Thomas Doherty Says Dove Cameron Is THE ONE (Exclusive)

ET's Katie Krause sat down with Thomas Doherty to chat about his new movie, 'High Strung Free Dance,' out Oct. 11.

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she’s a really good interviewer, not too invasive and has a good comfortable energy with thomas I love it
Malooty 2
Malooty 2:
He’s like a mix of Harry Styles and Jonah from “why don’t we.”
*I ain’t get to see Ben and Mal’s wedding can I at least see Dove’s and Thomas’s wedding?!*
Kayla Bostic
Kayla Bostic:
I really love his Scottish accent, I could hear him talk all day
Sadie Meltzer
Sadie Meltzer:
If him and Dove get married my life will be completely perfect lol
Emy Y
Emy Y:
you can tell he loves Dove so much and only has eyes for her. it's such a beautiful thing to witness
Bratty Roman
Bratty Roman:
They’re both so likable, if you dislike them look inside yourself, cause they’re both lovely, can’t wait to see those pretty babies in the future.
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose:
I love Dove & Tomas together, you can just tell how much they love each other because anytime they talk about each other they just light up and start smiling ear to ear. ❤️✨ Love, Love, Love them ! Both of them are two talented individuals and I would love to meet Dove someday she's awesome, I don't see how anyone could be mean to her.
A Aguilar
A Aguilar:
Marry her like now.
The only couple I would actually feel genuine heartbreak for if they split. They seem so absolutely perfect for each other and Thomas is the biggest sweetheart on earth. I really hope they last to the bitter end
lili lili
lili lili:
oh god he is too precious he's like a little kid
Crishanys gonzalezzz
Crishanys gonzalezzz:
When he talked about dove my heart melted 🥺😍
Yvette Gonzalez
Yvette Gonzalez:
Thomas And dove are definitely my #relationshipgoals and my favorite couple in the biz.
Sabrina Lik
Sabrina Lik:
I love how Thomas and Dove is Soo trusting within each other.. and understand.. that it their job.. and when Thomas started smiling.. it Soo cute...
Andrea Mendes
Andrea Mendes:
I'm devastated after discover about their broke up. I need this couple!
joey ryan gundok
joey ryan gundok:
he talks more nervously than at the descendants movie
Tyler Feildway
Tyler Feildway:
They first mention Dove at 3:47
Then resume the Dove conversation at 6:37
7:40 is where he starts gushing about her😍
Maya Symonds
Maya Symonds:
He kinda gives me Harry style vibes
If they’re in wicked together I might die
Konstancja Gaj
Konstancja Gaj:
Its adorable how Thomas describes Dove. You can see that he loves her truly!
Tory Jasper
Tory Jasper:
Who else was smiling like an idiot all through this video?
Sydney Arce
Sydney Arce:
If Thomas and dove don’t end up together I will have a emotional break down
Amy L
Amy L:
Oh my gosh! He is so multifaceted in so many ways. As in, he and dove are meant to be together. His laid backness, his sense of humor, his humility, his kindness. Like how him and dove talk about the characteristics they like when referring to the other is so beautiful. That’s what real love looks like. They are a perfect fit. I feel like if I ever met them in person, I could have a real conversation with them and go away inspired. Wow! Such grace and poise in both of them.
Dana O.
Dana O.:
7:40 is what you came for
humairaaa x
humairaaa x:
He sounded so sad when he was talking abt how he sees ppl being mean to Dove in social!😣 my heart! 🧸
His voice is so calming ö ö ö
Darken Wolfie
Darken Wolfie:
The fact him and Dove just recently broke up is just sad 😥
I JUST watched the movie, I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed it. Zander was my favorite definitely but he was kind of a dick- I get that he was mostly paying attention to the musical and didn't have time for much else, but he DID dump the best dancer and I assume thought about getting with Kayla. Also, Legacies. Why did Sebastian have to die? It pissed me off.
Negasi Niguse Gebremichael
Negasi Niguse Gebremichael:
When she said "your smiling so much!" I laughed so hard but I love dovey and Thomas they are such a cute couple
Luz Galan
Luz Galan:
You can tell this man is in *LOVE* 🥺
Honestly, if i see Thomas and Dove get married, i'll have nothing else to live for. THEY'RE SOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER, IT'S PERFECT.
Natalia Hernandez
Natalia Hernandez:
I was really looking forward for someone to interview him, he is so cute, so lovely, and when they used to interview him for Descendants it wasn't the same as this kind of interviews where he can talk about what he wants and the interview is focused on him.
They are definitely soulmates. They are so perfect for each other
He's so quiet, charming, handsome, I love his smile...Dove is really lucky, and Thomas and her are soooo cute ! Long live their couple !
Cara Zahrobsky
Cara Zahrobsky:
This is calling me single in 50 different languages but im so happy for her
Can't wait to see him in Legacies!!
Mate Kishazi
Mate Kishazi:
not me watching this after their breakup and crying 🥲
He's super precioussss😭😭Dove needs to marry him he's a keeper
She's asking about Dove handling him filming kissing scenes...
Obviously she doesn't know he had to watch her kiss and be romantic with 'Ben' in Descendants 3.

