Thomas Tuchel & Andreas Christensen Press Conference: Chelsea v Real Madrid | Champions League

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

100+ comentarios:

I hope Chelsea give this coach enough time to make himself a legend at this club.. He’s absolutely amazing.
All life matters
All life matters:
Can we all just take a minute to big up the Chelsea woman's team. I watched the semi and had tears in my eyes when we won. Chelsea 2021 😘
R McGawn
R McGawn:
Tuchels face expressions are so funny to me lol. Honestly though, it's only been some months but Thomas is my favorite Chelsea manager. (Fan since 04) the way he goes into great detail about anything he's asked, he also articulates himself so eloquently. He has a nice sense of humor & the insight he provides is very unique. Very interesting human, great coach. Good job hiring this man 👍
Laston Kotikubaya
Laston Kotikubaya:
we really miss Kovacic, I would have loved to see him go up against his former club
can you imagine an in-form Kante plus Kovacic playing in together.
Luqman Hadi
Luqman Hadi:
Kante is an absolute machine & he will showcase yet again what a brilliant player he is in the second leg. I’m going with a 2-0 comfortable win for Chelsea. Havertz & Pulisic with the goals. UTC

(Ppl were doubting and we did it. Score prediction was spot on but shame Havertz didn’t get a goal despite a solid performance from him. No words can describe how immense & influential of a player Kante was. Onto the finals now! Let’s fkn go)
Melissa Ng
Melissa Ng:
We can win this match , come on Chelsea 🙏💙
Giridhar Dhananjay
Giridhar Dhananjay:
Come on Chels let's do a 2012 repeat FA+UCL 💙💙🔥
G Wiz
G Wiz:
The way he spoke about Kante made me almost tear up and I had to run it back and hear it again. What a legend we have at the club that barely gets any mention. When a player like N'golo retires, the game is never quite the same and no one is quite able to put a finger on why that is. What a gem!
Kafashiro Zenit
Kafashiro Zenit:
InsyaaAllah..the blues will create the history once more. Bravo CHELSEA!!
I am Sam This is Daddy
I am Sam This is Daddy:
Results show he is a top top manager, and he handles press conferences so well!!!....such charisma!!
Kumar Paudel
Kumar Paudel:
As a Barca fan, I want damn Madrid to lose.
karan dubey
karan dubey:
If we concede as many goals in a season as the number of words Christensen uses in his interviews, we will win all the trophies.
LimitedCheesecake limited
LimitedCheesecake limited:
The first leg is in the past now we have to focus on the second leg and keep a sharp minded CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA 💙💙💙
paa yaw osafo
paa yaw osafo:
Listening to Thomas talk about his tactics and game management Get me soo excited. Thanks frank 🐐 from bring all this together but he is a better manager.
CFC Star
CFC Star:
Well said Gaffer as always, let's build off the Top Performance from the 1st leg and get in to the CL Final it would be Massive 💙⚽🏆👏
Nzagi Nzagi
Nzagi Nzagi:
Christensens English is so good! Sounds like he’s British a bit
27:48 Zinedine Zidane in your office? 😂😂😂 Savage reply by Tuchel when asked about match formation tm...
Views from the 6ix
Views from the 6ix:
They are always talking about Pulisic taking Edens number… He actually took Willians number
Noreen K
Noreen K:
I’d love to see Mount, Reece or Chili in one of these press conferences! :)
Andres Christensen what a player he's turned into, a lot of players show potential and his not only done that but he's established himself in a very robust defensive unit
Goldmind International
Goldmind International:
An all English final is my prediction
Chelsea beating City again will be the outcome.
In Tuchel we trust.
Shriram V
Shriram V:
Havertz has to start tomorrow and CHO can be brought in from the bench if we need an extra option.........It's been 9 years lads.......Give your best and take us to Istanbul......If we make it then the trophy is coming home......
I wish Kovacic quick recovery and also my darling Chelsea will qualify for the final
Christensens voice is so soothing to listen to!
Nash ♛
Nash ♛:
Chelsea is going to keep it Real 💯 with Madrid!
Cabdulqaadir Caafi
Cabdulqaadir Caafi:
Chelsea will win champions league
IAN David
IAN David:
We will do it. Let go chelsea, lets believe and fight till the end. The final is ours, lets beat madrid and silence them🤫
Triff Ov
Triff Ov:
Without favouritism, I think Chelsea are the best defensive club in the big 5 leagues. Hope we can do the job against real
He reached semi final with Timo Werner at front that shows how great manager he is and I’m happy he proved all the haters wrong.
Why Fhy
Why Fhy:
We can beat any team on the planet when we play at our best. If our young players can hold their nerve and express themselves we can not only get past Madrid but also beat Man City. COYB🔵🔵
Mango Girl
Mango Girl:
Christensen masterclass coming up!! Hopefully into the finals we go💙💙💙
Abheet Menghani
Abheet Menghani:
My prediction for the starting XI:
Mendy Reece James Azpilicueta Thiago Silva Rudiger Chilwell Kante Jorginho Mount Havertz and Pulisic
Thomas looking very happy. Cracking jokes as well this guy😂
Tuchel is amazing. I hope we give him time to become a legend! Every press conference is a football lecture / exposition!
الفخر ورفلة
الفخر ورفلة:
Regardless of the result.
I love this man. Absolutely top manager. Best we've had since a long time.

