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Track from Makaya McCraven.

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Daniel Burt
Daniel Burt:
This ad came up and I had to track it down for the music. Makaya McCraven... my goodness, what a track!
what the name of this song? found it

the song is called "requests" by makya mccraven
Re- Blitz
Re- Blitz:
I love this ad it’s so catchy
Anthony Soto
Anthony Soto:
This title coming from you is priceless.
Transcend Movement
Transcend Movement:
Fanning the flames of an ideological civil war... all the while farming for clicks....
I got this ad on one video 3 times.
Biden: you choose truth over facts. Is this all your leftists want?
But they do get equal pay... lol
"Is it okay to difinateively refute the Leftist™ narrative?"
Regulus Mine
Regulus Mine:
Propaganda .
1 sub before 2021 ?
1 sub before 2021 ?:
If you are reading this god bless you and have a great rest of your day and stay safe and happy❤️🥰
There are three kinds of Truth:

01. Subjective Truth ~ everyone's own personal truth of what they believe in

02. Objective Truth ~ something which is true regardless of people believe in it or not

03. Political Truth ~ the more you repeat it the more people will believe in it like iraq wmds etc
J. Enarson
J. Enarson:
LOL, The woke interns running the Times are hilarious. 😂
Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw:
That's Hilarious!
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan:
Earth has been greening for the past 20 years, but that is not worth printing, because Aryan Terraforming is not part of the Skynet (Parasite) plan.
C D:
When writing an article remember to tell the laymen how to think let it trickle down to us from the ivory tower (in midtown Manhattan)
So we’re still pushing the hands up don’t shoot lie. Ok
Da Marc
Da Marc:
Just out, Declassified documents prove that the FBI applied a different standard of justice to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Criminal charges coming...
Treyton Littlejohn
Treyton Littlejohn:
Living in strange times
Jesus Mata
Jesus Mata:
I only came for the music, the drumbeat really
CT Demônio
CT Demônio:
Omfg stop giving me this ad please
willow jessica
willow jessica:
Legit just here for the music
Virtual illusion
Virtual illusion:
Tell your reporter Davey Alba that we need truth. And to stop vaping gasoline or whatever led her to the conclusion that antifa have caused no harm.
NikNakSukMaCak 21
NikNakSukMaCak 21:
The New York Times and Truth? HAHAHAHA
Mohani Lal
Mohani Lal:
One of the lying newspaper talks about truth. Irony.
308win PRS
308win PRS:
Cyber Krunk
Cyber Krunk:
The trumpet is slightly disharmonic in my ear
What is the truth?

I know the things the NYT preaches time and time again are untruthful.
ai mail
ai mail:
Anybody know what kind of editing software they use for this video?
dasha wang
dasha wang:
Like CCP !LOWER!!!
Vinny L
Vinny L:
the bible activates you like a cellphone
What a joke. Just like Washington Post, Vox, Fox News...nearly all mainstream media these days.
Kevin Ganning
Kevin Ganning:
who did this?
T Rose
T Rose:
💡It’s a novel idea.. remember there is ONLY 1 TRUTH. The rest is opinion.
Michael Ferrell
Michael Ferrell:
U Upper
"How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Life needs truth. Truth is essential." I'm very inspired.
To whomever edited this video (and the others in this ad series) - it's beautiful and you did a seamless job.
Andrea the HIP hopper
Andrea the HIP hopper:
Where was the truth when violent protestors broke down a gate to enter private property and your organization called them peaceful?
Jon D
Jon D:
Lol I just read an opinion article from u guys about something that was completely dissproven all around yet your still clinging to it like its truth. You care about money and clicks not truth.
This "newspaper" should change it's name to, "The Pravda Times"..
Jared Sammons
Jared Sammons:
Biff _358
Biff _358:
Did these propagandist actually try to equate truth with their trash publications?
This is such a satisfying ad
dasha wang
dasha wang:
The leftists invite you to go to China and live with the Communist Party immediately! ! !
A W:
Critical issues for Democrat party

