The Try Guys Find Out Their REAL Harry Potter Houses

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100+ comentarios:

Joanne Tan
Joanne Tan:
When Zach mentioned how the core of everything he’d wanted was fundamentally to be liked and Eugene just softly said, “We like you!” 🥺
“We’re probably all Gryffindors”
*literally no one ends up being a Gryffindor*
Megan Selvadurai
Megan Selvadurai:
"I don't need to hear how Bed, Bath & Beyond is prepared for the Voldemort outbreak" LMAO that sent me
Mori Dren
Mori Dren:
As a trans individual, and as a Hufflepuff I never let Rowling’s words discourage me. It honestly made me smile to see how the try guys are supporting the trans community and supporting a cause that helps us look beyond what Rowling and or the lgb drop the t ‘movement’ are saying.


Edit: all you transphobic rubbish get out of my replies. Trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary people are valid.
Nurul A'fifah
Nurul A'fifah:
No one:
Literally no one:
Zach: I want people to laugh at my funeral.
Eleanor Mason
Eleanor Mason:
Ned getting Hufflepuff is like when your family member comes out and you already knew for years
CJ Garner
CJ Garner:
I am a Christian and the current issue with trans people is breaking my heart. Idk what you look like, what you identify as, or who you love. You are who you are. God will love you no matter what and so will I.
Shivam Patel
Shivam Patel:
Eugene: I hate being ignored
Zach: Ignores Eugene
Eugene: Grab Zach and throws him out the window. "So anyways..."
Russet Spots
Russet Spots:
Fun Fact: Hufflepuff is most compatible with Slytherin sexually
Anastasia Ruzina
Anastasia Ruzina:
"You can make this couch turn into fried chicken"
NO, YOU CAN'T. It is Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration: food cannot be outright created from nothing, it can be multiplied if one already has some food to multiply, it can be enlarged or the food can be summoned if one knows the approximate location and is fairly sure the food will still be there.
Susan Lin
Susan Lin:
The try partners should do this too, like ariel, Becky, maggie, and Matt
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi:
I was relieved that Eugene got Slytherin - lol. Like, we can’t lose him from the house!
Ruby Harris
Ruby Harris:
So from what I understand: Eugene is what he always thought he was, Ned is what he thought he's become after marriage and having a kid, and Kieth and Zach switched houses. I think these are all really good fits, based off their personalities.
"There are no gryffindors in the try guys"

Rachel Edwards
Rachel Edwards:
Zach, if a Capricorn is finally opening up about their feelings DONT MAKE A JOKE!! SMH
Petition for Eugene to get a side show called “try guys gay time” where he does whatever the hell he wants
Honestly, them having no Gryffindors in their group really explains why they ALL embody the Gryffindor spirit of "hold my beer"

Because there's no one there to have the spirit full time so they share it and they were probably raised around a lot of Gryffindors, which makes it worse.
NeoFox Exodius
NeoFox Exodius:
“Not all Gryffindors are turds.”
-Me, a Gryffindor turd
“It DoES if YOu’rE BeINg gRAdEd oN a CUrvEeeE!!!!!!”
i felt that in my bones lmao
sbuffando 97
sbuffando 97:
Unpopular opinion: Ned, in my opinion, actually is more Gryffrindor than Hufflepuff
"not all slytherins are nazis but all nazis are slytherins"

that is an amazing piece of wisdom
Macie Savage
Macie Savage:
Keith: Loneliness, don’t like that. Hate being bored

Quarantine: hi buddy!
Zack: "1 in 4 people around you might be a hufflepuff."
Me: "It's me...I'm the hufflepuff..."
abcdefghijklmnop tea is the best
abcdefghijklmnop tea is the best:
Ned: Hufflepuff 💛
Zach: Hufflepuff 💛
Keith: Ravenclaw 💙
Eugene: Slytherin 💚

