The Shocking Truth About Zac Efron's New Life in Australia Revealed! | The Catcher

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Zac Efron making headlines once again! Welcome to the world of highly researched facts and gossip where we spill the tea on what happened to our High School Musical sweetheart!
Is Zac Efron still recovering after his career flop and add*ction? How did Efron almost die while filming for a new role? And did Zac Efron use Tinder to find his new love?
There is a lot of dark truth hidden behind this charming smile. Let’s uncover some archives from a couple of years ago. Zac Efron interview revealed that the star has been battling an invisible battle - an alcohol add*ction. Efron went through a lot to get back on track but being typecast as a douche (in comedy shows like Baywatch with Dwayne Johnson) did not help his career much. Old Zac Efron singing clips make us feel the nostalgic. The actor is far from that coy and shy kid he used to be back in school. These days Zac Efron workout routine videos collect millions of views on Youtube and his documentaries are produced by Netflix. That body transformation was worth millions! On top of that, Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile movie proved that the actor is not just a pretty face! Zac Efron abs got some nominations from fans but his performance as Zac Efron ted Bundy pushed to a completely new level! But recently Down To Earth Zac Efron show collected some not so positive reviews - the star faced some heavy backlash for contradictory-to-science information shown in the documentary. Now career flops is not the only struggle Zac has been through. One thing we definitely need to discuss is Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens romance. The two were meant to be but the issue of long-distance ruined their love story. The two stopped talking completely but years later Zac still could not find the one. Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens ship was a money-maker, but the drama that is unveiling in Zac’s life right now is way juicier! After watching this you will no longer think that Zac Efron and Zendaya from The Greatest Showman could’ve been a thing! And forget already about Alexandra Daddario! Have you heard the news? Zac Efron girlfriend is a simple girl he met while having lunch in some Australian cafe! Zac Efron Vanessa Valledarres made us all believe - you can be a waitress and youк Prince Charming will come right to you! Watch the whole video to find out all the details! Now comment below if you think the wedding is coming soon? Or is Zac and Australian Vanessa just a fling? Like and subscribe and as always thanks for watching!
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100+ comentarios:

The Catcher
The Catcher:
Hey, guys! What do you think about drastic changes in Zac Efron's life?
Daniel Euan Henderson
Daniel Euan Henderson:
He did not flop this toxic Hollywood gossip is just laughable. Well done to him on his Netflix show it’s so inspiring.
Crissy em
Crissy em:
I think his Netflix show was awesome. The world needs more shows like that.
Shasha 007
Shasha 007:
What the hell are you talking..he is with another girl and getting more successful day by day...also getting his own star on walk of fame in 2021
David Sedano
David Sedano:
Can someone explain to me when my mans flopped? He overcame his addiction and he's still putting out major fucking banger films
Seems like this narrator got her feelings crushed by him sometime back lol
I always feel sad for people with addiction 🥺 I didn't know Zac was an addict. Love him though,,, and Australia
You can see why he wanted to leave hollywood. I mean just listen to this toxic person comment on his life
anthony chinn
anthony chinn:
Im glad he got over his addiction. Such iconic talent shouldn't be overlooked.
It’s Maulucci
It’s Maulucci:
This dude never flopped and his movies are always awesome
Clare Vela
Clare Vela:
Alll dumb!!! His Netflix show is awesome! This guy is as real as it gets! He’s smart, adventurous, funny, humble, and oh yeah, super handsome!!
I find it so weird that Zac Efron has been in my country for months and months and I didn't even know!? 🇦🇺❤️
Heidi Robinson
Heidi Robinson:
Zac Efron really does seem like an incredible interesting fascinating person!! He's so good looking, real, flawed like everyone is, and obviously talented!! 🏝☀️🎶💃💄🥳🎤😊🍯🎻📚🤗🙏💛🤠
Gray M
Gray M:
Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 is a beautiful place and it is unfortunate that Zac suffered from an illness while here, however, I hope that this won't stop him and other celebrities alike from visiting the country and experiencing its way of life. 😁👍
Vanity Daal
Vanity Daal:
When did he flop🤷‍♀️
Vinay Bhoora
Vinay Bhoora:
That was such a fun and educational documentary Zac made, I was looking forward to more episodes
Jill B
Jill B:
I wish him every happiness and health.
Sabine de Groot
Sabine de Groot:
I have watched Zac's show on Netflix. It was really good. A Hollywood A-lister who tells that money and fame doesn't make you a happier person. And instead off sitting on his behind and keeps on living the fast lane, he uses his fame in a good way by telling the world about climate change and how to live better. I applaud him for doing this. Love to see more off Zac on this way in the future.
Ursula Damiani
Ursula Damiani:
I am Peruvian and a school teacher. Pretty rough time with this pandemic. Down to Earth ... did 2 episodes of Peru (Lima and Iquitos)There is no misinformation at all.The things Zac and Darin said about my beautiful country are true. With small changes in our lives we can make a difference, take care of our planet and become better human beings. We saw Zac thinking of making changes in his life ,which is great. I enjoy going to the beach. Before, I just used to be careful with the environment. After watching that episode of London, I promised myself that every time I walked on the beach I would take a bag with me and pick all the plastic things I would see. Im teaching my grand daughters to do the same thing.
Keep moving forward Zacarias!
To be honest I like zac efron with Alexandra they flirt so much! Also the catcher can you make a video about baywatch 2 if it’s coming or not please that will make my day 😭😭
I think he would make a great MCU WOLVERINE !
Karen Bennett
Karen Bennett:
He deserves to be happy and it’s his life. He is an amazing person. Bless his heart.
Dee Houston
Dee Houston:
Aww I hope he finds happiness ❤️
Eva Adams
Eva Adams:
Well if a real estate agent can go to a pub at the Sydney Olympics, meet the Prince of Denmark, then become the future Queen of Denmark, then a waitress can meet Zac Efron in Byron Bay 😀
Thats._. Andrea
Thats._. Andrea:
Imma go cry now..I lost him no more husband
Zac and Vanessa will be endgame😍
Liftand Lock
Liftand Lock:
Just let a dude live his life, don’t analyse or judge, everyone has that right

Welcome to Aus Zac 🤙
Quantum Soul
Quantum Soul:
I was wondering why the narrator seemed to go in on Zac. Because he's getting married? Passive aggressive jealously underline the script. 😂😂
George Blabbermouth
George Blabbermouth:
Remember when everyone was comparing him to Jared Leto?
Casey Widjaja
Casey Widjaja:
The Catcher: So, how come they did not end up marrying each other?

