Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Trailer

The God of Thunder is back! Get a first look at Marvel Studios' 'Thor: Love and Thunder,' featuring the returns of Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Taika Waititi, plus franchise newcomer Christain Bale as Gorr the God Butcher, a galactic killer. Plus, the official trailer teases the return of Natalie Portman as the beloved superhero's ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster. 'Thor: Love and Thunder' opens in theaters on July 8.

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I'll be curious to see how they fit everything into this movie. It seems like they've got a lot of ground to cover in one movie.
I just want a well-deserved happy ending for Thor. I don't care about anything else. Just let my son be happy, at last.
Lefty Jones
Lefty Jones:
It's insane how we live in a world where Marvel's Thor is on his 4th solo movie.
will j
will j:
Thor has grown so much in the time he's been in the MCU. Dude went from an arrogant warrior who couldn't get enough of battle, to a fun-loving, chill guy.
I love how he's gone back to his original look from the first avengers movie
Everybody's talking about how feel good this trailer is and I agree but is anyone picking up on some serious melancholy vibes from this? I feel like this movie is going to hit us out of left field with some serious tearjerking moments.
Stephen the Maverick
Stephen the Maverick:
It took me several rewatches before I realised that when he said people that you love, he wasn’t staring specifically at Mantis but the Guardians in general.
Eric S
Eric S:
I actually enjoyed the first couple of Thor movies. The direction change in Ragnarok took a while to sink in. I really didn’t like how Banner was portrayed but in time have come to enjoy the overall movie. Think Thor has become more appealing and like the dynamic with the Guardians (also took me a while to connect with Gunn’s style and humor)
Thor honestly is the best super hero on the big screen, he’s hilarious, thanks Chris hemsworth for being great
Personally, Ragnorok was the first MCU movie that actually exceeded the hype. I must've watched Thor vs Hulk trailer like a hundred times in eager anticipation, and it was way better in the actual movie. I think Love and Thunder is gonna be another one of those movies. I love how Taika knows exactly how to make comic book movies "just fun", and that should be enough really
This looks very good😁 I also look forward to all the traveling/places he's go. There were some very sweet looking worlds in this trailer!😱
Thor literally lost everything. A movie where he is at least happy at the end would serve well. I haven’t been this excited about a Marvel movie in quite some time.
kaique Alexandre Silva aquiar
kaique Alexandre Silva aquiar:
Acho que o Thor e a poderosa Thor vão lutar nesse novo filme em equipe
That God of Thunder run was my favorite Thor storyline and Gor was an awesome nemesis who was somewhat sympathetic. Hope marvel doesn't screw it up.
Christian Da Silva
Christian Da Silva:
Calling it now: there's a scene in this movie in which Quill says to Thor "I'm not your friend" only to later say the opposite when the movie is at it's climax.
Daniel Tigas
Daniel Tigas:
I'm honestly pretty intrigued by this movie. This sounds like it could be a fun romp while also being a personal story about who Thor is
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
Honestly, Valkyrie's "I'm so done with this shit" eye roll was my favorite part of the trailer.
Karmit Fruge
Karmit Fruge:
Anyone else noticed that Thors outfits (when he's getting fit and that awesome red vest) kind of looks like Terry Bogard's outfit from Fatal Fury? Cause I really hope whoever designed the costumes gets a raise!
lord lem
lord lem:
Thor has grown so much in the time he's been in the MCU. Dude went from an arrogant warrior who couldn't get enough of battle, to a fun-loving, chill guy.
Lonely Potato
Lonely Potato:
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters:
What a vibe this trailer emanates. Definitely gonna watch this one.
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez:
If Hyperion comes out I imagine him to be like man of steel, it will be dope
nijuo joing
nijuo joing:
0:49 Thor looks so genuinely happy. It makes me so happy I'm gonna cry
Thor doing battle rope chains to get back in shape is the coolest thing I've seen all day!
All I know is that the soundtrack is going to be 🔥🔥🔥
Melchor Yanez
Melchor Yanez:
I'm super hyped. This give me sadness and joy at the same time for some reason . Thor is my fav character . Also..remember in end game where Tony agrees that Thor was the strongest avenger . 😆
They did an excellent job of mostly keeping Jane Foster out of this trailer. Might salvage some hype for this movie yet.
Ross Robson
Ross Robson:
The music and the way the trailer plays out feels like his story is pretty much done and will probably be his last movie apart from maybe a cameo or 2 in the future (and guardians 3 of course).
Bonzu Pippinpaddleoxacoppilis
Bonzu Pippinpaddleoxacoppilis:
I love how fun this looks but I'm also scared because its based on The Unworthy Thor line which is heartbreaking.
