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82 comentarios:

Who do you want Liverpool to sign this summer?
Like the video if you enjoy the Transfer news :)
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon:
Gets too tiring keeping up with all these transfer speculations. If it happens it happens.
duwayne bennett
duwayne bennett:
Sik of being linked lets do some bloody deals!!!
Eddie C
Eddie C:
Each day we don’t sign anyone the more anxious I get 😬
He Talks too much and nothing ever comes of anything
Norman Fernèe
Norman Fernèe:
we need to sign him because I feel he will improve our team a lot and it’s looking more and more likely gini will be leaving so it’s a one in one out scenario
Will Timpson
Will Timpson:
hello hello.. here we go!
Henry Minjoot
Henry Minjoot:
STOP IT! Nothing's confirmed yet!
dale oldacres
dale oldacres:
So how injured is matip because he is 10 times more efficient than young gomez at the moment so we got to get matip back in fit shape for this season because I like when trent matip & vigil team up in defence cuz that is just pure intelligent powerful tactical klopp defence when they are all injury free & playing at the back in unison we have a great chance then of retaining our prem crown folks YNWA LUV YA ALL my fellow kopites xxx CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD
Bruno Dacruz
Bruno Dacruz:
Actions speaks louder than words
Liverpool win CL no major signings, next season win PL still no signings. It's not fair
chuzzy Gerald
chuzzy Gerald:
You keep lying to us tom why? You've been posting this thiago crap for more than a month now, same with Werner and hervertz.. Man can't never get something right
Gary Ward
Gary Ward:
Classic Tom...the story rumbles on with no real 'new' news, although I do respect Tom's enthusiasm
Lee Mo
Lee Mo:
If United sign him I’m fsg out!!
Davor Ban
Davor Ban:
Now I am not sure any more we`ll do some business in this transfer window and it makes me angry, I can`t get why we are so cheap
samuel baziwane
samuel baziwane:
I love that T-shirt 😍. One for me please. I am From Kenya
Dr:Omar Abdullahi
Dr:Omar Abdullahi:
L.F.C need to have 2 Strikers,1 Midfielder and 1 Defender as we ll so Liverpool have to buy these Four players.👏👏👏.
Melvin Agili
Melvin Agili:
Sick of this. Sign him already. Last transfer window no new buys.
Seantino Lin
Seantino Lin:
Seriously this is old already.
Anfield Red
Anfield Red:
I am so frustrated other clubs buying big why we sit it out FSG just won’t spend unless we sell like last time joke !!!!
Rob Lfc
Rob Lfc:
Micheal Edwards in Munich working his notifications skills to get good deal for Thiago
Makhon Miah
Makhon Miah:
Hey Tom. 👋👋👋
Clement Low
Clement Low:
Is it confirmed?
plaese tell me this is true we really want him at liverpool i want him to sign please james pearce said klopp wants him
big update again ....
No way we are getting him, too old
It's not gonna happen. All the positivity of last season is gone because of FSG. LFC will make top 4.
Paul Scott
Paul Scott:
MATIP is top class
Rakesh Choudhury
Rakesh Choudhury:
Watz up guys, welcome to brand new Liverpool transfer uzuzuuuuuzuuu 😁
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali:
Hey Tom
ousman ga
ousman ga:
Sallah out
What are liverpool waiting on? Liverpool need to act more swiftly in this transfer 😡..
I tom, I'm not saying those CB are not good enough to play along side virgil or Gomez, but to my frame of knowledge they don't have the experience to fit the capability of a first team choice. Look at the RB position, don't y'all see what happens in the game with Arsenal?...
If you Hate me you are sus
If you Hate me you are sus:
Man united are like that one kid at school that you did something little to annoy them and they keep coming at you and copying you to. See if it irritates
Bro we better sign him mannnn
If we sign thiago and keep wijnaldum we should consider using fabinho as a centreback together with vvd
Red Chipz
Red Chipz:
Time to update your scarf only 5 stars com on lol
big g
big g:
I hope klopp is planning on a 3 player swoop soon I I don't care what any one think we need to strengthen the squad or find a hard year ahead .
Koumetio will get a chance as Klopp sees him as a future CB
Arpit Marade
Arpit Marade:
This is confirmed news chief...🤔🤔🤔
Muhammed Jome
Muhammed Jome:
We need thiago
Ice Cool
Ice Cool:
So not really an update, just the same old lol
Andrews Darkwah
Andrews Darkwah:
Smokey Breen
Smokey Breen:
bollocks lol
I like what Klopp is doing with Fabinho ... like how salah bobby and mane switch around this could be interesting and Tom I’m telling you Taki is special 💪😍
Kenneth Phillips
Kenneth Phillips:
So happy
Hxney Clxdy
Hxney Clxdy:
God im sick off this just get it done the aresnal match shows we need him.
