Thiago Alcântara - Welcome to Liverpool - OFFICIAL

Thiago Alcântara will move to EPL, signing for the reds, Liverpool. The Jurgen Klopp team just got an amazing midfielder from Bayern Munchen for less than 30 million euros. Just unbelievable! Can't wait to see him playing with Salah, Mané, Firmino and Trent-Alexander Arnold. Manchester United was also interested on the Spanish maestro, however it seems like they gave up after signing Donny Van de Beek!

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Blow And Chill
Blow And Chill:
Crazy...liverpool just got one of the best midfielders around. Enjoy him liverpool fans. We will miss him at bayern, but he has done so much for us. Enjoy your new adventure thiago. We will always love you. True bayern legend! 😢
Diego Diaz
Diego Diaz:
Man, you watch him in that red kit , can you just imagine if he can truly hit the ground running in our red. Oh I love him, I love the world, I love my Liverpool
Bharath r kumar
Bharath r kumar:
Thiago and firmino combination will be like thiago and muller.
Firmino finds the space and thiago finds firmino. Mane and salah will be scoring like crazy.
If teams target liverpool's fullbacks now. They will have thiago opening up chances then..
Jean Lawley
Jean Lawley:
As Shankly said "The idea is to build Liverpool FC up into a bastion of invincibility ... everyone else will have to submit and give in" ... Bill was a man of great vision he started it all, so that we Liverpool fans would be happy and proud.
RealEyes see
RealEyes see:
Best transfer this season in the Premiere League so far! Thiago is one of the best on his position if not he is the best! #miasanmia
Respect to Bayern for letting him go. Not like barca taking player hostage...
Salah Ahmed
Salah Ahmed:
Woow I’m so happy 😀 Thiago Alcantara welcome to YNWA❤️😍✊✊
Welcome to Liverpool thiago salah mane gonna benefit so much from this
Shubham Bhardwaj
Shubham Bhardwaj:
I can't digest the news, although this was expected. Wish Thiago success at Liverpool. #miasanmia
Zammad Hyder
Zammad Hyder:
The veins of my bayern has cut. A chamber of our heart is removed.
Thankyou magician.😟😓🤧
Usman Tariq
Usman Tariq:
This makes me cry ... A bayern fan😭
kə'rizmə brown
kə'rizmə brown:
Imagine Salah Mane and Firmino hearing this ....omg🔥🔥🔥🔥
ndumiso m moyo
ndumiso m moyo:
Having a mid with Thiago,Keita and Fabinho will be wonderful
Joel Jeje
Joel Jeje:
i see him mane, robertson and trent connecting very well
Can see why we've signed him, he's like the finished product what we need from Naby Keita.
ThE _OnLY_ 1k
ThE _OnLY_ 1k:
In the future youll see "on this day in September" the shit that hes done for us thiago will become a lfc legend
Shekhar Narwal
Shekhar Narwal:
Thank you for the unbelievable 7 years Maestro!
Wish you all the luck!❤️
[CK] MagaZine٭
[CK] MagaZine٭:
Liverpool and Bayern Munich There are many things in common. I hope you will succeed with us. Welcome to Liverpool Thiago Alcántara
cain o connor
cain o connor:
Welcome thiago🤩 You will never walk alone my friend❤️
Zammad Hyder
Zammad Hyder:
Learned his magic in our Allianz arena, now only a void will be left.
Every grass of Allianz arena will tell that a magician has walked on me.
