The Story of the Bundesliga Season 2019/20 – What Happened So Far

The 2019/20 Bundesliga season is back - find out what happened so far
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The 2019/20 season is just about to re-start this weekend and what a season it was so far. RB Leipzig were quick off the blocks under new coach Julian Nagelsmann and a dominant force at the start, only to have their winning streak ended by David Wagner's re-energised FC Schalke. With BVB and FC Bayern dropping points early, it was time for a surprise leader: Borussia M'Gladbach. Meanwhile, Union Berlin, playing in their debut top-flight season, clearly showed they weren't to be underestimated. Under the reigns of new coach Hansi Flick, and spearheaded by record-breaking striker Robert Lewandowski, FC Bayern fought their way back. Closely followed by BVB with their cast of young superstar players like Jadon Sancho, Achraf Hakimi and goal-scoring phenom Erling Haaland. What do you think? Who is going to bring home the 2019/20 Bundesliga title? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

Which player are you most looking forward to seeing in action again? ⚽🚀
Alexander James
Alexander James:
its annoying how the Bundesliga is probably the most interesting league but Bayern still always dominate
Jamie Murray
Jamie Murray:
Can’t believe how good Onion Berlin are doing
testa pc
testa pc:
yes! i rather see real games with real players in empty stadiums than a lot o virtual games.
Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx
Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx:
xd xd
Hassan A
Hassan A:
Buzzing for the Bundesliga to be back 🔥 🔥 my favourite league to watch
Let’s just hope Bayern don’t run away with this again as soon as this starts...
Hashim Ali
Hashim Ali:
Leverkusen is also like 1 point behind Monchengladbach
ayo akinsiku
ayo akinsiku:
The best proffesional soccer league channel on Youtube.. and everywhere else... let's hope for the spirit to continue.
Vania Toldo
Vania Toldo:
What hapened so far in this season ?!?
LEWANDOWSKI simply the best striker ...
Perfect control of the ball 😍😍😍
Super excited that football’s back!
Liam Talks Football
Liam Talks Football:
Still can’t wait for Saturday!!
Feyrra This & That
Feyrra This & That:
So hyped for the bundesliga comeback 💃
Man, I still remember that hat trick Haaland scored during his debut...
Jamal Givens
Jamal Givens:
I'm so thrilled that the Bundesliga returns.
it's Nathan
it's Nathan:
This year bundesliga is just mad 🤯🔥🔥🔥⚽⚽
Matteo Scopelliti
Matteo Scopelliti:
From an Italian the Bundesliga is my favourite championship, they have fantastic stadiums and best young talents in the world
It's more like a short movie
Šarūnas G
Šarūnas G:
Would like to see this type of video for the whole season! And maybe even past seasons?
Radjaa May
Radjaa May:
It's really amazing to finally see a real computing saison in the bundesliga💥💥💥💥💥👌👌👌👌
Мелих Мюмюн
Мелих Мюмюн:
8:19 when he claping to nothing.
Caleb Efans
Caleb Efans:
Bundesliga has definitely been the most exciting league to watch
BVB is a fantastic club this year can't wait to see them in action again from an Ajax Fan❤️
Dev Gupta
Dev Gupta:
If the Bundesliga can contribute a UCL winning team this season, I can see the centre of football moving from England to Germany.
Anirban Mitra
Anirban Mitra:
16th May will be an iconic day ❤️🙌🏼
Raumdeuter's ice
Raumdeuter's ice:
Who wass a fan of the bundesliga be4 they reopened! Just comment, no need to like, just out of interest.
My mans Pulling
My mans Pulling:
I needed this if I’m gonna become a couch superfan! 😂
Caden Garcia
Caden Garcia:
2 days!
Jazmín Hdz
Jazmín Hdz:
Bro i really miss the Bundesliga 🇩🇪
I miss Bayern Munchen..
Marly Jáuregui
Marly Jáuregui:
Great recap!... thanks! 👏😍... the only thing I missed was Zirkzee's 2 touches- 2 goals record ⚽️⚽️
Abhronil Paul
Abhronil Paul:
~2 days to go!~
Top CFC:
Bundesliga > all other leagues
Divyansh Agarrwal
Divyansh Agarrwal:
I have watched only a couple of Bayern Munich Bundesliga games till now but this lockdown has made me so excited about this league...
Mia San Mia😅😅
Emil Dockter
Emil Dockter:
Lmao Charlie Puth singing before the game, bruh says soccer tho
Ngl I actually needed this...
Engku Hikal
Engku Hikal:
Can't wait this saturday .
My favorite league in an arsenal fan but prem is so overated
Marlowe V
Marlowe V:
Freiburg mediocre as usual. Still waiting for the breakout surprising season.

