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If losing a child to an illness is one of the worst things that can happen to a family, Dr. Nadia Tremonti has made it her mission to make it better.

It’s not easy. But as a pediatric palliative care physician, she works to ensure that terminally ill children receive quality end-of-life care. Palliative care is sometimes misunderstood to shorten life expectancy, but it’s a method that increases quality of life, improves symptom burden and decreases medical costs. We follow Dr. Tremonti in John Beder's "Dying in Your Mother's Arms" as she works to make death less medical and more human. In the process she asks a critical question: When a child is terminally ill, how can we make the end of life a better one?

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This doctor is stronggggg... I couldn't handle this job... It'd break me.
Brooklyn Lovato
Brooklyn Lovato:
On a happy note: my son was born at 23 weeks, he's 3 months old now, and just got of his oxygen in the NICU, he's getting ready to come home in the next week or so.
Louise Hills
Louise Hills:
I struggled with the birth of my daughter. She had moved very little & the words were spoken by the nurse, that I would not be taking a baby home.
I gave birth to a beautiful girl with long curly eye lashes & a head full of curly black hair.
I was allowed to sing to her in the morgue (I wish that was different) but I rocked with my daughter & sang to her.
I appreciate those nurses immensely
Totalchaos1983 0
Totalchaos1983 0:
That poor woman, being joyfully told that her terminally Ill baby "sounds perfect!" .... seeing her face when she got back in that van..... I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone , I wanted to reach through the screen and hug her.
Donna Koval
Donna Koval:
I dare say that more than humanizing death, this physician is interacting with these individuals with empathy and compassion and being honest with them in a firm bit gentle way. This is the way all palliative care should be conducted. Period. This woman is simply behaving the way that a physician SHOULD. Bedside manner should not be something that’s up for debate. It is something that should be mandatory. Excellent bedside manner.
Bianca Taylor
Bianca Taylor:
Thank you to the families who allowed people to film them in their worst moments. Your contribution is appreciated and respected. Your angels are resting in peace x
Angelique M
Angelique M:
The world needs more physicians like this. We had an oncologist like this with my dad. Losing him wasnt easy, but knowing helped honesty helped.
D Lane
D Lane:
I feel so sad for Giovanni's Mother. It's like you'd think hearing that you're being induced that next week, and finally meeting your Baby would be exciting, but you almost want to stay Pregnant Forever to keep Him safe, knowing that your introduction will also be the beginning of goodbye...💔
As student applying to medical school next summer, this is one of the best things I could've stumbled across on Youtube. Thank you for sharing.
I think this woman officially has the most depressing job ever.
100 Acts of Love
100 Acts of Love:
When my husband was dying, one doctor wouldn't say the word "die." I was so relieved when our main doctor came in and said "Your husband is going to die, probably in 3 days. Because he is young, it will take a few days for his organs to shut down." I will be FOREVER grateful to that doctor who spoke the truth. It helped my kids and myself process his, my husband's, death. To the families who let us in, thank you for showing your humanity. Thank you NYT for this Op-Docs. No one is every ready!
As a man in his 30s, I wish I wasn’t as empathetic and emotional as I am. I’m in tears watching these videos. As a new father, this is soul crushing.
Sherry Belle
Sherry Belle:
When my husband suddenly died in a car accident, the doctor told us that "I'm sorry HE WASN'T SALVAGEABLE" REALLY?? then had the nerves to ask for his organs, he's not SALVAGEABLE REMEMBER?? He's human not trash!! Wish they taught an etiquette and empathy class!!
