This is Why Real Madrid Signed David Alaba! 2021

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24 comentarios:

Hozifa Abdelmoneim
Hozifa Abdelmoneim:
Alaba is very experience player on top level of football and still 29yrs old !!!!, versatile , speed , skillful and amazing crosser , powerful and accurate left foot.
I think that a steal once again from bayern despite the high salary offered.
With ramos staying and marcelo (unfortunately) out then real defense will be in good hands.
zx Yummieexz
zx Yummieexz:
he play in every defensive position
Try to do one of Salah there arent too much videos about him and most of them are quite olders
Austrianfighter 300
Austrianfighter 300:
2:01 what a pass !!!!
Alaba and Varane in Fifa 22 😭
Eduardo Gregori
Eduardo Gregori:
Ramos will leave (United?) and Varane wants out (PSG?). If I have to bet, I'd say the new CB couple for Los blancos will be Alaba and Kounde.
You should make one on Dias, and you should have already, had you watched him.
Apple Tree Canterbury
Apple Tree Canterbury:
they have not signed him. may sign him .
diablo jim
diablo jim:
so tottenham can keep Reguilon right?
Puh with the signing money and taxes they pay Alaba around 25 million Euros a year in the next 4 years. Kinda insane in the current climate. But well I guess in the end the Spanish tax payer would always bail Real out in the end if they get into too much financial trouble.
Frank Thaigo
Frank Thaigo:
Luke Gee
Luke Gee:
Hala Madrid!
Asi si Florentino
Game Fair
Game Fair:
Ramos Stay
Patrick Niranjan Music
Patrick Niranjan Music:
When Will Alaba join Madrid when wil Real Madrid confirm ffs give a real answer i dont know is not the answer 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🗡️
Luis Nuñez
Luis Nuñez:
Ya tenemos a un mamado
Lucas digne plz 🙏
Zlatan Ibrahimović
Zlatan Ibrahimović:
Hey i am austrian too
My hot is white and red❤️🤍
Boubacar Samad
Boubacar Samad:
Benoit badiashile
Tenzin Dorjee
Tenzin Dorjee:
@AJcompsHD when will you upload the This is Why The COVID-19 Pandemic Ended?
V B:
Tschau alaba. Geld verführte dich um eine richtige Legende zu werden
Patrick Niranjan
Patrick Niranjan:
Forget it barca will sign him Madrid wont pay him byebye alaba 🙋‍♂️
Ron D
Ron D:
Real Madrid has gone to buy another 28 yr old who is well past his prime. HAZARD should have been a lesson.
Welcome to Barcelona