Thiago Alcantara - Magical Skills & Goals

Here are the best skills & goals of FC Bayern München's Thiago
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Thiago's touch on the ball is just out of this world! The FC Bayern midfield maestro makes football look like art when he organises the play of the record champions in the Bundesliga. Whether it's tricks with his heel, sideways scissor-kicks or the simple art of dribbling - the Spaniard always takes his crowd, opponent and teammate's breath away. He's also proven to be dangerous in front of goal. Is there any player other that comes close to his level of skills in the Bundesliga? Let us know in the comments!

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Up The Reds
Up The Reds:
Liverpool fans watching this right now like 🍿
Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven:
30% munich fan
70% Liverpool fan here
Mohd Nizam Yusoff
Mohd Nizam Yusoff:
who’s here after liverpool comfirm sign Thiago?
Alok Gupta
Alok Gupta:
Leave a like if u watching after liverpool signed him..👍
Navdeep Kumhar
Navdeep Kumhar:
He is a complete player he has everything passing, dribbling ,skills
He's one of my favourite midfielder
Who's here after liverpool announced thiago?
hilda shoniwa
hilda shoniwa:
Never clicked something so fast
Mesut Sam
Mesut Sam:
Thiago and Muller. Midfield maestros. One of a kind.
Felipe Azevedo
Felipe Azevedo:
The man of the match in the ucl final 19/20, he was a monster!
Mitchell Igbafa
Mitchell Igbafa:
Is he just me, but he looks like he is related to eden hazard, like his cousin or something 🤷‍♀️
Herbert Mayombwe
Herbert Mayombwe:
That's the Premier League DONE AND DUSTED
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka:
Ffs liverpool buy him already 😭
Automotive TV
Automotive TV:
Signed him in Fifa.... and he plays just as brilliant as he does in real life! 😆
John Odande
John Odande:
As a Liverpool fan, I'm torn about Thiago. His pace, technical ability, winning mentality, creativity, assists, and goals are all worth marveling at. But But Klopp has avoided signing players with a poor injury record, which Thiago has. Nevertheless, I'd support whatever decision Klopp makes regarding Thiago - if it's true that we really want him! Superb player!
Motivated George
Motivated George:
Here after the Liverpool news
Anyone else here after the news broke about Liverpool finally getting the deal done.
Trevor Charuka
Trevor Charuka:
Who is watching after liverpool signed him.
Stronger Civilian
Stronger Civilian:
For some reason, I feel like Bayern fans never truly appreciated his talent.
Jayden Onzere
Jayden Onzere:
I just can’t wait for him to come to Liverpool
Md Saif
Md Saif:
Even though he's 29, he can still play at the highest level for another 3-4 years easily, like Pirlo. He can easily walk into the starting 11 of any of the biggest teams. A short YouTube video doesn't justify how well he controls the midfield and rhythm of a match.
He's available at a bargain price that too.
Hamza Adam
Hamza Adam:
Who is here after Thiago debut his first match in Liverpool and was in 🔥 🔥🔥
Alcantara is Pirlo's incarnation, that level of calmness is just unbelievable
Mitchell Uchechukwu
Mitchell Uchechukwu:
The guy controls the midfield not afraid to make tackles he is pretty solid saw him against Barca he was wonderful
dan sprouler
dan sprouler:
1:12 true geordie intro
Viral Videosx
Viral Videosx:
Welcome To Liverpool❤️😍
Darwin Niraula
Darwin Niraula:
Welcome to LFC. Anfield will love you Thiago. YNWA
Football Fan
Football Fan:
He is Bayern Munich's greatest Center midfielder 🔥🔥❤️❤️ His passing ,accuracy , shooting and balancing are awesome...He can easily beat the press❤️❤️
His awareness and decision making are awesome 🔥🔥
Simon Gonsalves
Simon Gonsalves:
I hope everyone is having a good week ;)
Lucas Lima
Lucas Lima:
Brazilian class 💯 Mazinho’s class 🇧🇷
CC 10
CC 10:
Who’s watching this when an 1 hour ago Tiago turned a Liverpool player
Mohammad Iqbal
Mohammad Iqbal:
Who else after the deal is confirmed?
Thiago looks like Eden Hazard a bit. Does anyone else see that ?
Hurry up and buy him Liverpool
Blessed Vaughn Kamutande
Blessed Vaughn Kamutande:
Who is here after heard Thiago is coming to Anfield
Serge GOALnabry
Serge GOALnabry:
Anyone here after he left😞😟😔😢😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tori Zekko
Tori Zekko:
His physicality resembles hazard
Abhijit Pal
Abhijit Pal:
Klopp: See you at melwood
Shugrii Ahmed
Shugrii Ahmed:
Welcome to Liverpool Thiago, Bayern we’ll take good care of the lad!!!!
