'There's overwhelming understanding that Donald Trump must be defeated': Sanders | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on "This Week."

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Caped Crusader
Caped Crusader:
If anyone knows about defeat, its Sanders
best wishes
best wishes:
Yes Hillary won in the last election... Same fools talking now!
Jeff Kopher
Jeff Kopher:
The comment section here proves why Yahoo took their comment section down. People aren't buying it anymore.
TerrySees 2019
TerrySees 2019:
Knock Trump when the Democrats sit there and do nothing but cry Trump everyday.
Sandie Kelley
Sandie Kelley:
America first, then think about your political party.
Dear ABC: The Southern Poverty Law Center is not a credible source. They have been sued and lost consistently over their practices.
lie lie lie
Tech 45
Tech 45:
Joe Biden + Kamala Harris go together like Peepads+Kneepads!
Carl A
Carl A:
"It's Hard To Put A Leash On A Dog Once You've Put A Crown On Its Head." - Tyrion Lannister.
Why is Bernie not in Biden's place?
Thing Springs
Thing Springs:
4:41 Bernie's face! 😂
Joe No hey, hey, hey Rogan
Joe No hey, hey, hey Rogan:
This guy needs to retire... seriously my head hurts
Kelly Huffaker
Kelly Huffaker:
Can anybody find me a Biden sign? I live in Washington State and there is a countless amount of Trump signs.
Vision Collector Records
Vision Collector Records:
Is that the view from Bernies home,
O how the other half live
George Constanza
George Constanza:
always a concern-troll fest on these bernie things, trying to introduce division where it doesn't exist
Eomma Blink
Eomma Blink:
I might vote 🗳 for Bernie Sanders cause I like what he says. However, I will definitely not vote for president Trumpo! I really have to think about voting for Joe Biden.
Maxim Levitski
Maxim Levitski:
“ Overwhelming understanding...”? Really? Said who?
Ej Lionhart
Ej Lionhart:
Lol this worked out GREAT for the dems last time Bernie.
mel jahic
mel jahic:
But, but, Berny there no medical for all from Biden?? How you support them..This is not about President TRUMP, this should be again poverty, equal justice, healt care for all??? What is happen Barnie..You just don't have any ideas???What a loser..
Rush Mull
Rush Mull:
Bernie is way low on the scale of intelligence
foxy wren
foxy wren:
We love you Bernie <3
j b
j b:
Is there any overwhelming understanding about why congress cutout on a months vacation and left the American people hanging in the wind?
jeffery james
jeffery james:
When that's said it means re-elected.
jeffery czernecki
jeffery czernecki:
Trump 2020
Jesse Serna
Jesse Serna:
Trump 2020
Vanishing Sun
Vanishing Sun:
Lisa Simpson 2020!!!
Chris Durgin
Chris Durgin:
A lot of people have put there lives on the line to VOTE.
We will vote 11/3/2020
Joe DiSantis
Joe DiSantis:
Overwhelming understanding by the left. Trump will beat Biden convincingly so their understanding s irrlevant - just like their ideology ! 😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😎🤠🤠🤠🤠🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
I love it, "cancel the recess".
It's time these so called grownups stop playing games with Americans lives.
Adolescents take "recess", adults are paid to do the job at hand and do it right.
So I say to ALL elected officials "Do your job and do it now, like adults or "We The People" will treat you like the spoiled brats you are on November 3, 2020 and spank you like no political party or person has ever been spanked!!!"
Chris N
Chris N:
Trump 2020!
Zara San
Zara San:
it still amazes me how easy for Trump to lie knowing that he will be fact-checked or corrected soon after.
Lucie Mayer
Lucie Mayer:
Love Bernie from Canada
Mr Tony 19
Mr Tony 19:
Wow George Stephenopoulos wasn't yelling at us again like he does at the end of every ABC News vide....... nevermind.
E S:
China loves Biden and his son ❤️
Truthful Robot
Truthful Robot:
Id like to see Trump Vs Bernie in a steel cage match, best 2 out of 3 match
Rush Mull
Rush Mull:
And a wanna be socialist and communist
Wait that's his home ?
Avg Whitegurl
Avg Whitegurl:
It's called bait & switch
Matt B
Matt B:
Cannon Hinnant
Patriot Bob
Patriot Bob:
I will spend all of November 4th watching the Democrats cry once again for another 4 years and loving it.
Aviro Nevo
Aviro Nevo:
Parasites going crazy
and I oop- garcia
and I oop- garcia:
stan bernie for clear skin 😌✨
Brandon Bennetzen
Brandon Bennetzen:
Sometimes I wish the interview got interrupted by a cat. 🐈
Bernie "the fraud" Sanders
Angela Sanchez
Angela Sanchez:
Watching them all on mute and just reading the comments- you guys are hilarious ok
Jeff M.
Jeff M.:
Thank you guys for giving Prez Trump 4 more years......thanks again guys love
long rider
long rider:
Get rid of trump and problem solve, he's the the covid -19.....
The Chosen1
The Chosen1:
pee pads and knee pads 2020
bansraj mattai
bansraj mattai:
Okay, but replaced by whom or what? If the response includes endless wars, that should not be an option.
Ethan Marceaux
Ethan Marceaux:
" we need to get Biden elected" something a Bernie fan would hate to hear.
Ansche Fink
Ansche Fink:
It's amazing how Democrats use the pandemic. they thought they're going to push their socialist agenda . Falchi himself said mask is not required. Than the government says no we want people to wear mask.
mars get
mars get:
Pathological liar🤣🤣🤣🙈
Antone Brown
Antone Brown:
Trump 2020
Hunter WF
Hunter WF:
Trump 2020
E Randco
E Randco:
Well I suppose if you’re for socialism and a new world order where internationally powerful figures run the US then Bernie is right.
Billy Zardonz
Billy Zardonz:
Bernie's plan seems to be build up hope for among his base for change, then pulling out of primaries and convincing them to support the DNC-picked status quo candidates, Hilary and Biden.
Crystal Lapensee
Crystal Lapensee:
All voters have to do is wear a mask. That's a lot cheaper than all those mail in ballots I'm sure there are drivers out there to help seniors get to their voting station and safely back home. All that money for postal service and mail in ballots should be going to Americans who need it, now!NOW!
We will change it back...your way is causing riots and crime to rise..
Kristy Henry
Kristy Henry:
Thank you for this interview George and Bernie! ❤
Brianna Wheeler
Brianna Wheeler:
Chief 4leaf
Chief 4leaf:
An epic display of social distancing yeah like no one showing up
You broke our hearts Bernie...
Chase Dizzie
Chase Dizzie:
TDS meets BDS
Linda Howell
Linda Howell:
Jeff Gutierrez
Jeff Gutierrez:
Why replace one buffoon with another? In almost 50 years in politics, I can't think of one thing that Biden has done. Trump for better or worse has done more in 3 years.
foolish old commy
Marius M
Marius M:
George is ridiculous in this interview: 📸🎈RETIRE 🎈📸- YOUR TO OLD AND WITHOUT TEETH.
60 panhead
60 panhead:
we all want freedom thanks to this great country and all the men that have given their lives for it , lets keep america great 4 more
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder:
These are the last days of Communism ladies and gents, grab the popcorn, sit back, its' going to be biblical!
jerk off
jerk off:
this guy loses great
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni:
Sharron Clark
Sharron Clark:
Post offices Closed Due to Covid-19! Postal workers Don't want to be exposed to covid infected mail!👼💀
Darren Navarro
Darren Navarro:
The word of the day is 'defeaded'.
Tatty Lashes
Tatty Lashes:
The man is a fool bone spur bully liar cheat daddy bought him a degree, he is a 5 year old grown man
Michael McFeely
Michael McFeely:
With riots, impeachment, the Kavanaugh hearings, the Michael Flynn case and the Russian collusion hoax, my contempt for Democrats, the Deep State, the judiciary, Big Tech and the mainstream media has never been greater. I don't want to be governed by Democrats and I don't want Democrats in the judiciary. I will vote to re-elect President Trump.
Salman Ah
Salman Ah:
Jeff Everhart
Jeff Everhart:
#SelloutSanders at it again
Matt S
Matt S:
I want to vote on amazon prime, if it’s not on Amazon I don’t need it.
Франциск Басистый
Франциск Басистый:
i think you've stayed unconquered for too long.
uda wyma
uda wyma:
But God?
altitude illume
altitude illume:
Bernie should be saying.. Don't bother voting for me we must get ByeDon elected?
A H:
Bernieorbust again...
Johnathan Banks
Johnathan Banks:
I'm wishing you all peace of mind while you health, wealth and happiness are swirling down the toilet.
Jeanne C
Jeanne C:
Love Bernie Sanders 2020!!!
You Ain't Black
You Ain't Black:
Give the money back Bernie
that's it Bernie, campaign for the establishment, good boy
Jeff Geho
Jeff Geho:
Bernie Sanders is a spreader of fear and misinformation
Angela Sanchez
Angela Sanchez:
Wow he is rich so he understands us
Egor N
Egor N:
Where is Belarus?
Chchi's baking!
Chchi's baking!:
Lol i am watching this in Canada,i kinda have an obsession in watching news
Matt B
Matt B:
Cannon Hinnant
They understand it’s so important to beat Trump because they can’t control Trump like they can control everyone else.
Tech Tried Out
Tech Tried Out:
Good luck commy, silent majority is about to punch you all in the face again.
Jesse Gonzalez
Jesse Gonzalez:
Bernie sanders looks like Yoda lol
Has been Bernie
We The People
We The People:
America is

23 in education.
37 in healthcare.
34 in raising family index.
No high-speed train.
Highest number of homeless people.
Highest number of incarcerated people.
78% of people live paycheck to paycheck.

Stock market is not economy of Americans! Where 90% of money belongs to top 10% of the population, it's wallet for the rich.

Let's talk like adults, instead of name calling.

I have left the proof on my playlist, if you would like to check!

Let's make our country better together.......