Defund police
Increase funding for USPS

🤔 I’m still in America, right?
david zambito
david zambito:
Your joking, right?
Frank Paschke
Frank Paschke:
The Slimes is a Leftist BULLhorn, birdcage liner, and today, digital birdcage liner. In what alternate universe, in what Orwellian dystopia, is there a correspondence between the Ministry of Truth NYT and the actual Truth?
Dayvin Knemeyer
Dayvin Knemeyer:
Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Assistant Attorney General Derek Taylor are involved in the Organized Crime Scandal by providing assistance to criminals using our Taxpayer dollars… Attorney William Pickett who was the President of the Washington Bar Association and Foundation Member at the Washington State Bar Association Deleted my Posts and is involved in covering up the Organized Crime that I am Exposing... Seattle, WA Attorney DAVID O and David O Defense Firm stole $10,000 cash paid in full from me by abandoning me and breaking our contract in my Federal Court Lawsuit because David O was threatened and/or bribed...David O filed Paperwork in the Federal Court on my behalf… My attorney David O is abandoning me in my federal court case after I told him I wanted him to file the Contract that has my settlement offer in it and states, “Parties. I, Dayvin Knemeyer, retain David O Defense for representation on the matter of obtaining his Bachelors of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene degree from Yakima Valley Community College. In the alternative, if Mr. Knemeyer is not provided his degree we would pursue a lawsuit, including trial if necessary, for the same and damages. (Dayvin and David O signed contract 6/21/2019) The contract also states, “Retainer. David O Defense agrees to provide all legal services for a flat fee of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) Mr. Knemeyer has paid in full the retainer agreement. (Dayvin and David O signed contract 6/21/2019) …See our Contract through Videos or Evidence on Facebook or YouTube because I currently do not have my Bachelors of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene Degree that I earned and I have all the evidence to prove this on Facebook and YouTube...You will see Evidence of how many of these criminals are using illegal software which is proved with Judge Jan Barnette in a Court Hearing that is included in my Facebook and YouTube Videos… Healthcare Insurance Fraud regarding Dr. Blake Perry in Mount Vernon, WA at Perry Family Dental and Dr. Charles Morgan in Ocean Shores, WA at Ocean Shores Dental, the Department of Health and Labor Industries Obstructed Justice by covering up the crimes... You will learn about Discrimination, Retaliation, Fraud, Racketeering/Organized Crime…and how teachers are stealing from Children and Students at Yakima College, Wenatchee College, The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, Mansfield School District Washington State K-12, and Government Corruption at the Local, State, and Federal Level…Ring Leader Yakima Valley College Teacher and Dental Hygiene Program Coordinator Cheri Podruzny put in the order for Wenatchee Valley College English 203 Research Teacher Leslie Lamkin to illegally remove, not install, and misrepresent my Assignment Requirements in my English 203 Research Class, so Cheri Podruzny could deny my Bachelors of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene Degree… In an email Cheri Podruzny accepted the English 203 Research class at Wenatchee Valley College as the last college coursework I needed to complete in order to obtain my BASDH Degree. (See evidence numbered: 000110 or page 110 in the evidence section, etc.)… I emailed Leslie Lamkin trying to get my Summary #1 Assignment back into the Wenatchee Valley College Canvas Computer System. Leslie Lamkin emails me on June 26, 2018 at 1:49 PM that states, “I can assure you that nobody is going to dig back into the course assignments to make sure you completed all the work listed in the Syllabus.” (Lamkin) Leslie Lamkin knows that Cheri Podruzny changed the Bridge Program Paperwork to make sure I have all the requirements that she knows Leslie Lamkin frauded by illegally removing, not installing, and misrepresenting all my major requirements. This way they both benefit by stealing my money for English Class, the books, the Bridge Program Crosswalk and Fees, and all my hard work spent to get the BASDH Degree that I have proof that I earned.” (See evidence