Steel Magnolia
Steel Magnolia:
My son Will died sunrise, August 5th 2018, he was 12 years old. He was a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a loving and compassionate friend to anyone who he ever met. No one who ever met Will left with out words of wisdom or encouragement. He died because he had two genetic mutations; a primary immunodeficiency called XLP2 and NOD2 ( Crohn's disease and Blau Syndrome) He fought bravely against the diseases that wrecked Havock and Extraordinary pain.He was given the chance to try a BMT with an only 30% of survival but without it it was a 0% chance. He wanted to try, he wanted to live. I think he knew for a very long time deep down that he would never live to adulthood but he dreamed big and he never stopped. He started a YouTube channel called Ripped Pheonix ...he wanted people to see what it was really like for children going through what he was and he did game reviews but he also would talk about his struggles and his feelings of death but also his dreams for life. When the BMT rejected and it became clear that Wills life was going to end, he faced it his own way, he wanted a Going to Heaven party to do a dumpster dive like his youtube hero the speedy diver. He loved it, he loved it because he chose it, he had control...because even though he was dying he chose to do it his way. His friends from Streetlight came and spent time with him,he had fun with our family and had a special day to visit with his doggy,his palliative care Dr made sure we were all supportive including his little sisters. When he passed away it hurt our Hearts sooo much but at the same time, I know he had a good death and an amazing life. To anyone that might need to hear this...its okay to have fun with your dying child it's good to play and laugh with them..sometimes parents feel guilty like it means they're happy that thier child is dying but it doesnt...your making memories your showing your child how much you love them and it's ok to tell a dying child that you will miss them and remember them always and that you will be okay. Children who are dying need happiness, love and support...I am so thankful for the Drs and Nurses our family had they really were a true comfort and they never sugar coated Wills illness but they also showed love and compassion😍
Lexa Donnelly
Lexa Donnelly:
This doctor is an angel. As a palliative care patient, let me tell you, there aren’t enough doctors or nurses who have the fortitude to be in Palliative Care for adults, so I can’t imagine how strong and compassionate one must be to help a dying baby, a grieving, stressed parent.
Death is impossible to ignore, and yet we fight it with all our strength. My heart goes out to everyone here.
Little Voices Music
Little Voices Music:
"I'd like to magically turn into a baby and die in my mom's arms, because there's not a place in the world with more peace and unconditional love." ❤️
When my son was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at a year and died 4 months later in my arms at home.... I didn't realize how blessed we were.. the nurses, doctors and all else. They didn't sugar coat anything..we knew what was coming and how long we had. 7 years my son has been gone. I take it day by day cuz I can never heal but I raise my other children along side my hubby.

In our situation by the time the cancer was found he was stage 4. Th treatment was 6 months of torture and If.. IF he survived it he might be able to get 6 more months... We loved our son more then ourselves and said no. All we wanted was to keep him comfortable, he lived 4 more months but no horrible treatments, no extra needles. Truly horrible but I was always there n nursed him for as long as he could and then I pumped and mixed it with the gi nutrients. Followed all the doctor plans.. we did all we could. It really hasn't helped me but I know I did all I could. I even have a video of a doctor saying we did all we could and truly we are doing what is best for him and not what was best for us as parents. We put him before ourselves. I watch it often because it helps
When she said turn into a baby and die in her moms arms because there is not a place of more peace and unconditional love, my tears broke. Because she is SO right. Those left behind are always the ones who will hurt the most no matter.
breanna hicks
breanna hicks:
I felt the part where she said parents don’t talk about death with children because it’s sad. My mom would not let me go to my uncles funeral because I was too young. He died on my 16th birthday.
Heather Greene
Heather Greene:
I’m pregnant. Why am I doing this to myself 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kirs Tron
Kirs Tron:
"id love to live to 100 and have everyone around me be healthy, and then id like to magically turn back into a baby and die in my moms arms. theres no better comfort and unconditional love than a mothers arms..." that broke me.
Wendy Gabbert
Wendy Gabbert:
Sorry to everyone is hurting from the death of a babies of any age. 💜
Stephanie D
Stephanie D:
This short documentary is eye opening but the amount of ads are just awful.
my mom had cancer all over this years since i was born,and when she told me on a summer day that she couldn't no more make it,she told me that this was the last battle with cancer and that she's glad she could keep on until i was 18 (now im 20)when my mom passed away she was between my arms....and i could just say her comforting words like "everything is going to be fine" "im with you" "im going to be fine don't worry"i was happy that she could no more bear chemio....she was free from medication and all this glad and proud that she was my mother and there is no single day i don't feel blessed to be here thanks to her
RasToniacandraI ClarkD
RasToniacandraI ClarkD:
This dr. , her beauty is stunning, after I see her inside, this dr. Is the most beautiful humans I've felt ❤ in a while
Lexey D
Lexey D:
This really hit home. I was 18 when my mom got cancer again and I just wanted to know how long I had with her left. In her final days there was a hospice nurse who sat with me and her. I wanted to know if she was going to die soon and how much time she had left, the nurse explained her breathing changes, why we couldn’t give her fluids to help her, and other questions I had. I remember when I got the call that her breathing had changed and they told me I should come down, I immediately went to her. Within ten minutes my mom passed away. Just me and her in that room together. Watching her take her last breath was incredibly meaningful to me because I was there for that moment for her. I’m so glad that nurse gave me the truths I needed to hear at the time.
