The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16 'A Certain Doom' REACTION!!

Beta engages the final battle of the Whisperer War. Here's our reaction to the "season finale" of season 10 of The Walking Dead.

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Nikki & Steven React
Nikki & Steven React:
Walking Dead Fam!!!! It feels so good to be back!!! Hope y'all enjoyed the episode. If you don't make it all the way to the end of the video, we talk about some the news around The Walking Dead, specifically our thoughts on the show ending and our plan for The World Beyond... starts @ 35:48
Trophy Productions
Trophy Productions:
I think the reason virgil is back is because he's going to tell everyone about what happened to michonne and why she left which will lead to daryl finding out about ricks survivial
Ewan McMahon
Ewan McMahon:
The Carol and Lydia scene was so emotional, Carol stopped Lydia from committing suicide in episode 16 of season 9 and Lydia stopped Carol from committing suicide in episode 16 of season 10. Also, Angela Kang is one of the greatest things to happen to this show!
tommyZ _YTgaming
tommyZ _YTgaming:
Best part of the walking dead is seeing Judith hug Maggie after those years Maggie see Judith all grown up Maggie was the first one to carry Judith when she was first born now this 2020 men the chills and tears I feel
Can we just take a minute to appreciate how much of a boss Beatrice is though? She gets stabbed and screams (naturally) when surrounded by a horde of walkers. Upon the instant realisation that not only is she about to die, but she's about to suffer the most agonisingly painful death a person can probably experience, her first instinct is to try and make sure Carol gets the bag so she can complete their task. Granted, that logically wouldn't make much sense as if Carol were to try and get it, she'd be killed too. But the fact that she has the state of mind to focus on the task, instead of panicking (which would have been completely understandable) like most would, needs to be recognised.
The Viewer
The Viewer:
Lydia is easily one of my favourite characters right now. Cassady Mcclincy is super talented.
Anyone talk about Father Gabriel? He went from a coward to a badass like that, such a character development.
That little tap on Negan after Daryl says “nobody” ... bros for life 😂
Jorge Mogollon
Jorge Mogollon:
Seeing Virgil is a good thing. Now he can tell everyone where Michonne really went
Beta survived getting knives jammed *into his eyes,* didn't scream once while being devoured by walkers, and managed to stay standing the whole time.
What an absolute unit.
Nikki Roy
Nikki Roy:
If Gabriel woulda died in that moment it really would have been a great full circle for his character. But I'm glad he lived.
Gamer God
Gamer God:
I absolutely LOVED this episode , all the emotion and all the characters coming together and staying strong throughout this problem , and the part where Maggie and mystery person came in I literally got goosebumps and got shivers down my spine and seeing carol and Lydia come together like that was so powerful and the Negan/Daryl kill scene with beta was so badass I screamed “F*ck yesss” but anyways love watching your reactions to this show and many others is really awesome and keep up what you and many others love doing , you guys are awesome ❤️🙏
Michael Dilley
Michael Dilley:
No one:
Beta: smiles after getting 2 knives into his eyes and walkers coming to eat him.
Taketheshot6810 Shots
Taketheshot6810 Shots:
Connie is actually alive!!!!!!
Zack Elliff
Zack Elliff:
Anyone else think the ninja guy with Maggie reminds them of Snake Eyes from GI Joe?
I don't remember the last time I smiled as big as I did when I saw Maggie save Gabriel
miá ;-;
miá ;-;:
“Dog dies we riot” 😭😭
I legit thought connie was a walker. My heart!!
carmella brown
carmella brown:
When Steve said who the f*** is rolling with Maggie, I felt that in my spirit. When Nikki said "I held them in, I held them in." I thought good for you sis, because mine has fallen roll down and it's a tsunami . This episode was so emotional. when I saw the ending, I literally thought what in the Star wars is going on here 😓🤣.
Nikki Roy
Nikki Roy:
When Maggie saved Gabriel she shoulda said "this is a lot different from the 1st time we met"🤣🖖
Steven: "Who the f--- is Maggie rolling with...?"
For now, I'm calling that guy "White Noir". 😉
Cade Harris
Cade Harris:
Glad to see I wasn’t the only one getting misty eyed when carol almost walked off the cliff😂
P Vaughn
P Vaughn:
Steve 🤣🤣🤣🤣 “ the Daryl use those knives it’s kinda sexy” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jason Usher
Jason Usher:
Good reaction, this was a Masterpiece to me, I absolutely loved Lydias story and her and Carols scenes, and loved that Negan went out there to help(even though he didn’t kill Beta himself he did distract him enough for Daryl to kill him), also really thought Gabriel was donzo, but Maggie and the mystery bada** saved him, the shot when Lydia threw Alphas mask and it was falling with the walkers was literal perfection, also it was poetic and beautiful the way Beta died and the scene was absolutely stunning, also Daryl was paying back Negan for saving his life earlier in the season l, also Virgil isn’t a bad guy so Connie is safe with him
Isaac Murphy
Isaac Murphy:
Duane’s with Maggie. You heard it here first
I’ve been waiting for y’alls reaction the most !!!
