The Real Reasons Why We Don’t See Tobey Maguire Anymore |⭐ OSSA

Tobey Maguire was famous back in the 2000s, but do you know all about him? Tobey Maguire childhood was full of moving around because of his parents’ divorce.

The acting wasn’t the first choice for him as he wanted to become a chef when he was a child. Due to his mom, we saw Tobey Maguire acting!

Tobey Maguire movies quickly made him popular, and Tobey Maguire Spider-Man role propelled him to stardom. His performance was praised, and fans loved him. But what was next?

What happened to Tobey Maguire after Spider-Man? How did the third Spider-Man contribute to his failure? And where is Tobey Maguire now?

Watch our video and learn the real reason we no longer see Tobey Maguire in movies! See what he thinks about other actors who played Peter Parker and learn why he’d still open to playing in superhero films.

Discover everything about scandals connected to his name and see why Tobey Maguire MCU future is entirely possible!

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100+ comentarios:

C Smith
C Smith:
The reason why we don’t see him it’s because he is waiting for someone to fix the damn door
We don't see him because he is actually Spiderman and he's busy saving people!
no name
no name:
Tobey ain't famous because of spiderman, spider man is famous because of Tobey
Spiderman 1 - our childhood
Spiderman 2 - golden movie
Spiderman 3 - Bully maguire
Zaahir Desai
Zaahir Desai:
We wouldn't have Spidey without Tobey. He is truly the one and only Spiderman.
Abhinav Kumar Sharma
Abhinav Kumar Sharma:
Let be honest
The spider man 3 wasn't so bad !
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh:
No matter what.
He introduced spiderman to me.
I can never forget him.
I am 25 now,
Still i prefer Tobeys spiderman movie than andrew or Tom hollands.
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula:
Spider-Man 3 wasn't as bad most people say it was. And that's a fact.
Chef Tobey: "I'm gonna put some oregano in your eye"
"The money he won was stolen from investors"
"I missed the part where that's my problem"
Yash Chandekar
Yash Chandekar:
Today's children won't understand the craze of Tobey Maguire's Spiderman....
Wallambok L. Sangriang
Wallambok L. Sangriang:
How could Spider-Man 3 be a flop.
I didn't see any flop in it, i really loved it.
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
Me: *do you remember spiderman4? The movie you cancelled in cold blood*
Sony: *what is it to you anyway?*
Me: *everything*
Spider-Man 3 was better than most of the superhero movies we see today....
This explains why the multiverse has not happened, Tobey Maguire has not aged enough
Ryan Lennox
Ryan Lennox:
His alter ego, bully Maguire became so powerful Tobey couldn't stop him anymore, so now he lives in seclusion
Alan Walkman
Alan Walkman:
"The Real Reasons Why We Don't See Tobey Maguire Anymore"

He's too busy fixing the damn door in his apartment.
Kalo 2010
Kalo 2010:
Tbh I quite liked the 3rd Spider-Man, who’s with me?
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Tony snaps and turns Thanos to dirt

Tobey snaps and puts dirt in his eye
Nathan mike
Nathan mike:
I want this guy to come back... He's the one and only og spiderman
4:50 “so people hated me for years, they still hate me for it”

the meme community : no we actually dont
Everyone - he didn't get role in movies nowadays.

Tobey - I miss the part where that's my problem.
Godx Live
Godx Live:
I bet just give him a villain’s role and he will rock Hollywood definitely 😅😅
Darkseid is.
Darkseid is.:
"Get on the table and bark like a seal"


Spiderman rules.
Mr. Khan
Mr. Khan:
Tobey Maguire will always be the Peter Parker. I will never forget him and The original Spiderman. Hollywood is stupid to loose such talent
Sparky Boi
Sparky Boi:
The Trillogy is known as "The Maguire Trillogy".
He did excelent.
Jorge G Figueroa
Jorge G Figueroa:
Spider-Man actors: mutual respect for each other