Kate W
Kate W:
Giovanni's mommy is so strong <3 She gave her son the best gift of all (life) and held him near until he felt enough peace to let go.
oui oui
oui oui:
this is why i feel like free health care is so important. its for parents in those situations who cant work anymore because their kids are sick. they have to go through so many thing, they don't need to suffer even more after losing their child.they dont need to lose all of their savings/worry of not being able to afford the best treatment possible, on top of everything that they're experiencing
Audrey Carroll
Audrey Carroll:
Wee Giovanni knows he is deeply loved by his mum. Now he’s in Heaven waiting for her to join him in the By and By. May she be comforted and be at peace.
Zoe Marquardt
Zoe Marquardt:
I almost cried when she hugged the mom of that dying baby girl.
We need more doctors like her.
E Costello
E Costello:
Also worth noting that this doctor is in Detroit and caring for some of the most underserved moms and families in the country. Everyone deserves this kind of care.
Myart 314
Myart 314:
“Not talk about something because it’s sad” I love this woman. If it worked like that I wouldn’t have my hidden depression and constant suicidal thoughts.
Judy LaPointe
Judy LaPointe:
My husband of 50 years dies 2 years ago after 18 days in the hospital. While no one even said the word died all the docs made it perfectly clear he was going to do so. Some people just choose not to listen. When I had his defibulato
r turned off his doc cried while doing it. don't ever think for a moment that these people don't care about their patients. Both my husband and I had know from the beginning that he most likely would die and were concerned about his doctor because he felt like he had failed us. I will forever be grateful to our Dr, Willowbee.
Kathryn Ellicott
Kathryn Ellicott:
Every soul has an allotted time on earth, some long, some short unfortunately. Being honest allows the family to maximize the beauty and value of the time they have with that soul, i.e. make it of great quality. Just because it's short doesn't mean that that life didn't matter, didn't have a purpose or wasn't valuable, beautiful and meaningful.
Panzer Maus
Panzer Maus:
I'm on the depressing side of youtube again..doctors have such a cold impression about them, but they are just the strongest people out there...after this I woke my baby up to hold her in my arms. "A mothers love is unconditional" indeed
“That’s the only thing I could him until bed time comes.” :(
Kishonna K. Mckenzie
Kishonna K. Mckenzie:
I know this women pain . When i was told at 3 months that my daughter would not survive after birth and that i should think about aborting her. I couldn’t see my self do that . Some of the doctor gave up on me . But i found one doctor that would let me see my child at birth. She only live for hour before she stop breathing . But i got to see her face . The only thing i regret was not seeing her eyes . I knew i gave her a chance . I got a chance to see her even if it was only an hour i got to see her .
Her name was Kelis Kennedy Mckenzie.
When would have be 13 come December of this year .
She die from Encephalocele and no bladder .
She’s a mother, I knew it! What an incredible human being she is. Her work is similar to what death doulas do... work intimately with the family through death. It’s amazing to see this in a medical setting. Memory eternal to each of the children in this film. May their passing be just as she said... in the unconditional arms of love.
Jessica Linares
Jessica Linares:
As someone who has lost an infant and miscarried a pregnancy at the end of the 1st trimester, I truly appreciate this beautiful doctor. ❤
Aleisa Etheridge
Aleisa Etheridge:
I can't imagine how horrible it is to lose a child. These Mothers , God Bless them and their sweet Angels.
Doctors should really learn to say the word die, it's not a bad word.
I’d never considered going into palliative care before Covid. I’m a paediatric surgical assistant usually but the pandemic has caused me to be redeployed to a Covid field hospital and I’ve seen so, so much death. It scared me so much at first but realising the way western cultures are towards death is probably worse. I wish we didn’t have to whisper about it, hide our grief and pretend nothing is wrong and everybody is going to live forever. Helping people have a dignified, peaceful, comfortable death is the most important and fulfilling thing I’ve ever done and I know it’s where I need to be now. I hope I can be even half as good as her. Everyone could do with a doctor like this to guide them through their final days.
