The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale 'A Certain Doom' Review & Easter Eggs Explained

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100+ comentarios:

Heatherlicious 82
Heatherlicious 82:
They definitely should have waited to announce the Daryl and Carol spin-off until the walking dead was over bc we now know Daryl and Carol won’t ever die on the show!
Robert Suchy
Robert Suchy:
Gabriel not only as a character but as a actor has improved big time since his introduction
Papercitygamer Jeff
Papercitygamer Jeff:
Carol almost scared me! I wish they didn’t talk about carols new show, kinda ruined what would of been an amazing scene
Daryl literally stabbed his eyes out
Monster Man Alex
Monster Man Alex:
....I don't trust Virgil with Connie. He's a lil off his rocker.
review boos
review boos:
The negan beta fight kinda disappointed me along with no major character deaths but otherwise still a really good episode in my opinion
Kaye Hart
Kaye Hart:
I think because Daryl fought him before he knew he had to kill him quick
Lee Ann King
Lee Ann King:
I laughed at the full on side eye Aaron gave the ninja after they saved Father Gabriel .
Lydia to Negan: “You’re still here?”
Negan to Lydia: “For now”
Maggie in the background giving Negan the side eye...
I don't know if I'd say that Negan can't fight, he did handle Simon who wasn't exactly a tiny guy. He has handled Rick on multiple occasions. He ruled the Saviors by force. Beta was just a psychotic beast. Negan deserves credit for going in knowing that he may be sacrificing himself.
I was shocked we didn’t see Rosita during the epic whisperers end.
Kimberly Barrett
Kimberly Barrett:
RJ seems to only be a prop in this show. He has no lines. And everyone literally ignores him.
Matt Lombardi
Matt Lombardi:
I really think Daryl recognized who Beta was, he just didn’t care. I’m sure him and Merl listened to him in that universe. He reacted the same way with Rick after Daryl killed Morales.
Beatrice’s death was amazing even tho she could of escaped by kicking her hand or sum.
I loved that they used Talking Heads “ Burning Down the House”!
EBAG tv:
The part where everyone reunites in the woods reminds me of the first episode of season 5 where Carol reunited with the group
Max Insanity
Max Insanity:
Ill admit I had so much anxiety when they were going through the herd of zombies I was scared for the characters
Aqua Pineapple
Aqua Pineapple:
Did anyone forget the guy who had a knife thrown to his chest while holding the shield? The small character matters 😭
I’m concerned for Connie now that Virgil found her. Might cage her
This episode made me cry, it made me lose my shit and it made me mad. So many things left out that I wanted answers for. The beta fight was kinda sad I wish it lasted longer. Now we have to wait how long for the next episode
Hazza Williams
Hazza Williams:
One thing though... maggie seemed waaay too happy considering her home is destroyed and all her friends are dead asf 😅
Dylan Unser
Dylan Unser:
Am I the only one who doesn't know how virgil got a horse
tyler coghlan
tyler coghlan:
Negan’s commentary to/about Beta before/after his death is why I love Negan 😂. That was def a highlight of the episode.
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker:
I'm glad jerry didn't die he needs to survive the series
Johnny P Balbuena
Johnny P Balbuena:
People forget how this wasn’t worth the wait when they wrote this and shot it it wasn’t supposed to be this much of a wait
Julio María Fernández Meza
Julio María Fernández Meza:
For those who don't know Spanish: the message that Gabriel requested for Judith to say to Rosita "eres mi media naranja" could be translated as "you're the apple of my eye". Obviously, it doesn't mean "half orange", as Judith naively doesn't understand. Funny to think that in both languages there are love metaphors that involve fruits.
Now that’s the Walking Dead I’ve missed for so long!!! It brought me back to the “on the edge of your seat” type of episodes! The only thing that was weird for me was how Beta was. But, SO glad it’s finally here
Just glad we fiiiiinally got a new episode..