I absolutely love those two. Can't wait till Dove is Mrs. Doherty.💘
i am so happy to see people really loving each other it gives me hope that real love exists
Joyce Krishna
Joyce Krishna:
Did anyone notice that Thomas is wearing a RING on his ring finger😱😱😱

Thank you guys so much for the likes😘😘😘
Angie Barrios
Angie Barrios:
i could listen to his voice for hours 💆‍♀️😂✋
maria Armenta angarita
maria Armenta angarita:
Well Thomas Doherty For me is So Cute in Descandants But I also Love Him in Legacies👨🏻😍🖤
I watched this when it first came out and I knew watching it when they broke up would be uncomfortable.....
S bjbjk
S bjbjk:
this is the chillest interview i’ve ever watched
Tory Jasper
Tory Jasper:
I applaud this interviewer! So chill and respectful.
Caroline Guzman
Caroline Guzman:
Tommy is sooooo down-to-earth, so compassionate and sooooo romantic <3 no wonder why Dove fell in love w him
Ann Ride
Ann Ride:
No one:
Thomas: "Yeh!"
Orange Dragon5
Orange Dragon5:
Who’s here after they broke up😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😆😆💔😢
June J
June J:
him and dove are so authentic and insightful in their interviews
Micah and Pippa Downs
Micah and Pippa Downs:
I love how he's trying to hide his smile so cute my King
He's scottish, he adores her, he's handsome & the list continues. Go Dove!
Alexandria Denson
Alexandria Denson:
Can I get me a Thomas?? He’s so gorgeous and that accent 😍😍😍 Scottish accents are literally the best!!
they are an amazing couple! and i love hos accent could listen to him forever
Reni AS
Reni AS:
He is pure art, I am so in love with Dove and Thomas and their love... I'm happy 😍🖤💜
Derek Roach
Derek Roach:
"I love this new movie.. that's not out yet"
Wickedways Mal
Wickedways Mal:
Domas forever dove and Thomas are the adorable cutest couple ever! I love them so much ☺️💜💜💜
Who’s here after Thomas and Dove broke up :(
Lucy T
Lucy T:
Looking for someone who talks about me the way Thomas talks about Dove! 😍😍😍
Omfg he’s growing his hair out
Btw him and dove are goals ahhh
Emily Murray
Emily Murray:
I love Thomas and Dove they r so cute x
His face looks like a male Cameron Diaz.
Girl Code Angel
Girl Code Angel:
I can't wait to see him in Legacies playing a really stuck in old times guy
both him and dove are such beautiful people, imagine how gorgeous their children would be
Vicky Hyde
Vicky Hyde:
He is sooooooo cute. Like not just in terms of looks but also personality. Particularly the way that he talks about Dove is just the cutest, most adorable thing I have ever seen. He gushes so much.🥰🥰🥰🥰
Punky ReggaeParty
Punky ReggaeParty:
He's such a beautiful boy. Happy he and Dove found one another. Wishing them so much happiness.
Giselle Griffin
Giselle Griffin:
He seems more in control and in the zone when he is acting then in real life it's AMAZING!!!!
Jordan Salmora
Jordan Salmora:
drinking game: whenever he says" uh yeee"...
Chelsea L
Chelsea L:
i love how he got giggly and 'shy' in the beginning
Ayee Neen
Ayee Neen:
He really is a gorgeous man. Together him and Dove make one absolutely stunning couple. I love how in love with each other they are ♥️

