'The Walking Dead' Star Moses J. Moseley Dead at 31

'The Walking Dead' Star Moses J. Moseley has died. The 31-year-old passed away in Stockbridge, Georgia, last Wednesday, according to TMZ. His rep confirmed the news saying that the cause of his death is still under investigation. "We are extremely sadden about the loss of Moses, he was a beautiful person with a heart of gold and an extremely talent actor. Anyone who knew Moses was truly blessed to have him in their lives," they said.

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'The Walking Dead' Star Moses J. Moseley Dead at 31


28 comentarios:

Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
This is so sad Moses was such a talented actor sending my prayers, and condolences to his family Rip 🙏🏽🕊.
Shitfields Flying V
Shitfields Flying V:
Some of these people in these comments are being really disrespectful...
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams:
Poor, Moses J. Moseley, I apologize for your loss.
Sharon Darby
Sharon Darby:
So many young people dying.
Kazeen Approach
Kazeen Approach:
I have seen/heard of him, but all I can say is "You can have it all, but for some people it is never enough. There is always something missing in their lives, they just don't know who bless/lucky they are.
K K:
Rip 🙏
R.I.P. Im so sorry 🕊🕊
I did not know him much enough from TWD, but RIP :/
I cannot understand what is going on? Condolences
African Girl
African Girl:
aw. so sad ⚘🙏
ShadowWolf357Mag V
ShadowWolf357Mag V:
Who killed him?
Melissa Melissa
Melissa Melissa:
Mandy Bradley
Mandy Bradley:
Suicide hides a lot of pain. Too sad.
Ayoola Akorede
Ayoola Akorede:
This really not good way to be remember
Aricc Williams
Aricc Williams:
Rio moss
I Loves chicken
I Loves chicken:
Mteo kay
Mteo kay:
Was NOT suicide!!!
Andy Hyde
Andy Hyde:
If you have good pixles. Zoom in on the main picture they are putting out. I see a white substance in his nasal passages. Just saying. Check it out. In too deep
Wealthy Black Southerners
Wealthy Black Southerners:
Why can't people just work at a regular job? Like being a teacher or be a bus driver? Why do people want to be a big star?
CMDR Viriatus
CMDR Viriatus:
Walking dead star? Ok media ok.
Electric Crystals
Electric Crystals:
Well at least it's ☻️ month ...
Joshua Mccaulley
Joshua Mccaulley:
Walking Dead Star? Didn't he follow Michonne once or something and uh that's about it? Hardly call that a star. None the less. RIP.
He ain't walking dead no more. Laying still dead, new series?
Dr. Ryan
Dr. Ryan:
If a waiter or waitress is waring a Mask I make it a POINT NOT TO TIP them at the end of my meal. Sometimes I will not even pay for the meal and walk outs!!!!! TAKE THAT LOOSERS!