"There are riders that are stronger than me" - Egan Bernal after GC ambitions fall apart

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Egan Bernal spoke to Daniel Friebe after slipping away from GC contention on stage 15 of the Tour de France.

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100+ comentarios:

Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer:
I just gained a lot of respect for young Egan Bernal. No BS, no excuses, just an honest self-assessment. This interview makes me think he'll win the Tour again in the future, when he is at his best. His responses were detailed and nuanced, especially impressive since he's using a second language. Hats off to him.
Khalid Ch.
Khalid Ch.:
I respect this guy's sportsmanship. Bigger things are ahead for you young man.
Chris Batson
Chris Batson:
Egan Bernal is total class and a true sportsman. Egan Bernal has a big future ahead of him.
Seamus McLaughlin
Seamus McLaughlin:
No excuses or BS, refreshing interview. Probably just an off day.
Earl Cheffield
Earl Cheffield:
I love Egan. He's so humble, sincere and comes across as a proper gentleman. Today will really have given his confidence a knock and it certainly looks doubtful now whether he can come back against riders who are clearly stronger physically and in a more confident position mentally but you just know he will use every second of this years experience as a steep learning curve and will definitely come back and win another year. Maybe several more years. Pogacar, Roglic and Wout Van Aert are on another level this year. Jumbo Visma and Sunweb's team games are incredible as well. Ineos have been virtually invisible in comparison.
Dominic Burford
Dominic Burford:
A brutally honest interview. Even after a bad day at the office he is candid and transparent with his answers. He has shown humility and will learn from the experience. A true champion who has a great future ahead of him.
Mrs Miguu
Mrs Miguu:
After hearing that interview I am an Egan Bernal fan. Honest and respectful young man and a true sportsman. All the best and you will be back.
Dwayne King
Dwayne King:
Mad respect here.. mature beyond his young years..anyone that thinks this kid won't be back is in for a rude awakening..we will hear from Egan a whole lot in the coming years
Mauricio Lombo
Mauricio Lombo:
Love the comments from some of the fans here wishing Egan the best and appreciating his honesty. It's nice to see that not all British/European fans love to just hate on Colombian riders.
He seems really down to earth, much respect for the honesty.
Justin Rooimans
Justin Rooimans:
Wow Egan! Giving an interview like this after stage where you lose the Tour, lot of respect. This makes you even bigger.
Kudos to Bernal for having improved his English a lot in the past year. It shows he’s willing to communicate with his team in the proper way, it shouldn’t be taken for granted, not everyone does it.
this guy is just so honest, he just gained even more credits from all his fans !! he's still young to improve and win another Tour, respect men !!
Brent Perez
Brent Perez:
Egan logged more miles than maybe anyone during the offseason and lockdown. His Strava numbers are incredible. He may have overtrained going into this.
Man Nerv
Man Nerv:
and this is, how really great sportsmen behave. Such behaviour after such an annilihating defeat. He has 15 Tour de Frances ahead of him! Good luck, Egan!
Bowleg Biker
Bowleg Biker:
“That’s life. That’s cycling. We can’t win every race.” Class act.
This guy is pure class. He will learn from this and come back much, much stronger, both mentally and physically. For sure a fantastic rider, and seems like a great person too. And he's only what.. 22? 23? Amazing.
Much love from Denmark, Egan!
Jody Sweeney
Jody Sweeney:
Respect for Bernal. Some times it just doesn’t go your way. Jumbo are just a powerhouse
True Class, so refreshing to hear an honest, unfiltered analysis from a rider in his position. Nice job Egan!
3MRSPACELY Mathurin:
Cried my eyes out during this interview, head up Egan you'll be back. Lots of respect
Brian Carless
Brian Carless:
He has gained a lot from this experience. Still young. More races to come in the yrs to come. It's not done and dusted for him
Sam Holder
Sam Holder:
Sorry to see it, brother. You'll be back.
Rui Calado
Rui Calado:
Cycling is like this,sometimes you win, sometimes you dont feel so good and loose time,hes humble and knows that Jumbo is the strongest team this year,and the guys are in great condition.Pogacar is a cyclist to look in the near future too.
Mike Barber
Mike Barber:
He’s a really nice and humble guy but it was pretty shocking the way he cracked so badly when even the likes of 40 year old Valverde was still with the leaders. Credit to him for not making excuses but it raises serious questions about how he came up so short
AG Coarseman
AG Coarseman:
The dude is only 23, many many Tours ahead of him. Chin up hombre, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. That's life.
Francis Schofield
Francis Schofield:
Sometimes it's better to be the better sportsman and learn from loss than to win and not face any unexpected struggles.
At the end of the day this honesty and acceptance is what will lead to Egan's real success. Bravo Egan!
Kent Wrankmore
Kent Wrankmore:
Chapeau Egan. Well ridden. Other guys are just stronger. Such is life.
Chris Blackwood
Chris Blackwood:
Great interview! Very honest and the best way to handle a very difficult day. Massive respect after seeing this. Good luck in the future.👍
What an honest interview. Respect. Well done.
I'm starting to warm up to this guy
Tom McCafferty
Tom McCafferty:
What a class act.
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw:
What a good sportsman. He’ll come back stronger next year.
Iain Collins
Iain Collins:
He’s still young, good on him for being honest and making no excuses. He will go far.
Jonathan Chester
Jonathan Chester:
I feel for the guy, he's got heart, talent and he's big enough to know when it didn't work out. Something is not 100% right - seems like a nagging injury. I wish him well. Having said that I need my 20 bucks you just lost me in fantasy tdf!
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan:
Brailsford and Kerrison have badly misjudged the race this year. Now Bernal is gone and the team will leave empty handed.
Mick O Neill
Mick O Neill:
Sometimes your the nail sometimes the hammer.Big future Egan only 23.
juanis myrealname
juanis myrealname:
It’s that hair cut mate
Savage Poet
Savage Poet:
The Grand Colombier destroys a Grand Colombian, today! Wow! Respect to both the Mountain and the Rider!
Richard Smith
Richard Smith:
It's impossible to dislike Bernal. He's obviously gutted at effectively losing the tour on this stage - but he's big enough to admit there are stronger riders than him this year. Maybe the psychological pressure of being team leader at such an early age has been harder than he expected. Interesting that Froome said he'd have been willing to ride in support. Maybe just his presence and experience would have helped. But a rider of Bernal's talent will certainly come back stronger for this.
Yendor Adon
Yendor Adon:
A great from the heart interview
b. olsen
b. olsen:
An absolute class act, I love the honesty in this interview. Everyone has had their days of "not having the legs", be it in cycling, or other sports, or in other aspects of life. The frankness and humanity of this interview turned me from a Bernal appreciater into a fan.

