With Poch sacked by Tottenham and replaced by Mourinho, Joe dissects what lead up to the Argentines fall!

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Football Daily
Football Daily:
Did Poch deserve the sack?! And was Jose the right choice?!
Ryan Bareham
Ryan Bareham:
Joe begging for a Supreme sponsorship
I wish pochettino nothing but success and happiness in his future
They're nothing else that can go wrong at Stevenage again
Paul Chatteris
Paul Chatteris:
So just to be clear they fired him for sulking and then decided hey let's hire José mourinho

Have fun lol
Wilef S83
Wilef S83:
If they didn't like the team being run like a dictatorship then why would they be happy with Mourinho?
Ian Clinton
Ian Clinton:
I'm willing to bet that Joe's wearing a Supreme T-Shirt beneath that hoodie and a Supreme underwear as well
Brian Asciak
Brian Asciak:
reminds when Clough had th same issue w Chairman at Derby. what a story.
Autonomous Thought
Autonomous Thought:
levy is traumatized from selling bale, modric, berbatov, keane, carrick, etc
Ryan Springer
Ryan Springer:
"We need to talk" sounds like a pissed off girlfriend
David Gomes
David Gomes:
And they were in the CL Final
Just imagine the scenes at arsenal 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
Every man and his dog could see that Spurs needed refreshing. Levy drove out the best 'coach' they've had in 40 years.
Poch should have quit rather than wait for a pay-off though. Can always earn more money! By not quitting after the CL final defeat, he made himself a scapegoat. It would have preserved his dignity and made it clear where the problem really is at that club.
brrr shhs
brrr shhs:
The fact that the players are tired of his tactics proves they r unprofesional
Albin Joseph Roy
Albin Joseph Roy:
This is just Dortmund and Klopp all over again. 5 years from now Levy will regret this
Ek Prayas
Ek Prayas:
Tottenham have good squad because Pochettino
Charlie Boy2
Charlie Boy2:
Kane starting the Champions league Final, was the beginning of the end, for me . Rumours have it that Pochettino was pressurized into starting with Kane by the Spurs board ( Levy ), who were in turn pressurized by the sponsors .
Im gutted to see him go. Hes done so much for the team I love and has steered us to proving that we are a top team. Good luck to him wherever he goes.
Diogenes of Seattle
Diogenes of Seattle:
Players tired of Pochetino's demanding style, so you hire Mourinho?

Good luck with that.

Also, the public sulk is the Special One's superpower.