Me: You tell me! I still ship them😭💔
Wararamong Tubillara
Wararamong Tubillara:
I faithfully believe that Zac really loved vanessa hudgens...but Vanessa later realized how she loves zac the more years they spent apart the more she really accept that zac is her best that she ever had... Only God could make their two worlds collide again.
charles s. sturdivant
charles s. sturdivant:
He's doing good Now. All the best.
Renee Black
Renee Black:
💜 him!
Kimberly Schiele
Kimberly Schiele:
Australia is a magnificent choice Zak! I wish you an amazing life there. Sending lots of love and good healthy prayers! ❤❤❤😘
Taylah Fisher
Taylah Fisher:
A ski trip to New South Wales lol Byron bay is in New South Wales 😂
Liz Beth
Liz Beth:
Does seem like they are a good match but time will tell. He looks very comfortable with her. They share the same outlook it seems which a great way to start a relationship in my books.
Ramona The Midwife
Ramona The Midwife:
Zac’s Netflix show was incredibly informative. I loved it and binged watched all episodes. Well done, Zac! Your happiness was found within yourself and it showed.
Amy Falcon
Amy Falcon:
Zack should seek out and swoon Vanessa Hudgens again! It does not hurt to lower down the pride to get back the Love of his life!
Erin Kinney
Erin Kinney:
Love him so much!
Comeback Justin
Comeback Justin:
Huge, huge fan of Zac. Any film or show with Zac is always Great. Too many to list. Wish Zac well. Plus love that Bod.🔥
The Netflix show Down to earth was a very informative and good show. I really liked it and got a new perspective.
He really didn't flop, he is friken amazing! A sexy beast at that! And seriously... when I mention I watched a Zac Efron show/ movie my husbands first reaction is "your boyfriend dream crush" its funny though when I talk to any of my male friends who I've in no way spoke of his good looks, I will say "I recommend this show it's super awesome, and the main actor is Zac Efron" my male friends without a doubt always respond with "I bet you just like it for Zac Efron" I literally just had this conversation this week haha. Every male instantly assumes every girl loves Zac. This is not wrong, the guy is a super dream! But seriously the guy is also so talented its insane! This week alone he's changed my life on the views of water and ways on how we can help this world with his show "Down to earth" Seriously if you haven't seen it WATCH IT!
Andres Viteri
Andres Viteri:
Man! There is a lot of hate for Vanessa Valladares. I think she is really beautifull. Cheers for both of them
Bea Kimmie
Bea Kimmie:
Vanessa H and Zac is the perfect match😊
Jesica Van Aertselaere
Jesica Van Aertselaere:
Beautiful man👌🤗
brenda masley
brenda masley:
Love his REALITY shows !! Hope he does more . Finding LOVE is HARD WHETHER you HAVE MONEY or you HAVE NOTHING . Good luck in whatever adventures he CHOOSES to go for . Definitely hope he takes us on his ride !!!! 🤙GOD BLESS
julie holien
julie holien:
I watched that series. It was really good.
Chinchin Chokhlei
Chinchin Chokhlei:
Thanks God I am not alone so will do better 💗
Ms Aquablue
Ms Aquablue:
This narrator wants to be mean about Zac. Quit lady...what is your problem.
Rennie K Mogotsi
Rennie K Mogotsi:
Well, he said on "Down to earth" that he might as well leave Hollywood...though he makes a comment while narrating that he will never but seems like he will or the way I love the show!! I watched all the was awesome!
Music Nice Everyday
Music Nice Everyday:
Hello friend!
Cool content!
Stay Connected!
Kerrie Mills
Kerrie Mills:
They Live Happily Ever After. 🥂🍾🙌🇦🇺🙏🏽
alex more
alex more:
How does a Handsome rich and famous actor never get married or even having a child ...he is so blessed physically and financially that every womens dream....
Alisha Hanks
Alisha Hanks:
For people wondering Zac Is not in Byron bay at the moment he is currently in a different state completely here in Australia
Faith Estrada
Faith Estrada:
Jojowain, Zac. Charot
Tanika ForLife
Tanika ForLife:
i love zac efron
Kay Coleman
Kay Coleman:
Zac Efron I love you so much
Griffly Creations
Griffly Creations:
He’s looking a lot like Jensen Ackles as he ages...
Now THIS headline is fake news! The fact that this “journalist” is tearing Zac apart about his hard times is mind blowing. You take a few of his words and twist them. He never fell off. He’s always been relevant. Such an over the top and dramatic video. And he only dated Halston for a few months back a few years ago. He is currently dating someone else(i don’t see it lasting personally, she’s always calling the press whenever she goes out with Zac)
The girl who really loves Stranger Things
The girl who really loves Stranger Things:
Who hasn’t had a crush on Zac Efron ?
Alyssa D Morales
Alyssa D Morales:
He becomes more handsome actually
Angelina Dancing With Angels
Angelina Dancing With Angels:
I don't think personally that Zac and Valledares will end up together cause she is a bit young for 33 year old Zac and her model carriere is still on and she has other things to accomplice in her life before getting married and setteling down. And i bet that Zac is not finished with makeing movies, it is his work and the way he makes money other than producing and have his youtube channel. He is a man with many irons in the fire, so to speak.
Just my thoughts and observations 😉🙏
Avnita Vipin
Avnita Vipin:
Honestly, I don't like Zac and Vannessa Valladares match.......They don't seem like a match for each other.....Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are a perfect match for each other #Zanessa
Syed Bilal Shah
Syed Bilal Shah:
Noah centineo just replaced Zack BTW I love Noah more💓
Australia is where I wanna move once I have a job.
Kristina Smith
Kristina Smith:
Lol people did swipe right, my friend swiped right and nothing and got nothing lol. So that’s a lie, I’m sure he didn’t get the swipes of chicks he wanted so he had to say, no one swiped. Lol
Chinchin Chokhlei
Chinchin Chokhlei:
Dating is something I'll never be able to do" zac efron
Rochelle Auge
Rochelle Auge:
Zac Effron is golden. Netflix has a winner with global impact. Personally, I respect him for becoming an activist for the world we all share. He is a smart man. This video diminishes his contributions by stating his "snack" status and is part of what leads to many feeling objectified by their appearance.
arianna leung
arianna leung:
uh Zac's career did not flop wdym
The Catcher not showing real volume of him talking because clickbait
Gerard Josef Hobley
Gerard Josef Hobley:
5:44 looked like chris hemsworth
Mayooran Thevakumaran
Mayooran Thevakumaran:
Wait how did his career's better not to make movies, than make those flop movies.
Donna Reid
Donna Reid:
I would want to get away too...
James Rimes
James Rimes:
he seems like a great dude
Jazmin Mora
Jazmin Mora:
Como estas dando entre zac efron
Mina Malaika
Mina Malaika:
its so weird to see an older zac 😨😵
Many obscure people went famous in Hollywood; and flop later. Some went self-infliction and just died, leaving their wealth unenjoyed. Many become drug aficionados, hanged their clothes to the closet along with their neck. Some just being drowned in the bathub leaving their beautiful music behind. Wasted blessings. Very ungrateful to their talents.

