The rise of Elon Musk's SpaceX

Overcoming long odds, SpaceX is on the brink of making space history. Mark Strassmann looks at the company's rise.

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Josh Maine
Josh Maine:
I'm trying to relay to my wife just how pivotal a moment this is in human history. She just doesn't care.
Succeed, and the floodgates open for commercial spaceflight.
Fail, and the doors could quickly shut as we watch humanity take a massive step backwards.

I've never been so nervous for something I have zero participation in other than as a viewer.
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker:
On SoaceX YouTube channel they have a compilation of their rockets failing and exploding.
I can think of no other company that embraces their mistakes in such a way.
"You look up at the night sky and realize we have gone barely not at all into it and it goes on forever"

Words of wisdom from CBS this morning
koko nana
koko nana:
Gosh, how many sleepless hours & nights these people are gonna go through until this marvelous 'Dragon' flying back home to Earth. Hats off to all those who have the nerves of steel to make this happen.
Hope everything goes well.
Charles Curtis
Charles Curtis:
“When you look up into the night sky, you realize that humans have barely gone into it, and that it goes on—forever.”

Well said.
Don Jones
Don Jones:
Missed a big story point: this is the first time a spacecraft, rocket, rocket engines, and even the space suits, have all been made by the same manufacturer. Previously each was made by different manufacturers, and this is still true of the contemporary Boeing Starliner. Bonus:
These SpaceX items and the Tesla Model Xs (ride to launch pad) result from the mind and drive of one man.
dipping our toes in the cosmic ocean, good luck for tomorrow SX
Joe Gerhard
Joe Gerhard:
"We have gone barely almost not at all into it." Words of a true hero
Khloe Rabnta
Khloe Rabnta:
CBS actually covering something important
Clint Burgamy
Clint Burgamy:
So you showed the only failures spaceX has had and shown explosions for shock value. This rocket has a very safe launch record and has the most safe and tested abort system. These guy are in the best hands.
Al T
Al T:
3:56 I am convinced that this is a "pointy end up, flamey end down" reference. For anyone who doesn't get it, a (fantastic) space youtuber called Everyday Astronaut's phrase for the rocket being ok when it's sitting on the pad is "pointy end up, flamey end down."
From the other side of 'The Pond', I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Dream C O B A I N
Dream C O B A I N:
Im really glad the US is getting people back into space from US soil. It's important for countries to progress in space. Also, I love the spacex spacesuit!
Mark Heller
Mark Heller:
I hear many people dislike Elon Musk. I judge a person by their actions and Elon Musk is an Ace. Good Luck you deserve it
CBS is the only news network that i've seen, that gave this event a 5 minute segment
Kv Raghavendra
Kv Raghavendra:
show the positive things before the launch like falcon heavy success not this failures which are very rare
I'm sooo ready! Best of all good news tomorrow! 🎊🎉
Matthew Marcus
Matthew Marcus:
Pray pray pray this launch goes 100% perfectly. SpaceX needs it. USA needs it. Mankind needs it!
Brant UGA
Brant UGA:
I can't wait for the MARS Mission
Gideon Chew
Gideon Chew:
Jeff who?
Joaquin Cool Breeze
Joaquin Cool Breeze:
Elon is The Man! His vision and Drive is unmatched Godspeed
and be safe.
Man, i wish i could watch it in person, just very excited bois.
Jay Torres
Jay Torres:
There's no coronavirus in space, I would just stay up there!
Love you Elon and his spacex team from INDIA
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez:
0:05 wait how is Biden going to run for president if he's also going to space?
Jack T-rex
Jack T-rex:
3:55 Anyone who watches Everyday Astronaught smiled
C K:
Let’s go!!
flying grain silo
flying grain silo:
Launching in T-25 hours
Go Falcon 9 and go Dragon!
Jose Carlk Kamsky
Jose Carlk Kamsky:
Congratulations and excellent work, it is an important achievement worldwide to resume space research and space travel.
Jeff Stein
Jeff Stein:
Cool! I’ll be home from work to see it!
NPC #1337
NPC #1337:
Either we as a species grow and navigate to other worlds or we go the way of the dinosaurs
Final Theory Games
Final Theory Games:
A wise man once said "You look up at the night sky and realize we have gone barely not at all into it and it goes on forever".
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy:
Doug was also a crew from the last flight of the shuttle 11 years ago, according to Tim Dodd.
A new era begins tomorrow
Joe Joey
Joe Joey:
Try to think about how much money Elon has saved the tax payer after years of Boeing and other companies ripping off the government with outrageous fees
Occupy Mars
Occupy Mars:
Go SpaceX!
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett:
This seems like a video that’s gonna be popping into recommendation in 2026
Don Jones
Don Jones:
Usual media fail: you just had to include several minutes of old explosions that minimally related to the story, "balanced" by one sentence, that SpaceX has had ~80 successful launches in a row since those early days. The explosion of the capsule was the only one directly related to the story. One launch explosion and an early testing explosion, identified as such, are plenty to accompany the theme that SpaceX started from scratch and had to overcome a steep learning curve. Boom Boom Boom - sheesh, try respecting your audience more.

