The Terry Fox Story

A look back at the life and journey of Terry Fox, a Canadian hero.

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Steve Karadimas
Steve Karadimas:
Put him on the 5 dollar bill! most inspirational Canadian ever.
Travis Walsh
Travis Walsh:
Legends never die they just keep running
dj frankie
dj frankie:
He's not just inspirational to canadians he's inspiration to mankind ... when i was a kid in school we learned about terry but at the time i just couldn't feel the pain as now .. now i understand that he's a truly inspirational human being he was .. legends never die ! As a Canadian and a human being im very proud of this young guy terry ! 👏
JJ Murillo
JJ Murillo:
Im mexican and because of my job I might move to Canada in a year or so. Im trying to learn more about your country and your people and I found this true hero. What a man, what a heart! Such and inspiration person to many others.
Jonathan Bradley
Jonathan Bradley:
Wow I like to think I'm a pretty tough guy, but 3:10 when he's breaking down talking about having to end the marathon and go home made me start crying like a baby. What a hero Terry was. RIP you brave soul.
Next time your knee hurts, or you have a headache, or you just dont feel like getting up for work, think of this brave kid and try to realize what he did, and the pain he was in when he did it... then get up and thank God for the pain you have... And then thank Terry for what he did.
Kevin B
Kevin B:
I remember the day Terry died, and I felt so sad then. Years later I drove by his monument close to Thunder Bay, and thought he went this far which seems incredible to me. Now, sadly it looks like I've joined his fight, too. The doctors' suspect I have a slow growing form of leukemia. I keep thinking about Terry a lot during these days and it keeps adding to his poignant saying "a marathon of hope"....
Hey, guys, I am a Russian, with our own traditions. But I must to say: he was a hero! GOD bless u and ur familys!
One of the greatest Canadian heros Ever there will never be another like Terry Fox his legend lives on through his runs held every year!
Anubir Singh
Anubir Singh:
Im an immigrant of Canada, never identified as a Canadian, but after reading about him and listening to his story, I can say I am very proud of be part of this country. Lots of respect for this young man. Rest in Peace Terry.
Right now, my 8 year old cousin is suffering from bone cancer, also in the right knee. She still has over a year of chemo left, followed by a long recovery period, but if it weren't for Terry she might not even make it.
He died so young... I'm not Canadian but I'm inspired here in Florida
Alexandra Farrell
Alexandra Farrell:
I remember the marathon of hope very well. I was 19 in 1980, three years younger
than Terry Fox. This means alot to me.I lost a couple of good friends to cancer.
Cana Dude
Cana Dude:
There is no greater hero or inspiration than Terry Fox. He fought so hard to help others, ignoring his own issues. RIP Terry, I think of you often.
I get tears in my eyes when I see his story.
I travelled across Canada in 2005 from BC; and was honoured to see Terry's monument. It was breath-taking and brought me to sobbing tears! He was such a self-less humble young man on Earth; and I think his greatest message was to use our gifts or trials in life to help others. He seemed to have such a sincere infectious love. Forever; many blessings to such an inspiration!!! <3
I forgot to mention; he obviously had an incredible support system to help fulfill his dreams...where-ever they are; he also wouldn't be the man he became without them <3 Heroes also have their heroes in the background!
Terry demonstrated what it really means to be a Canadian. To care for your fellow man, and to always go to any lengths, no matter how difficult, in order to help people and try and build a world with less suffering and more loving and caring.
As I saw the google doodle today I clicked on it to read about this extraordinary man and his immense passion for his cause. As I watched the video I cried part of me felt like I knew Terry like he was my friend.....I walked in his shoes for just a moment and felt his joy and sadness too. Rest in peace oh brave one for your work continues I know you must be smiling down on all who took your torch and carried it all these years....God bless you Teri and the foundation that continues to advocate for a good cause.
I'm so proud of terry fox he is my hero he is so humble he deserves all this love we will miss you terry
Many Canadians are proud of you thank you terry
Jeremy Aultman
Jeremy Aultman:
First time hearing of this in Texas. 40 years later and it’s still heart breaking. He’s a hero not only in Canada.
Jade Pixie
Jade Pixie:
A true inspiration to us all, I’m the same age as Terry when he past away at the young age of 22, he showed us all that we should never give up. RIP Terry Fox you’re a real life hero to so many people.
Canada's greatest hero.
Everytime I listen to Terry's story I bawl my eyes out.
Vivian Dcruz
Vivian Dcruz:
As of 2019 they have raised over 750million dollars in Terry's name..
Kelly Mai
Kelly Mai:
Terry if u can hear me I just wanna say that we will keep your dream alive
I heard Terry fox story today. I was crying when I knew his last moment .
He is alive to me because his body is dead but his spirit is alive in my heart.
Bat Mama
Bat Mama:
We learned about him when we were kids but can we please take a second to realize how truly young he was ?? I thought he was a grown ass adult when I was in school, THIS WAS A CHILD 😭💔
none of your fucking business
none of your fucking business:
This is the strongest person i have ever seen in my life. What an inspiration to the world .He is truely a real life hero. Above and beyond anything i have witnessed. Rest in peace terry. You are truely amazing
Anna S
Anna S:
what an amazing, strong and selfless spirit.