However, there is one incredible living artist who became famous at an early age; a Justin B. of his time who never mess up his with his famous life, but stayed grounded till now; Paul Anka. Mr. Anka was once asked of his secret of being grounded: he is just bring grateful, practice humility, enhanced his self-esteem, and self-worth.

Sad reality; only few love themselves truly. Failed to bank and deposit strong inner love inside them.

After all, money, fame, wealth is never an answer to you peace life. It is your genuine self-love matters most.
Annette West
Annette West:
I loved his Netflix show and for me with addiction and I love and support him LOL as a fan who will never meet him LOL
Sarah Ridzwan
Sarah Ridzwan:
I dont know how i got this idea. Zac Efron and Selena Gomez
Honey Gold
Honey Gold:
This video sound like conspiracies . Umm o watched the Netflix show which was amazing , no one really downplayed the YouTube channel which is a lie . And he has a girlfriend currently .
Tyrone Ford
Tyrone Ford:
Zac Efron belong to us now!
charles s. sturdivant
charles s. sturdivant:
She better not hurt Zak.
Dreamcatcher World in Dragon City
Dreamcatcher World in Dragon City:
So much Bay Each seems.
mr t
mr t:
He never fell off.
Posed a threat to smaller creators ?? Dude this is a world where you need to work hard for what you want lmfao y’all expect people to stop trying to help others (which is probably a therapy for them as well ) all because they’re too big?? Lmfao shit is sad and ridiculous
Anthony Olivieri
Anthony Olivieri:
this was a really dumb video and didn’t explain anything
Canal Street
Canal Street:
Zac is a nice guy, just leave him alone.
Tony Muir
Tony Muir:
What about his new life in Au is shocking? That he is happy? Let him be. No wonder he left Hollywood and USA if this type of trash is written and publicised about him. Shame he was driven out. I hope he stays here as long as he likes and he is given peace.
8:34 song please?
No Luck
No Luck:
Zac is an alcoholic
Australians are notorious for heavy drinking
He was on Tinder years ago
Victor Mak
Victor Mak:
what movie is this 1:54
ced jm
ced jm:
Don't judge before you know him
R G:
What's going on with the hair?
Chase pitcher
Chase pitcher:
Zac really dating down ngl
Harper Welch
Harper Welch:
What makes you feel so confident to make these declarations about Zac's life? Do you have some inside scoop with his counselor, or his accountant, or his casting agent, or his best friend? Where do you go for these very personal insights? Or do you just make them up?
Candace Oneill
Candace Oneill:
I hope Zach and Vanessa stay together
Zac should marry a black woman. Trust me, we can give him some adrenaline
Alot of these celeb do drugs