Hope the interviewers don't jinx out defence. They can't shut up about it.
Anvarjon Mirzoev
Anvarjon Mirzoev:
He is our new Special One. He reminded us about who WE are and how WE can fight with big clubs. Come on CHELSEA.
Alan Joudeh
Alan Joudeh:
We got this!!! Let’s go to the final!!
Ariza Mars
Ariza Mars:
All the best of Luck Tuchel and Team, enjoy these moment you guys deserve it, especially Thiago Silva 🥺. We should win it for Him. Good luck Chelsea much Love ❤❤
Der Barsti
Der Barsti:
Greetings from Germany-wish you good luck for the semi final.And at all you Chelsea supporters:You did a great Job(Super-League).Respect
Nasir Abubakar
Nasir Abubakar:
I am sure these Lads are capable of winning this match. We wish Mateo is fit to play this high intense Match.
Paper Book
Paper Book:
The Real Madrid have become nothing more than a set-piece team, and they are on the decline. They have same issues as Chelsea FC and that's goals but Chelsea has a better defense.
One for real
One for real:
Mason consistent Mount 💪
janish hasheer
janish hasheer:
Its just soothing to even hear what he speaks. Very calm and intelligent. Lucky us
Ken H.
Ken H.:
We're on this together CHELSEA... !!!!!
I want Tuchel to stay forever
the way he talks about his club and players. Ive never seen a manager this caring for a club hopefully he stays a while and we do big things in this the upcoming team and seasons :)
King Marvelous
King Marvelous:
I love Thomas one of the determined coach chess ever got
Omar F
Omar F:
Hope Sergio Ramos won’t play tomorrow. It’s gonna be though for the front liners to beat him. Tuchel have to start Ziyech from the beginning till the end, if he want to make a chance against Real Madrid.
Hope the best team will win(CHELSEA).
Jah Alleluia
Jah Alleluia:
Hudson Odoi is key.
Nnaji Charles David
Nnaji Charles David:
Fear not for I'm with you, says the lord 💙
Hemn Mohammed Ali
Hemn Mohammed Ali:
The injury of Kovasic is the most disappointing news for me! I hope that will not have an effect on the game!! PLEASE WIN THIS GAME, TT! Best of luck
david hind
david hind:
Wouldn't it be something, the Women and the Men making it to the Final. Great days for Chelsea FC.
Ash Mccutcheon
Ash Mccutcheon:
The mighty blues gunna bring home that champs league and imagine what we can do next season!!!!!! Leeessssss gooooo
Cheung CT
Cheung CT:
Hope the blues have more aggressive & efficiencies in the squad
Support the Blues COYB💙💙💙
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
He’s great manger top class could be another final just like PSG last season
I love this guy Thomas Tuchel his enthusiasm amazes me...he's incredible..progress to the finals or not Chelsea fc wbere they're right now are the best. They just need two more strikers.
jude kenechukwu
jude kenechukwu:
In TT we trust
Vollkommen Schnuppe
Vollkommen Schnuppe:
Come on Chelsea 💙
Tuchel has been wonderful managing the team. He should be given the contract extension and time to make Chelsea the best team in Europe again.
Papa Morou
Papa Morou:
Bonne chance a nous ; Chelsea 4 ever
Noreen K
Noreen K:
Florina Bautista
Florina Bautista:
We love and support you thomas tuchel.
COYB!!! 🔵🔵🔵
Hassan Dibani
Hassan Dibani:
I hope that het plays Ziyech this time.
Gabriel Cajar
Gabriel Cajar:
TT is a world class manager. There a reason why this team is different under him. He uses two key phrases that are key to be a team. “We need to trust each other” and “Every game is a must win”. Basically it doesn’t matter who plays - we must trust each other and we are playing to win. Chelsea will win tomorrow and play Man City in the finals. That simple!!