Goalkeeper Matches
Goalkeeper Matches:
Welcome to Liverpool
his bicycle kick goal was the best goal in my opinion
If wijnaldum leaves for Barca liverpoool will definitely going to sign thiago
Sean Langstieh
Sean Langstieh:
Welcome to Anfield😍
Clever Boi
Clever Boi:
OMG!!! can't believe it is real.
Liverpool actually got him
Citizens Cash
Citizens Cash:
1:45 neuer 😂😂
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV:
If chose Brazillian nationality, I'm going to Brazil 😄
Nafees Rahman
Nafees Rahman:
Just in time for his transfer to Liverpool FC!
karan thakker
karan thakker:
Can't believe Barcelona sold him. Cried when he left.
The Cuber
The Cuber:
I wish to see Thiago alongside KDB.
What a duo it will be...🤩🤩
Thunder Of Thor
Thunder Of Thor:
Very stylish Thaigo is superb midfielder 💪💪
K K:
Best midfielder in the world, Bayern will lose him
Antony Flynn
Antony Flynn:
At 1:12 I thought my phone glitched and started playing the Kick off with True Geordie in the background
Pharween J5
Pharween J5:
Connor R
Connor R:
He is unbelievable, its very rare you see someone so comfortable with a ball, it is iniesta, xavi esq.
stan C
stan C:
Where is the elastico against dortmund? :(
30mn for a world class CM. I want Liverpool negotiators to bargain sneakers at thrift stores for me.
bgwen ww
bgwen ww:
More of this on Sunday night please 🔥
Timmy Bucky
Timmy Bucky:
This guy inspired me with the way he plays 🙏🏽❤️
Archie Robinson
Archie Robinson:
1:13 - thought I was watching the kick off
4:07 U Cant even do that in FIFA or PES
Adham Kassem
Adham Kassem:
Thought I was watching The Kickoff for a second there...
Như Quân Nguyễn
Như Quân Nguyễn:
He's a Spanish but having Brazilian blood
James Blackmore
James Blackmore:
Liverpool 🔜🔜
Dennis Verg
Dennis Verg:
Welcome to Liverpool
around min 1:12, I thought I was having a The Kickoff video playing in a different tab lol
Marko San
Marko San:
The perfect Klopp's player. Technical, tracking back, pass, workrate and most importantly passion.
Matt D
Matt D:
Welcome to Torquay United!!
NovaL Production
NovaL Production:
The magician want to leave from Bayern 😞🥺
chaotic z
chaotic z:
Born in Italy from brazilian parents and produced from barcelona, no wonder he has got such flair and amazing vision in his role!!
Shivank Srivastava
Shivank Srivastava:
Got so confused at 1:43 thought he was dribbling xD
mmd 48
mmd 48:
1:07 WTF....
DAILY Surrounding
DAILY Surrounding:
great signing from liverpool
🔥🔥🔥🔥lets go🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Expendables
The Expendables:
Powerful midfield engine like mclaren and mercedes
José John Halindogo
José John Halindogo:
Welcome you Red Devil!
Red Jamie
Red Jamie:
hes probably coming to LIVERPOOOL!!!! YES
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique:
Ich denke, er ist ein fantastischer Spieler 💪
Gamerx - GP107HD
Gamerx - GP107HD:
LaMasia 🔥🔥🔥
Su Yini
Su Yini:
What's up with these edits 😪
Douglas vlogs
Douglas vlogs:
Thiago Alcântara mucho Gusto welcome Liverpool 🇧🇷
day day
day day:
Imagine him salah mane and firminho on a counter attack... 😍😍😍
Mikel Legend
Mikel Legend:
Liked thiago since barca but ever since He played against them i was like woah 🔥🔥🔥
Taj Murah
Taj Murah:
Thiago you will be missed! Fabinho, welcome to the bench 😂
Reagan Jatello
Reagan Jatello:
Welcome to Manchester United 🙏
Golden boy
Golden boy:
LeGend of the bundesliga ✌💘🙏🔥🦁🏆
Angthik Ronghang
Angthik Ronghang:
Will adminho give me a heart cuz i have been trying for a long time
HRJ 77
HRJ 77:
el partido de thiago hoy fue maravillosos, bueno, ayer
This guy is underrated 😭
fery ilham jauda
fery ilham jauda:
Welcome to thiago on liverpool 💪
Going to Liverpool ❤️
lol lol
lol lol:
I watched ucl last night this guy killed the midfield,glad we bought him:DDDDDD
Eduardo Silveira
Eduardo Silveira:
His half volley long balls are so amazing
Bumi Irian Jaya
Bumi Irian Jaya:
Welcome to the anfield 🔥
sanchit kaushik
sanchit kaushik:
Waited to watch this video till Liverpool signed him , totally worth it
raman patel
raman patel:
That shimmy at 2:02😍
Archana T
Archana T:
Come Reds🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!
Maestro. Absolutely beautiful.
Ashutosh Joshi
Ashutosh Joshi:
He's gonna paint merseyside Red!!!
Duot Kuer
Duot Kuer:
His dribbling is in his Brazilian DNA😂😂