This is Why Every Team Wants Papu Gomez 2020/2021!

This is Why Every Team Wants Papu Gomez 2020/2021!

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GustavoFilms HD
GustavoFilms HD:
Mystery Man
Mystery Man:
Looks like if he had a career armt Barcelona he would have been seen as one of the greats in football
Eazy E N.W.A King
Eazy E N.W.A King:
People Decline After Aging
This guy is still lighting quick in his 30's
A Varma
A Varma:
i sometimes feel like argentina dont play their best xi
User 1115
User 1115:
welcome to Sevilla!
Flash Back
Flash Back:
he is a genius😍😍
Alvin Paul
Alvin Paul:
Reminds of santi cazorla! The strength holding the ball
Vinicius Sampaio Rodrigues
Vinicius Sampaio Rodrigues:
Parabéns pelo vídeo, Gustavo, bem demais!

Alguém sabe o nome da música? // Name of the song?
Drawing Franco
Drawing Franco:
he used panna skill in the best way
Samuel Football
Samuel Football:
Boa Mano 🔥
Tunahan ARİK
Tunahan ARİK:
Şu kısacık videosu bile gözümün pasını sildi bir de demekki gelse varya neler göreceğiz neler :)
Za Yn
Za Yn:
We want to see him in national squad
Jorge Sonora
Jorge Sonora:
Welcome to Manchester city! he fits perfect in guardiolas system and definitely they need someone like him
Najeeb Tarhuni
Najeeb Tarhuni:
I can't believe how this magic player not taken in argentinian national team...😐
jaggu xd
jaggu xd:
Papu to la liga.dangerrr🥵👀
Johnny Manc Spice
Johnny Manc Spice:
A beautiful bargain
Lil Leezi
Lil Leezi:
If juventus let inter still him ima b piss
The Cure
The Cure:
He'd be more like short chuck norris😂
Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton:
do people compare him to Insigne?
Murat Kuru
Murat Kuru:
Resmen adamın içinden geçiyor. Tekniği, şutları ve bitiriliciği çok iyi. Oyun stili aynı Valbueana ama Valbuena nın 1 tık üstü bir futbolcu.
Deniz Yanıköz
Deniz Yanıköz:
Welcome to Fenerbahçe 💛💙
Orhan Bozo
Orhan Bozo:
He plays the similar way I play
Using the brain
He style of play is similar of messi
Ali Tatlı
Ali Tatlı:
FB 🇹🇷
Joel Beltre Zarzuela
Joel Beltre Zarzuela:
He’s going to Milan, he starter following Milan Maldini and Conti on Instagram
dan 9999
dan 9999:
I honestly don't think he should go to inter. I dont rly see him fitting into contes system
I lost count of how many players he nutmegged
Who ?
Who ?:
Komm nach Berlin Bruder🔵⚪️
Celestia Family
Celestia Family:
Come to big team. He will on bench
Syafiq Suhaimi
Syafiq Suhaimi:
Would be a great addition to current Milan squad. Please come to Milan
Flash Back
Flash Back:
Welcome to INTER🖤💙😍
Hope he ends up at Sevilla or Milan if he actually leaves atalanta
Paul Karim
Paul Karim:
Ekrem Dalbudak
Ekrem Dalbudak:
Come to Fenerbahçe 💛💙
K M •
K M •:
suits barca, only if he was in his 20s tho
Thy will Against mine
Thy will Against mine:
Wish he was younger, a Barcelona fit
Rocknauten TV
Rocknauten TV:
He is so quick and fast
Gregory Øwűsu
Gregory Øwűsu:
Pls do a video on Di maria
M. Bison
M. Bison:
Guys football i.q is insane
Andrea Epis
Andrea Epis:
He must to stay in ATALANTA
O Z:
Probably overlooked because of the club he plays for but to me he is the best Argentine player now.Messi plays for one of the best clubs with the best players and does great things but Papa gomez plays great with who he has and makes the most out of it .Imagine if he played for Barcelona ,Mancity ,Real Madrid.or even Juventus.
Nobody wants him 😂
Randy W
Randy W:
Milan is going to have him and Calha at the cam position
M M:
Se c è la possibilità da prendere subito
@GustavoFilms HD
Titles like this are the main reason why I lost interest in watching highlights of players in last years.
First of all If everyone wanted Gomez and came up in the past with an offer of ~30 mil e for Atalanta he wouldn't still at 32 play for fucking Atalanta. Second he declared that he will leave this winter and with 1.5 years left on his contract Atalanta would be happy with an offer of 15 mil e and I still didn't saw anyone comming up with official offer yet. I do think that Gomez is a good player but the title you put next to his name is so wrong that it disrespects him.
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Rafael Leão Plays Football Like Fifa Street At Milan
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Lucas Hernandez is Good but... Theo Hernandez is UNSTOPPABLE!

Kid listen to me I know that you didn't invented this and you are just copy pasting what others from your generation do, but If you for a second use your brain and logic you would get that this is counter productive for what are you trying to accomplish with them.

Are you selling the shittiest newspapers with the most retarded clickbaits for people over 70 whose brain isn't as good as it was before or what?
Just fucking write Papu Gomez skills and goals and season from which you got your videos from and I fucking guarantee you will get more views and most importantly don't look retarded.
As much as I find this newer generation less inteligent then older ones I could bet my left nut that nobody on a planet earth is typing in a search box Jadon Sancho plays football like a fifa street when he want's to watch skills and goals of Jadon Sancho....
Onur Simsek
Onur Simsek:
oğlum bu valbuenadan da küçük
messi lionel
messi lionel:
I hope he comes to fenerbahçe lovely skills
Raymond reddington
Raymond reddington:
Go to Milan my guy, wuld fit perfect over there.
Alberto Giacometti
Alberto Giacometti:
He remains in Bergamo .
swap Papu <-> Dybala
Enzo btw
Enzo btw:
Welcome to inter
The right foot Messi
Ifeanyi Stephen Promise
Ifeanyi Stephen Promise:
Better than Erickson
Ibrahima Dramé
Ibrahima Dramé:
Welcome to Fenerbahçe 💙💛
sevi brnt
sevi brnt:
Sevilla fútbol club
Kevin William
Kevin William:
He look like lionel messi
Hüsnü can Aydın
Hüsnü can Aydın:
welcome to Trabzonspor
Honestly haven't heard of him, doubt EVERY club wants him
Aras Fırat
Aras Fırat:
Come to biggest team of the turkey Fenerbahçe 💛💙
Rayen guesmi
Rayen guesmi:
He is old 32 years
SK. Asfaq Tarongo
SK. Asfaq Tarongo:
Kinda barca midfielder
Israel Davi Neris Alves
Israel Davi Neris Alves:
Gostaria de vê-lo no Boca Juniors ao lado de Cardona,Campuzano e Capaldo formaria um meio-campo de respeito e também se fosse o Boca Juniors traria Miguel Borja do Palmeiras que fez boa temporada emprestado ao Junior de Barranquilla!!
fifa fc
fifa fc:
Welcome to Milan 🔥🔥🔥
Ali Tatlı
Ali Tatlı:
Who is the better ? Özil ? Papu
natureboy inyourface
natureboy inyourface:
Whoever signs Papu wins Serie A come May, I guarantee it.
Matt S.
Matt S.:
bel filmato ma musica truzzissima :(
Papu Gomez
Jamal Udin
Jamal Udin:
The next Iniesta