This Is Why Juventus Want To Pay €80m To Sign Arthur Melo | Barcelona (HD)

Arthur Melo - Barcelona - 2019/2020 ➠ World Of Football
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100+ comentarios:

ARTHUR! Juventus have reportedly agreed a £72.5(€80m) million deal with Barcelona for Brazilian midfielder Arthur. Enjoy watching his review! - WOF
Roni Hardian Putra
Roni Hardian Putra:
He will be so grateful. He will be experiencing to play with both extrardinary players in his career, Cristiano and Messi.
We need a technical midfielder good on keeping the ball even under pressing like and dribbling even in tight spaces just like him, should fit perfect in the playstyle of Sarri or any coach that want ball possession like him. And about Pjanic... we already have a good replace for that role of playmaker, this season Bentancur has grown very much and he's playing better than him every match, and he's young 23 yo like Arthur so... I hope this transfers will succeed, anyway about the economics everyone will gain by this, Juve and Barca the same.
Ariel Martinez
Ariel Martinez:
Barcelona are idiots if they let him go
Sahz Singh
Sahz Singh:
Juventus get a great player!
Antoni Sidjabat
Antoni Sidjabat:
Another stupid deal by barca. They havent learn from etoo-ibra swap
Taylor Kim
Taylor Kim:
It will only take 3-4 year before our glorious FC Barcelona turns to AC Milan
Andrea Naletto
Andrea Naletto:
Arthur + Douglas Costa duo = outrageous amount of talent and class. They'll blow the Juve fans away
Alex Sports
Alex Sports:
Not kante, pogba-level but certainly better than pjanic and still better than nothing for juve at midfield (as a fan).
If we're honest, they're paying much less than 80, the high numbers are just a trick for FFP, and both Barca and Juventus are in on it, because neither is Arthur worth 80, nor Pjanic 70.
mohamed Mohamed
mohamed Mohamed:
Quien venda al jugador Arthur debe ser asesinado
Dear lord as a Barca fan I hope this deal doesn't materialize. Besides Arthur all of our fricking midfield is over 30 year old!!!

What is wrong with this board!!!???
mohamed Mohamed
mohamed Mohamed:
No podías vender a Vidal y Rakitic sin tener nada que ver con la filosofía de Barcelona, ​​así que vendiste a Arthur, maldita sea
englewood price
englewood price:
In Sarri System he will fit much better. the speed at which he plays will benefit juve midfield. right now with pjanic he holds unto the ball too long. and for me his workrate in midfield is poor. Arthur would definitely help juve.
As a madrid fan, I hope this deal goes through..he is some player
Mateus Dos Anjos
Mateus Dos Anjos:
E os caras ainda querem falar que o Arthur só toca pro lado... Genialidade joga de terno
Tk Kappo
Tk Kappo:
It’s a win for juventus smh and lautaro will be a flop 🤦🏿‍♂️ I will never rep Barca afain
Ranjeet Dutta
Ranjeet Dutta:
Barça's board is just a group of ileterate golf fans
forza juve, this guy looks like a special player. Hes only 23 from brazil just entering the prime of his career.
This is a robbery 😂😂
Algerian flag ♥ 1:36
Pritish Appadoo
Pritish Appadoo:
Most of all, Juventus fans can't wait to get rid of lazy, uninspired Pjanic 🤣🤣 so welcome Arthur!
Leonardo Martins
Leonardo Martins:
Só vai funcionar em time bem armado. Senão vai ficar nessa inconstância (lances bons em um jogo, outros apagado) Xavi e Iniesta tiveram auge com guardiola. O setien não tem capacidade
Lasse WL
Lasse WL:
Look how frustrated opposition players react when they fail to take the ball without the ref blowing for foul ;D
Shama1n visions
Shama1n visions:
I can see him feeding Cuadrado, Dybala and Ronaldo 💪😎
Is Milik coming to Juventus next? Who is the next “big name” that is going to team up with Dybala and Ronaldo??
Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser:
Next time please change the background music..
the real mohamed
the real mohamed:
Bentancur Arthur castrovilli the future is bright
Lejano Interior
Lejano Interior:
Bartomeu es una desgracia
Yoni Caragay
Yoni Caragay:
main reason: financial statement
kadar maricar
kadar maricar:
Hi bro
You doing very well in analysing player characteristics and video editing...