True Spurs move.
Luke Coupland
Luke Coupland:
Pochettinho had hit his limit at spurs, he needs to move onto bigger things, so does spurs
iwantgoals 15
iwantgoals 15:
Like the way Joel didn’t mention how Levy undermined Poch. Poch said he wanted cameras on the training ground to assess his teams effectiveness in training. Levy said no, Poch offered to use his own money to get them, Levy denied him again and then went and agreed a deal with Amazon to film his team everywhere they go. This is despite Poch being openly against the camera crews filming. We all know it’s not the only reason he left but being undermined by your boss in front of your own players was petty from Levy and it’s part of the reason they stopped playing for him. There’s always two sides to a story.
Shay Campbell
Shay Campbell:
Hmmmm where have i heard the exact same news, oh what was that, on the fng channel, hmmmm seems quite fishy
AJ Didcote
AJ Didcote:
Tottenham have the amazon thing so everything will come out
William Samuel
William Samuel:
This is gonna haunt Levy
I think Football Daily just watch FNG's FTW series and just rip off his ideas
Jude IRL
Jude IRL:
So basically it isn’t Poch’s fault it is Daniel Levi.
Please learn the difference between “brought” and “bought”
Grey Mouser
Grey Mouser:
Levy's personality and his 'ability' to deal with Jose will work out well!
Dee one
Dee one:
Regardless what ever stories coming out now, about him, no one is perfect in life.
The bottom line was l had turn Tottenham Hotspur a club to recone with, he did a very good job with little resources, how many managers can work with little resources.
Not here to blame anyone, but he is a very good manager, but unfortunately that he won nothing.
People need to respect this man, did a lot for the club.
Football and footballers life is a very funny game anything can happen.
Good luck to him, better things to come with another club.
The truth with absolutely no proof or backup click bait cheer ginge
christopher garratt
christopher garratt:
Waiting an eternity for the Bottle Cap Challenge you guys promised ages ago...
paul b
paul b:
Lol wait until they get a load of Jose
Michael A
Michael A:
I lost my interest in football when Levy sacked Poch...I warned our base, this was the worst of all things..Spurs fan since 1967..
again, another case where "player's power" overthrew the manager's.
Tegbar Yigzaw Yeneakal
Tegbar Yigzaw Yeneakal:
First time I saw you, brilliant presentation
David Peniel
David Peniel:
And they hired Mourinho?
£12.5 million severance? I'll sulk to get the sack too!
Stephen Barrosse
Stephen Barrosse:
Nobody can keep their mouths shut anymore lol. “Locker room source.”
robert robertson
robert robertson:
I'm very impressed with your delivery, sign him up to match of day.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown:
Thanks for a great post, first time I've watched Football Daily...enjoyed it!
Tango Bango
Tango Bango:
He lives in barcelona right?
If Poch had sold those three players when he wanted we'd never have got to that final. Levy knew we had a great team but Poch started to play down the teams quality. Wrong move. The team got themselves to the Final . I think that's pretty clear now. Also he didn't like being upstaged by Moura who he never played after that semi final extravaganza. His ego got the better of him sadly.
C. C.
C. C.:
So if the time was right for Poch to leave, where then is the "alternative reality" you mentioned?
damn flexing hard
‘The Truth’ or a load of tabloid guesses?
I wish him the best, wherever he may go next.
Vansangluaia Vanchhawng
Vansangluaia Vanchhawng:
In short:
1) Tottenham can have all their new stadium etc because of Poch.
2) Tottenham are now a stable club because of Poch.
3) Tottenham can participate in CL without signing new players with Poch.
4) Tottenham players are now famous because of Poch. (Kane was just a loanee before Poch arrive. Most of them were mediocre players)

5) Levy wants to spend all the income that Poch gave him with Mourinho :)
John Rogers
John Rogers:
Hey, for a ginger, you're alright!
AcidBeats 17
AcidBeats 17:
The players stopped playing for poch 🙄
Autonomous Thought
Autonomous Thought:
we really should have sold all those players for big money that summer. would have been over 200m
JoEYEleven *
JoEYEleven *:
You've matured Joe😊
2020 Was mad
2020 Was mad:
*Well researched analysis👌🏽Keep up the good work my g*
John Tobin
John Tobin:
Spurs gets rid of a top man for a another man that will have the dressing room toxic
Might be true ,might not’ll come out in years to come.
Victor Dykes - Fakolujo
Victor Dykes - Fakolujo:
I would gave thought JM atritional style of playing will be more exhausting for the players.
James Randle
James Randle:
Great video, really informative. I didn't have a clue what was going on behind the scenes but now it makes so much sense!

I personally really liked Poch and thought it was incredible how he got Spurs to the final. It's a real shame he didn't get his demands met, otherwise who knows? Tottenham could actually be doing okay.

Fingers crossed José can work some magic.
Such a shame Poch had to leave TOT like this. I really loved how he transformed them into a power to be reckoned in PL especially in the last 2 yrs. Let's hope Jose does good things to the club.
Jat Jot
Jat Jot:
Jose is only honeymooning at Tottenham; come 1st of May, Levy will cry!
Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi:
These guys after second to FNG ftw(football the week)
Awo Mangala
Awo Mangala:
Don't make a villain of a manager who's taken Spurs further than ever!