"Burning down the house!.. WaAaAtch out .."
what most people dont understand is they "Bath in Blood" they've taught themselves to accept pain and actually enjoy it. Especially Alpha and Beta. Beta was happy to go if anything I think he enjoyed being devoured by his fellow Guardians. Which in way made this a beautiful death. I loved it when he saw Lydia wearing Alpha's mask and the walkers were calling for Alpha.
Simply-G ASMR
Simply-G ASMR:
nice stormtroopers!
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees:
Loved this episode. Only complaint is my tv cut out right as Judith and maggie saw each other...what happened? I need to know. Hope maggie confronts Negan in these 6 extra episodes
A R T U R:
Just imagine Daryl doing the spider man 3 dance on the wagon that would be golden
We got one of the best scenes ever of the show tonight imo
ashleigh tennant
ashleigh tennant:
I really didn’t mind the beta death scene being so short. I thought they executed it very well. We already got a beta and Daryl fight scene, I think the great symbolism that came from the death scene was that Daryl and Negan worked together and took down an enemy neither one could on their own.
K G:
The writers missed a golden opportunity with when Daryl said “yeah nobody” they should have had negan reply “NOOO MAN THATS FUCKIN HALF MOON!!”
Sage Savante Podcast
Sage Savante Podcast:
Finished watching it and I’m still saying out loud, “so F*cking good” best episode in years.
Jeison R
Jeison R:
I forgot, where’s Maggie’s baby?
Rocky Mummert
Rocky Mummert:
I say I was very dissatisfied with the finale giving how long we waited
Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown
Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown:
What'd been funny in that scene after the Beta-Negan fight is if Daryl had answered Negan by breaking the fourth wall in saying "Yeah, he's that guy from Sons Of Anarchy"!!