So finally we have replaced Xabi Alonso after all these years !! But Thiago is a special player in his own right 👏🏻 What a signing 👌🏻
Hussein Elsayed
Hussein Elsayed:
he's an artisit and a warrior .. i admired him
little boy Dedoid
little boy Dedoid:
This is the signing of the window, Rooney was right in saying Thiago would transform this team, his creativity is out of this world. Teams found it difficult to block out Trent and Robbo, now they’ve got Thiago to deal with and he’s literally press resistance, this team is going places man
Ben Price
Ben Price:
I was watching this and kept thinking hmmm new xavi alonso god i hope so
Mortal Death
Mortal Death:
His array of passing is amazing and him spreading the balls out to Trent, Robbo, Salah and Mane will be amazing
Paul Dalli
Paul Dalli:
Noxx Onbeat
Noxx Onbeat:
He's like a mix of the 2 greats, Ronaldinho & Iniesta. Can't wait to see him boss up midfield with the lads. YNWA! Welcome Thiago!
Finally, someone with a highlight reel without the typical and trying techno music.
Patrick Muza
Patrick Muza:
Those spray passes to the wings are dangerous, get ready for another Salah - Mane show 🔥
Dara Azizi
Dara Azizi:
Great compilation. Where is the music from?
Daryl Ang
Daryl Ang:
After torres... I never felt so excited to have him in our club and squad. As much as solid our current squad is.
Sandy Sherpa
Sandy Sherpa:
Can't wait to see him in action ...linking with firmino, Salah and mane...exciting times for all liverpool fans..ynwa❤
What a leader
Luke Horner
Luke Horner:
Love that he can speak Portuguese with Firmino, Fabinho and Alisson and also German with Klopp. His flair/tricks in the midfield will be highlighted because of Firmino's incredible flair ability and same with Fabinho's PLUS they'll all be speaking the same language. Mark my words, with someone like Fabinho playing CDM, Thiago playing CAM and Firmino CF its going to be like vintage Barcelona with Busquets/Xavi/Iniesta. On top of all of this Firmino also speaks German too so they can all communicate with Jurgen Klopp. So excited
He's class can't wait to see him play
Mark Aurel
Mark Aurel:
miss him already :( Bayern Legend!
M.L Reggie
M.L Reggie:
Man Like Thiago, LFC gonna be lit JEZEEE! 🔥🔥🔥
adam derivative
adam derivative:
His interception rate for bayern was insane, plus his pass distribution looks awesome.
bobi7 tanevski
bobi7 tanevski:
LORD JESUS (YESHUA) IS ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN 🙏 (Isaiah 53) ! You must be Born Again with Holy Spirit 🤗 ! Read BIBLE .
I'm so sad he is leaving 😢 good luck Maestro ❤️
Dayron Perez
Dayron Perez:
We are going to miss you campeon 👏
My fav team is Manchester United.. and he is my fav player ..signing for Liverpool 🙂
Yonatan Daniel
Yonatan Daniel:
Thiago and Naby Keita have very similar play styles.
sabbman tinz
sabbman tinz:
YEAHHHHHH .... Finally i can now relax very well while watching liverpoor match. welcome to liverpoor family thiago alcantara.
Fatoom Gierdien
Fatoom Gierdien:
Thank YOU for a Fantastic video.
Much Appreciated. .. from Cape Town.
Thomas Buck
Thomas Buck:
Nice video! I thought it was the official LFC channel at first.
Igor Saldanha
Igor Saldanha:
Thiago linking up plays with Firmino? Playing long passes to Mane and Salah? Finding Trent or Robbo in wide areas? Wow. I held my excitement until now, but this video had me daydreaming.
Hellalive 89
Hellalive 89:
I’m excited about this one. The link up between him and our front 3 will be devastating.
Anyone remember when £27mil was a significant transfer fee?!!
lalboi tonsing
lalboi tonsing:
I cant stop smiling.. So happy to hear this news.. Finally☺
We have TA - TAA
Thiago Alcantara welcome to YNWA Priceless skill.
Lim Lfc
Lim Lfc:
He'll link up well with liverpool players especially Firmino
Pure Baller!!
Anubhav Das
Anubhav Das:
Thiago is gonna prove to be a great signing for Liverpool. Wish him the very best. Thank you for everything. #miasanmia
Roger Godkin
Roger Godkin:
Easily one of the signings of the season
Thank you for putting good background music in a footy vid 👍

May you inspire other video-makers.