Leroy Peterson
Leroy Peterson:
Get Thiago an Sarr
Dramuke Ben
Dramuke Ben:
plz we need fresh leg at the midfield that tiago alcatra
Horace Douse
Horace Douse:
Harver Elliott is ready for the first team
Never Walk Alone
Never Walk Alone:
Hope very soon the media will stop Thiago to Liverpool when Thiago move to club that want him because if Liverpool want him they would have pay.
koo kelvin
koo kelvin:
Is this a sign this season that Fenway group is selling the club?
Eirfan EHTV
Eirfan EHTV:
Hi tom
Simon Edwards
Simon Edwards:
Subscribed and liked
Bright Nsama
Bright Nsama:
This is bad y are we not signing anyone when we lost the last game
Thiago said he wants to play under klopp and klopp wants him i guess his joining
John Quinn
John Quinn:
ITV we get him he will be a massive hit. He would have Liverpool that deadly pass through but this is just lagging on
Dua ris
Dua ris:
Rumor not confeirm
Arulseelan subanesan
Arulseelan subanesan:
I am frustrated with this,
Why can't FSG willing to spent atleast 70million in this market.
When we on a high we must improve
to retain that elevation.
Jayden Onzere
Jayden Onzere:
Hi Tom I’m a big fan hope you reply
Yes, Man United have signed VdB but they want a class CDM/CM like Thiago, then they’ll get sancho and probably will sign a centre back too. But sancho and a centre back are more important for them, however they are working on Thiago deal right now!
Damian Clarke
Damian Clarke:
Hes going to man united
Karma Wangmo
Karma Wangmo:
Let him sign...then only we will believe it...
Tom Georege Perry
Tom Georege Perry:
When is Thiago coming to Liverpool
joy ful
joy ful:
Sell him and take suarez from barca
Kojo Marfo
Kojo Marfo:
Welcome Thiago
Lance Derossi
Lance Derossi:
Dun give fans hope bout Thiago
David Brown
David Brown:
If we don't sign thiago a striker and a center back. Fabinho center back does not work he would foul in key areas. Did not work out with City putting Ferdiniho in defence. This mad City weaker. I think if FSG will not spend then they should sell up or minimum sell some of their shares. Teams are making key signings. Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U and City are a threat. We will also struggle with no crowd.
Bu Rida
Bu Rida:
I don’t want Gini to leave.
I don’t have faith in FSG anymore to help maintain LFC at the top. Did you know they are looking for investors to buy into the club??? Where has the money from the league and cups winnings gone?? Surely not on player salaries, if FSG are using that money to pay for player wages then FSG is NOT interested in long term ambition for the club.
oduor festus
oduor festus:
Tired with this rumors.. Wee as Liverpool fans
dale oldacres
dale oldacres:
What does worry me Tom is no fans & no crazy klopp showing mad crazy passion in games on the touchline like a world class maestro that he let's see will this covid saga hinder our chance at being one of only a few teams that have retained the prem twice in a row I really hope not I hope klopp & team can do it 2,3times in a row will it be our destiny this decade for us YNWA just watch this space COME ON U REDZ
Willo Moran
Willo Moran:
Yes Tom I definitely think we need to sign thiago I don't think he is as good as a Geni wijnaldum but he knows how to break down teams and that's the kind of player we need it would be great to see genie wijnaldum stay and sign a new contract but unfortunately I think it's already done what I don't like hearing about is Sadio Manne been linked with Barcelona they're telling us that Sadio Mane will be Messies Replacement I'm not happy when I hear something like that OMG what would be the point in that Barcelona are in a big Mess at the moment and any player that goes there all the big names will be gone
That Guy
That Guy:
Everyone loves FSG but they literally haven’t spent a lot on signings.. when Sturridge left we all thought big wage bill gone, let’s buy someone big and offer them good money... nope nobody comes in. Lallana gone and Lovren, both on high Ish wages, why are they not replaced with senior team signings. We are so lucky our players have been injury free and we have klopp.
we have Van den Berg too. He is a very talented CB
Alf Nitzel
Alf Nitzel:
FSG is useless. They only buy new players when we sell key players.
Ger Murtagh
Ger Murtagh:
But Liverpool have Not Made any bids tom
Javid Hussain
Javid Hussain:
To all lfc fans hello ; Now straight to the point Are we going to sign Thiago yes or no ; we should sign a player like him cuz we need him : injuries do come about and we need back up for back up
Teams like Chelsea are spending and now are contenders ; I believe in Klopp and what ever he decides we have to back
A good season ahead and I can see some ups n downs
Faheez Adeshina
Faheez Adeshina:
If you can not constantly make a pass that leads to goal you have no business playing in Liverpool's midfield. Alcantara is far better than wijnaldum in this regards.
We dont need a back up for salah we need competition hes been shocking
Bu Rida
Bu Rida:
Tom. Thiago has never played in England. Gini has. I don’t agree that Thiago is better. He’s not tested. He’s good in Europe but still a risk in England. Look at Keita. He took over a year to settle.
Declan McCartney
Declan McCartney:
I dont think we'll get him, it's just not a FSG signing
Never Walk Alone
Never Walk Alone:
Liverpool will not sign Thiago because Liverpool are in debt.