Not sure if it’s his British background, but watching this interview he seems so ... adorably awkward and reserved. But he genuinely does seem like a sweetheart 🥰
Georgia Harris
Georgia Harris:
He seems like such a sweet person
K C:
They’re relationship is PURE 🖤
Lissa Unique
Lissa Unique:
I love his laugh 🥰😩🤣
Nora Rambling
Nora Rambling:
He is so ridiculously handsome and thoughtful I can't watch him speak in that accent without finding myself start to smile
jazzmin parker
jazzmin parker:
I would love it if he was on outlander!!!
Yara A.
Yara A.:
He’s the cutest lil bean. His accent omgggg it’s so hot
demi Muilenburg
demi Muilenburg:
I can’t wait to see him in Legacies!
the REAL Peppa pig
the REAL Peppa pig:
Everyone else says ummm
Thomas says emmm
I love his Scottish accent 😂❤️
Lily Foster
Lily Foster:
Watching this video, made me smile. I can’t help it but laugh and smile.
Madison Phillips
Madison Phillips:
Was anyone just here for Thomas' amazing accent
Has no one ever seen the other High Strung movie that came out a couple years ago? It wasn’t a great movie but it was good enough. I wonder if this is supposed to be like a reboot or retelling of the same story
055_A_Labina Hossain
055_A_Labina Hossain:
I love his voice so much. Dove found the THE ONE.
Emma Sinning
Emma Sinning:
Anything can happen in a relationship but I believe that Dove and Thomas belong together.
A Fl
A Fl:
Here after the breakup and I can’t handle this pain 💔🥺 — I don’t believe in love anymore 💔💔💔💔💔
His face can make you smile...cry...laugh...angry...and.....
I just can't thing what place should I choose to see him to work with him 😌
I promise...memories me ✌🏻
🖤Hannah Atkins Bryan Stefani 💜
🖤Hannah Atkins Bryan Stefani 💜:
I love what Thomas Doherty has to say about his girlfriend, Dove Cameron and I'm like him because I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for few days now!!!!:):):):(:(:(
Science Gal
Science Gal:
God I love Thomas’ accent (and him)
Joshua Grigg
Joshua Grigg:
So there’s a new Star Wars trilogy in development it would be really cool to see this guy play a character in the new trilogy. I kind of imagine him like a Han Solo smuggler character.
this is so heartbreaking to watch. they broke up
Aarushi Gupta
Aarushi Gupta:
tommy goff
tommy goff:
I met him. Hes so awesome
Maria Cancela
Maria Cancela:
keeping up with Thomas? I will watch it, for sure
Rose 🥀❤️
Rose 🥀❤️:
am i the only one who is deeply in love with this man
Erica O
Erica O:
Yo no se, pero si ya me gustaba Thomas, ahora me encanta ❤️
Madison S.
Madison S.:
I seriously can’t believe they broke up ....
Julia K
Julia K:
this interview is just wholesome
imagine being _so_ publicly in love, that your interview title revolves around the fact that you’re so in love with them,,,, and then y’all just break up—
fizzpop !!!!!!!!!!!!!
fizzpop !!!!!!!!!!!!!:
Looking forward to see him in gossip girl reboot
Noa Arianna
Noa Arianna:
The way he talks and laughs is just ughhhh😍😍😭😭