Spider-Man Fanbase: war zone
Kevin Patel
Kevin Patel:
Bring him back in the MCU. Give him the money he wants and Sony Pictures should just permit it.
Aaron A420
Aaron A420:
Tobey before: Acting time!
Tobey now: Pizza time!
Zero Gaming
Zero Gaming:
Tobey M. Is the best spiderman ever no one can replace him as spiderman
Charles Bough
Charles Bough:
Imagine he becomes like Robert Downey jr nd comes back to the spotlight
Spikey 1133
Spikey 1133:
If it wasn't for Toby and Stan Lee, I probably wouldn't have not watched any of the marvel movies
There is nothing wrong with his acting. His Great Gatsby's Nick Caraway role was played perfectly. But he'll never achieve that amount of hype he got with Spiderman 1, probably he wants to play big role not small ones.
Masoud Rad
Masoud Rad:
His spiderman movies was good I don’t understand why they change the actor
pema gyaltsen
pema gyaltsen:
Why do I feel like he will come back and rock the screen.
Shirley Casilhas
Shirley Casilhas:
We don't see him anymore because he STILL NEEDS TO PAY RENT AND FIX THE DAMN DOOR
Justin Y
Justin Y:
Only way marvel can bring him back is by featuring him in a spider verse movie
Emel BB
Emel BB:
I missed him so much and i want him
Back to the spiderman no matter what
Im 24 and i will comment every single year for this video until He reads it my comment someday

Good luck 🤞 spider man 🕷
Now do "why we'll see Tobey Maguire again."
Liyesh Kumar Brahma
Liyesh Kumar Brahma:
He is the real spiderman, he doesn't need second chance, he rejects to be second chance because he is the first chance and it's super solid.
leo 2nd
leo 2nd:
It doesn't matter what he does in his personal life, none of us are perfect nor always does the right thing. I would love to see him return as Spiderman in MCU Spiderverse film along with Garfield and Holland. His movies were still great, even if the third wasn't perfect, it still was enjoyable.
Adain Solkar
Adain Solkar:
Tobey Maguire introduced spiderman to me.

Can't forget him
Roumit Rakshit
Roumit Rakshit:
The internet and SONY destroyed the career of Tobey Maguire. SM 3 was a moderate film because Sony intervened with Sam Raimi's ideas, this basically angered the fans who directed their anger towards Tobey over the internet. A SM 4 would have decreased the heat but Sony even cancelled that , this backlash resulted in the doom of Tobey's career as studios mostly ignored him. Hope MCU brings spider verse in future SM movies and Tobey might eventually get back his respect and greater fandom.
Sony actually forced Raimi to add all these villains at once
Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr.
Iron Boy: Tom Holland
Spider-Boy: Shameik Moore
Spider-Teen: Andrew Garfield

*Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire*
spiderman & the multivers.. he is coming back..
Paul McCharmley
Paul McCharmley:
He definitely wasn't a bad actor he was unlucky. He deserves a second chance, please Marvel.
He is probably putting dirt in somebody's eyes.
Guddu Pandit
Guddu Pandit:
0:38 WTF....🤣
frank lee
frank lee:
Ah yes the yin and yang of male actors

Girls: omg Leonardo Decaprio sooo hot eeeeee

Boys: the true spider man, do the dance!
“will he get a second chance”

