The Real Reason Bill Cosby Is Getting Out Of Prison

Watch this video to learn the real reason Bill Cosby is getting out of Prison

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An immunity agreement is more than just a "technicality"
Elaine Evans
Elaine Evans:
Only wealthy people can afford the best lawyers.
Joanie84 H
Joanie84 H:
Why don’t you do a story on the Catholic Church with all those demonic child molesters
Will he do any new Jello commercials stating how sweet it is to walk from a conviction on a technicality?
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson:
Hugh Hefner did the same thing at his Play Boy home I have heard and thats were Bill Cosby pick that trick up Hugh and Bill were pretty tight back in the day.
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson:
Money talks bullshit walks. Smh
Bohemian God
Bohemian God:
They hate on Cosby but love Cardi b who took advantage of unconscious men? Interesting.
Wendy Wehner
Wendy Wehner:
I don't understand how his wife can stand by him after all that he did! WTF?!
Dave Erk
Dave Erk:
First question to her is, why did you stay with your CHEATING HUSBAND?
"Come sit on my lap " cosby
Terrie Jervey
Terrie Jervey:
Don't blame him because the trap wasn't totally and completely set.They should have dotted all "I" and crossed all "t"!! That's rich privilege!! The American way!!
I used to sing at the Playboy club, and have been around Bill Cosby many, many times. He was always respectful, kind, and protective, like a big brother. I dont drink, or get high, but I also saw many women shamelessly throwing themselves at all the wealthy men at Hefners parties. Bill Cosby, treated me the way I treat myself, With Respect.
Lucia Trapani
Lucia Trapani:
A travesty of justice!!!
Adam Rice
Adam Rice:
Hey Bill! What the lattest flavor puddin pop?
Shabaka Ndolunkulu
Shabaka Ndolunkulu:
True!!! But now that they've destroyed his reputation he's no longer a threat!!!
The proof wasn't in the "pudding"
ben gotti
ben gotti:
Prosecute by the book, not emotions
William Grant
William Grant:
Let's turn to God Let's repent and ask for forgiveness Let's study God's word and thank God for sending Jesus and all He's done Thank you God! Shepherdschapelcom Theseasonorg explains the whole Bible God bless
Ronnie Scopeline
Ronnie Scopeline:
11/20 ushered in a new era of lawlessness for America.
It's going to get much much worse.
Frank Moyer
Frank Moyer:
Susie Fairfield
Susie Fairfield:
Because he's rich
Jose Segarra
Jose Segarra:
Do not worry...what ever you do here will pay here soon or latter.
Jenna Le Roux
Jenna Le Roux:
This makes me so mad
meat ball
meat ball:
Yaay B L M. Good job
Michael McKenna
Michael McKenna:
obama has to be in the background.
"I'M A FREE MAN! Come on, ladies, drinks on me!" - Pill Cosby with the Jell-O puddin'...
shari johnson
shari johnson:
With all that's going on in AmeriKKKa,BC is the least of "our" worries.
Robert Shields
Robert Shields:
Martin Chitembo
Martin Chitembo:
E eww
shari johnson
shari johnson:
Are you mad at Cardib for drugging men and robbing them,or does it just apply to men?
Misty Engelstad
Misty Engelstad:
youtube zimbabwe
youtube zimbabwe:
Laurie Cronan
Laurie Cronan:
It’s just disgusting
Siyanda Ralarala
Siyanda Ralarala:
Denise Throndsen
Denise Throndsen:
Utterly disgusting.
I’m so glad that he’s been released.
Norine Holland
Norine Holland:
It is no technicality when a man is told by prosecutors he can speak freely in a civil suit and he will not be prosecuted, then it is used against him by another prosecutor. 5th amendment issue. If the victim wanted a conviction, maybe they should not have gone to civil court before the final determination of criminal guilt or innocence was decided.
Maryann Verdi
Maryann Verdi:
he is still guilty
Cosby would make a good Republican.
S K:
It’s the money.
Adny Angrand
Adny Angrand:
It's NOT a technicality. It was an unfair/illegal act against the man that was called out on.
shari johnson
shari johnson:
Had it been Black women,MOST of you probably wouldn't have gave a damn.
Biden's America.
Carlos Worm
Carlos Worm:
He deserves to be free and during this fiasco he should have had 🏠house arrest. Prosecutors should be arrested post haste
george palaio
george palaio:
Black Lives Matter ✊🏿. Congrats billy for your career
When will they talk about the Rolling Stones ! Those legends are white and everyone looks the other way. Bill Wyman was sleeping with a then child Mandy Smith ! Even their lead singer has some very troubling dark secrets yet all is quiet 🤫!
Oceana Song
Oceana Song:
This is a travesty.
Julieta Ferrario
Julieta Ferrario:
Shane Pleasants
Shane Pleasants:
Not only that he now gets to sue for wrongful imprisonment
APG 1219
APG 1219:
Don't hate the playa hate the game! He is NOT the FIRST and won't be the LAST. If you have suffered any kind of battery. DO NOT WASTE DECADES!! Speak up get counseling, justice and move on with your life.
They did what they did to destroy his reputation.
He knows very powerful people. Someone wanted to destroy him and they came really close
What’s the most heinous crime you can be accused of, second to harming children of course.