Thomas Doherty's Scottish Slang School is Now in Session - RAW

Thomas Doherty, who plays Harry Hook in Disney's Descendants 2, teaches us some Scottish slang in RAW's Slang School.

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100+ comentarios:

Anika Loftsgard
Anika Loftsgard:
His accent is so hot, but he's hot in general so...
alvida dollars
alvida dollars:
This ain't simply slang, this is a whole different language
Demi mccallum
Demi mccallum:
I'm Scottish and these words are just normal to me but everyone doesn't understand what they mean lol
Lilly Lou
Lilly Lou:
ahhhhh his smile, he eyes, his voice
Natasha Boyd
Natasha Boyd:
As a scot, i've never realised how much slang we use omg
smol muffin
smol muffin:
His accent is going to be the death of me!
☺UPDATE: Thanks for all the likes! Hope Thomas sees this comment lol would be great!!! 💕
Nuya Buisness
Nuya Buisness:
I just want him to read a book to me😂😂
Katelyn Cueva
Katelyn Cueva:
Petition for a live action Brave except this time Merida is a prince and is played by Thomas.
Neiala Maharaj
Neiala Maharaj:
Someone scottish needs to marry me
Peachi Meachi
Peachi Meachi:
Some of these phrases sound like a foreign language 😭😂😂
Ally B
Ally B:
How is this human so beautiful like what????????

He's the only reason I even watch Descendants 2
Delia Enriquez
Delia Enriquez:
Thomas's Scottish accent is going to be the death of me. <3
You can tell he’s from Edinburgh. That soft spoken Scottish accent
Now I can use Scottish slang is the Harry Hook fan fiction im definitely not writing....
Bella Zammit
Bella Zammit:
I want to be home schooled now, and I want him to be my teacher. He can teach me one of his tricks inside the house
I've removed all other boys from my mind and the spotlight is on this one. Officially the most adorable human being to ever grace this earth
Artistic Heart
Artistic Heart:
I bet you say "You're a bonnie lass" all the time to Dove.

Edit: holy crap this actually got 100+ likes! That's amazing, thank you!

Edit: Where are all of theses likes coming from
Riley Brandhorst
Riley Brandhorst:
i could literally watch this all day 😍
lainey ♡
lainey ♡:
The smile at the end!😍
Büşra Anl
Büşra Anl:
I'm loving it when he says : welcome to Thomas Doherty's scottish Slang School ... I love the Scottish accent
Caden Baum
Caden Baum:
All it takes is one accent to impress girls