At least let Mourinho win a trophy first.
It’s a good decision.... until Jose becomes his usual self like he was at Man U. I give JM a year before he has to leave
Diptanshu Sinha
Diptanshu Sinha:
Levy should see this!! He needs to be brave enough to decide what to do with Eriksen and other players who has contracts less than 6 months.
Zhee Pou-Geb
Zhee Pou-Geb:
If it was a regime under Pochettino then under Mourinho it will be a double regime.
Players are just lazy.
J0hN SpArTaN
J0hN SpArTaN:
3 premier teams that will be looking at poch this weekend to replace their under performing managers will be ARSENAL, MAN UNITED AND EVERTON.
A rehearsal for what's going to happen with Mourinho sooner rather than later.
Steven ck Miller Miller
Steven ck Miller Miller:
No matter what he told players to stop playing
Hooky Street Productions
Hooky Street Productions:
I heard Levy made Poch tap out of a boston crab.
In front of the players, and his wife, at the Christmas party.
anthony wilson
anthony wilson:
Spurs players look physically to heavy that's why they are playing to slow
Adam Murphy
Adam Murphy:
How really out here flexing on us with that supreme 😔
Hazza Brown
Hazza Brown:
Snowflake players
Ned Chil
Ned Chil:
'Did you ever see photos like this' he asks showing Jose at Spurs? . . . Errrr yeh! Why not? They are all mercenaries.
Brighton Fan#1
Brighton Fan#1:
Quality video lads. Really been enjoying these recently
Jonnatan Luna
Jonnatan Luna:
And I thought Real Madrid was having a bad time. #Poch to Real
Amir Asyraf
Amir Asyraf:
Poch are welcome at old trafford
This is the best video on this. thanks FD and Joe
Spurs will never be a big club! JM or not it won't change a thing!
Carbon Cell
Carbon Cell:
Good Presenter. Keep it up son!
Yusuf Abiodun
Yusuf Abiodun:
Bayern Munich should employ Pochettino and then beat spurs 7:2 again for the second time in champions league this season 😂😂😂😂
Vivienne Taylor
Vivienne Taylor:
Why is Pochettino now a villain. If the players were fed up with him why did they visit him at his home after he got the sack.
Cliveuų King
Cliveuų King:
Nothing about all the Amazon cameras being installed which Poch didn't want.
Tony with a Y YNOT
Tony with a Y YNOT:
Kosovo pushing for Euro recognition aid and validation. Gobbledygoop
Carlos F Suarez
Carlos F Suarez:
What happened here pass to every team, especially if you produce great players that want to try in some better team!
kanguer jack
kanguer jack:
Who's Joe😐
I see thomlinson on the preview, I click!
Rick Kimotho
Rick Kimotho:
So the players can't keep up physically and mentally with his style? Nah fam! Sounds like an excuse for wanting someone out. The whole roster can't be that daft.
cheers, most of the stories we already knew, and where a lot of Spurs fans just thought DL and ENIC let Poch down - in the end, no class in the way he was let go. Very cold and business like, which is something that Jose is fine with, the reality of the footy world now
S.i 2
S.i 2:
Pato is setting up the noose as we speak 😐
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon:
Are u making this up - whose your source
Robert Straw
Robert Straw:
Modern footballers are children. Spoilt little babies.
Roy Ferguson
Roy Ferguson:
24 points out off 75 is sackable at any club.
Tony with a Y YNOT
Tony with a Y YNOT:
How can you lose a dressing room. Its a stationary room and in the same place always. Top manager to do that borderline Wizard
ian Jeremy
ian Jeremy:
Well Done Kosovo 👏👏👏🇽🇰
These days the players are spoiled multimillionaires.
keith barber
keith barber:
If the manager isnt in control it does not bode well

Antonio conte's tenure at Chelsea was terminated because of that

Despite having won the f.a. cup for the club
renato ramadhan
renato ramadhan:
great video!
You are a brilliant presenter and analyst. A big future beckons for you young man methinks. Keep it up. 🤙
Yovani Ruz
Yovani Ruz:
Hello Santa. I only want one thing this year as i been a good boy, maybe 2. Sack Valverde and hire Poch. Thank you
mr betamax
mr betamax:
Feb 23 2019...Burnley. .he showed how much spurs means to him...
Scott Stannard
Scott Stannard:
That ugly jumper tho
Kid Krusher Gamin'
Kid Krusher Gamin':
"The place is a regime?" Have you been to North Korea? No, I don't think you have.
Fast Ford
Fast Ford:
Absolute rubbish from a gooner