Anne Drury
Anne Drury:
My first son was born at 21 weeks the Dr was annoyed I interrupted his Sunday afternoon and broke my water as I was in labor I just wasn’t going fast enough for him. That was 1984. I wish I would have had access to this Dr, I was alone and 24 I would have held him till he took his last breath, to this day I regret I wasn’t strong enough. I gave birth and the nurse wrapped him up into a blanket and took him to another room she held him. I never got to see his face, one day I will be reunited with him I hold onto that now. Great documentary
ꪗꪊꪀikꪊ'ડ ડiᦔꫀ
ꪗꪊꪀikꪊ'ડ ડiᦔꫀ:
I can already imagine how strong she has to be everyday while crying on the inside for these children...
Shane DeHorney
Shane DeHorney:
“One day, each one of us will be in this situation and no one will be there for us” - - looking forward to the improvements in the future of dying.
Emma R
Emma R:
These are the type of women we should be praising, not models or "influencers".
Mary Baukholt
Mary Baukholt:
"Take heed that you dispise not one of these little ones; For I say unto you, That their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.". Matthew 18:10
Anna Hollifield
Anna Hollifield:
I feel like this doctor has seen so much death. Shes a great doctor I like her as a doctor. I'm concerned because she's dealt with so much death that she has no room left for any hope for a miracle...and that saddens my heart. Because what if? You's so sad...
MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible A*holes
MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible A*holes:
God 😭

Our children aren’t supposed to die before us. *hugging my 11 y/o ever tighter today*
Tammie F. Taylor
Tammie F. Taylor:
It's even sadder that the fathers of these children aren't present in these appointments.
Ian Evans
Ian Evans:
So it’s not about normalizing death, it’s about doctors acting human to their patients and being honest. I love it. The healthcare system is this country is downright awful. This is how ALL doctors need to act. They use too!
Grace Palmer
Grace Palmer:
I needed to watch this. I lost my son at 28 weeks two years ago due to a brain tumor 1/3rd the size of his brain. Going from feeling punches and kicks and then...emptiness. Going home with no baby. Lactating with no baby to feed. This isn’t talked about much. No one ever brings it up to me or asks me how I am about it even immediately afterwards.

I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
Cedar Who
Cedar Who:
When mom got out of the car with that little baby I was like "OH YES!!!" I am so happy she got to love her baby for a while. Bless her.
Rosie Wright
Rosie Wright:
I think she survives this doctor because she doesn’t try to avoid the emotion, she just lets it flow through her.
I have such a strong desire to be able to wrap my arms around little Giovanni's Mother with loving, comforting hugs...I'm so choked up over the death of this beautiful, innocent little baby boy....I can't begin to imagine the grief...God bless him & his loving family...
Can you imagine having her job??? She's so strong but she looks like she's permanently holding back tears.
Skull Rose.
Skull Rose.:
When Dr Nadia said how she would like to die,as a baby in your moms arms,that was it I cried & I cried like a baby.
I actually don't remember my mom hugging me. But it's a beautiful thought.
I think we should humanise death,talk about it. Maybe we could deal with it better then. And prepare for it.
I wish this was on for longer it's really intresting.
To anyone reading this have a beautiful & blessed day & takecare,xx
When my sister lost my niece at 2 weeks old, the doctors and nurses involved in planning her exit made a massive difference for our whole family. It did not go exactly as we planned, but having a plan helped us prepare and make sure that everyone who wanted to see her had the chance to do so. Everyone got a photo with our girl and these pictures are invaluable for our family. She ended up bringing our family together in a way that no one else ever could. These planners helped us give her the best life and most dignified death under horrible circumstances.

These people are actual angels on Earth. They didn’t just help our baby, they helped us by making sure we could hold her, be with her and helped us process our loss. It’s unbelievable how brave they were and the wonderful things they did for all of us. Angels. Everyone of them.
Laurel M
Laurel M:
She’s in Detroit, I’m so proud to have this angel in my city. Bless her and her work.
Sharalee Insley
Sharalee Insley:
Unbelievably profound. Dying is a part of each of our lives.
I loved this. Fantastic job, team. This needs to be more of our reality.