(Slytherins where y’all at?)
MayaBelleee 33
MayaBelleee 33:
“Slytherins are just mean blondes” me a slytherin mean blonde
Heidi Jordan
Heidi Jordan:
"IF I'm a Gryffindor, I'm gonna throw myself out that window." literally the most Slytherin thing to say, Eugene
Jenecee Mathis
Jenecee Mathis:
“Owls say who” - most underrated bit
I'm a Leo, Gryffindor, and my Chinese zodiac is a tiger. I'm scared
Froze Dokkan Battle
Froze Dokkan Battle:
Keith is wearing the hat he used in the Arby’s “eat the menu” lol i watch this channel to much
Taylor Stillwell
Taylor Stillwell:
Eugene is a true Slytherin and I can’t be more proud to be in that house
I cant be the only one who now wants to see all the spouses take the test.
Man I felt Eungene so hard when he said he hates to be ignored and that's why he is so quit, I am that person too!
Spirit & Gamer
Spirit & Gamer:
Draco actually got second in the class after Hermione but that was hardly ever mentioned
Crazy Potterhead
Crazy Potterhead:
This was a fun video. Though, the Pottermore test isn’t necessarily correct. Okay, hear me out! I’m a Ravenclaw too, so I tend to think deeply into stuff. So, if you really look at the questions the Pottermore test asks you, they don’t really line up with the values of each house. It’s a questionnaire. Just because J.K Rowling made the test doesn’t mean that it’s the Sorting Hat. You have to do what I like to call ’self-sorting’. This is where you look at the values of each house and see which house values you value the most.
They now need a segment called “puff pals” where Ned and Zach are just hardcore hufflepuff
Sarah Michael
Sarah Michael:
Ned is a Gryffindor who matured into a Hufflepuff.
DAM films
DAM films:
When they said Ned was wearing the hufflepuff colors Keith looked at his pants to see what house he was 😂
Eugene: Gryffindors are annoying
Me, a Gryffindor: yeah honestly i think a lot of people say that about me
Nobody Asked For Your Opinion
Nobody Asked For Your Opinion:
I feel like Slytherins and Ravenclaws are kinda similar. Ravenclaws are all about wit, wisdom, and learning, while Slytherins are all about ambition, loyalty, and self preservation. Slytherins normally think a lot when they're in a situation in which they need to make a decision. They think of all the possible outcomes of a choice they make and then decide how to take action, and they do what they can do to get what they desire. Ravenclaws use their learning skills to use the information, and they also use their wisdom to advice people and decide how to use it. Both houses are intelligent in their own ways, so that's why I think they are similar in a lot.
Hailey Parsons
Hailey Parsons:
Ned: So my moon sign is Hufflepuff
Eugene (The astrologist) shaking his head
Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣
some emo kid
some emo kid:
this NEEDS to be a trywives episode and also: since ariel is an interior designer could she maybe play the sims for us and decorate a lovely home??? pleaaaase? <3 love your videos!!
Pika Pika BITCH
Pika Pika BITCH:
Love how none of them ended up in Gryffindor- when they all just said they’d all end up in Gryffindor
Emily Jennings
Emily Jennings:
99% of the time i get hufflepuff and i identify as a hufflepuff, but once i got gryffindor and threw my laptop across the room
Lila Rae KinHeart
Lila Rae KinHeart:
They should do their patronus animals, I'd laugh so much if one of them got a salmon or guinea pig
thea frendo
thea frendo:
this is basically the try guys hating on gryffindors for 25 minutes and 48 seconds straight
Jason Liriano
Jason Liriano:
Eugene "if im a gryffindor I will throw myself out that window" what a gryffindor move
istg they're saying "Try Guys Gay Time" on PURPOSE now
neejoy sola
neejoy sola:
You can tell this was recorded before quarantine because Ned doesn’t have his dad beard
Mia Ellis
Mia Ellis:
As my social studies teacher says.” It’s not weird just different!”
My house situation is weird. So I took the Pottermore test and it said I was Slytherin which I didn't mind but everyone always said that I acted like a Hufflepuff so I took the quiz again and I got Hufflepuff. So I went to other quiz sights and got Gryffindor. So I'm not really sure what my house is-
Onjoli Murphy
Onjoli Murphy:
I need a try wives wine time where they also get sorted into their houses.
Mystery Human
Mystery Human:
I took the official Harry Potter website one, it looked different back then if that’s the one they are using and let me tell you, I’m a slitherin, my patronus is a king cobra aka a snake, I almost have the exact one as Malfoy but it’s a bit longer I thin’ and has a different core (same wood tho) and I’m blonde. I’m almost the female malfoy. Somehow it worked. Not to mention snakes are some of my favourite animals