numbered: 000009)… Leslie Lamkin and the Kids in Mansfield are having the same problem with missing assignments. At Mansfield Luke Hall emails Leslie Lamkin and states, “I saw a bunch of your 7th graders are on the D and F list out of your room. Are they missing something or something they need to work on?” (Luke Hall Mansfield) Leslie Lamkin emails Luke Hall and states, “It’s a combination of missing assignments and laziness.” (Leslie Lamkin Mansfield) Luke Hall emails Leslie Lamkin and states, “Ok. Read them the riot act on both.” (Luke Hall Mansfield) The kids in Mansfield are having missing assignments just like I did. I was cheated, so the kids in Mansfield are most likely being cheated too. Why doesn’t anybody care about the kids at Mansfield? (See evidence numbered: (See evidence numbered: 000233-000245, 000249)…Those found guilty of racketeering can be fined up to $25,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison per racketeering count…The Government Covered up my Federal Court Lawsuit with Corrupt Bias Judge Salvador Mendoza Jr. in the Eastern District of Washington State… The Corrupt Bias Judge Salvador Mendoza Jr. misrepresents court cases by being involved in putting a 42: 1983 Civil Rights Act Code, not wanting to put in the codes and reasons that I filed the lawsuit such as Fraud and Racketeering, etc. and doesn’t want to talk about why he is representing the case with that 42: 1983 Civil Rights Act Code… A list of some of the other Criminals involved in this Organized Crime Scandal: Yakima Valley College Dean Paulette Lopez, Yakima Valley College President Assistant/Public Records Megan Jensen, Yakima Federal Court Clerk’s Pam Howard and Angela Noel, Richland Federal Court Clerk Debbie Brasel, Wenatchee Valley College President Jim Richardson is involved with this Scandal and other Fraud Scandals see evidence on Facebook or YouTube, Wenatchee Valley College Vice President’s Carli Schiffner and Chio Flores, Wenatchee Valley College Director of Human Resources and Public Records Reagan Bellamy, Wenatchee Valley College Dean’s Joey Walter and Lori Keller, Wenatchee Valley College Dean Lori Keller played musical chairs to avoid accountability and moved to another location after English 203 Research Teacher Leslie Lamkin illegally removed my Assignment Requirements, Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges Director of Transfer Education Joyce Hammer, Wenatchee Valley College Vice President Carli Schiffner went up to work with Joyce Hammer at the State Board from Wenatchee Valley College to help cover up the crimes, Mansfield School District WA State K-12 English teacher Leslie Lamkin teaches English at both Mansfield School District Washington State K-12 and Wenatchee Valley College and the Mansfield School Children have missing Assignments through Public Record Proof just like Leslie Lamkin illegally removed, misrepresented, and did not install my Assignment Requirements, United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, United States Office for Civil Rights Seattle Investigator Gregg Hamby, his buddy Seattle Office for Civil Rights Paul Goodwin, and Seattle Office for Civil Rights Manager Linda Mangel, many other Agencies and Criminals involved that are not yet listed or Exposed…
Nick Melillo
Nick Melillo:
If only you actually believed that the truth matters. Pretty ads don’t fix all of your deceitful “journalism,” if you can even call it that. As your brain dead leader would say, c’mon man.
Reanne Eleanor
Reanne Eleanor:
There is something about this song that makes my ears bleed
The Concerned Indian
The Concerned Indian:
The most creative and inspiring news team ever! Great job!
Scott Scheppmann
Scott Scheppmann:
If truth is essential then why aren’t you giving us the truth?
The Bomb Gaming
The Bomb Gaming:
Except you left out the part where you guys never tell the truth lol, what a horrible add. Don’t fall into there trap!
Jade Juhasz
Jade Juhasz:
At least TNYT didn't dare use the words truth and journalism in the same sentence.
agnes mcCraven
agnes mcCraven:
Thomas Oldenburg
Thomas Oldenburg:
Absolute gutter journalism! Congratulations
Life does need truth, which is why so many people don't like the NYT. If you don't like smelling bullish*t, then why would you want to read it?
Tattle Boad
Tattle Boad:
"The falseness of an opinion is not for us any objection to it: it is here, perhaps, that our new language sounds most strangely.