I could never do her job... I would be a sobbing mess every day. She is so strong. I so admire her because she is straight forward with the families but also so gentle and kind.
Antonia Bareva
Antonia Bareva:
The most underrated doctors out there. A field that needs so much more attention and a much better conection when acute situations come about.
aimee glatt
aimee glatt:
WHERE are the FATHERS???? Shameful these women having to do this all in their own!! A disgrace.
sylvia carmichael
sylvia carmichael:
I'm doing this for my elderly bedbound Downs brother, making his life as comfortable as possible, playing his favourite music, films and cartoons. Constantly talking to him as normal, trying to make him laugh, explaining things to him and never leaving his side when in hospital. I will be with him until the end as I was with our mother, we should all be allowed to take them home to pass away if we want where they can be held close and know they are loved and leave in peace.
Simply Toya
Simply Toya:
This makes me think about when my grandmother passed away. Before she died she kept saying all she wants is to see all her grandkids together. She was in a nursing home and has well over 40 grandchildren (I’m not even gonna try to count). The nursing home staff (my aunt and cousin worked there as well) called the family on Monday and told everyone we needed to come there. On Tuesday the whole floor was filled with her children and grandchildren. She passed away with all of us surrounding her bed and overflowing from her room. We were all able to talk and sit with her while she transitioned. It was a sad but beautiful moment and exactly what she wanted.
A Ham
A Ham:
god knows how many times i cried during this video
tama mel
tama mel:
When the first mother started crying... destroyed my heart.. the rest of the video i felt numb :(
I don't know. I've met a lot of doctors who are eager to send patients home so they don't have to deal with them. To make more room for other patients.
Corie McPhearson
Corie McPhearson:
She's the perfect example when i say, "there needs to be more ppl who CARE that are caregivers".
Fulasade Taylor
Fulasade Taylor:
This is so incredibly sad but is an incredibly necessary conversation to be had. This doctor's confidence, humility, honesty and empathy for her patients and their families is so admirable. I really hope she continues educating others and sharing her knowledge with fellow healthcare providers the way she's been doing. ❤ we definitely need more specialists like her in the field. 👏 wonderful and informative documentary
Saved by Christ
Saved by Christ:
The doctor is a good person but As a mother my heart BREAKS for these parents. The WORST thing a parent can go through is the loss of a child. You don't think about it unless it happens to you or you know some1 it happened to,but being the mother it does happen to 😪 I'm broken for those parents & the children.
Charlie Westerfield
Charlie Westerfield:
People like this make me think twice about reincarnation. I just can’t imagine a single lifetime being enough to build the strength to do this work. If I only had a few weeks I would want someone like her around.
l h
l h:
"Death IS a new life"
Don't be sad... Celebrate the new God died on the cross for us all and rises again. Life after life
I pray to Jesus to heal all the babies and children’s, this Dr is so brave and a blessing. To the Parent’s Received strength from God if any one needs prayer contact me. God bless you all
mistaken identity
mistaken identity:
This woman is like the ferrywoman for children. Every silver hair is a child she helped across.
My mom's close friend does this kind of care. She does palliative care for kids. She helped get her work place licensed for it, because of all things it didn't exist in her area. She was a pediatric ICU nurse for the longest time. She'd tell me when I was a kid all the things that the news and TV shows didn't cover. She'd tell me about the kids who weren't wearing bike helmets and didn't die, but what she'd have to do for them, what she'd have to teach their families to do. She saw the kids who wore the seatbelts and those that didn't. She saw it all, and she shared it with me. I was a very careful kid, but I think it helped me to see someone say this is why they tell kids to wear helmets and this is why you are supposed to wear seatbelts. And that maybe death wasn't the worst option.
"...Turn into a baby...and then die in my mom's arms" made me burst into tears. This doctor is amazing.
Melissa Castle
Melissa Castle:
I can’t imagine - I did a pain and palliative care rotation with adults. You are an advocate for the patient and want to make sure you are doing the best for them and that includes talking to the family. I cried after work for the families but I knew I was doing what was right for the patient. God bless these families and babies pray for peace and comfort
Aja Yasir
Aja Yasir:
I wish I could reach out to the mothers and give them a big hug, as I’ve gone through this twice. Their hearts will break every day for a long time.