Rochelle Khan
Rochelle Khan:
Terry Fox is an inspiration to show and prove that anything is more than possible
gbern ardusb
gbern ardusb:
Until today I had never heard of this hero from Canada in my 55 year life. I'm from the Netherlands, there has never been enough attention paid to this Canadian hero here in the Netherlands, well, the Dutch press has always been a disgrace to journalism.
Ser Fitness
Ser Fitness:
💪 Terry Fox falleció a los 22 años, pero en su corto paso por este mundo nos enseñó que debemos luchar por nuestros sueños a pesar de las adversidades de la vida. Su historia, que la debería conocer todo el mundo, la cuentan muy bien en este vídeo:
Lauryn Banasiak
Lauryn Banasiak:
Happy birthday terry fox! You are missed and were such an inspiration. <3
Daniel Hennessy
Daniel Hennessy:
As a teacher, I open each school year with a theme. This year, the theme is Plato's Ideal of "Beauty" as found in developing a strong sense of "GRIT" as a lifelong ethic. This video about Terry Fox will be my prime example to open the school year this year.
Matt Gibson
Matt Gibson:
I remember as a young child, I participated in the very first “run”. There’s not a year that goes by where I still don’t shed a tear. My hero
andy T
andy T:
a legend of will & hope.Makes me cry every time I see this video 🙏
Freddy V.801
Freddy V.801:
Wow...what an inspirational young man, this clips brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Terry Fox.
Marc-André Giroux
Marc-André Giroux:
What an inspiration!
RcaperO Bonk
RcaperO Bonk:
True warrior, the obstacles he faced and what he acomplished is mind blowing, rip terry
Zach Kearnan
Zach Kearnan:
Terry did us good he helped many ppl but he died..... But just cause he died doesn't mean we have too stop all of this! We have terry fox runs every year and we had one today! so help find a cure
Troy Lee
Troy Lee:
I remember seeing him run by my old school when I was just a little kid. Even though he passed on he will forever be a hero.
Wow, I never thought to look past the foundation… but now that I know his story I can’t stop the tears ☹️☹️ rip legend
It may have took his leg it may have took his life but the run keeps on going. God bless you all. We will see you soon Terry. Rip Terrance Stanley Fox
Luxe Aux
Luxe Aux:
I’m sitting here crying. What a wonderful man, an amazing legend.
John Notmylastname
John Notmylastname:
Kinda breaks my heart he didn't get to finish it. Makes me want to go out there and finish it for him.
Julie Lyngdoh
Julie Lyngdoh:
He's truly an inspiration hes being missed of course
Hector S
Hector S:
Thank you Terry! You saved my life!
rahul yadav
rahul yadav:
Brought tears to my eyes, RIP brother what a golden heart you have that you ran with condition to help bringing cure to the disease, hope your sould have found peace in heaven.
this story makes me tear up every time, love u terry hope u hear this or see this ❤️
Zayn Umar
Zayn Umar:
Very inspirational. Only just found out about this man. When you've got a terminal illness, you tend to appreciate and the most out of life...
I remembered we would always study about him at school he was a legend
Sharon Yae-Jin Ha
Sharon Yae-Jin Ha:
I actually live really close to where he used to. I run on the trails he made, it's pretty easy now that there are signs up. Thinking of his story really helps with motivation!
Gemma B
Gemma B:
Thank you Terry Fox for the great things you have done. You will be remembered forever!
Viktor Cheng
Viktor Cheng:
LEGENDS never die 🙏🏻
stinkysmelly username
stinkysmelly username:
Thank you terry, you changed the would. You made it a better place
Richard Hume
Richard Hume:
You know I was feeling sorry for myself, and then I saw this. I'm in awe of what a brilliant man this guy was. Inspirational stuff.
Mason Alex
Mason Alex:
Man, I wish he was here to witness the advancements in prosthetics, I will use this man as inspiration, thank you Terry and rest in peace.
Alien Intervention
Alien Intervention:
Tears flow with real things like this
God bless this man !!!! RIP Mr Fox 🙏
Cody Okinsky
Cody Okinsky:
Rip terry, may you inspire many more to never give up hope and always stay strong.
Oh FiddleSticks
Oh FiddleSticks:
Terry ran 24 miles a day. On an amputated limb. He fought so hard and ran 3000 miles. Even running 5 miles is difficult. Terry is a Canadian hero and we cannot forget him.
Debbie Staneland
Debbie Staneland:
The greatest Canadian ever. No fame, no fortune expected. Not a politician, not famous, not a television personality, not a movie star. Just a guy that wanted to make a difference. An amazing wonderful person whose story still make me cry with gratitude even all these years later. I'll never forget hearing those awful words on the television that he'd died and seeing the nurse crying. You did us proud Terry and we keep it going in your name. Bravo.
Keisha Carr
Keisha Carr:
Wow! This was an amazing story. He was a great kid!