The question is, how far an opinion is life-furthering, life-preserving, species-preserving, perhaps species-rearing, and we are fundamentally inclined to maintain that the falsest opinions are the most indispensable to us, and that without a recognition of logical fictions, without a comparison of reality with the purely IMAGINED world of the absolute and immutable, without a constant counterfeiting of the world by means of numbers, man could not live—we are inclined to believe that the renunciation of false opinions would be a renunciation of life, a negation of life.

TO RECOGNISE UNTRUTH AS A CONDITION OF LIFE; that is certainly to impugn the traditional ideas of value in a dangerous manner, and a philosophy which ventures to do so, has thereby alone placed itself beyond good and evil."
NYT saving the world by consistantly throwing gas on the fire and pushing narratives like every other network
why is the New York Times talking about truth when all they do is lie 🤔
Emet Mekhapes
Emet Mekhapes:
Was so concerned that the MSM pushing one lie after another for there Democratic friends and the Hollywood elite. Blahaha. now I see that they actually saved us. They helped the Democrats dig themselves into such a huge hole there is no way out. Completely eroding all credibility. They have burnt themselves to the ground.

Job well done NYT

Good does conquer evil
I appreciate the editing and art that goes into this edit though the bias is clearly shown. True objectivity is paradoxical in many senses and I don't think objectivity was necessarily the point of this as much as a way to contextualize news in general and how it affects us all in life. At the same time I am interpreting the stories used which I consider based on untruths as objectively false they are still news stories and topics being discussed which even if false in nature are nouns and objects and stories that exist. Their existence is true and the narratives are hot button issues precisely because their status and polarizing status. News is a lens on information. Even if things are written or created to be entertaining they cannot be objective because the mere effort to create something entertaining, however ridiculous it may sound, is a subjective preference and forges the way an idea is transferred. Then again perhaps all truth is stimulus and therefore entertainment. This comment is going in circles but I think the video had it's intended outcome.
Lord Immortallix
Lord Immortallix:
Lol you puppets know nothing about truth
dasha wang
dasha wang:
The leftists invite you to go to China and live with the Communist Party immediately! ! !
Slyn Smiley
Slyn Smiley:
I just wanted to add some factual information to this discussion. These numbers are sourced from the University of Georgia and also the CDC.

I am comparing the number of deaths at the hands of police for White male felons ( WMF) and Black male felons (BMF).I also include the deaths of police killed by violence during duty ( excludes accidents )as a matter of interest.

The numbers used are for the full years 2017-2019. 2020 figures are not included.

Number in each group: Police 800,000, WMF 9.4 million, BMF 6.7 million.

Number of deaths: Police 172, WMF 1226, BMF 667.

Percentage of each group killed: Police 0.0215%, WMF 0.0130%, BMF 0.0100%.

Police are more than twice (2.15 x) as likely to die on duty as a result of violence than a Black Male Felon is during arrest.

A White Male Felon is 30% more likely to be killed by police during arrest than is a Black Male Felon.

The group at most risk is the Police.

The numbers don’t lie. Surprised? I was , too.
Linda Hutchinson
Linda Hutchinson:
OMG I laughed so hard the New York Times talking about TRUTH. They would know the truth if it bitchslapped them upside their heads. Typical lying Media. Thanks NYT I needed a good laugh
Maria Arce
Maria Arce:
Amazing ad, strong message, beautifully edited. But it was designed for a big screen, not for mobile. You can barely read the messages that appear on the ad. It's also landscape, a format that's not very friendly for social platforms, including YouTube. Think square. Think vertical. Make it social. 96% of users do not turn their phones to landscape mode.
Nickolas Bowen
Nickolas Bowen:
Yes, the truth is essential. So stop spreading lies
The New York Times muddys the Truth. Great video lol
Tyler Hughes
Tyler Hughes:
90 percent of comments are negative but dislikes are only 25% ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Wonder if youtube is changing them.
Lost the last bit of Journalistic integrity y'all had when you had the extremely misleading title about Trump's taxes. Literally just reading the article disproves the title.
Philip Winston
Philip Winston:
Create drama and then help people get through it. Pretty good strategy.
The Doug House
The Doug House:
If life needs truth, then NYT needs life, because it ain't got no truth
I still don’t understand why anybody would vote for a man who don’t want to send his kids to a “racial jungle” and a woman whose family owned slaves over an alleged con artist who currently seems to want to help the US and promote US jobs... what am I missing?
R. William Comm
R. William Comm:
The New York Times no longer values truth.
Dean Dartista
Dean Dartista:
Deutsche Bank is the key to the crime syndicate. Trump deals with Deutsche Bank. Numerous Dealings Russians Investigated Fraud and Laundering Terrorists Money? Links at end but there's even a bigger question with the answer. I advise extra security for Trump if this is checked out as I think there is even more sinister players than the President at hand. I am against all criminal activity. Epstein died or disappeared. @ Federal Judge targeted Son Killed. Trump is a wanna-be big player with his Tower in Azerjaiban. Iranian leaders looking for ways to launder money? AHA! Deutsche World Bank is involved Directly with Russia, supposedly formerly Trump although it's supposed to be illegal to deal with Terrorists in this Iranian. Trump Towers!!! Trump will want his precious tower back eventually and that lucrative road bid. The reason Trump is hands off is this business dealing will show he violated laws forbidding U.S. from doing business there in the manner he did business. @ This is where Turkey and Russia is managing Trump's Interests in the region. This is how Trump is going to make his move into Iran. The military hit he ordered on Iran was to make a show of power and possible shut some mouths. Money DEALINGS Laundering, Embezzling. You can't tell me our Intel has no knowledge of this and why it's ignored and not talked about. The answer maybe below somewhere.
Trump's propaganda engine(Fox) needs to be examined with Tax Audits. Fox has been pretty successful in persuading the American's that he is a victim and has done nothing wrong. Trump doesn't have enough money to cover the exposure Trump is getting. Fox now needs to be examined for treasonous behaviors. I would start where it all leads the Beast. That's my nickname for the Deutschland bank. Doesn't that bank even sound maniacal and NAZI? REMEMBER: Epstein's Federal Judge has paid a high price for Epsteins account even though he was dead. There are ties there and I think it is the story of the century if someone can break it. There is little doubt now in my mind Fox and several Republicans and maybe other parties are involved with Deutschland. The bank that brags it's for the wealthy. Strong Russian and international ties yet was warned off by the BBC in 2016. Risky investments etc... because of it's unusual banking practices no credit cards and not a big retail bank. Sounds like Trump's Magnetic N joined Deutschland Magnetic S. It was feared in 2016 the bank could fail and results would cause a worldwide calamity as well. Therefore the bank was volunerable to the underworld. Trump is vulnerable to foreigners. Kushner is Trump's brain power what financial bank is being used for the Peace Treaty costing the U.S. $50 billion. Would any body care to comment how it is fairing in the financial world today and it's outlook if Trump gets elected or if Biden gets elected? Actually I'm scared to death to write this as these players could stomp me out today if they wanted and not even think about it. Especially since MSNBC and others are reporting the rampant big bank criminal activity. @ You see the treasury department isn't doing anything to regulate or police the banks. In fact these banks are being warned of these activities and disregarding them as Trump's administration is masking their activities as well as low-keying Kushner's activities. You don't think Trump wants that Noble Peace Prize? Why is he being so quiet about it? I thought we were going to hear about his nomination for weeks at the top of the headlines but everything is low-low-key. As they say follow the MONEY. This is all I dare write as I desire to take care of my sister and I like living above ground.

