THE PROPOSAL | Michelle & Garrett

Garrett takes on his own "Challenge Accepted," where he plans the perfect dream proposal to Michelle, with only 48 hours of notice.

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100+ comentarios:

kelsey darragh
kelsey darragh:
literally started smiling the second this started LOL
Fiona Animates
Fiona Animates:
Such a sweet story! My mom proposed to my dad by yelling across the room, “Hey, wanna get married?”
They’re still going strong after 18 years.
Hyun So
Hyun So:
I just realized that’s the place that Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earring😂
Every family: Mum says sweet emotional things and then dad goes, "Yeah".
Pineda, Christien Dizon
Pineda, Christien Dizon:
Garrett: Michelle will you marry me
Michelle: Challenge Accepted
Congrats Michelle and Garrett! 💖 A truly beautiful and heartwarming Challenge Accepted 🙌
Emily McAdam
Emily McAdam:
Michelle and Garret are like the only persons that can turn a proposal into a action/romance movie. And ofc congratulations I wish you guys the best.
White Empress
White Empress:
the way Michelle's voice goes soft when she tells about the proposal is just--
Emily B
Emily B:
This video was weirdly educational for me. At the beginning of this year i started dating this guy and i really felt like he could be the one. Isolation hit and we couldn’t see each other, he started pulling away from me and we eventually broke up because he wouldn’t commit to his feelings for me. I was gutted. Ever since then I’ve been wondering “what if” in the sense of maybe I was too harsh, maybe it was the wrong timing. But watching this, I realise I made the absolute right choice. The look of pure love on this guy’s face and the effort that he puts in to personalising the experience for her...that’s what I dream of.
Massive congratulations to you both, you’ll have beautiful babies!!!!
Leala Guarino
Leala Guarino:
Her mom is and was SO PRETTY omg she’s gorgeous now I know why Michelle is pretty
Jalyn Vanessa
Jalyn Vanessa:
“I knew I wanted to marry her when I started looking over at her hand and expected to see a ring on her finger but it wasn’t there” had me like 🥺🥺🥺
Is no one gonna mention how BOMB Michelle's body is?! Like DAYUM girl you'd don't need to train too much to become the perfect bride because she already is!!!
Guy Man
Guy Man:
shit!, i am a Boy and i almost cry because i started to imagine, how will be my wife? i mean, i don't even know her, most part of my life it's been alone, i just want to know my soul mate, merry her and got a beatiful family.

pdt: Sorry for my english, i'm not that good at writing but i understand almost 90% of what people are saying. I'm from Mexico btw.
pdt: Congratulations Michelle!
lonelypotato jin never found
lonelypotato jin never found:
Michelle: surprise, i planned a trip
Garrett: uno reverse card
But seriously tho, you're such couple goals
Victoria Apodaca
Victoria Apodaca:
“She has to wear it forever so it’s got to be good”
Serana Marie
Serana Marie:
Now Michelle gets to “train” to be a bride. Lol
HOLY CRAP michelle has exactly her mums smile! Thats so adorable
Rhea Singh
Rhea Singh:
She should go on yes to the dress, her episode would be fun to see.
Brooklyn Chesser
Brooklyn Chesser:
Anyone else getting their hopes up about life and getting married, then realize that this kind of love they have is so rare now? It's the most wholesome and beautiful thing ever. Congrats guys! Michelle, I'm glad you accepted this challenge. It will be the best yet, and give you GORGEOUS babies
Grace Martin
Grace Martin:
Damnn this is the most dramatic proposal video ever....... and I'm LIVING for it! XD
Kelsey Impicciche
Kelsey Impicciche:
I cried lol This was crazy!!
"I take Dungeons&Dragons seriously."
As you should my man. Jocks Machina is with you.
Aishwarya Potdar
Aishwarya Potdar:
Michelle's parents are so wholesome aww. Love their wedding pics, my favourite part is how bright their smiles are.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
Are we not gonna talk about how her pants changed half way through.....
She says shes not gonna cry...... Then starts breaking down like most moms do. 😂😂😂😂😂
Julia Amerioun
Julia Amerioun:
Can we talk about the fact that Michelle's parents had two weddings to celebrate their different cultures? So sweet
Amy Doust
Amy Doust:
why has no one mentioned the fact that garet is still fully clothed underwater
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez:
Garret reminds me so much of hiccup from how to train your dragon even his voice!
Melonese Vasmelom
Melonese Vasmelom:
The most sweetest couple ever. The way they talk about each other is unbelievable. That’s love ❤️
M&G’s Teacher: Okay so what does your mom do for a living?
M&G’s Child: So uhh.. listen up.
Now Michelle gets to “train” to be a bride. Lol
I was okay until Michelle talked about how she was feeling now that shes engaged
Kilani med
Kilani med:
Is that were kim kardashian lost her d'aimant erings in the see lol
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
I love that he said “I’m not asking for their permission, I’m asking for their blessing”
Alexandra Spatz
Alexandra Spatz:
Whelp...just when you think you’re not gonna cry.
Omari Thomas
Omari Thomas:
I love that he said “I’m not asking for their permission, I’m asking for their blessing”
Rania Cherkaoui
Rania Cherkaoui:
Let be honest :
Michelle is the cutest human being on the earth that smile .. I can't
Sam Kim
Sam Kim:
Plot twist: Michelle found the ring in the dnd stash but just played along
Cupcake Corner
Cupcake Corner:
Michelle: “and it felt like time stopped”
Me: TwT
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
Every family: Mum says sweet emotional things and then dad goes, "Yeah".
Melina A.
Melina A.:
Even though we dont see him as often on camera, but how is garret as videogenic as michelle? They are perfect for each other *****
Anna K
Anna K:
When Michelle’s mom started crying I started crying too 😭
Why does he sound like Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon ?
Kali B
Kali B:
Anyone else notice how in some of the shots she’s wearing shorts and in others she has swimsuit bottoms on
Em 123
Em 123:
Anyone else kinda confused about the whole plan... Valentine’s Day is February ...
Perfect boyfriend doesn't exi-

