"They make our life easier." | Mo Salah's damning verdict on Man Utd 😬 | Liverpool 4-0 Man United

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Liverpool's Thiago and Mo Salah react to their 4-0 win over Manchester United at Anfield!

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100+ comentarios:

MW ☘️
MW ☘️:
Mo didn’t say anything about MU, he was referring to the LFC midfield
Tamzid Hossain
Tamzid Hossain:
Brilliant training session from Liverpool!
Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias:
What a performance by Thiago! The man of the match!! One of the best midfielders of the moment!!
Ken Griffin
Ken Griffin:
I’ve always rated Thiago ever since he was at Barcelona , he was unlucky that they had prime Xavi and Iniesta at the time but you can see his quality shine when ever he plays
He's talking about Liverpool's midfield and defense making it easier.
Inder Ghandial
Inder Ghandial:
Thiago finally getting the respect he deserves. What a sensational player. 👏
Dani Fetisone
Dani Fetisone:
What a performance from Harry "There's the reason why both managers have put me in the starting 11 every game" Maguire. All 4 goals involvement. Liverpool's MOTM.
mike m
mike m:
The confidence in the team is unreal, excellent game.
Feed The poverty Manc rats.
Feed The poverty Manc rats.:
As a Liverpool fan we gotta praise Manchester United for bringing back Salah's brilliant form,
Absolute class from the Mancs.🤣
Adam Warren
Adam Warren:
The best thing about this match is seeing mo visibly happy. I really wasn’t sure with what had happened recently with his goal drought and the Egypt situation whether mo would be the same or just feel down for the rest of the season, great to see him scoring again and great to see him happy and smiling!
I waited my whole life to see a midfielder like Thiago play for us. 😍 We have had some amazing ones, but no one anything like him. So lucky to enjoy watching him play in this unbelievable side. 🥳
Matias Jokumsen
Matias Jokumsen:
"They make our life easier."
I'm Harry Maguire and I approve this message.
Mike Gitonga
Mike Gitonga:
"You've never played in a derby, wait for the next one it'll be much better than this" Exactly why I like Salah, he knows
Pep the Fraud
Pep the Fraud:
Mo Salah most goals, assists in PL. 13 G/A vs Top 6 more than any other player. Best player in the world with Benzema over the whole season. Never doubt the King 👑
Two Of Substance
Two Of Substance:
With Thiago in midfield, and a front four of Diaz, Mane, Salah and Maguire - Man United never stood a chance 💪🔥
Thiago’s performance was absolutely unreal it was like watching a Year 11 have a kick about with a bunch of year 7s
Phil D
Phil D:
Got a feeling Thiago will be a top manager, and hopefully for LFC too!
I miss Thiago at Bayern, he was my fav midfielder. But I am happy that he‘s doing well at Liverpool 🔥
Mariam El-shiaty
Mariam El-shiaty:
Hahaha Mo is in a good mood joking around 😂 while Thiago is concentrated and trying to stay professional
Thiago has always been a fabulous player and easily one of the best midfielders in the world before he came to Liverpool. Narratives take over and people believe what the majority say even though he finished 20/21 strong. 21/22 he has been amazing when he has played and has shown everyone why he was touted to be one of the best midfielders in the world. To think we only paid 25mil for him is crazy man.
Jürgen Klopp
Jürgen Klopp:
"They make our life easier"

When Sky thinks that he's talking about United
Anthony O'Neill
Anthony O'Neill:
In the midfield and at the back they make our life easier. He's talking about his team mates.
S Shah AFC
S Shah AFC:
Light work for Liv. Too easy for them, they didn’t have to try. Sensational team though, individually and collectively brilliant on and off the ball. They’re levels above the rest of us.
Henry O'Brien
Henry O'Brien:
Thiago Alcantara is a seriously talented footballer and his coming into top form at this stage is a very large part of Liverpool's incredible 4-trophy chase. He's not just an exceptional player, he is clearly very intelligent. In ten years from now he will be managing at the highest level, maybe even at Liverpool.
wakicla din
wakicla din:
*Salah not scoring for several games*

Maguire : "Hold my beer"
"They make our life easier to score. We just go the game and we wanna score one goal , once we get the first we wanna get the second , once we get the second we go for the third"

