The wait is over. Leeds United are promoted to the Premier League! Marching on Together

The wait is over. After 16 years outside of the Premier League, Marcelo Bielsa and his team have taken Leeds United back to the top division of English football!

#LeedsUnited #LUFC

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100+ comentarios:

David Jones
David Jones:
I said to my son the other month if Leeds don't go up this year I fear I won't see them in my lifetime(I'm 68))..........well I had a heart attack 2weeks ago but survived that and watched the Mighty Whites go up back where we belong a brilliant 2weeks in my book.
Dave Moore
Dave Moore:
As an arsenal fan I just want to say I wouldn’t of wanted any other club who deserves to be in the prem more than you guys 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dias Akhmedzhanov
Dias Akhmedzhanov:
As a Manchester United fan I’m happy that Leeds are now in the Premier League. The old rivalry shall continue! ✊
Dylan Bailey
Dylan Bailey:
I don’t support Leeds but there is no denying they belong in the prem
Bielsa, Chile miss you! Congratulations Leeds for the promotion

Greetings from Chile, You have a good man as Bielsa
Jeremy Landey
Jeremy Landey:
To everyone involved at Leeds United a massive congratulations and thank you. I have supported Leeds since 1969 and don't think I have ever felt as proud of the club as I do today. Mr Radrizzani, you kept your promises, you have truly united the club and supporters and taken us back where we belong.From top to bottom Leeds United are now truly a class act! As I supporter I feel like we got our club back! Watch out Premier League, the whites are back!! MOT!!
Secret Shadow Knight
Secret Shadow Knight:
They deserve it. They sacrificed so many things. They come back where they belong. Welcome to Premier League lads. From Newcastle United fan :D
Sebi Delpi
Sebi Delpi:
Congrats from Romania. I am Leeds United fan since the 90's , and i have been with you trough all this years in the lower leagues! Ive have even came to Elland Road for one game in championship a few years ago spending all my month salary for trip , ticket and hotel.
This is a great day!
Wilson Macharia
Wilson Macharia:
Imagine this what if they won the premier league next season or ended at top four .mahn that would be massive.
Eirik Rasmussen
Eirik Rasmussen:
Congratz from Norway. My dad taught me the name of all Leeds' players when i was two years old in 1977. So when he had friends over he pulled out the team picture, pointed at the players and i said their names...Peter Lorimer, Allen Clarke, Eddie Gray. I still remember them to this day. MOT
Rocky Khan
Rocky Khan:
Premier League is a really hard league to stay in good luck to Leeds United from Liverpool fan
I’m 55 and I remember the good times and bad. I cried like a baby last night (with the help of some ‘light refreshments’ shall we say) because it’s just been too long. There are big clubs and there are big clubs. Leeds are a big club. All my family are Villa and they hate us but I don’t give a shit. Centenary year and the loss of 3 club legends it’s was time. We have a fantastic manager and group of good young players and I think the goods times are back. MOT.
Samyam Aryal
Samyam Aryal:
It's going to be such a pleasure watching Leeds United next season. Congratulations to Bielsa and his fantastic team. Love from a Chelsea fan.
Mikael Stålnacke
Mikael Stålnacke:
Congrats from Sweden.. Marching On Together... All love to the Team Supporters and Master Bielsa !
Shams Farhan
Shams Farhan:
This is literal goosebumps!
Leeds United, what a club, what a story!
And of course the orchestrator behind it, one named 'El Loco' ❤️
Liverpool F.C. fan Congrats LEEDS United with promotion! C'mon guys!
Love this! I'm a Newcastle fan, but live & work in Leeds. All the best for 20/21 and beyond
Mohammed A.Al-Tai
Mohammed A.Al-Tai:
Gongrats from Iraq .. I watched Leeds play in the Prem when I was 7 years old and enjoyed every second of it .. even in football games on PlayStation I always choose Leeds .. I can't believe that they're back now after more than a decade .. what a dramatic thing to witness .. it's like my childhood is coming back to life
Ariel Herbez
Ariel Herbez:
Congratulations!!! Cheers 🥂 from Argentina! From a Bielsa fan and follower, now a Leeds Fan!! Long live Leeds! Long live Bielsa CARAJO!!
Danny b DJB
Danny b DJB:
Leeds are back with great clubs again.
Rubbing shoulders with the likes of man city Liverpool Chelsea arsenal and the other club 🤮. We are HOME !
จน จัง กู
จน จัง กู:
Welcome back from Liverpool fan
Jose Rickroll Vanboi
Jose Rickroll Vanboi:
This club is admirable respect from Leicester fan
Whipper Snapper
Whipper Snapper:
Congratulations Leeds from a Wolves fan
Alan Mckee
Alan Mckee:
Thank you Marcelo Bielsa .....a true Leeds United Legend.
Artiom Mikhailov
Artiom Mikhailov:
I'm so glad Leeds is back in the premier league. They belong in the big league. In the 90s and early 2000s they were the dark horse of Europe. Teams like Leeds, Blackburn and Nottingham forest have to play in the premier league. Let's go Leeds, bring up the joy and success again. I will root for you next season
Monsiur Snowman
Monsiur Snowman:
I can’t put into words how much love I have for these lads, this club, Raddz and co but Marcelo Bielsa we love you to the moon and back you made all this possible he’s an absolute footballing genius ♥️🇦🇷🇬🇧♥️
El Fatta
El Fatta:
Welcome back to EPL, Leeds United, my favorites football club, on Football Manager games
LIVERPOOL fan here : I am really happy for them , hope they will do something just like Leicester did .