OPEdits- AR
OPEdits- AR:
That negan vs beta fight was trash
Beta death kinda reminded me of the Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.
I don't think Maggie knows RJ, Michonne was still pregnant when she left so I think she just in general wouldn't know
Joe Ensko
Joe Ensko:
Bruhhh, Beta's smile is CREEPY ASF!!!
Bill Coslosky
Bill Coslosky:
Negan vs Beta was a huge disappointment.
Kyle Forrest
Kyle Forrest:
I’m sorry Forrest but negan should of have done better, come on rosita did better than negan.
Ganesh Alifadito
Ganesh Alifadito:
Baptism in 2020 "he was a priest with a shotgun"
If Gabriel died it would be a perfect arc for him, from letting his congregation die to giving his life to save his newfound group.
Marko Kuhar
Marko Kuhar:
Needed a bigger death, Gabriel should’ve gotten it
I totally agree that their faces were too clean when our in the hoard.
Morganna Turcotte
Morganna Turcotte:
I was actually disappointed. been watching all seasons and this episode just wasnt that great. Now that we know they will be ending with season 11 too bad.
Tahj Clark
Tahj Clark:
There was too much hype for what happened
Marc 1212
Marc 1212:
The only things bad were that there should have been more deaths and Negan and Beta fight should have been longer
Tasha Richmond
Tasha Richmond:
Beta was terrifying and awesome at the same time. I was so proud of Lydia because it takes COURAGE to do what she did for people who didn’t care about her because of the shortcomings of her mother. I loved her in this episode.
D.J sammmy official
D.J sammmy official:
You forgot about the "here's johnny" whisperer moment
The Negan Daryl vs Beta fight could have been longer. But, Beta’s death scene was one of the best enemy death scenes on the show
Jaden Videøs
Jaden Videøs:
Also one reason why they did put guts on there face is thats the reason gabe is blind
best episode ever, even tho i wanted to see negen with Lucille and fight beta with it but overall loved the episode and season liked daryl’s kill on beta
it was a great episode but negan vs beta fight was too short and i expected the episode to be longer for a finale with so much hype and wait it was quite short
kinda wish Negan and Maggie had a scene with each other
Lindsey Horist
Lindsey Horist:
The irony is that they are all wearing masks. Also, that hoard scene was NOT covid friendly. Lol.
Ziggy Pearce
Ziggy Pearce:
I been waiting all day for this review 🤣
Its crazy that 2 years ago, we first heard "wherreee arree theyyyyyyyy", now look where we are
First of their Name GoT
First of their Name GoT:
Maybe I am the only one but I felt underwhelmed by this finale. Maggie returns, Beta dies and the rest is filler. No reveals or cliffhanger, oh wait the walkers went off the cliff maybe that counts.
Richard Owens
Richard Owens:
This episode was intense!! Been a while since I've had a little anxiety, lol. Watching them walk through was crazy.
EBM Everything
EBM Everything:
My theory is that Ninja guy is Dwayne, why? Well here’s my reason, in the recent-ish trailer for FTWD Morgan is “immune” maybe Dwayne has Daddy’s genes 🧬
Junior Beasley
Junior Beasley:
Negan don't have lucille it was dud fight
I thought Gabriel was done for, amazing save. Loved this episode. Great review! :)
Just saw it and i loved it (:
SnipeNScore Productions
SnipeNScore Productions:
174 days flew by lol
ItzImperium XVI
ItzImperium XVI:
The carol scene hit me as it was intended. Mostly because I completely forgot she signed on for a spin-off
Might be the only one who thought this episode was perfect... beta vs Negan was sick!
Amir sil
Amir sil:
can we all admire the way negan said hi to beta
Loved the episode, i just go with the flow, loved seeing maggie and carol and lydias scenes. Betas death was good too.
Hazza Williams
Hazza Williams:
That scene of carol on the cliff gave me feartwd season 3 finale vibes lol
T. Rose
T. Rose:
Beta's death was badass! I thought the length was perfect because he was kind of ambushed. Having a full on fight with all those walkers everywhere wouldn't work because that would draw attention and the fight would be over and they'd all be dead.
Great review!
Finally twd again cool movie idol!
L Rulk
L Rulk:
I kept thinking why do they’re faces look so light lnao
lucas watson
lucas watson:
i was expecting luke gf to die cuz they was holding hands and it reminded me of kennys gf in the 2nd season of the game
Best Ever !!
Best Ever !!:
Think Maggie gonna end Negan now that hes in good spirits with him self lol .
Cyber Flame
Cyber Flame:
That was so good. The whisperers finally being stopped, Maggie returning and the arrival of the commonwealth!
Zak Styers
Zak Styers:
I would say the masked guy reminds me of snake eyes from gi joe
Fraser Manley
Fraser Manley:
Tbh I thought this was one of the weakest season conclusions in the show's history.
Crimson 19
Crimson 19:
Overall decent episode, but def wasn’t finale worthy. People complaining about the Negan vs beta fight could have been longer. I would have been happy it were actually a fight in general lol.
Negan's RanKINGs
Negan's RanKINGs:
The season 9 finale was also great, not one of the best, but still stands high
HUNK 98:
Negan: Do you know who that asshole was?

Daryl: He was nobody.
Beta having a psychotic break was so well done.
J Mack
J Mack:
That finale scene pissed me off. They teased it all season and it’s a cliff hanger
Bambi Rebel
Bambi Rebel:
That episode was not good, the diting and pacing was off. Everything happened so damn fast
Ann Marie
Ann Marie:
Is Beatrice an important character in the comic books? Does anyone care about this character dying?
Brendan Tobey
Brendan Tobey:
I was actually ok with betas death and how short it was.
Bashtro - Søle
Bashtro - Søle:
Today’s the day
Mr Doodles
Mr Doodles:
This was a great episode I don't know how you can have negative word about it.
I really thought Gabriel or someone important was gonna die.
Daniel Cho
Daniel Cho:
When Beta died, the whole scene had some weird creepy vibe to it that only the Whisperer arc had in this whole show. It was kind of awesome in a creepy way. It's hard to describe lol
That one bullet that fucked up Lemillion
That one bullet that fucked up Lemillion:
I'm so glad the walking dead is finally back
The whisperer war was one of the great wars of this television series..the savior war kind of turned me off from the show but glad I checked out the whisperer war seasons
househeadericmd Househead
househeadericmd Househead:
Finally sucked for all that hype.
I loved both shows session finale was good i was happy see Maggie back
Scotty Rocker
Scotty Rocker:
“A” will never be topped.