Đức Lê
Đức Lê:
Welcome to Liverpool
Kalim 09
Kalim 09:
We're gonna win the league again'😍😍
Firmino is about to explode in a way we haven't seen him yet...
Green Land
Green Land:
what a precision in long passing!!!
UserNotFound 111
UserNotFound 111:
Thaigo will dominate with Liverpool 🔴❤️
Jerry Keller
Jerry Keller:
Great edit, music like this just makes football seem so magical and otherworldly.
Kaneki Kung_365
Kaneki Kung_365:
1:27 He nutmegs referee lol
Lucia Jones
Lucia Jones:
He is basically xavi, isn't he?
Maz Islam
Maz Islam:
OMG amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌
first high profile klopp has ever bought btw
iam not corona
iam not corona:
Saturn Fn
Saturn Fn:
Great vid can’t wait to see him in the red of Liverpool #YNWA
T Jiss
T Jiss:
Signing of the window
Tai Buinguyenchi
Tai Buinguyenchi:
Welcome to Liverpoolfc❤ Thiago6
Faisal Shah
Faisal Shah:
He's phenomenol!!! What a great addition to the world class start!! An absolute baller, and he seems to be really passionate, he would fit in perfectly!!!!!
Zeeshan sheikh
Zeeshan sheikh:
Going to love watching this guy play for Liverpool
Team McBox
Team McBox:
Long time Barcelona fan here, it really hurts to see this. I mean, I’m happy for him because he’s a phenomenal player and deserves the absolute best career possible. I just don’t understand how Barcelona could have let him go so easily, especially when we have his brother Rafinha barely making it in middle teams in La Liga. This guy is world class, congrats to Liverpool for completing a signing that will rival Kevin De Bruyne all season long as best midfielder
I like a player that makes the game look very easy , does the simple things at the right times, YNWA.
N 28
N 28:
nicely edited !
Arpit Marade
Arpit Marade:
Winter is coming guys..😂😂😂
amirul rahman
amirul rahman:
What a great transaction made by JK
And its brilliant move as we all know that win a trophy is not that easy but to
sustain the title is more difficult.
And with this one of the superb CM, JK know how to versatile his tactical by using him.

All people happy with this signing.. YNWA
Yasser Aladwani
Yasser Aladwani:
This is the best Alcantaras video I have ever watched. Thanks
all by RS
all by RS:
And he left us 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Moin Khan
Moin Khan:
He is in top 5 midfielders in the world ❤️❤️
Andrews Darkwah
Andrews Darkwah:
Great player.
Jack of all trails
Jack of all trails:
Good confidence on the ball. Klopp will hone him into a superstar
D Miller
D Miller:
So enjoyable to see him play
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter:
Everyone’s gunna have a premier league ultimate team on fifa 21 gunna be some mad teams
Andy p
Andy p:
Welcome to lfc
Thiago is arguably the best CM in the world and is now a Liverpool player. That should sums up what a great transfer business the club has done
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam:
He moved to get his FIFA rating back up lmao
ເພງລາວ Laos musics
ເພງລາວ Laos musics:
ຍີນດີຕ້ອນຮັບ ສູ່ ລິເວີ້ພູ ຕີອາໂກ້ ❤️❤️
This man puts it in the plate for you to tap in⚽
*Welcome To Anfield*
Lucas M Mujere
Lucas M Mujere:
same play with Naby i like the competition
chris beechly
chris beechly:
Best midfielder in the world last season hands down, what a phenominal signing and player
Masiu Tlhomola
Masiu Tlhomola:
Maybe firmino can start scoring some more goals
Maison David
Maison David:
Noooo not to Liverpool 😭
Dean Mash
Dean Mash:
Welcome Thiago alcantara
adam c
adam c:
Best video I have seen yet! Very well put together
He makes it look easy