word girl” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ada FeaGrend
Ada FeaGrend:
This just reminds me of when Madonna wrote a letter back in the late 80s about how other successful women make her feel bad. She named dropped Whitney Houston in her letter.
Desmond Alohan
Desmond Alohan:
"Sounds like a 'You' problem"

- Life
She talked about how now that these other artists are accepted with those kind of songs, she also wants to go back to her way of making music being the way she is, without being misunderstood. Also she named those artists because she likes them and never said they didn't have had a hard time coming up. She's talking about how she wants its NOW and how other people are NOW. I don't know why people don't get it how she isn't hating on anyone but the weird ways of the music industry.

Also she likes hip hop and those artists music. She would never be mad about why they're charting and she's not. It's more like she's scared and has been scared, to get backlash again.
Jungsus Xx
Jungsus Xx:
Imagine saying you sing about love when you have to bash other women’s music to hype up what you do. Lana has gorgeous music, but she needs to work on her words, just because she doesn’t make music like the girls she mentioned doesn’t mean she’s superior.

(Btw Camila could be considered a minority in some ways. Shes Cuban which leads her into the Hispanic area.)
404 error
404 error:
Nobody :
Lana del rey : CuLTurE.
Throw Away
Throw Away:
Fighting back against a culture by advocating for your right as a woman to act a certain way and then subsequently undercutting your point by seemingly not wanting to give the impression that you are emboldened or confident in your stance (see: last paragraph),

thereby *_placing yourself in a submissive role_* by being submissive about your stance on *_placing yourself in a submissive role_* in response to a culture that you feel is *_placing yourself in a submissive role_*

is incredibly fascinating in its poetic irony.
lana has been criticized in the past but she worded that so poorly and didnt need to name names
I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a Lana del Rey song from start to finish
Youre not a victim, ur a karen😂
Question for the culture:

Why do you people make everything about race or people’s skin color?
I love all these women (ESPECIALLY LANA) that were mentioned so imma just sit in the corner until this is resolved.
Broken VieeHS
Broken VieeHS:
Every man gets his wish
Put Me in A movie
I can list more songs that glamorize rape and abuse from lana
Lu GioF
Lu GioF:
Maybe she is upset after the Charlies Angel song ...
Angel Sunlight
Angel Sunlight:
She seems like she’s coming from a place that’s very privileged to the point where she can choose whether or not she’s a feminist.
update: she now drags FKA Twigs in
Lmao I love Lana’s music but she needs to also realize that her lyrics are not just problematic bc they’re “pick me.” She fetishizes toxicity not just submissiveness. “If he’s a serial killer then what’s the worst that can happen to a girl who’s already hurt?” But that shit sounds good so Imma keep listening haha and yess the irony of her claiming oppression by comparing herself to a group of mostly Black women was not lost on me either lmao the nerveee
Nino Adan
Nino Adan:
I guess when you have never been oppressed or discriminated, you just gonna want more. This is like at a workplace, if you've been discriminated for so many times you'd be glad just to get hired anywhere, you wouldn't dream about getting promotion lol
Pierre Checo
Pierre Checo:
Lmao have you listened to her music? It’s far from wanting to be a housewife in whatever era
GEEN in all caps
GEEN in all caps:
"Mayo mischief" 😂😂😂😂
siana b
siana b:
i never liked her in the first place so HAHAHAH but the fact that she just seems to want to be in the 50’s so bad is disgusting, i hate when people say they were “born in the wrong generation” and wanna be born in the 50/60s were there was so much oppression for females, POC and etc. it pisses me off
Ashley King
Ashley King:
Wouldn’t it make more sense for Lana Del Ray to be mad about artist like Billie Ellish? Sounds like she’s projecting and needs someone to blame.
"This mayo mischief, this milk mayhem." I'm crying 😭
calm croissant
calm croissant:
Are we not gonna talk about "He hit me and it felt like a kiss". Submissive women on one end, propagating violence against women on another.
She been salty since Lady Gaga made her break
Duncan Walter
Duncan Walter:
It genuinely felt like she’s not looked at music for the past ten years, saw the charts this morning and made her entire opinion completely based off that. Just because some of the artists she mentioned are charting for sexualised music currently, doesn’t base their entire career based off that
Ima still listen too her music tho 👀
King Kai
King Kai:
This man said "Mayo mischief"😭🤣😭🤣😭
She literally time traveled from the 1950s
Mayo Mischief And Milk Mayhem sound like supervillain names
"to find oppression she had to go to the internet". Roast her!!!!
Nick Guden
Nick Guden:
Honestly, this is the first opinion piece that I feel is well articulated. Everyone has tried to say Lana’s letter wasn’t written well but there wasn’t a lot of evidence as to why. You said it well my man, thanks for being you
Imagine being surprised your sad niche music isn't as popular as beyonce
“Mayo Mischief” is my new favorite quote
chevy silverado
chevy silverado:
lmaooooo camilla “the n word girl”
Tariq Jackson
Tariq Jackson:
my dude said "mayo mischief" and "milk mayhem" LMAOOOOOOOO
Kyla Clarp
Kyla Clarp:
The thing i'm surprised about is the fact she wants to be a Pop artist, as her music does not convey that. I thought she knew that she was kinda alternative and her market would be more niche than Ariana Grande for Christ's sake.
DJ Devinstation
DJ Devinstation:
“Mayo Mischief” sounds like a fire song or album title though, where Lana cries and plays victim throughout the entire thing as she did here.
Mixed girl here, I still dont understand. I might slow down on Lana's music for a while
C C:
“The n word girl” *E N O U G H* 😭
A KING. This was so eloquent. Lana is probably living under a rock.
A H:
Everybody stream cellophane by FKA Twigs!
RustySpoons ASMR
RustySpoons ASMR:
Also let's talk about the fact that her name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.
I lost it at “Mayo Mischief” lmfao I’ve never heard that before
Regis Sanders
Regis Sanders:
"Vanilla Venom, this WhipCream Whining, this Onion Outrage, Mayo Mischief" hahahhaha
Stripes Tonight
Stripes Tonight:
Shawn came with a good unintended pun at about 4:07 “sit there and smoke your cancer sticks” followed by “you had to drag other people into this none sense”
Janae Marshall
Janae Marshall:
Where are celebrities PR team I know y'all have them. Us them
Grant Sandiford
Grant Sandiford:
‘Mayo mischief’ I’m sleep 😂😂