It won't ever happen
It’s coming backkkk
Can’t wait to wake up early again I’ve been waking up at 1 lmao
I live in the states we’re games are at like 7:30-12:30
Jiten Ganwani
Jiten Ganwani:
Jadon Sancho will surely score/ give assist tomorrow
Marcell Taisei
Marcell Taisei:
Dortmund can win this 💛🖤💛🖤😍😍
T Castle
T Castle:
Coutinho 👏❤
Munis Vongson
Munis Vongson:
Keep donig this style of content
its really good !!
Reece And Cormac Content
Reece And Cormac Content:
Love The Vids
Alexei Ramotar
Alexei Ramotar:
As a fan of Marco Reus, I hope it's Dortmund.
Infinity Stones Are Shaggy's Kidneys
Infinity Stones Are Shaggy's Kidneys:
We are taking everything this season. The treble is ours.
Gain Chung
Gain Chung:
Bundesliga is more competitive than the Premier league!!!!!!!!!!!
Elijah Edric Guinto
Elijah Edric Guinto:
Where's the Zirkzee Surprise?
If I had the money I would pay this man to narrate my life!
Santiago Ignacio Portocarrero
Santiago Ignacio Portocarrero:
Coutinho :) stay in Bayern please beast
E W:
Thank you Bundesliga!
Lewandowski <3
Kylian SY
Kylian SY:
Can't wait to see the return of the Bundesliga
Shahar noy
Shahar noy:
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗:
Welcome back
George Goal
George Goal:
Good one Bundesliga!
syed hussain
syed hussain:
Wonderful and legendary story of bundesliga
Mini Movie Ideas
Mini Movie Ideas:
Will you do an animated song
Like the Bundesliga back damn right
Leonegaming 03
Leonegaming 03:
gladbach deserve more credit, they have been so good but no one really appreciates them
Pratik Sengupta
Pratik Sengupta:
I love Bundesliga ❤️
Dylan Whyte
Dylan Whyte:
Imagine if the prem had a channel like this
Thank you german gods for bringing football back!
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
Sancho Halaand masterclass incoming
The most underrated and competitive league this season
Driton Qaili
Driton Qaili:
Who like coutinho like 👍
᪥•K X R L•᪥
᪥•K X R L•᪥:
Time's going slow today😢😢
Shane Mckenzie
Shane Mckenzie:
From Australia ❤❤❤ BUNDESLIGA
Welcome back football!!! Guys there is hope after all!!!
Oreoluwa Emmanuel
Oreoluwa Emmanuel:
The Bundesliga channel is just incredible and so informative. Maybe even the best channel among football channels of Europe top 5 leagues. 💪🏼💪🏼
Coming from someone whose favourite league is the EPL.
What is Adminho most excited about this weekend?
Mike Justin
Mike Justin:
best bundesliga/premier league season ever!
(I am a Dortmund fan and a Liverpool fan)
leipzig for the title
I'm rooting for RB Leipzig!!
I'm rooting for RB Leipzig!!
This is probably the best Official Youtube League Channel
Travis Posh
Travis Posh:
Ernie Schulze
Ernie Schulze:
Bayern München. all the way to 8th straight title!!!!!!!!
Rutuj Bhatt
Rutuj Bhatt:
how can no one seem to pronounce DAVIES correctly? its not Davis or devis or daaviz!! Such a simple name, yet they cant pronounce
Karsten Zuidema
Karsten Zuidema:
Hmmm. Bayer Leverkusen only mentioned one time?? I think they've had many notable wins this season
next season more teams probably will get involved in the title race
Vedant Bonde
Vedant Bonde:
PC master
PC master:
I feel that this year champions leauge if will still be hosted will be like in 2013..
SindSim cZ
SindSim cZ:
Oscar video🤤🙏🏻👌
DP FifaFan
DP FifaFan:
Come on Bundesliga you legends
luca benelli
luca benelli:
A very well-done video..... But since you talk about the story of this season's Bundesliga, you should have put even the other clubs and not only those who compete for the title (or Koln for its very good season) !!!
Ezra Ben-David
Ezra Ben-David:
love it
Tapan Sidhwani
Tapan Sidhwani:
I am doing a fantasy thing, can someone tell me some sleepers or someone who has been injured but is now back
Moises S. T.
Moises S. T.:
Bunndersliga is like a toxic relationship, you get back together and try to make things work but the result is always the same.
Skol TV
Skol TV:
Best league on the planet
Freaking Sheikh
Freaking Sheikh:
Is Company an RB Leipzig player?😲😂
Coaster Friends
Coaster Friends:
Go RBL; We can win the title!!! Go Werner for top scorer!
Tyrique George
Tyrique George:
Sancho all day
Dylan Tilley
Dylan Tilley:
I am buzzing for Saturday
isapapu 21
isapapu 21:
First like
Gaviis Thebest
Gaviis Thebest:
Bayern creating an epic comeback!
King Santi
King Santi:
Erick kiragu
Erick kiragu:
The commentary is so good
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny:
Timo Werner is the reason I will start watching this league.