Ramona P
Ramona P:
No one caught the hilarious irony of Talking Heads song playing in the background? I mean C'MON 🤣🤣🤣
Daria Marin
Daria Marin:
I ve been waiting for this for so long!
When I saw the ending, I was like... "How the heck did Star Wars end up here?"
Matt Canon
Matt Canon:
What I never understood about this franchise, is the inconsistent levels of physical strength the walkers display. Here, 19:24 they are strong enough to dismember a human body with their hands as effortlessly as a grizzly bear. -- And yet don't display such strength at any other time.
Diane 1111
Diane 1111:
Maggie’s got her own personal ninja
Legit been waiting for this one!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
when Nikki said "the fuck, are these storm troopers" literally my exact words for me when I saw the ending of this episode LOL
S Teddy
S Teddy:
That was an AMAZING episode 😭 wish we could see more of maggies reaction towards the deaths and the destruction of their home. But it was done perfectly and omg whoever that badass with the blades was.. WOW
Melonie Mauck
Melonie Mauck:
The extra walking dead universe is the only thing that is keeping me from feeling depressed about MY favorite show ending 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🥰🥰
The introduction of the Commonwealth soldiers means we've reached the final arc, and ultimate end, to the primary series.
Flare Fox
Flare Fox:
“Are those stormtroopers?!” And thus the common wealth arc begins 😁
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson:
🖤🖤🖤 it is nice knowing that they're filming the 6 episodes now so early 2021 we will get them!
Say hello to the Commonwealth Army.

I'll be honest I haven't even been watching the show for a while now... But I immidiately recognized the armour that those soldiers were wearing.
Robbo I26I
Robbo I26I:
The stormtroopers are The Commonwealth btw

Seen so many people get confused by the soldiers 😂😂
Thorne Hill
Thorne Hill:
“You told me to find my own way” brings me to tears everytime
Lillie Thedford
Lillie Thedford:
Also I can't wait to see little hershel he's gonna be adorable!
izzy santella
izzy santella:
im so happy daryl is the one to take out beta cuz yes during their fight earlier beta was stronger but DARYL IS THE OG BETA OF THE SHOW. RICK WAS THE STRONG BADASS ALPHA LEADER AND DARYL WAS THE STRONG BADASS BETA
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson:
The show has the best timing for cliffhangers! Great reaction.
Well they aren't Stormtroopers but they are the Commonwealth Soldiers. I've seen the comics and they have the biggest community around. Roughly around 50k people. And btw the Commonwealth and the CRM are two separate large communities. And most importantly they don't have any connections. Plus both of'em are kinda equally matched but the CRM will outclass the Commonwealth. There will be 6 bonus episodes coming out next year and then straight onto the final season of the TWD.
Nano Nation
Nano Nation:
Im so excited to see the reactions to the "FINALE" IM SO EXCITED
Squid Bro
Squid Bro:
I waited so long to watch the season finale and it was insane also been waiting for you guys to react to this episode and holy crap the scene with Carol and Lydia was amazing
Marlon J
Marlon J:
i’m sooo ready for the boys 2x08 but right now it’s twd time
Joyce Andrews
Joyce Andrews:
It is Great to be back with you guys and watching your reaction to "our" favorite show! Made to the end of your video! 🖤
E D ! T 0 R
E D ! T 0 R:
That T-shirt in the back!
"Dog dies, we riot!" xDDD
me: *eagerly waiting to see their reaction to connie*
🖤 glad to see you back guys, I was waiting for this reaction with the same enthusiasm I had waiting for this episode, for me you're a part of this show I can't imagine an episode without seeing you reacting after ! Thank you for the good work, I am impatient to see the next episodes, and I am pretty sure TWD will have a great ending.
Please do a react to the tv show called “Arrow”
Christie Myers
Christie Myers:
From various reactions I've seen, I'm glad that I wasn't the only one that thought the Commonwealth dudes were dressed like Stormtroopers!!
Amateur Animator
Amateur Animator:
19:52 Heeeres Johnny!!
Nikki Roy
Nikki Roy:
Carol and Daryl are probably going to New Mexico and getting married. I hope they take Lydia.
Melonie Mauck
Melonie Mauck:
I almost starting watching some shows you react to just to see your reactions again LOL
"Stormtroopers" was my reaction, too :D
Lillie Thedford
Lillie Thedford:
Omg I've been waiting so long for this. Amazing reaction Nikki and Steven!
Emilse Ibarra
Emilse Ibarra:
I really loooove your reactions so much, I missed you, I hate that now we have to wait again for another episode. greetings from Argentina! please take care. 🖤🖤🖤
Arta Moss
Arta Moss:
I like that Lydia and Carol having saved one another and embracing was a shared vulnerability that makes it more equal than a daughter/mother relationship. So many good moments but most importantly, Dog made it out alive!