I want to talk you bro
Pls give you mail id..
He needs to toughen up a bit for Italy.
Taofeek Yekini
Taofeek Yekini:
I like this guy for his excellent ball-passing ability
Exchange that is good only for Juve: I see a player who knows how to play vertically ... the last vertical pass of Pijanic is in 2017.
he will be as useless as pjanic if juve's tactic still backpass, backpass and backpass
Jassey Moura
Jassey Moura:
R I p barcelona ? Arthur melo is the best midfielder
Welcome to JUVE⚪⚫
Ikaro Sampaio
Ikaro Sampaio:
10 minutes of highlights and i haven't seen a shot to the goal or an assistance that resulted in goal. They don't make midfielders like before.
They want to pay 80 million to sign Arthur only to get 70 million for Pjanic
Cyber Wolf
Cyber Wolf:
Barcelona has been torturing Arthur till now. He wants immediate exit also. So it will be good for him to come to juve as soon as possible as well as for juventus that they have signed a good midefielder
It looks like he's similar to Thiago Alcantara, am I right?
Kuixi Zhu
Kuixi Zhu:
Forza Juve!
Wtf?? Why
Bhanu Pratap Singh
Bhanu Pratap Singh:
Juve get good midfilder
Good signing
Exalt Chrom
Exalt Chrom:
We want to pay 80 mil so we can get 70 mil for Pjanic
Shaarav Dhingra
Shaarav Dhingra:
All Thanks to Dani Alves for convincing arthur the playmaker i am excited to see him play in juve
Fırat Akdeniz
Fırat Akdeniz:
Pjanic 100M Euro eder.
Isnt he a box to box player, barca dont play with an AM, and busquets is the DM. Not worth 80mil just yet but will certainly justify that price in the future
Juventus wont pay 80 milly.they ll pay with pjanic😂
Qamber Akhtar
Qamber Akhtar:
caption was should be thats why barca sold ARTHUR 💰💸
Syukron Dzulfikar
Syukron Dzulfikar:
juve bussines.. like pogba, juve will be sell him >120M
flipart leo
flipart leo:
they wont pay 80 mil. they ll pay only 10 milion for melo, also ll cut out an old ass with high wage
i dont like him
Trainer Zard.
Trainer Zard.:
He is really poor currently. Hopefully he changes that next season
Emanuele Ballerino
Emanuele Ballerino:
Buon giocatore ma non è un top player
zlurpa atomy
zlurpa atomy:
Good deal for both teams
Somerled, Islay
Somerled, Islay:
over the moon about getting him away ,griezman next hopefully , more importantly who the F*CK is signing these people as well as appointing these coaches ,have madrid got a mole in the club ,OH PLEASE BRING BACK LAPORTE
Irish R9
Irish R9:
Your quick
Peter Lee
Peter Lee:
I wonder can Sarri lead him well
진짜 이적하는거 맞냐
Ironic Ava
Ironic Ava:
#Bartemou Out
Pjanic had his best days with Roma
William Fischer
William Fischer:
Grazie Barcellona.
Lorenzo Scarafia
Lorenzo Scarafia:
Forza Juventus fino alla fine
Raden Bimo
Raden Bimo:
Bentacur - Arthur - ???
Juventus shall suffer this season and next for selling sturaro and destroying his future..Lyon will shall beat juve
Tannoy Hw Altec Voigt
Tannoy Hw Altec Voigt:
Benvenuto in Serie A. Avrà un po' di difficoltà all'inizio il campionato italiano è più tattico della Liga, ma farà bene secondo me.
Lorenzo Scarafia
Lorenzo Scarafia:
Xavi Hernandez is Xavi Hernandez while Arthur Melo is Arthur Melo they are two different players and individuals and I love to say that Arthur Melo is a rising star!!!!
Edd Stark
Edd Stark:
Is this guy any good actually?
Juventus wants desperately to pay 80m.... but only if this price includes 70m worth Pjanic....that is a bit difference. They are paying 10m and getting 8 years younger player.
Mohiadin Sheekh Hassan
Mohiadin Sheekh Hassan:
I Can't Believe That Barcelona Sold Him, Because he's new Xavi, if we are Barcelona Fans We Reccomend To Not Boards to Not Sold, Arthur Melo is Talented Young.