Andia Salehi
Andia Salehi:
Growing up in BC, you learn to fall in love and respect this guy. He’s my hero and inspiration. ❤️
There's men and then there's Terry Fox. A true icon. One of the most powerful and inspirational people to ever walk the earth.
Frankie Chong
Frankie Chong:
Terry Fox will always be remembered with love. And we will always draw inspiration from his courage and strength. Rest In Peace Terry.
Personal Email
Personal Email:
His mom came to one of my elementary schools for a speech. Its inspirational to look at what he did
Dess Silva
Dess Silva:
He’s so inspired what a wonderful story of courage and love sometimes in the middle of my doubts I see that even though the things can be hard if you have a good attitude you can overcome even the death. Live in our hearts ♥️
Terry fox is a real hero !! Terry fox is a name of hope
Sonja Stanger
Sonja Stanger:
4ever in my heart ❤... brave & courageous.... I have 3 sisters who all r cancer survivors... God bless u, Terry...RIP u r a wonderful man... loves & prayers always ❤❤❤ 🙏 🙏🙏
Austin Chen
Austin Chen:
He had been a great big hero!!🥺🥺
Angelita Mosley
Angelita Mosley:
A true hero he was :-) Such an inspiration.
Clinton Grandy
Clinton Grandy:
Terry Fox was one of the greatest men who ever lived! Rest in peace Terry!
Anil Jaiswal
Anil Jaiswal:
I've never seen something like this .. I'm so emotional right now ... One of the best thing I've seen so far on the whole Internet ❤️🙏👏👏 What a brave man My God ... 21 years old and thinking about changing the world with his good intention ❤️❤️ I don't have words to describe what am I witnessing on the internet right now 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
Wow amazing inspiration,Rest in peace
Ariana Marocco
Ariana Marocco:
I can’t explain how much I love terry for what he did 💗 💕❤️
This young man is my hero.
Zero Proof
Zero Proof:
What a hero. Absolutely amazing and inspiring.
Fnafgamer 1
Fnafgamer 1:
Rip terry
Fox you are my hero
Asif A. Ali
Asif A. Ali:
Just learned about Terry Fox via Google's image. :)
What an inspiring figure!
:( I love what fox did but when I see stuff like this I get emotional and inspired. R.I.P terry fox
David Shumski
David Shumski:
Thanks for this .I was wondering who Terry Fox was. Now I'm all teared up
Thanks Terry. You’re a hero
Jessie Hutchison
Jessie Hutchison:
Such an inspirational hero. #ForeverTerry
Jamil Talib
Jamil Talib:
Just here bc I has a essay homework to do abt him. I wanna say he is such a very brave man, a young man who knows how to keep his dream. Eventhough he didn't get to finish it, he still did his best. And eventhough I am not into these kind of stuff, I'm still gonna say he's Canadian's legend's pride.
Chip Olmstead
Chip Olmstead:
Terry Fox was an inspiration for all of mankind; 3,339 miles on one leg, all while he was ill; peace be upon you!
Melissa I.
Melissa I.:
I still get choked up hearing his story. Terry Fox was a true Canadian hero. God bless him.
Terry Fox was one of the reasons that inspired me to start running a few years ago. A Terry Fox run was organized some years ago in my country (only once so far) when I was still a kid, and ever since then I knew about him. Impossible to describe what he did just using words.
John B
John B:
Growing up as a child I freaking loved this guy. The annual Terry fox run was my favorite part of the school year. I have no idea if Terry fox is still being talked about in schools like when I was a kid, I really hope he is.
Christopher Manning
Christopher Manning:
That is one brave young man right there. A legend and one true Canadian hero.
This was heart wrenching. What an inspiration to Humanity. RIP Terry.
Over here in the UK I remember British television providing regular reports on his progress across Canada. I was his age at the time. Felt great admiration for him. So sad when I heard the cancer had returned and he didn't make it.
He's truly a hero.
weifeng zheng
weifeng zheng:
2019 now... Tery Fox is such a hero hes a amazing guy i wish he was still alive
N B:
God bless u Terry were ever u r u will always b alive in our hearts ❤️
I hear his story for the first time, what a hero! I broke my knee ankle 5 years ago and after two surgeries and two years of sports every day, I managed to run 15 km again. But then shortly after I became very sick and almost died, I had a bad flare up with ulcerative colitis, with which I was diagnosed a few months later. I stoped running and now try to do this again. Listening to this young man, I feel so inspired! I try to raise money for a study that ensures that cortisone isn't helpful for chronic inflammation patients, its harmful. We get more inflammations from cortisone and they become worse over the years.
Vlogs with Sammy and Bob
Vlogs with Sammy and Bob:
I love him 🇨🇦 I live in Toronto
Love y’all omg my heart stops when it gets to the Thunder Bay part
let it snow in the sky
let it snow in the sky:
You can do it terry remember we are always behind you
Greatest respect for this man.
Cliff Roberts
Cliff Roberts:
i remember this as a kid. so amazing
paolenmang kuki
paolenmang kuki:
Terry RIP Sir !

You are one hell of a Man terry ! Respect and love mate !