Andreas Christensen has improve massively over the years. Top defender, intelligent also.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Are you in your private plane? 🤣🤣 I love this guy
Jerry J&G
Jerry J&G:
I hope your morning is as bright and gorgeous as we're winning to the finals come on Blue's 💓
Jeremiah igbinovia
Jeremiah igbinovia:
I will be back here tomorrow to wish us a big congratulations to the final
Šerif Lelić
Šerif Lelić:
Since Tuchel came in Christensen is playing like prime Maldini! 🔥 Let's do this Chelsea,this is our night! 💙👊
Dickson Mello
Dickson Mello:
Thomas Tuchel is a bright guy you can tell by the way he does things i hope the board will give him players he feels will improve our game and not to frustrate him.
alida flus
alida flus:
InsyaaAllah..the blues will create the history once more. Bravo CHELSEA!!
Shamiso Moyana
Shamiso Moyana:
Tuchel's smile and laughter is contagious don't you think?
Kervin Lopez vevo
Kervin Lopez vevo:
A win tmr in Jesus name amen🔵💙🙏
Mikael Struve
Mikael Struve:
Rigtig god kamp i morgen Andreas, COME ON BLUES!!
farid sanky
farid sanky:
I think Chelsea must play with good system when they are build counter attack or make a transition to the defence. And once more is all Chelsea striker must make their chances to be the priceful goal. Keep your spirit blues and respect for Thomas Tuchel head coach.
Khamis junior
Khamis junior:
I like the way tuchel speek always smiling💪💪🙏🙏🙏
Kurt Fletcher
Kurt Fletcher:
Gutted to hear Kova is out 😢
Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher
Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher:
2 UCL an FA cup and potentially a premier league title is coming to west London this year
king abdii456
king abdii456:
Start havertz as a false 9 against Real Madrid !!!
Yasar Muktar
Yasar Muktar:
2nd leg
Chelsea 2
Rm 1
From srilankan chelsea fan ⚽⚽⚽⚽😎😍♥️
Anthony Alvelo
Anthony Alvelo:
Let's do this tomorrow night lads. Go Blues. Let's make history
Peter Stratos
Peter Stratos:
Technically he took Willian’s number
It's mental how Chelsea had so many fringe players that would have 2 great years then leave but in those 2 years they would help Chelsea win titles. Kalou, Molouda, Ramires, Mata, Bosingwa, Miereles, Bertrand etc Whilst having Hazard, cole lampard cech mikel terry for 6-8 years. They were blessed with such a good squad for so long
Sandla Manyelana
Sandla Manyelana:
Win or lose.... keep him forever
Come on you Blues🏆
8:40 <——— To start✌🏼
Effah Daniel
Effah Daniel:
Christensen talks exactly the way he looks....a real shy guy
Amour Juma
Amour Juma:
C'mon you Blues 💪 💪 💙 always never loss!
I love tuchel more than my own dad😭
19:20 very dumb question. yet how TT managed it. pure class and genius
Iosif Bortan
Iosif Bortan:
عبدالوهاب آدم
عبدالوهاب آدم:
We are ready to finish the job tomorrow night.. blue army 💙💙💙
Nilesh Awooh
Nilesh Awooh:
We can win this match ..the blues for ever 💥💥💥💥💯
Christina Halliday
Christina Halliday:
I love this weird guy 😁
Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon:
@chelsea. We would love to see a team talk from tuchel one day
Kian Mondesir
Kian Mondesir:
Come on you blues💙💯
Irfan Malik
Irfan Malik:
Let's go blues. From Indonesia ❤️❤️❤️
This was the first time I’d ever heard Christensen talk- I’m not sure why I was so surprised