The more competition in the league the better
Charlie TM
Charlie TM:
Marcelo, you have the keys to the city son. Class.
DTS Mouse Gaming
DTS Mouse Gaming:
Congrats frm a man United fan am so excited fr next season's derby I'm young so it'll be my first man United vs Leeds derby in the prem the tour match was not that great the am sure the prem one will be a great and passionate derby
Matt In Full Vision
Matt In Full Vision:
Tottenham supporter here, well done Leeds. It's been too long without you guys, good luck next season
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Welcome to the prem Leeds united, hope you stay for long this time and provide us with entertaining performances 😃😃
Manchester United fan here. I wish Leeds a wonderful season for the next year. Hope you all will be able to break in the top 10 in the PL.
diego villanueva
diego villanueva:
As a celebration..leeds must come to play a Game here in argentina.....
Stanley Arthur Davies
Stanley Arthur Davies:
At 70 years old you remember the hihlights of your life,this one will never die,well done lads
"The Dirty Ones"... I believe they are back
Joaquin Gallego
Joaquin Gallego:
Congrats from Spain!
Here in Valencia still remember that semis in UCL... What a strong team!
Aditya Presentations
Aditya Presentations:
welcome to premier league Leeds! well deserved! love and a big hug from a liverpool fan.
Congrats from Greece and Aris Thessaloniki F.C . Leeds has many fans in Greece, especially in 45+ age group.
dean farnhill
dean farnhill:
I was 14 years old when they went down I'm 30 now nice to see them back where they belong congratulations Leeds long time over due
kyle lynch
kyle lynch:
congratulations leeds from a man city fan
AMIGO 256:
Congs my team I love Leeds,,,, love from Uganda 🇺🇬
DarXgoM 368
DarXgoM 368:
Congratulation Leeds, from indonesian fans since 90's
Ronald Wilkin
Ronald Wilkin:
The tears flow of happiness MOT
1:46 RIP Gary Speed
Dennis Louiz
Dennis Louiz:
I'm an Indian and I love leeds united. I really felt bad when they were relegted. But now u will conquer the premier league again🔥.
David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson:
I have had mot from Australia South Africa Thailand and Ireland just great for the city the players and all those fantastic loyal supporters
Congratulations! I remember Leeds Utd in premier when i was a teenager...welcome back! With love, Man Utd fan from Finland.
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
My mom is Leeds born and raised(I’m South African), I was told at an early age I support Leeds or I don’t eat, I have loved the team ever since, sadly my mom passed away 10 years ago and I’m nearly in tears just thinking how happy she would be right now.MOT.

P.S thanks for all the lovely comments, much love , lets go the mighty Leeds.
Lesley Madamombe
Lesley Madamombe:
Welcome back where you belong Leeds. Its been a ling journey back from an Arsenal fan
Marko Garcia
Marko Garcia:
Congrats from San Antonio, TX, USA🇺🇸 looking forward to seeing Leeds kick the establishment in the teeth
Kopi Luwak Singapore
Kopi Luwak Singapore:
Bielsa what a legendary manager.. Leeds may become dark horse in PL next season
Greetings from Singapore. I've been a Leeds fan since 1971 and really happy that we've finally made it back to where we really belong!
Maximiliano Polo
Maximiliano Polo:
Congratulations my friends, I am an Argentine fanatic.. long live the king LU
I'm sat here with tears of joy in my eyes. I love everyone associated with Leeds, we've done it. Long live El Loco!
Jamal Mohamud
Jamal Mohamud:
Arsenal fan here. Welcome back to where you belong Leeds! Been following the club's progress since Bielsa took over and I like what I see. Kudos!
Really looking forward to see Leeds back where they belong. I’m going to love watching Bielsa too. YNWA
I can't wait to see Leeds United I'm the Premier League, 2021 Champions incoming, from an Arsenal fan, I missed them.
tomas gomes
tomas gomes:
congratulations from Portugal, good club Leeds United, I am proud to see you again, 16 years later you have returned to the premier league, congratulations on winning more success in your club, good luck in the future! Chelsea and Manchester City fan!
We Deliver BEXIT FC
We Deliver BEXIT FC:

Congratulations on getting promoted, eeds. Looking forward to games at Elland road.
Stolzer Österreicher
Stolzer Österreicher:
I Love Leeds United 🤗🤗
Greetings and Gratulation from Austria !!!!
Akhim Sonowal
Akhim Sonowal:
Was 7 years old, when father told me about Leeds ... Congrats to the team and best wishes for their next season...Love from Assam(India)
Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson:
From a Newcastle fan, congrats on getting promoted back to where you's belong it's been a very long long time.
Welcome to the premier league Leeds! Very well deserved, played some cracking football this year and will be great to play you in the promised land - From a Wolves fan!
Dodge the Badger
Dodge the Badger:
Congratulations Leeds I hope you can establish yourself as a rightful Premier league team now and its ashame Jack wasn't here to see it..
RIP Jackie Charlton!!
Erni Supriani
Erni Supriani:
Welcome back Leeds
This year i can finally watch the "Roses" derby in the highest division in England at my life time. Beat that ManU this year
Welcome back Leeds from Liverpool fans
björn harström
björn harström:
Congrats from Gothenburg!!! Well done, boys!
Rodrigo Huerta-Burgos
Rodrigo Huerta-Burgos:
IN BIELSA WE TRUST !!!!!!!!!!!
Nano Mat
Nano Mat:
Congratulations for the promotion ... I'm so happy for Marcelo Bielsa, the best f... coach in the world, he is something else. Greetings from Chile.
Leaving Hopes
Leaving Hopes:
Congrats, i’m indonesian, my sister in law from yorkshire and shes massive leeds fan.
Good work lads you finally took us home love from Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭
Paw Jensen
Paw Jensen:
From a Manchester United supporter - Welcome back! Your club belongs in the Premier League.
Xavier Altimiras
Xavier Altimiras:
Congrats from Barcelona. You beat us up in 1975. We still remember. Good to see you are back.
Lorents Hegdal
Lorents Hegdal:
Even as a Man United fan, I’ve missed having Leeds in the Premier League🙌
Craig Mullen
Craig Mullen:
Yeah congratulations Leeds who seen enough trials and tribulations over the last 35 years of supporting City hats of MCFC 🍷🎉
Super Nintendo Mii
Super Nintendo Mii:
Leeds lad living in Manchester (moved here when I was a kid in 2002, don't blame me!) and am loving this. The amount of Man Utd fans that have wanted us to go up tho has surprised me, they miss the games between us. Give Bielsa a statue! The man's a hero!
Alexandru Gugulea
Alexandru Gugulea:
I don't like english football , I only love one club Leeds ... I just can't explain the feeling I have right now to see them in the premier league . I have waited so long for this moment , next I want them in Europa league .
From Hong Kong. 16 years mate how we waited......... beyond words........
Nitrogliserin Kaskus
Nitrogliserin Kaskus:
welcome back Leeds United!
Now we have 3 united as our rivals in Premier League.
Respect from Liverpool fan.
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo:
Welcome back, Leeds United. Congratulations from a Liverpool fan.
Fahadork Y
Fahadork Y:
Congratulations Leeds FC from Kuwait 👏🏼🇰🇼❤️
Can’t wait for Liverpool vs Leeds what a Game that used to be 🤣
From a Liverpool fan, I’ve followed your progress closely these last two years hoping that you could do it and now you have. Leeds are finally where they belong and now that you are, I can finally hate you again haha! Can’t wait to see you back. MOT, YNWA.
Parbhas Prasad
Parbhas Prasad:
As a man United fan congratulations to Leeds United...excited to see them competing in EPL
roni marli
roni marli:
I don't care about EPL since Ieeds going down. Next year, I will be in front of TV when Leeds play
Ernst Roggeveen
Ernst Roggeveen:
Congratz Leeds, love to see u back in the prem and hope to see u do great. Greetz from an ajax fan in the netherlands.
Howard Slater
Howard Slater:
kept it together untill i heard hunter start speaking, the man knows us leeds fans. rip hunter, cherry, big jack
Taylor Baxter
Taylor Baxter:
I’m crying so much even though I can’t be a footballer for Leeds and get promotion i can be a fan and watch and support them to do the impossible
Nicky Divers
Nicky Divers:
Congratulations from Scotland a celtic fan and Leeds fan marching on together
Congratulations leeds utd well deserved. Big club big fan base, well done from a cardiff city fan 👊🏽
Chris Patterson
Chris Patterson:
West Brom and Fulham to join them in the Prem next season guaranteed, pretty obvious after Brentford and Nottingham Forest's defeat at the weekend.
Luis Xiao
Luis Xiao:
1:18 I thought my english was pretty good until this .... Bien loquito querido, sos lo mas grande que hay , vamos Leeds
Aaron O ' Cathain
Aaron O ' Cathain:
Congrats Leeds, from the supporters in Ireland
Pratyay Kundu
Pratyay Kundu:
Congratulations on coming back to the league where you from India 🇮🇳.....being a man utd fan,I can't wait to relish the Derby of Roses once again❤️
Blade of Despair
Blade of Despair:
Congrats leeds 👍🏻
Respect from man united fans
Walk it, like i talk it.
Walk it, like i talk it.:
From a Liverpool fan- We are alwags with you.
Congratulation from Bangladesh.Your manager is one of the best i have ever seen.
Dan Repton Music
Dan Repton Music:
As a West Bromwich fan, I’m excited to see the matches we may play against Leeds if we get promoted too. Best of luck!
Best day of my life💛💙
Congratz from a Galatasaray fan. Sending love to my fellow Leeds brothers from Istanbul