Ánimo, Egan. Te queremos!
Sounds like a low level virus infection. Dead legs are bloody awful when racing.
Honest comment. Bernal not up to speed this time but also his team as well. He will be back.
Mark Yocum
Mark Yocum:
You know, the very fact he suffered a jour sans is good evidence he's natural. Having class may just be part of this kid's game. 🔥
Richard Steele-Gray
Richard Steele-Gray:
A tough interview to have but he did well
Lisa M
Lisa M:
He’s a class act
Francisco Zamora
Francisco Zamora:
Fuerza Egan eres joven parcerito siga con esa humildad mi respetos!!!! Con la edad y madurez que tienes solo te espera una larga y hermosa carrera en el mundo del ciclismo 👏🏼🙌🏼🇨🇴
Such a gentleman! He’ll get back stronger next year
Alastair Wood
Alastair Wood:
I have huge respect for his attitude still smiling on the climb still got time for media and fans. Most elite athletes in this scenario would react very differently. Don't get me wrong great to see a non Ineos dominated tour but also great for cycling as a sport to know Bernal is here for at least a decade
Esteban Rojas Violin
Esteban Rojas Violin:
You are our champion 🏆
Daniel Costello
Daniel Costello:
Feel sorry for the lad, honest guy with no excuses. Hope he comes back stronger next year.
Matthew Bovington
Matthew Bovington:
Possibly the best ever interview given by a defeated cyclist, so much respect 👏
Stephen Sloan
Stephen Sloan:
Classy interview
Reynaldo Carrazana
Reynaldo Carrazana:
Es un atleta joven tiene mucho por aprender para el futuro cuando pasa estas cosas y no es algo de estar enfermo hay que analizar el entrenamiento es posible que el cansancio sea producto del un super entrenamiento yo comento porque fui marchista de 50km mucha suerte para el saludos
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight:
He was a class act in victory and also now shows the same in defeat. Some would say this is the most important characteristic of a man.
Croccy C
Croccy C:
Captain Mainwaring must be chuffed, never mind Egan, your sunglasses look cool, VERY cool
i noticed hes chugging less energy gel, that's maybe why he has less power
Najib Najmudin
Najib Najmudin:
He's still so young, so many many years of victory will come to him. He'll win all 3 big tours in the future, for sure.
Joel Guerin-Simard
Joel Guerin-Simard:
This man will win many more races and grand tour in his carrer. It's just not the good one this time!
Jack West
Jack West:
I’m not rooting for the dude but I love his character, good man it seems like in every single interview I’ve seen
Riley von Bevern
Riley von Bevern:
being so young and defending champion this is a good experience, Bernal has a bright future ahead of him
Vasco Amaral Grilo
Vasco Amaral Grilo:
What a gentleman! Good luck for the 3rd week, Egan!
Even some of the best riders have bad days and get dropped. This is honestly inspiring to hear and I hope he comes back stronger than ever in the future
Tom & Rachelles First Dance
Tom & Rachelles First Dance:
I have come to like him even more what a guy honest and gives a proper interview answers all questions and not rude either. Big respect and hope next year comes back stronger. I hope he feels better after a day off and go mental in the next week in the breakaway's
Bring on the Pain
Bring on the Pain:
The British press was crowing about how no one man is greater than the team when Froome and Thomas were dropped from the TDF.