Visca El Barcelona Viscal Catalunya
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly:
Actually can’t believe they sold Melo.
Pedro lucas Debate
Pedro lucas Debate:
overestimated the boy since speculating in Barcelona, ​​the Catalan and Brazilian press and media claiming he was the perfect replacement for Iniesta, you don't know how that makes a player feel it uncomfortable, other than the fact that Arthur always played as a defensive midfielder ,
Arthur he never played as attacking midfielder in Grêmio, not even national team and today he neither do I play like a Attacking midfielder (like Xavi and Iniesta played) Arthur is a midfielder defensive excellent and his main characteristics are to come out very well, distribute very well and defend very well.
oscar garcia
oscar garcia:
As a juventini, I'm not really impressed by him but to see the cries from the barça fans, really wants me to be true.
Johnny Rep
Johnny Rep:
Arthur,please come to Besiktas
Petra La cachona
Petra La cachona:
Rakitic was being a weeny. He should of been sold.
Soliman ekh
Soliman ekh:
I'm not surprised ,
because always Barcelona administration sells the good players.
Alán Vázquez
Alán Vázquez:
Pjanic is the best! 😌
Kang Weli
Kang Weli:
Lionel messi lebih baik bergabung dengan cristiano ronaldo di juventus
Izzuan Shah
Izzuan Shah:
You sell arthur but dont sell pedri rodriguez
ゃイんい 15
ゃイんい 15:
Now someone get De Bruyne and Pogba to Juventus then no one can face Juve...
Best strikers we have
Amazing defense too if we get Alaba(he might actually join)
Christos Chatzaras
Christos Chatzaras:
Non vorrei mai in squadra un giocatore che non avena dal inizio l`
intensita di venire alla squadra, , cioe Arthur melo.. Davero preferirei
un altro giocatore.. Chris il Capo. Tanti saluti dalla Grecia.. FINO
Annie Anna
Annie Anna:
it s a big loss for barca
Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary
Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary:
Players are way overpriced these days I swear back in the day you could probably pick someone like him for 20mil tops.
This guy is the closest replacement for Iniesta and they traded it for a 30 y.o. who's peaked lol
Yudha Wijaya
Yudha Wijaya:
Looks similiar with Pavel Nedved isn't...
Latifa Charaf
Latifa Charaf:
Pay only 10 hhhhh
N1Ch0 L4S
N1Ch0 L4S:
Non sta in piedi
David Begazo
David Begazo:
im a barcelona fan and we got scammed so bad. arthur should've stayed and pjanic is such a downgrade, considering his age. juve got the best. tbh i hope arthur succeeds at juve. barca deserve it.
Wily kath
Wily kath:
Seems like he can play counter football for ronaldo n control the overall game
Alvin Kay
Alvin Kay:
Someone please tell me it’s not true that Barcelona exchanged him for pjanic. What for!?
Is all to buy lautaro Martinez, well they give them Pianic to, no idea what’s going on this rich clubs make the most weird choices, and clubs like Atalanta playing like Barcelona in the time of Guardiola, without superstars, playing better then Juventus and beautiful Barcelona is not consistent like in the past, hahaha will be funny Atalanta win the champions league without big names hahaha, I’m just amazing $ 80 million really a big mystery.
Jawo Lamin
Jawo Lamin:
2 years later Barcelona will pay 150 million to get him back stupid decision from the board selling him to Juventus.
Mebansharai Khongwir
Mebansharai Khongwir:
2019- Arthur Melo and Brazil outclass Messi Argentina in Copa America and made Messi sad

2020- Arthur has to leave Barcelona 🤔 I smell something fishy and corrupt here
WhiteWalker 5B
WhiteWalker 5B:
Juve should replace costa .. he has talent but wastes too much of it .. And they need to get better midfield ..arthur will be good . but they need someone like pogba again to be dominating UCL
Rudi Hermawan
Rudi Hermawan:
He is worth it.
akash shinde
akash shinde:
Youngsters like dembele and griezman disappointed barca, so they trying different now
Devilsangel 69
Devilsangel 69:
Bro add strength aggression and physical ratings as well they are important too
Nick Mehta
Nick Mehta:
Barca board is horrendous
This is invesment. Looks promising. If this player can 'click' with Bentancur, and juve can get better player at right fullback. Maybe.. we can watch Juve first ’total football' squad in history.. PROPERLY.