The Umbrella Academy | Official Trailer | Netflix

When it rains, it pours.

From the minds of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, The Umbrella Academy is the story of a super-dysfunctional family of superheroes who have eight days to get it together and save the world.

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The Umbrella Academy | Official Trailer | Netflix

Reunited by their father's death, estranged siblings with extraordinary powers uncover shocking family secrets -- and a looming threat to humanity.

100+ comentarios:

Jake Zimmer
Jake Zimmer:
They really just had a talking monkey with no explanation and we just went along with it
depressed anemic
depressed anemic:
the actors who play klaus and five are the best.
Wait I'm confused i thought this series was about the Umbrellas making all of the Zombies or Tyrants
Louis Rei Tagsip
Louis Rei Tagsip:
This looks like the best thing on tv in film or television.
My ranking of the siblings:

1. ALL
5. ARE
7. Luther
Daisy Robinson
Daisy Robinson:
The Umbrella Academy & Stranger Things

Netflix's Favourite children.
Ada Uya
Ada Uya:
**when your a cute ghost in a leather jacket but they won’t even show you in the trailer**
Dest Edits
Dest Edits:
hazel is underrated and i actually liked him. despite his job, i feel like his heart was actually in the right place—
Lalalala Lalalala
Lalalala Lalalala:
The last digit of your like is which sibling/ character you are:

1. Luther
2. Diego
3. Allison
4. Klaus
5. Five
6. Ben
7. Vanya
8. Lila
9. The handler
Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung:
If Klaus isn’t your favorite. We’re fighting
Life is Amazing Without Effort
Life is Amazing Without Effort:
Just watched the whole season, Delores deserves an emmy!
Bella Rose
Bella Rose:
I literally got angry when he said “i have adopted 6 children”
Mellanie Faf
Mellanie Faf:
Can we appreciate the actor who plays Klaus for a second? He's TALENTED
Geboinzki 28
Geboinzki 28:
Allison and Vanya's relationship reminds me of Anna and Elsa.
Jenna B.
Jenna B.:
Best line in this whole trailer:

Five: Klaus Get up we're going.

Klaus: Where?

Five: To save the world

Razmuz Gaming
Razmuz Gaming:
Anyone else think klaus should play a version of Jack sparrow lol
Vereda Films
Vereda Films:
I remember watching this trailer & thinking it looked horrible.
Ended up being my favorite show on Netflix, Season 2 was even better!!
Xander Moix
Xander Moix:
When Marvel closes a door, Netflix opens a window.
rica jean
rica jean:
am i the only one who never forgets this line of Klaus:

“did i ever tell you guys about the time I waxed my ass with chocolate pudding”

this is the best line of the whole season!
emo idiot
emo idiot:
The actor who plays Luther portrayed his character well
Its just I hate the character
Props to the actor though 👏
aeryne _mcl
aeryne _mcl:
I told my friend to watch the umbrella academy and they told me “I watched the trailer, it doesn’t seem really good” EXCUSE ME MA’AM
im jisoo im ok
im jisoo im ok:
Let’s all appreciate and thank Agnes for changing Hazel
The Last Ghost
The Last Ghost:
Klaus and Ben are the best duo in the show in my opinion
mild spoiler warning,

why does luther become stupid near the end of the season? His face starts looking very punchable. It seems as though all his brain juice went to his body instead
you know you have a problem when you rewatched this show
*N I N E*
Avani Granger
Avani Granger:
Claus is the best character ever existed
lil croc
lil croc:
Comments summary:

1. Luther lived on tHe mOoN
2. Diego can DANCE
3. Allison is Allison idk
4. Ben is back
5. Five is 58
7. Vanya is *c h a n g i n g*

Fav characters? We love klaus and five ❤️
Klaus: “Okay sorry, I’m just gonna go murder mom”
The moment he became my favorite character. 😂😂
Hanny Hidalgo
Hanny Hidalgo:
I’ve never seen this so when I saw people commenting “klaus” tell me why I thought Joseph Morgan was in this😂👁👄👁iykyk
Melanie Aquino
Melanie Aquino:
Ok my thought after seeing both seasons
Luther is annoying and needs to be shipped back to the moon
Diego I felt bad for him he went through do much shit but has such a kind heart doesn't wanna show
Allison was ok at first then was amazing in season 2 especially being sweet with vanya ofc
Klaus literally my 2nd fav and my spirit animal he is perfect I feel for him
Vanya I hated at first then loved her in the 2nd season so much they devolved her nicely
Ben was such a sweetie and kind hearted deserved the world for saving vanya I swear 😢
Number 5 my favorite character forever his sass, skills, attitude, intelligence is needed the team would of been lost without him he is the most powerful and useful of the bunch for life he holds the show the actor did a great job bringing him to life
Tony Le
Tony Le:
No 5 steals the show !!! What a crazy brilliant talented actor. Love every single scene with Aidan. Mad actor, so goood wooaaah
Every character was great in this show