Lily White
Lily White:
Zack: Just a warning. Someone around you might be a hufflepuff
Me:B-but I’m a hufflepuff🥺
“The redwood forest is a happy place”
Me who’s played ark: yea that’s gunna be a no from me.
Ruffie Rose
Ruffie Rose:
I've just learnt that I am Ravenclaw after convincing myself I was Slytherin for YEARSSSS lol
Suzy Blue
Suzy Blue:
I knew that Zack, Eugene, and Keith would be the ones I thought they were, but I had NO idea that Ned would be a Hufflepuff. Welcome to our family Ned!
Gillian Simp
Gillian Simp:
So in the official Harry Potter House test I got Slytherin, but every other Harry Potter Test I did I got Hufflepuff..
*I am very confused.*
gear gear
gear gear:
4:52 Ned is literally everyone at my school before graduation. This girl got valedictorian after cheating her way to the top and didn't get in trouble cause her mom was a teacher. In 9th grade she got someone to send her a science test and it went around the whole school and everyone was gonna get in trouble until they realized it was her and her mom got her out of it. Yeah she so didn't deserve anything and people either loved her cause somehow she was popular or hated her cause she was a lying cheater who didn't earn anything she got. Not only that but she got a full ride to a school cause of it and it's so upsetting. Yeah if you're reading this you know who you are. Now that I'm thinking of it people should've called her Crook Tanner, as her first name rhymes with Crook. Hope karma gives you what you deserve.
Diya Saha
Diya Saha:
"Trans rights are human rights "...omgggg Eugene I am so in love with you for telling that!!!🥰🥰🥰
Nabila Syifa Siregar
Nabila Syifa Siregar:
I swear Eugene is the most Slytherin guy I’ve ever known, there’s no way he could be sorted into any other houses lol
Elizabeth Kern
Elizabeth Kern:
“it’s like pringles, babe.”
“All slytherins are natzis”
Me: *sweats aggressively* s-since when am I a natzi
Rachel Smidt
Rachel Smidt:
I have this theory that if you say you're a Gryffindor without taking the Pottermore test, you're probably a Hufflepuff and the fact that Ned solidified this theory is amazing.
Karen Chiem
Karen Chiem:
before I watch this video i am predicting Eugene is a Slytherin
L A:
Ned is just a very loud Hufflepuff who fell for Gryffindor propaganda.
Abba Marquez
Abba Marquez:
I've taken the Pottermore quiz like 5 times already hoping to get Ravenclaw. But, I got Slytherin all the time.
I didn't expect this to be as entertaining as it was, y'all reacting to the answers and explaining yourself was hilarious
Colin McKinley
Colin McKinley:
When they got to the nightmare portion, and Ned reacted to the one of your family not knowing who you are, I literally started to tear up because that’s mine
Jaya K
Jaya K:
Apart from Eugene, who is the perfect Slytherin, you should all be Hufflepuffs if we're being honest 😂
Sara Chan
Sara Chan:
Eugene saying he’d rather be a Hufflepuff than a Gryffindor is the most Slytherin thing I’ve ever heard
Bork PomPom
Bork PomPom:
Ned on cheating mattering: It does if it gets graded on a curve! 
Me: Cries in grade curved down to a B+
Second Try and TWWT should do this and see how they differ!
Anushka Pathak
Anushka Pathak:
I consider myself as a GryPuffRaRyn ( Gryffindor+Hufflepuff+Ravenclaw+Slytherin) because I have( I think )all the qualities of the houses.. I think many people also are in this. Tell me in the replies!
Jessica Hamilton
Jessica Hamilton:
I HATE being called selfish
My mum: stop being selfish
Me: I'm not selfish I just wanted that last cookie 🤣🤣🤣
aquamochi ً
aquamochi ً:
"If I'm a Gryffindor, I'm going to throw myself our of that window" is the most Slytherin thing ever
Im trans and I love the Try Guys. hearing them have fun and embrace the positives of the Harry Potter series and denounce JKR's stances made me feel really happy and proud to support them.
Sam Aguirre
Sam Aguirre:
Ned & Zach: Gets Hufflepuff
Me (a Hufflepuff): "One of us! One of us!"
Bethan Cole
Bethan Cole:
Eugene just collecting Hufflepuffs and then Keith is like "hi I'm thecnically not a Hufflepuff but I'm nearly there so??"
Elizabeth O'Toole
Elizabeth O'Toole:
That statistic is lowkey true with everyone ik. (that 1 in 4 people are a Hufflepuff)
Chelsea Chow
Chelsea Chow:
Everyone can see that Eugene is just a pure Slytherin without taking the test
Ned and Zach: Where my puff pals at?
Eugene: I'm outa here
Sabrina Jogezai
Sabrina Jogezai:
I’m legit so proud to be a hufflepuff
I really like being a Ravenclaw, and my patronus is a white swan! What about you, people?
Riley Duffy
Riley Duffy:
Is no one going to notice all of Zach’s thrown in Hamilton lines ?
darth vèda
darth vèda:
“one out of four people are Hufflepuffs”