Salah on fire
Drew Star
Drew Star:
Am I the only one that that loved Thiago’s interview! He’s fully comfortable now and is playing at his best!!!
Eamon Reidy
Eamon Reidy:
He's clearly talking about his own defence and midfield
Ghost Adventures Of Cornwall
Ghost Adventures Of Cornwall:
Thiago's a pass master but the two passes of Mané were not of this world
Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron:
Thiago has been an amazing acquisition , his passing is laser precise, but for me it is his ability to basically walk around the midfield, only time he has to sprint is when backtracking to help our defence ! He conserves so much energy through his ghost like movement he could play two games against Man U over one evening.
T F:
He’s talking about liverpool’s midfield
Harry Maguire was Liverpool's MOTM, what a legend, 4 assists.
Gugle Yuser
Gugle Yuser:
Thiago finally starting to do what I envisioned him doing with those amazing through balls and beautiful pivots and distribution! What beautiful and classy midfielder, what an artist! ❤
John Kemp
John Kemp:
As a Leeds Utd Fan this was unbelievable to watch, Well Done Liverpool 👍👍👍
Alfie Wright
Alfie Wright:
Some of the passing was amazing! The second goal was a beautiful move. Early in that first half they just were perfect, every pass every pressure regain was quick and efficient and accurate it was mad
The fact that people are confused which midfielders made there life easier shows you how bad Man Utd are doing 🤣
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar:
Show anyone who doesn't watch football a game like today with Thiago, and they'll fall in love with this beautiful game we call football
Inquistive Moat
Inquistive Moat:
Thiago is smart, communicates well, and is an incredible player ... prime manager material there I reckon. Lots of midfielders tend to understand the game a bit better too.
Raja Hamza Wazarat
Raja Hamza Wazarat:
Is it just me or is that a incorrect headline? I'm sure Salah meant the Liverpool midfield/defence being so good makes their life easy?
Take Out TV
Take Out TV:
Mo is always class but this season since he has been fully fit and settled into the pace of the PL i must say Thiago is such a player,amazing on the ball,passing range,rarely loses it..awesome ❤YNWA❤
Joe Henshall
Joe Henshall:
I'm not a Liverpool fan but I hope Salah stays so I can keep watching this team, they're incredible.
Love the bond between the players….This is what you need to win matches…..Keep pushing Reds 🚩🚩🚩🚩
Anonymous Llama
Anonymous Llama:
"we dont think about winning four (trophies) but we think about winning each game that we have"