You thought I was going to say all it takes is one swing and I'll humiliate him!!! Didn't you? 😂
He looks like he could be Richard Madden’s son!! We love Scottish legends!
I don't know what I like more...his face or his accent😍
yes, talk Scottish to me
anita buchan
anita buchan:
I’m Scottish and I love hearing him speak cause I understand it all😂
Emily Ehrlich
Emily Ehrlich:
Now I want him to teach me how to speak like a Scottish person 👀🤭😂❤️
rianne s
rianne s:
Scottish slang is now my favourite slang
Victoria Person
Victoria Person:
I'm gonna start saying yer gettin' skelped at school only cuz I can get away with it 🙃😂😂
This man must be the definition of attractive
Amy Hagan
Amy Hagan:
Was in the same English class at high school with Thomas! Nice to see he’s done well for himself !!
Mijah Vernon
Mijah Vernon:
Ada Syed
Ada Syed:
My god Thomas is so adorable
Kristin Weiland
Kristin Weiland:
I may actually start the show for him. His voice is amazing. And so is his singing
I've never been more proud to be Scottish
Alexandra Black
Alexandra Black:
I love him. he makes me proud of my Scottish heritage
African Lash Girl
African Lash Girl:
Oh my goodness he’s adorable, also, the slang is amaze balls 😂
Laura Grimmer
Laura Grimmer:
Finally something that actually represents how Scottish people speak!
Courtney Buchanan
Courtney Buchanan:
YASSS! I’m Scottish and this is amazing. This slang is all over my school😂😂I just thought this was normal slang😂finally something on YouTube I get😂. Love this video sooo much. I showed this to my English friend and I was trying to explain them before him (weird I know) and I say ‘aye right’ so much that I couldn’t actually explain it. Just thought it was part of English every English person said. Evidently not😂😂xx
Taylor Talbott-Clark
Taylor Talbott-Clark:
I am smiling like a crazy person and literally crying...the power this man holds istg. I can listen to him talk all day! Damn dove is lucky
Playground boy
Playground boy:
he's such a gentleman, when he speaks ,when he acts,everything in him is very classy and romance😇
Trevor Pierce
Trevor Pierce:
I swear, his accent is......damn
I want one, where do i get a guy like this 😂
Claire Teague
Claire Teague:
That was awesome. I am practicing accents and I have french, Transylvanian, British mostly, and I have a bit Australian. But I'm an American and only my sister can be angry in her Scottish accent. Though I'm the only thespian in the house. And nobody takes me seriously about my talent for singing and writing
Viviana Mollica
Viviana Mollica:
We need a Part II :)
When ur Scottish and already know what these mean but you wanna hear Thomas speak pure Scottish 😂
You've done us all proud there! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. Well done ❤
His Scottish accent is really strong. Honestly! As someone who's lived in Scotland for more that 4 years, his is the strongest
Carynton H
Carynton H:
I just want him to use his actual accent in a project one of these days
Ariana Kedavra
Ariana Kedavra:
when he said "go and boil your head, get lost" I can't get over it and when he yelled " tops off" too 😂😂👏🏽
being scottish my self makes me love this video even more
XxMaddie GirlxX
XxMaddie GirlxX:
Thomas's adorableness is gonna be the death of me! OMG like just his heartwarming smile his cute accent and just his beautiful looks <3 I just cannot handle it! XD I love him so damn much! He's defo given me more confidence to sing around people as his songs in movies I always find myself singing to them same as China even without realising it but others did and now I've gone from not singing at all to singing more confidently around friends at least.. Thanks to both Thomas and China <3 I love them so much xxxxx
jordyn watson
jordyn watson:
My cousin is Scottish so i Know all of this 😂
KateG R
KateG R:
Thomas is a beautiful human being! And the accent is a bonus! Dove is sooo lucky!!! Such a cute couple...
Natasha Geddes
Natasha Geddes:
Love Scottish accents. I never notice mine or others until they r with other people. Love Thomas such a nice genuine guy in real life xxx
Aliya Anisa
Aliya Anisa:
Awww he makes me smile when he smiles x
Love how I'm Scottish and I've never used half of these😂😂😂
For my own Amusement
For my own Amusement:
This boy is too cute!!! I love his voice it's so smooth and he's just the cutest thing!
I actually understood some, while others I've never heard of before. :) Fun lesson.
Izzy Cardwell Moore
Izzy Cardwell Moore:
See, I'm Scottish and trust me I know that most Scottish accents can be quite full on and ruff, but, once in a while you'll find- normally a young lad in his 20s of something- that has that really hot, soft yet still quite strong Scottish accent. Those are my favourites 😋
As a Scottish person I understood this perfectly
ok just fell in love with him. Like I liked him a lot and i love him and dove. But officially love him.
im baby
im baby:
I’m so mad that I discovered that he was Scottish just today when I was watching and interview of him with Booboo Stewart and man I was head over heels with his accent
Toni McHugh
Toni McHugh:
I’m was born in NZ but both my parents are for Scotland and still have very strong accents so I knew most of these 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
I'm Scottish and I loved that cause I use all of that all the time 😂😂😂
Alissa Vicente
Alissa Vicente:
So now I'm questioning if people in Scotland speak English because that sounded really weird to me....but at the same time I really want a Scottish accent 😂
Agnieszka.K .C
Agnieszka.K .C:
I watched this so many times that i know every word he said before he said it. His accent is just....😍😍😍😍
olivia long
olivia long:
can't get enough of this guy
Louise Lindsay
Louise Lindsay:
i'm scottish and i don't know why but i always laugh at "no ah umnae" this is so relatable 😂
Tia Masters
Tia Masters:
I am half Scottish so I understood all these words. And when I speak to my friends some of them are just like what did you say
I love his accent!!
Jersey Moses
Jersey Moses:
I am absolutely in love with his accent
His accent is amazing and so is he.
Kendrick Onyedum
Kendrick Onyedum:
He’s so freakin cute and his eyes and smile are like magic and sunshine 🌞.!!🤗🤗🤗
Je moeder
Je moeder:
Hahaha, its so funny😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 in a huge fan of you Thomas
Cierra Quarles
Cierra Quarles:
OMFG HIS ACCENT I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ IT
Niamh Is A Human
Niamh Is A Human:
*sees Thomas*
Thomas: *takes top off*
*low-key dying slowly*
The Extrovert Outcast
The Extrovert Outcast:
Everything about this guy gives me major butterflies in the stomach, but I can't say there is a cuter relationship then him and Dove.
I love how he says your very drunk in a monotone voice and a blank expression
Mia Quinn
Mia Quinn:
I say all those things since I'm a Scotty and am so happy that he's representing . Gon yersel laddie actually one of my favs lol so nice that everyone is accepting the accent makes me so happy 😁 u should see the old Scottish text it literally looks like a bunch of letters that u can't pronounce a word out of but when we say it it sounds like we're drunk lol
I feel like the more north you go in England to more distinctive accents get. London, Brighton and all those southern cities sound the same to me but accent from Liverpool, Manchester and then Scotland are extremely distinctive
I'm Scottish so I know what all these mean but I still watched it 😂
Kayla Fain
Kayla Fain:
Literally everything about this man is perfect 😍😍
I could listen to his voice everyday
Lilith Millman
Lilith Millman:
I just can't I love him 😂❤
Caitlyn Martin
Caitlyn Martin:
he makes me love being Scottish
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger:
Yesss I love learning different slags ! Scottish ,Irish anaything! Just teach me ! ☺😊
Omg his accent is amazing ❤️
Allison Luvv
Allison Luvv:
Hes got one of those voices you could listen to for hours.....
Mojisola Adenokun
Mojisola Adenokun:
His voice gives me life😍😍😘
The spelling made it so confusing 😭 I knew what half of these meant though bc I’m from Northern Ireland but until he read them I didn’t even know what the words were
shanobi uchiha
shanobi uchiha:
Dove cameron is the luckiest girl ever... Hes cute nd scottish... I wish i knew scottish boys 😭
Lee Wolf
Lee Wolf:
Wow haven't had a fangirling session like that in a while.
He is slaying the game
Sky Thekiiler
Sky Thekiiler:
His voice will be the death of me.
Ellis Brooks
Ellis Brooks:
I'm Scottish and understood all of these 😂
Rosaline Womble
Rosaline Womble:
The Scottish accent has always been, and will always be, the sexiest accent to me <3
I mean, it helps that he's cute, but still...Very attractive accent.
Charlotte Moffat
Charlotte Moffat:
I'm proud to be Scottish ❤️😍
Lauren H
Lauren H:
This made me so happy. I love our patter.
Debbie Murray
Debbie Murray:
I actually use a couple of them and I’m from Northern Ireland.
We have quite a slang accent in Ballymena though.