*glares at the tall man with the floppy sorting hat, holding his mug with both hands*
Climb Girl
Climb Girl:
Lets be honest we all wanted Eugene to be Gryfindor.
Li Wen Sheng
Li Wen Sheng:
DANG IT-I took the test and was declared a Hufflepuff. Hell no-I'd be too ruthless but not like evil to be a Hufflepuff. I declare Ravenclaw-Gryffindor-Slytherin mix. Predominantly Ravenclaw.
Paige Gibson
Paige Gibson:
I’m also a Hufflepuff. I share a house with Ned, and Zach. Badger Pride!🦡🖤💛
Woshi dumpling
Woshi dumpling:
“Sometimes I would actually put the wrong answers down cause I knew everybody was looking at my paper, to get them to fail”
-Eugene Lee Yang, the most cunning ass Slytherin ever.
Ned finding out he's not Gryffindor is gonna be like when he found out he's not 50% Italian in the DNA test video
Kadija Eck
Kadija Eck:
“I’m not afraid to puff puff huffle” 😂😂😂😂
Eliza McClain
Eliza McClain:
When I took the test I was screamn' slytherin but I was pegged as a gryfindor. I'm still sad.
Karen Chavez
Karen Chavez:
As a gryffindor, I feel very attacked by the try guys and these comments 😭
Tatiana Mashkova
Tatiana Mashkova:
as a ravenclaw i honestly think gryffindors of show offs
Puja Sharma
Puja Sharma:
Zach: is a Hufflepuff
Try Guys: shocked
me: well obviously..?
• c h x r r y • b l x s s o m •
• c h x r r y • b l x s s o m •:
Ned: "One of four people is a Hufflepuff. "

Me: A-ha?.. I'm a Hufflepuff-
Jackie Dezenzo
Jackie Dezenzo:
Now seems like a great time to talk about the 17 slide powerpoint I made that goes into depth about what house I believe the guys belong in and I stand by the choices I made
GoD's Cock
GoD's Cock:
The fact that Keith is a ravenclaw makes me so happy, because we have similar personalities and I am a ravenclaw so... Yea. I would have been quite sad if he wasn't a ravenclaw :)
Melody McIntosh
Melody McIntosh:
Eugenes jacket in this is literally everything. I love it.
Aure Isa
Aure Isa:
Harry: not Slytherin, not sLyThErIn, NOT SLYTHERRIIIIIIIIN, anything but Slytherin please
Eugene: not Gryffindor, not gRyFfINdOr, NOT GRYFFINDOOOOOOOOOOR, anything but Gryffindor please