Time-edit-wise: leave out the boom boom, include the very pertinent successful Demo 1 mission.
Dark Guardian
Dark Guardian:
I went to the station in a capsule with no name and it feels good to be back up again. 🤣👍
Conductor Dave
Conductor Dave:
No pressure of course 😂 seriously looking forward to this
I’m sure there’s a “that’s what she said” joke in there somewhere
Molly Percocets
Molly Percocets:
This could be my second rocket launch live stream after Falcon Heavy!
That’s is a “super duper missile”!!
InSlay IonStorm
InSlay IonStorm:
Godspeed SpaceX !! :)) Finally - complete your "capture the flag" challenge!! ;)) And best wishes from Russia!!
charlotte barnes
charlotte barnes:
wow actually some great reporting! im impressed.
Ethann Kyle
Ethann Kyle:
Imagine if the bring covid-19 into the ISS 😰😰
Mr. Bose
Mr. Bose:
I thought we were in lock down and this goes from the earth, lucky! And no 1,5 m distance. Two new space actors!
J H:
Godspeed, Bob and Doug!
Ted Couch
Ted Couch:
This takes me back to a long time ago. The combination of excitement and anxiety hasn't changed in 55+ years.
Prism Games
Prism Games:
Wish all luck to the astronauts, may god's love be with you!
This is an incredible day for all mankind!
niva zero
niva zero:
3:47 good luck tomorrow, boys.
Michael Mosseri
Michael Mosseri:
not a single person mentions this so I'm gonna say it, the launch is at 4:33 est 20:33 utc. layman's terms 4:33 in new york.
Hasib Ryan
Hasib Ryan:
Can't wait to book a hotel in Mars
Mark McLaughlin
Mark McLaughlin:
HOW ABOUT THOSE ROCKETS LANDING? I'd like to see that in person.
I live about 1 hour 20 minutes away. Gonna go to Cape Canaveral to see it. Hopefully the weather holds up
We learn from our mistakes. Space x is the future🔥
I'm so buzzed for this launch i can't wait! I'm sure it'll be a success and then afterwards, hopefully in a short period of time we'll be biting our nails when Satrship is going up :D SapceX rocks!
"From us soil"...DUHHHHHH get over yourself america....
Welp the way 2020 is going.... this is the chance to turn this year around
Mike Kellum
Mike Kellum:
I love this stuff. Always have since being a little boy in the early 1960’s. But I have to, those are the lamest spacesuits I have ever seen. They look like they were from a B SciFi movie of the 50’s. They had better looking suits in the original Planet of the Apes.
Jade Adkins
Jade Adkins:
Thank you for waiting till Saturday, May 30th. This was a beautiful experience that I was able to enjoy in the comfort of my home. I am so proud of all of your collaborative efforts and building international bridges. On behalf of we the people, thank you and Godspeed.
Bill Guo
Bill Guo:
These are the type of videos to ge be recommended years later. Idk y something about it
Ed Nelson
Ed Nelson:
Now waiting till Saturday
JY Lin
JY Lin:
Best of luck tomr! Keep it going!
Joaquin Cool Breeze
Joaquin Cool Breeze:
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ ഒന്ന് അറിയിക്കാമോ fo sho
laura strong
laura strong:
Sending love ❤️
Carlos López
Carlos López:
"Will be set back indefinitely?" I don't think so, spacex will get to it and figure out what went wrong and lunch again probably by end of year.
I'm pressing my thumbs for ya guys over there to make the future we all want possible ! Love from the founders of the rocket to the pioneers from Germany.
Young man, go up.
5:00 what he say?
Dk md
Dk md:
It takes great courage to fly, we're rooting for you guys.
JT 1200
JT 1200:
I hope they pick me next time 😉
Nicole Morris
Nicole Morris:
I love this!!!
Adriana Adnan
Adriana Adnan:
I wasnt invited to this 🤷‍♀️
❤️the suits
With all the BS going on in the news I didn't even know this was happening.
The Face of Marc looks kind of smal... like photoshoped smal 😂🙈
k c
k c:
To Bob and Doug I say, "Take off eh!"
Wow! I’m impressed by the quality of the research.
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo:
When is it launching
Corn Pop
Corn Pop:
God’s speed gentlemen! We are all praying for your success in this endeavor! You are truly all heroes!! 🙏✊🏻
I have a fear of flying. Yes, flying, and I am having the same feelings I get before I step into a plane just from hearing this. I am soooo nervous for these guys. Space exploration is very slow, and if this goes wrong, we might lose our chance to experience a revolutionary space era in our lifetimes, and I am only 20!
Sharon Winston
Sharon Winston:
I love the space launches
Jason Tempel
Jason Tempel:
*I would rather spend tax dollars on groceries*
Space Facts Wax
Space Facts Wax:
Thanks so much for uploading. I got the opporunity to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Incredible experience. I shared a pretty solid clip of the trip on my channel.
Wasn't successful. Well, (🤷‍♂️) guess we're done indefinitely.
Chicago Made
Chicago Made:
Hope they succeed...can't imagine how nervous everyone there is right now
Final Theory Games
Final Theory Games:
At the end " we have barely gone into it and it goes on forever". I couldn't have said it better myself.
Jess Lyn
Jess Lyn:
#AwarenessConsciousness ❤️✌️💋
Amazing how smart we humans are
leaf tree
leaf tree:
Good luck godspeed and God bless!
If There’s no “setbacks” there’s no improving!
ZeketheFreaKk 21Savage
ZeketheFreaKk 21Savage:
What time exactly I'm in California
mike edwards
mike edwards:
God speed!
Simpitriy Cuckinchenko
Simpitriy Cuckinchenko:
As always, the MSM with their fearmongering😡 Disgusting!
Isaac Navedo
Isaac Navedo:
love the suits man
Nice !!! Very interesting !!!