What an intense episode loved how Lydia was the one to help Carol get over her issues and i was happy to see Maggie back and i am very interested to see how she will react to Negan starting to become a major part of the community especially after killing Alpha and helping Daryl against Beta all i can say is season 11 is going to great and i can't wait 🔥.............Loved the reaction❤
Chris White
Chris White:
I had always wondered why I never saw yalls reactions together from seasons 1-6 of the walking dead wich i wished I had did . But now I know why , lol
Karla Mayich
Karla Mayich:
This show though... I just love it so much 🖤🖤
gravityprone part 2
gravityprone part 2:
Loved your reactions guys! Yup, seeing Maggie gave me chills and a lump in my throat. Okay, I also teared up a little. Anyone notice she had no lines? Also, she wasn't in the "staring" or "also staring" credits. I was annoyed and surprised about that. I mean, c'mon AMC, its Maggie!
Negan: For now.
Me: Yeah, for now.
Billy Silvester
Billy Silvester:
I’m so sad to see the walking dead ending 😞 I have literally grown up with the show
Aww! I didn't realize how much I missed you guys! It's been too long
Christie Myers
Christie Myers:
Damn, I can't wait until Maggie and Negan meet again!!
totesmegoats crystal
totesmegoats crystal:
Missed y'alls walking dead reactions! So happy to see these reactions again!!
Chris White
Chris White:
Yeah this shows very important to me to . Me being an og from the very beginning watching every episode of every new season live Sunday nights at 9pm on amc network from literally dah one when the very first episode came out . This show and breaking bad will always be my two favorites
Frank McCraw
Frank McCraw:
Loved the reaction. You guys rock! This show doesn't do a great job with showing, what should be, big moment reactions of characters, so I expect a time jump that will gloss over the Maggie, Carol, and Darryl reunion. 🖤
Sad Dany
Sad Dany:
i never really liked maggie, but her returns bring back so many memories.
Blackeagle1120 87
Blackeagle1120 87:
Kinda need to watch the other 2 shows. They are starting to run together.
Melissa Wiggins
Melissa Wiggins:
Talk about a beautiful masterpiece! Damn! That got me right in the feels! But fuck that ending...
The Unknown4227
The Unknown4227:
30:24 “It’s kind of sexy” 🤣🤣that got me deaaaad, but it’s so true though.
Nancy Pitts
Nancy Pitts:
❤....couldnt find a black heart!!😁
Its soooo good to watch your walking dead reactions again, even if it is just one (for now) xx
Jimbo Jimbee-Jimba
Jimbo Jimbee-Jimba:
I'ved waiting soo long to see this reaction !!! I play start right now
Not gonna lie, I teared up like 4 times... I really loved this finale episode!
Jay J
Jay J:
I am so happy she is back but i am going to need a whole explanation of why Maggie stop checking the messages did she get locked up or something. Also that ending was great so happy Connie back good episode i cant wait for the next one.
Workout Warrior
Workout Warrior:
That was a beautiful scene with Carol and Lydia
tiffany phillips
tiffany phillips:
Great reaction. Amazing final. I miss the walking dead and yall watching it.
LadyVenom Way
LadyVenom Way:
This episode was friggin amazing. I love when Negan says "you know who that was?" it was so great. Glad to have Maggie back too!
♠️ you could call a spade a spade , I'm just going to say it's a upside down Black heart 😉
Krystal Persful
Krystal Persful:
I can’t wait for Daryl to see Connie again😁
Robin Gooch
Robin Gooch:
I just love y’all so much! Best reaction ever🌴🌴
Krazy MegT
Krazy MegT:
Great reaction as always love u guys 🖤
fresh water
fresh water:
Such a beautiful episode, definitely one of the walking dead's best season finales in my opinion
Flavor 1978
Flavor 1978:
Spoiler Alert!: It's a shame that Jadis still has Rick Grimes hemmed up like "The Beguiled!"😂
A1234z A
A1234z A:
I’ve been waiting for you’re reaction 👀
Loloxay Nieves
Loloxay Nieves:
Imagine how I felt watching this while high
I missed the episode so I'm just gonna watch this.
Helli We
Helli We:
I got into the walking dead this year and I binged EVERYTHING. I am so excited about the next six episodes and the eleventh season.
I'm just happy glenn is still basically involved in TWD
Eric Graham
Eric Graham:
Guys! GUYS!! You Two “HAVE” To Review The New Season 6 FEAR OF THE WALKING DEAD‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ OMG‼️‼️‼️
🖤 missed you both!
That "For Now", coming from Negan is scary.
Lol "it's kinda sexy" love it
I really wish gabriel got his comic death. Imagine how cool that would be