P.S. I felt I needed to share some general ideas to Rachel Maddow. Tucker Carlson is trying to steal the comments on later shows. Please provide a way I can send investigation requests without Fox News getting a heads up.

I think so. Links @ @
@ Russian Bank @ Robert Mueller investigating @
Darran Kern
Darran Kern:
If only the NYT wasnt an obsolete rag of lies 🙄
Casey J
Casey J:
Beautiful video for an absolute dumpster fire of a publication!
What a joke? The NYT is not something I equate with truth 😂😂😂
Gabe Widmer
Gabe Widmer:
great an ad
Romolo Megda
Romolo Megda:
AWESOME! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
P I:
The New York Times, the only propaganda worth printing.
Truth is essential huh. Is that why you have lied about the riots for the past three months. You are disgusting
You guys are not interested in truth after the BLM and Antifa thugs took over your newspaper.
Preston Harris
Preston Harris:
The NYT is anything BUT the truth. Lies and lies full of Democrat propaganda, literally refuse to recognize that violent protests are demolishing our cities.
Yarelly Garza
Yarelly Garza:
someone needs a raise ❤
Lynn Sims
Lynn Sims:
Our whole life is based on a lie ..
Jesus is not coming back to get you . Saint or no Saint .. Watch The Lost Tomb of Jesus DVD
The clicking sounds are irritating.
New York Lies👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Commie Propaganda
Mark Gupton
Mark Gupton:
He is the Way, the " Truth", and the Life. Only in Jesus Christ.
The NYT designs truth to fit their political agenda.
Istanbul Beauty
Istanbul Beauty:
Ok here is some ...

1- Biden is expected to win, because America 🇺🇸 cannot bear another 4 years of impotence and confusion of Trump, but whoever wins, the result will be more civil unrest, which means, America continues down the slope of weakness that began in the era of Bush Jr. and slowed down during Obama era and then accelerated very quickly in Trump period.

2- The world 🌍and America 🇺🇸are between two options, both bitter :
First/ Trump supports dictatorships without principles, politics or morals.
Second/ Biden weak and wants to bring down a democratically elected president and tamper with the only democracy in the Middle East, Turkey 🇹🇷 which means more chaos

3- All data indicate inevitable devastating economic and environmental difficulties

Jay Robinson
Jay Robinson:
and this...
The prime directive of many unsavory characters is to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t get re-elected.
BLM & Antifa members are communists who have seized this unique moment in history to try to force a revolution to destroy capitalism and bring in their ideal Marxist system.
Career criminals have realized that with all of the mayhem & confusion abound, this is the perfect opportunity to steal, attack and even murder anyone in convenient proximity.
Democrat politicians have conveniently downplayed the disorder and violence under the belief that average Americans would blame Trump for it, thus hurting him and helping their party.
The Leftist MSM, who have long been in cahoots with the Democrats, have accepted their marching orders and obscured & spun the narrative and/or outright lied about what has been happening on the streets. For they know that their NPC audience will lap up every single thing they broadcast, no matter how preposterous.