Garret: *shows up*

Me: *come on mAn*
Brianne Portelance
Brianne Portelance:
He is the luckiest guy in the world to have Michelle. And she is the luckiest girl in the world to have Garrett. Such an amazing couple. Love u guys and congratulations.
Xx_Nerdy Gacha_xX
Xx_Nerdy Gacha_xX:
“Challenge Accepted”

Me: “Wait, is this actually a challenge accepted episode? xD it is”
and i stashed it in my dungons and dragons minis.
me: MY GUY
Tranquil Phoenix
Tranquil Phoenix:
I’m not crying ok. 😭. This was the cutest most sweetest proposal I’ve ever see
Michelle Garcia Martinez
Michelle Garcia Martinez:
When this mother effer said: "I knew she was my soulmate when I looked at her finger and expected to see a ring on it"

I'm on the ground, sobbing...
Beans Police
Beans Police:
I can’t be the only one sitting here crying in my room LOL
Saumya S
Saumya S:
6:35 damn, now that's deep love!
Kuro Kitsune
Kuro Kitsune:
4:42 haha lmao "i think they love me...?"
Ahgase Forever
Ahgase Forever:
Omg, this video is everything. Your love for each other is a light in this universe. Very inspiring, beautiful, and heartwarming as Youtube itself commented!! I can feel the pure moving love.
May you two thrive on forever!
Freelancer Bangladesh
Freelancer Bangladesh:
Next Challenge: "I Tried to Become a Professional Hacker" 🙉
Sue Mboya
Sue Mboya:
We ain’t ready for the wedding series ahhhhhh
Ingrid Felfly
Ingrid Felfly:
Omggggg I'm crying of happiness! Congratulations cuties, wish you all the best together😍❤🙏
Potato _
Potato _:
Michelle and Garret I am so happy for you guys. I was literally crying when Garret did all of that planning for you and when you said yes. This is the sweetest proposal and I am so happy for you guys.❤
Kristīna Sterba
Kristīna Sterba:
Okay, when Garrett said ''she's gonna wear it forever"... no words, I'm so happy Michelle met him. Wish you to live happily ever after!!!
Alexis Outten
Alexis Outten:
The fact that she brought up Garrett proposing😂 little does she know
Gillian B
Gillian B:
Ummmm so this photographer is the real MVP lol “we need a signal”
Sepide N
Sepide N:
I was feeling what she was saying it was so feelable and amazing i hope they live a happely ever after in really excited for them
Laylani Maldonado
Laylani Maldonado:
hold on she filmed that in June 2019?!
the secrecy of surprising each other is top tier like honestly lol
Jennifer Bullett
Jennifer Bullett:
Where can I find a love like this? This kind of love is very rare especially in "Today's World " everyone is looking for hookups and nothing more. Anyway, Congratulations to the lovely couple!!! 😁💍👏🏾💜😭😭😭
Arely Gonzalez
Arely Gonzalez:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how perfect the ring is for her like A++
Gert Müller
Gert Müller:
This is so sweet, I'm thinking about my best friend right now and I hope we will marry in the future. We make each other laugh, support us in every way, have the deapest of conversations and do all kinds of stuff like creating art, climbing, pen and paper roleplays, cooking,...