Except Luther
Rohan Poddar
Rohan Poddar:
Honestly after seeing the show i can conclude that vanya need a snickers
greenie 05
greenie 05:
Who is there after season 2? 😂

*I love this weird show so much lol*
Kervy Ivan B.
Kervy Ivan B.:
Who's here after watching the trailer of Umbrella academy Season 2
Madiha Salman
Madiha Salman:
If you hate KLAUS,come at me I am ready to fight!
He is such a babe
When I skipped by it, I thought it was a kids show. I never heard of it before. I got bored, and watched it, only because I like Colm Feore. So glad I decided to watch it. Great show. I really wanna send Luther back to the moon though. Good Grief! He's a pain sometimes.
Oh...and the music is awesome! Whoever the person in charge of choosing the music for these 2 seasons... Smashing job! Well Done.
Nøugat Animations
Nøugat Animations:
Aidan Gallagher did amazing at playing a 58 year old in a kids body. Bravo
Lucie Coesnon
Lucie Coesnon:
Robert Sheehan made me love his character so freaking much. Klaus deserves the world.
Gerard Way brought me here. He is such a talented writer and singer.
Laynce Andrey Gonzales
Laynce Andrey Gonzales:
Luther is the most annoying and useless character in this, like there are times that i'm "wtf Luther" smh 😶
Whydontwe. Corner
Whydontwe. Corner:
Is anyone gonna say anything about the fact that Gerard Way basically created this🤣 it was based on the hit comic book series created by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance...🖤 Only the best band who ever lived but don't let me tell u go listen to them for God's sake... Ok I'm done sorry for disturbing you 😂
Robert Sheehan!!! I'd watch everything that he's in. He's a brilliant actor! I'm soooo loving the show already 😁👍👍
Rowan Scott
Rowan Scott:
"when it rains, it pours"

joann !
joann !:
ok but can we appreciate gerard for making this, and even having its own netflix show for UA
Werner Bloem
Werner Bloem:
who's here after the season 2 trailer
Rondaniehl Oserin M
Rondaniehl Oserin M:
I heard a rumor that you’re gonna release season 2 now.
Lachimolala Carbonara
Lachimolala Carbonara:
is anyone else lowkey weirded out by allison x luther
JJ's Stikbot Videos
JJ's Stikbot Videos:
Just finished watching this show. I really liked it, but honestly the writing was bad. I would still recommend it, but its such a pain that characters strain to communicate certain things, and how every episode feels like its just a music video lol. I can't lie the music was good, but overdone imo.
Like: Number Five, Klaus, Ben, Vanya, Allison, Diego


Kreny CZ
Kreny CZ:
Is anybody upset just like me when Allison lost her voice? I want her voice back 🥺
Mae Bug
Mae Bug:
Friend: So who’s your favorite character in The Umbrella Academy?
Klaus: Gets out of rehab, overdoses and gets put in an ambulance.
Me: Him
Dian Afif
Dian Afif:
I'd love how loosing manequin become so dramatic here ..
ASAP Kiara
ASAP Kiara:
what even is he singing? oh i know... LOAFFF BY LAUVVVVV 👁👄👁🍞🥖
Diksha Jain
Diksha Jain:
"Why do you watch The Umbrella Academy?"