me after the news that he’s joining Spider-man 3: “oh boy yeah”
You don't see him cause he put some dirt in your eyes.
Aryan Parekh
Aryan Parekh:
Thumbnail should actually be : "Why Tobey rejects Hollywood"
Preethish Nandi
Preethish Nandi:
Maybe because he would put some dirt in their eyes.
Yianni Peñaloza
Yianni Peñaloza:
It’s be awesome if he did comeback in a new Tom Holland Spider-Man movie as Peter Parker’s uncle Ben
Edward Yuan
Edward Yuan:
It would be so great that if Tobey was to play "Mike Ross" in Suits
Fardin Beatbox
Fardin Beatbox:
Tobey Maguire is the best spider man of all time he is a genius actor
Cody Stegemueller
Cody Stegemueller:
5:14 “my back “
this guy is like the real spider man to me 😂😂😂😂
LyHong Ung
LyHong Ung:
The real reason we don't see him because he was busy bullying Thanos.
Tobey will be coming back, and with Tom Holland well that's a Marvel thing we always know of and now juts wait for it.😆🤩
# maksim
# maksim:
He's the real Spider-Man.. so marvel came back begging for him.
- Tobey fan-boy.
Some One
Some One:
I don’t know why but I remember that Tobey Maguire died in a car crash a few years ago
JosephZx 3940
JosephZx 3940:
"hly, I'm clive"
Jimry Lalduhsaka
Jimry Lalduhsaka:
Tobey is the only Spiderman actor to be on Marvel Comics.
Philip Griffin
Philip Griffin:
Jake Guitar / Bass
Jake Guitar / Bass:
Tobey misses the part where that’s his problem.
Ali Dehmen
Ali Dehmen:
And now all three of em' are gonna be in the same movie
Anyone else here after the reports of him being in the MCU through the spider verse?
Rakib M
Rakib M:
Spiderman 4 would’ve been amazing and ended the franchise on a positive note
I just wanna give tobey a hug, he always looks exhausted and the paparazzi always give him a hard time, poor guy
Max Arellano
Max Arellano:
who heres after he got a role in spider man 3 and doctor strange two
Quinn Abrar Athallah Sentanu
Quinn Abrar Athallah Sentanu:
The Sam Raimi's Spider Man Trilogy is the one who put me as a Spider-Mania. But in my opinion, Tobey is really good as Peter Parker while Andrew is really good as Spider Man...
Scáthach Assassin
Scáthach Assassin:
Not seeing him as much, playing other roles and getting older, has kind of immortalized him as spiderman in my mind.
Melicor Surprises
Melicor Surprises:
Spiderman fans be like:

"We would like to see Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland in a Spiderverse movie."
Dick Chainy
Dick Chainy:
Well tobey is back as spidey im glad. Who else is here after him being spotted at the costume fitting?
Just a peace of cake
Just a peace of cake:
"I'm gonna put some dirt in ur eye"
Tim Hanselbach
Tim Hanselbach:
Spider-Man 3 might have had too many storylines, but it’s still my favorite Spider-Man movie
Ryan Prajoth
Ryan Prajoth:
He really do be coming back tho
Juan Mejia
Juan Mejia:
Wtf I didn’t know he was in a movie with Johnny depp
Game Guardian
Game Guardian:
I love his voice saying "HANG ON!!!" and "I'm coming" These were from Spiderman 2
James Dean
James Dean:
Tobey is still my favorite Peter Parker.
Shakiel Morechanlall
Shakiel Morechanlall:
I feel that tobey had played the best spider man role ever
Sri ansh
Sri ansh:
He deserves a second chance and spiderverse is just too perfect for him.
Sunder Raj
Sunder Raj:
Why we are fighting over TM, AG & TH.?
Cant we enjoy all of their movie individually and it will be Awesome if the real life Spider-verse happens.?
Adam C
Adam C:
If we see him in the MCU spiderverse, it would be hecking amazing
Ace Q
Ace Q:
5:14 my back- ooh, my back
Leah Janulgue
Leah Janulgue:
Tobey : I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye.
cool synthirix
cool synthirix:
People with a deep voice and gritty but not happy:

This guy talking: I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye
Bryan Elvis Pacheco
Bryan Elvis Pacheco:
To me he's still the real Peter Parker
GG Glenn
GG Glenn:
i have red this in an article and it saddened me cause he brought my favorite character of all time to life. i really hope the spiderverse push through!!!
Paladin Tank
Paladin Tank:
He's gonna put some dirt in your eyes when he comes back IN MCU <3
Things To Know
Things To Know:
we dont want a spiderboy, we need a spiderman. if we talk about spiderman it will always be Tobey Maguire.
Collin Hart
Collin Hart:
I would do everything for Tobey to come back. He has always been a legend! I miss him😢
so all the my back, my back memes are correct
Who’s here after hearing that he’s gonna be with Tom Holland in the new Spiderman film?
To take away from this video:
Theres an alternate universe where Gordan Ramsey is spiderman.
Gabriel H
Gabriel H:
People back when Spiderman 3 came out: WTF, those cringey scenes. We hate it

deep gurung
deep gurung:
He is my SUPER HERO, He is my SPIDER-MAN.....
Soumya Choudhury
Soumya Choudhury:
Tobey is real figure spidy...n I love him as being spidy...