It's now apparent that Ineos has fielded a squad that cannot compete with Jumbo .. THERE IS NO ONE MANAGER GREATER THAN THE TEAM
Edwin Quecan
Edwin Quecan:
So very proud of you. Very humble and a great champion! It take courage you handle a deficit the way you have! Chin up!
István Rákász
István Rákász:
Hats off to him, he is not my favorite rider, though he was very transparent here. No BS, credit to him, wishing a stage win for him.
Professional Amatuer
Professional Amatuer:
Great interview by Bernal! Massive respect. Shit day to have an off day.
jason schifo
jason schifo:
He is still young. To be a talent is one thing, to be a champion takes years. It will come Egan.
Matt Bugeja F1
Matt Bugeja F1:
I hated Team SKY's (Now Ineos Grenadiers) dominance, but this guy's humility has made me warm up to them. Just an honest appraisal of the situation, no BS or excuses.
Shane Williams
Shane Williams:
Honest heartfelt interview in his second language, chapeau. Fingers crossed for a good recovery and maybe a stage win.👏
john evans
john evans:
He can now help G if he's good enough!
Zachary Roush
Zachary Roush:
He may have lost the race, but he’s won my respect. Excited to him and Pogacar battle it out for the next decade.
Patrick Staples
Patrick Staples:
Class Act. I really like Egan Bernal. I wish him well going forward
Photo Therapeut
Photo Therapeut:
Wow. Such an honest speech. Bravo Bernal! I feel sorry for him.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
and this is, how really great sportsmen behave. Such behaviour after such an annilihating defeat. He has 15 Tour de Frances ahead of him! Good luck, Egan!
Sunny Kras
Sunny Kras:
Cool guy, keep going!
opzz xsin
opzz xsin:
And he's only what.. 22? 23? Amazing. Much love from Denmark, Egan!
G Hernandez
G Hernandez:
Great cyclist and honest about the day he had. He'll be in form in the future, he is young and good things will happen.
Jay Kim
Jay Kim:
Humble assessment. I wonder if he misses Froome or Thomas
carl bot
carl bot:
Its sad to see him being out of the picture.. He did a really good job. What a great inspiration
Mitja Osterman
Mitja Osterman:
C Nay
C Nay:
What a guy! He is so mature I definately see him winning the tour again!
Ian German
Ian German:
It's only his 3rd tour de France, more future for him
Panos peterpan
Panos peterpan:
Well done Dave brailsford
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd:
He'll come back stronger next year. Ineos is in a transition phase with the departure of froome and the fact that the team is aging and also the death of portal. Bernal at his best would have challenged roglic but its simply not happening for him this year
Erik Andreas Paulson
Erik Andreas Paulson:
If Bernal continues to lose time, he should take it easy and prepare for one of the other grand tours to help Thomas or Froome.
Mark Rathmell
Mark Rathmell:
what a legend, fantastic champion
He might do a Floyd Landis
Daniel Kosciuszko
Daniel Kosciuszko:
He’ll be back. Great kid
P k
P k:
Well spoken! I could see that something is not right. He got dropped from the peloton of 20 cyclists.
Argee Learner
Argee Learner:
Zaan Vlogs
Zaan Vlogs:
Class written all over his interview.. He will bonce back in Vaulta
Will man repeat a froome 80k tt
Tom Holden
Tom Holden:
wad kind of oakley are those glasses?
fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre:
He is amazing. He know his body, power and limits. At his limit ( at his best ) he is humble and recognized others riders great performance. Grand Egan! God bless You! Your are a human being and might lot of mental pressure ?........Go back to ENJOY and Have FUN!!!!!!!
Andrew Holck
Andrew Holck:
F80 Mia
F80 Mia:
Road Bikers Poznan
Road Bikers Poznan:
This is great athlete. Jumbo Visma is just too strong as a team today.
great sportsmanship