I truely think, someone you'll have a relationship with and ultimately marry should be your best friend, who you trust with everything, never get bored off, grow intelectually and love not for what they give you, but for how amazing they are.

I can't find meaning in hooking up with somebody I just met. I've tried it once but stopped pretty fast because having sex with someone no matter how beautifull they are doesn't satisfy me nearly as much as just having a good time with someone I actually care for.

I wish you two the best for your life together, you're awesome!
Hannah K Elliott
Hannah K Elliott:
omg! that was the cutest thing ive ever seen in my entire life
Charli L
Charli L:
Get urself a man or women or partner like Garret. This was so cute and I’m so happy for u guys!
The Philosopher
The Philosopher:
Me: "Okay, I need to start getting ready for work. Let me just watch the intro."
Also Me: *sits here for the next fifteen and a half minutes*
"planning a proposal in less than 24 hours it's like a heist you know" 😂
Pandemic Affect
Pandemic Affect:
We all needed to see something like this, especially during these depressing times. Congratulations!
Arvin Arellano
Arvin Arellano:
My heart is melting, watching this i wanna find my soul mateee. Congratsss i wish i was inv to the wedding. I dont think she will see this but if u do thanks for the best content and congrats u deserve it so much i wish i wasnt 13 ahhaha but it is wat it is.
Doesn’t get mad at all the hair she sheds in the bathroom because it reminds him of her.
That is true f*cking love.
Doris Panic
Doris Panic:
This is sooo beautiful! Garret is so nice i love him. Every man should be like him and look up to him.❤️❤️❤️😍
Margo Brown
Margo Brown:
No one hates on them, so this:
They're not a 100% perfect couple... They're a 200% perfect couple
Jasmine G
Jasmine G:
btw everyone I was born in Thailand and I lived there my whole life until I moved to Hawaii I lived in Bangkok and I moved about a year ago I and now I could have met you guys but I moved 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 but......
CONGRATS I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH then you guys went to bora bora
Desroy White
Desroy White:
Love that Michelle used a travel agent!
And I’m crying. Love you both so much!
Deanna Lisovich
Deanna Lisovich:
I am so happy for y’all!! Congrats!! I cannot wait to see the wedding!!
Miguel Saucedo
Miguel Saucedo:
I think I’ve seen you on a different site *cough*põrñ Hûb*cough*
Faith Yoruw
Faith Yoruw:
I wish my mother would see my hair and think “oh look remnants of my lovely wonderful daughter, oh how I adore her” instead what to do I get??? Yelled at? AND FOR WHAT? A shame
I really believe this deserves some kind of award
"Best proposal of ever, during the start of a world crysis"
The pictures are beyond amazing.
No one:

Garret: I know she’s perfect for me because I don’t get mad when she sheads a lot of hair in the shower

Wow: I can’t believe I got so many likes! Thanks lol
Sabrina Wenzel
Sabrina Wenzel:
My 5 year old and I are in tears about how sweet this is :3
That’s Everything
That’s Everything:
I love how they showed the parents wedding photo
Jade Eden
Jade Eden:
I didn’t cry alll the way up until the end. Here comes the waterworks. The actual proposal.
Congratulations , but kinda confused , Did the photographer take the pictures twice with different shorts /swimsuit bottoms? 13:36 - 13:45
Anyways planning was on point , I can't imagine the stress
Serana Marie
Serana Marie:
Jesus loves anyone reading this! You are wonderfully made! God bless
M C:
I thought I was the only one to look like my mom AND my dad. 😂
I love the smell of soy in the morning
Nathalia Luiza Silva
Nathalia Luiza Silva:
OMG IM CRYING <3 I love you guys.
Garrett: I’m just rambling at this point

Me: Please, continue.
Aishwarya Potdar
Aishwarya Potdar:
So cute, bless y'all, congratulations!
I felt the love and passion for one another. You two will have a happy life together
Amishi Shrivastava
Amishi Shrivastava:
awwww <3 congo u guys ! i just love it when two cultures come together ! love from india! <333
Shin Jara
Shin Jara:
I so love this! Love you Michelle and Garrett! Can't wait for your wedding day.
Penny Michelle
Penny Michelle:
At first I was like "Why is this under Challenge Accepted?" And then I watched Garrett's intro and was lik OHHHHHH.