This Dr. is an angel. And, that woman in the scrubs taking care of her baby is a hero. What a great mom. I wish her peace.
Christin Emanuelsson
Christin Emanuelsson:
I couldn’t even imagine losing my child, it’s making me cry just thinking about it
Christin Olsen
Christin Olsen:
That doctor is F up crazy cause those people are in God's hand's
Dr. Tremonti is absolutely amazing. She has such peace and compassion in her face. You can tell she genuinely cares for her patients.
Nicole B
Nicole B:
ashuna perrin
ashuna perrin:
The Doctor has such a sweet loving spirit...God Bless her for the work that you gifted her to do!!!
The people saying "That doctor is crazy, he can't take life away, only the lord can do that, how could the doctor even know-"
A little question, are you idiots? You can tell very often when something won't be alright with the child, even before birth
This is so beautiful. I am a pediatric oncology nurse of 15 years. My husband is a pediatric oncology nurse of 10 years. It was my honor to care for babies, children and teens when they left this physical place. It is a very special time. I loved all of my dear patients and their families. May they all find love and peace. ♥️♥️♥️
Sabrina Stratton
Sabrina Stratton:
I wish I had someone like this when my son was diagnosed with fatal defects in the womb. I had no one..having someone like this would've been extremely helpful
Rose Marie Santiago Sobre Alas de Águila
Rose Marie Santiago Sobre Alas de Águila:
Father, You are the Designer of our intricate bodies and the Word declares: "...with His stripes we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5). We believe and claim it! We speak to the body and command that all compromised systems be totally restored, we speak this over all those with different conditions, for Your honor and Jesus Mighty Name! Rose 🌷
Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox:
I’m not crying. You’re crying 😭
Absolutely heartbreaking.
Rain Bow
Rain Bow:
This was tough to watch. Rest in peace to all the beautiful babies shown in this documentary. Such sweet souls 💖
Queen Chloe !
Queen Chloe !:
I lost my son at 5months gestation he was born sleeping and took his 1st breath in heaven I hope the Angel's know what they have & that heaven is treating him wright🚛🚡⚾🏀⚽🏈🚜🚒📚🏁7/31/19 to 10/8/20
Blue Sturkey
Blue Sturkey:
I applaud the doctor for prioritizing honesty and quality of life over feelings. It always bothers me when doctors lie and downplay things to try and relieve stress from the family but it all comes back 10 fold when the patient dies after the family’s given a false sense of hope. It comes down to whether you prioritize quality of life over length of life. Wish I could hug the doctor. So much humanity.
Misz Yasmin
Misz Yasmin:
Oh man this is definitely the most depressing and sad job ever 😢😢😢😢 and seeing that mom cry with the scrubs and not being able to do anything for her baby 😢😢. Lord please heal all these babies Ameen ❤️🙌🏽
Sixxygrrl PDX
Sixxygrrl PDX:
Aside from the Drs who won't say the word Die, the ones who throw death around like water with zero compassion, clinical and cold, are almost worse
Wow.. she’s amazing.. I wouldve loved this doctor taking care for my babies when they past away.. it was the worst experience of my life, but having a doctor like this would’ve helped me deal with my pain a little easier..god bless her.. her empathy, compassion and heart makes her a great doctor!! Thank you!!!
Linda Casey
Linda Casey:
This is DEFINITELY a lady after my own heart. My own career centered around death and dying.
My mom’s first baby died at birth. She had an incomplete cranium. This was 40 years ago; my mom still sobs every time she talks about it or remembers her. It ate at her. She never got to see the baby because the doctor thought it was “better” for my mom. I wonder if the little thing died in my mom’s arms, would mom have moved on with life peacefully? Clearly she hasn’t properly dealt with that loss because no one wanted to talk about it then.
It still eats at her that she never got to see the baby. Why it was up to that doctor to decide this was the better option for mom and the baby, we’ll never know.
Zach Sano
Zach Sano:
We need this as a culture. We need more death acceptance, death planning. We need to understand and plan in order to heal. We need to make death as easy, and comfortable, and as good a thing to go through when it's time, as is possible to do. I applaud this doctor and anyone else doing this job, for doing what they can to make an incredibly difficult time more comfortable not just for the families, but for the babies.

"Most people don't want a medical death. We want a human death."