Others: It's cool
Me: Gerard Way
Suryansh Rana
Suryansh Rana:
Who agrees that the cast deserves more appreciation and awards?
Kaia Møøn
Kaia Møøn:
Ok, I'm only here cos Gerard
Fernanda Millán
Fernanda Millán:
I'm here because i need season 2 :")
fun fact: the song in the background is by gerard way and ray toro
capricorn ghost
capricorn ghost:
Underrated af. So good.
Vanya needs some help
Allison loves Vanya
Luther sucks
Diego is Diego
5 loves his family
Klaus is highkey amazing
Ben is kind and dead
Chris Holman
Chris Holman:
looks a bit cheesy to me. The whole everyone coming back after a death to reunite and vanquish the problem trope. Along with a comical muscle suit.
Arman Yu
Arman Yu:
is anyone notice here that one of the creator of this series is the frontman of my chemical romance " GERARD WAY " ? 🤘🤘🤘
It’s been 12 months when is the season 2 trailer being released.
Kristian Hall
Kristian Hall:
The Umbrella Academy Season 1 February 15 2019
The Umbrella Academy Season 2 July 31 2020
The Umbrella Academy Season 3 October 8 2021
The Umbrella Academy Season 4 November 4 2022
The entire umbrella academy to me was literally Ben just screaming at Klaus *WHYYYYY*
Filia mncz
Filia mncz:
i'm here to appreciate how talented gerard is 🖤
Poppy Groom
Poppy Groom:
3 minutes to the season 2 trailer im going to SCREAM
That Metal Show
That Metal Show:
who else is back after hearing about season 2?
Alexis Dawn
Alexis Dawn:
the actor on young number 5 is goddamn good
Sly Ny
Sly Ny:
Is it just me or does the actor that plays five have striking similarities to Jake Gyllenhaal?
KT Studioz
KT Studioz:
When do we get the season 2 trailer?
Sonamika Patra
Sonamika Patra:
M the only one who misses BEN in this whole trailer..... I literally love that guy❤️❤️
1. Luther
2. Diego
3. Allison
4. Klaus
5. Five
6. Ben
7. Vanya
8. Cha-cha
9. Hazel
0. Hargreeves

The last number of the likes that you get determines which umbrella academy member you are.
Michael Nye the Vsauce Guy
Michael Nye the Vsauce Guy:
Am I the only one who liked Hazel? Especially towards the end of the season. Cha-Cha was an annoying prick and Hazel did the right thing.
This is the rest of the clue
… I am _______ (fill in the blank) that was the last clue oth
Send a ss of this to get the partial win
you still need to use the first letter of all the clues to tell me the word for the full win
Good job lads
Saijin' Raagz
Saijin' Raagz:
Annoying at the start
Becomes more annoying as the show goes on
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho:
One of my favorite series ever. I need another season.
no one:
literally no one:
luther: bUt dAd sEnT mE tO tHe mOoN
Shred it
Shred it:
It's funny coming in here and reading the comments, One of the first things i said to my partner after i watched both seasons was how good of an actor 5 was. There better be a season 3 on the way this show is really good!
When is season 2 coming out???? Quarantine is making me crazy.😂😂
Mordecai 38
Mordecai 38:
Who’s here after the release date announcement trailer
B13ACH BAb3:
started watching for the story, stayed for klaus
*Allison* *to* *Netflix:* I heard a rumor that you will approve and proceed with the season 2 of Umbrella Academy
janet lovely
janet lovely:
I just love Robert Sheehan 😂😂😂
I'm here after they released the date for season 2
KT Studioz
KT Studioz:
Season 2 comes out this Friday. They’ve all changed so much.
Mayhem king
Mayhem king:
It bothers me that there are 36 other people with superpowers around the world and the show's probably never going to mention them again.
Funny how the youngest actor had the best performance. (Also Klaus)
Wincole Walker
Wincole Walker:
I've been watching a better part of me so long time what I've noticed the thing on their father's eye they said that it has some sort of power to see inside people I think but if it did say that it could be true that the other 35 babies did not have powers when he picked the seven he could see inside them and you know see if they have powers
Gillian H.
Gillian H.:
I love this trailer, it’s so well put together. Like I cannot think of a better way to explain the show to someone than showing them this. I especially like at 1:13, the context makes Vanya look like she’s going ‘oh shit, I can’t be bothered with this this week, such bad timing’ lol
I honestly thought this was not interesting, and when I checked it out, I fell in love LMAOOO
Frizka The Brat
Frizka The Brat:
Luther:My dad sent me to the moon...

Princess Luna:*hold my beer*
bee lover
bee lover:
Oscar for Best Actress goes to....

*D E L O R E S*
(are you happy? i changed it already.)
Headbangerr 1983
Headbangerr 1983:
Season 2 trailer is OK. But when i come back to this - damn, they lost something in process...
Acelle Ann Meneses
Acelle Ann Meneses:
The story is so slow. There are scenes that lasts for one whole minute showing nothing but slow mos i had to skip to get to the next scene without losing interest.