Im just so happy the whole team are definitely on the right mindset.
anyone who has doubted Thiago in the last 22 months (since his MOTM in the CL final) needs to pack it in and find a new sport. what a player.
Again, Salah was referring to Liverpool midfielders, not Manchester United players.
Government Cheese
Government Cheese:
I can see Thiago being a manager one day learnt a lot under two great managers.
Ahmed gamal
Ahmed gamal:
Salah to Thiago: I'm not striker, man
I'm winger 😁
Yes Mo
Best winger in the world
Pedro Lima
Pedro Lima:
This guy here is absolutely LEGEND, Mo is out of this world and still humble, i put him and Son as one of the best players in the prem, along side Kane too
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol:
The thing I'm most glad about is Salah and Mane's chemistry despite AFCON and the WCQs. It's great to see.
Maldini 3
Maldini 3:
I've learnt never to trust the media in the last couple of years during lockdown. Mo is talking about how the midfield makes the game easier yet Sky try to twist it around as if he was talking about United.
Very good point to get in there, he is a winger and this makes his goal tally all the more impressive this is why it needs to be stated.. he scores and assists.
PepeSpliff *
PepeSpliff *:
Thiago has been irreplaceable the past couple games bossed it at city bossed at utd literally had Manchester in his pocket
legoman D
legoman D:
The warmth and fun exuding from Salah's every pore, he's in a really good place and enjoying every minute of it. Some players dismiss their barren spells in a far less convincing fashion. When they say the result is the important thing rarely is it this convincing (and some strikers would love to suffer such momentary "barren" spells, lol).
We need more interviews with people like Salah. None of those robotic and rehearsed answers that we see from every other player and manager.
Tunde Ballack
Tunde Ballack:
I think they mistook what Salah was saying. I think he was referring to the midfielders like Thiago making things easier for the forwards by given them the ball lol, not united making things easier by always giving them the ball, though one could be forgiven for making that mistake given how united played
Yousef JJJ
Yousef JJJ:
I don't like how Sky is absolutely twisting his words. He was evidently talking about his defence and midfield making the game flow smoother, in turn making his "life easier". Come on Sky, honestly
Cavan Riley
Cavan Riley:
Salah saying winger 🤣
Rorie Robinson
Rorie Robinson:
The sign of a quality player, one of the first things Mo said after the compliment was I missed that last 1.
Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy:
So sad i missed the game, highlights looked amazing, glad to see Thiago getting praise
ahmed awaad
ahmed awaad:
that last question for salah .." you are on top now , how significant that is ''.... his answer is about the team position... not about himself being the top scorer ... TEAM PLAYER and you can see it on the field and the assist sheet
Hard to believe it's been 5 seasons of Firmino, Mané and Salah as a front 3 already.
As a utd fan the link up b/w thiago and diaz was insane. Liverpool are light years ahead us and they expose the structure and the attitude of these players two times now this season.
John Connick
John Connick:
Thiago was just sublime and he makes football look so easy and the way he gives the eyes one way then he plays the ball we’re you do not expect and that hug with Klopp you could see what it means to him with that massive smile on his face said it all. Roll on EVERTON YNWA
I am a year older than Thiago but I want him to be my dad. The dude has the soul of someone so much older and wiser. What a Bloke.
Lukman Nurdin
Lukman Nurdin:
Thiago is excellent not just on the pitch but also in the interview. what a player..
John Jeyakumar
John Jeyakumar:
"I missed the last one" that right there shows his hunger and motivation for more.
Vincent Arisa
Vincent Arisa:
I am a United fan but I can tell you Liverpool deserved every goal they have scored against us this season.
Andy Carmichael
Andy Carmichael:
Thiago was class, Diaz has been a brilliant addition, we're amazing going forward, pretty good at the back too!!
John Obiro
John Obiro:
This Team is Absolutely Awesome. With an Awesome Manager and Training Staff. Plus the best Fans in the World.
One king in the Premier League, his name is Mohamed Salah 22 Goal and 12 Assisted
Rahul Patel
Rahul Patel:
I love how Mo and Thiago casually conversed throughout it lol
A team at the pinochle of professionalism and quality vs a team who lack both. Well played Liverpool
Preach _
Preach _:
Seeing an accomplished footballer like Tiago hug Klopp like that shows how high level Klopp is and how the whole team is invested in his ideas. Wonderful to see.
C C:
Such a special team honestly. The football is some of the best I've ever seen
Blakey Lake
Blakey Lake:
Thiago was insane, what a game for him.
Avergreen STEM
Avergreen STEM:
0:45 - 1:19 "They make our life easier" three times and "We hope it will carry on like this" ... Mo Salah
Khalid Malook
Khalid Malook:
What an honest man 👏
Even opponents know where the issue is, only united's recruitment team doesn't understand the problem
watchinOver !
watchinOver !:
I don't think when Moh says "They make our life easier" he means Man Utd makes their life easier, he is making reference to his team mates defenders and midfielders that make their life easier. Sky got it horribly wrong 😅
Phil Shaw
Phil Shaw:
The footballing brain of Thiago is truly amazing
Made up for him to be getting an injury free run
C'mon lads. You know he's talking about his own team
Frank Oliver
Frank Oliver:
What blows me away is how we were the laughing stock for nearly 30 years...having such a dedicated lad such as Steven Gerrard (i know he misses not one game - terrible English) who did his utmost to bring Liverpool back on their perch then retiring from football, watching Klopp literally build his team from ground up to the absolute TITANS they are today...they did not purchase expensive players to do an overnight CUP grabbing magic trick no they worked hard for this. When last did you see an entire squad of football players at the top of their game playing for one club? Pity about Wijnaldum but LIVERPOOL you guys are Football's BEST
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby:
Reporter: Wow you score so many Goals
Salah: Well Manchester United makes my life easier, Get this guy a trophy, absolute legend
The difference with Liverpool they work together as a team no matter who scores great team spirit it's F amazing YNWA great game guy's 😉🤝👌
TRG Fitness
TRG Fitness:
Thiago kept it humble . Absolute baller 👏🏾
Bruce Jackson
Bruce Jackson:
Two great talented guys: thank you both.
Hahaha Mo so determined in calling himself a winger 😂😂
The thing about liverpool is they have players up front who can finish especially their wingers such as Mane who has been pretty clinical vs city and utd over the last few games. And Salah Jota are top finishers. With city they have sterling and Jesus who cant finish and its only really mahrez and foden who score but they are not always as clinical. Next season city need to clear up one of sterling and jesus and need to bring in Haaland and Alvarez which is pretty much done.
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven:
All cracking team goals. That's what happens when the every engine is in synchronised harmony. And awesome for Mane to adapt to the False 9 role pretty nicely on the last few games while still scoring like crazy.
An Naja
An Naja:
I love the Players mentality, "WE FOCUS ON WINNING EACH GAME, WE DONT THINK TO WIN 4"

But by winning each game, we Will able to win 4, Great Mentality 🔥🔥🔥🇮🇩🇮🇩
Gilberto Herrera
Gilberto Herrera:
Crazy how liverpool don't play an actual striker
Their wingers are insanely well rounded
FREE the Uyghurs & Palestinians
FREE the Uyghurs & Palestinians:
Facts Thiago gets it, if the team is set up for you to score, your the striker.
Matthew Van Niekerk
Matthew Van Niekerk:
Amazing performance from Thiago 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥love it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alexander Kenway
Alexander Kenway:
Great training session, lads. On to the next game!
U K:
While Mo is talking about his teammates ( “the midfield and the back” make our life easier by giving us the ball), he really could be talking about Man U’s “midfield and the back” because they also give us the ball a lot
Camper 935
Camper 935:
Both humble but destroyed united at the same time. That’s talent
Tom Adam Clarke
Tom Adam Clarke:
As articulate as his ball control. Great player Thiago
Rax J
Rax J:
A wonderful training session for Liverpool!!
D C:
You know it was easy when Salah says "they made our lives much easier" 3 times.
Piyush Sharma
Piyush Sharma:
Pure class these 2🔥🔥
Aritra Roy
Aritra Roy:
That moment when Thiago hugged Klopp. THAT is a team which not only respects but loves their coach.