Kay Choi
Kay Choi:
Honestly, Valkyrie's "I'm so done with this shit" eye roll was my favorite part of the trailer.
David Lalbiakzuala
David Lalbiakzuala:
Aw.... I already love the movie even from the soundtrack, it gives me goosebumps, love thor
I wonder how this will tie in to the timelines with recent events such as Doctor Strange and Loki. Maybe we will see Loki and Thor reunite at the end? who knows.
“My superhero days or over”
My heart broke just then
Christain Bale is gonna be in this?! This is going to be amazing
Be Human
Be Human:
I'm going to give Taika the benefit of the doubt because Ragnarok was the best MCU film to date in my opinion. But the trailer doesn't have me too excited.
kaique Alexandre Silva aquiar
kaique Alexandre Silva aquiar:
O Thor ele ficou sem palavras quando viu a poderosa Thor com o martelo dele o mionir deve ter escolhido ela pra ser a nova dona do martelo
Phone Geekster
Phone Geekster:
Oh man! Meeting a fellow God of Lightning Zeus is downright awesome! Must be New Olympus and encountering that's a plot!
Most Best Movie Ever
Most Best Movie Ever:
looks great, curious how the tone will play out based on the baddie they chose.
Tdb b
Tdb b:
I'm good on this one. Thor Ragnarok went in a direction I didn't like and this one just keeps going down the path. Generic rock music, 80's artistic flair, they can keep all of that.
Post credit scene:
Thor saw a snake and then grabbed it
The snake:well hello brother long time no see
Quill and thor combination always blast 🤣🤣 cant wait for this 😍✌🤞
Random Fandoms
Random Fandoms:
As someone who loves Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy, I've been excited about this movie for so long and I'm excited for it to come out!
This feels odd for Thor, the vibe I mean. Ragnarok was so good I’ll trust in them..hope next trailer is more Dr. strange is still most anticipated..but seeing them both regardless cause I love Thor
Super Moon
Super Moon:
Very excited 🔥
Eric Porter
Eric Porter:
When the movie comes out, at least I'll have a Pitch Meeting to look forward to.
🙏this is absolutely going to be a classic
Okay, The Guardians being in this movie officially made me hype.
Cmon! That look there was totally for him Thor!!! I just hope for a liiiiiittle more representation of different love in the MCU ;-; please?
I am so hyped🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Will Cops Pops
Will Cops Pops:
Thor looks like a classic 80’s rockstar with that red leather jacket on. I love it.
So far so good can’t wait🔥🔥
Rajesh Bantawa
Rajesh Bantawa:
Very excited. And happy to see it. ❤️❤️❤️
Luyanda Makhanya
Luyanda Makhanya:
can't stop watching the trailer, already a cool movie
maha sohona
maha sohona:
Thor has suffered a lot :( How much of heartbreak can a god take? Hope he'll find peace in this movie ( I know Gorr has other plans :( )
Sumit Tirwa
Sumit Tirwa:
Sweet Child O' Mine intro was goosebums 😈🤘
Aerin X Shamy
Aerin X Shamy:
I’m sooo excited! Looks like Thor’s been through the stages of grief
"I've spent 1500 years as a superhero. In the last 10 years of my life, Mcu made me to quit the job!" -Thor Odinson
Mike Leger
Mike Leger:
0:16 “I assure you brother, the sun will shine on us again.” 😭
The best marvel premiere for me!!
Love you, Taika Waititi!
Suzanne Walters
Suzanne Walters:
I can't wait, it's interesting to see Jane strong
Hopefully Thor finds solace in this one. Out of all Avengers, he has lost the most, his mother, father, brother, best friend and home.
Artt&Ash Films
Artt&Ash Films:
Shout out to Thor for being the only OG Avenger to carry the MCU on his back
Urfather Junior
Urfather Junior:
This already my favorite movie
The music steals the show 🖤
This looks really cool but I am going to miss Infinity War Thor. I really want to know how exactly Jane becomes Mighty Thor.
Hell yeah, so happy to finally get the movie after all this time!
Reyzel Cayanan
Reyzel Cayanan:
This trailer already had me at the 0:19 mark!
Lilly Wolfe
Lilly Wolfe:
I'm so excited!!
get botted
get botted:
Nobody gonna talk about how Jane looked like the villain?
Taz C. Storm
Taz C. Storm:
Sooo this movie is gonna be more about Thor finding his way in life.. and the multiverse than it is going to be about a female god of thunder.. like everyone was claiming.. thank goodness.. I didn't know if I really wanted to see a whole movie about Jane becoming the god of thunder and what evil village she was gonna face.. and it also looks like they've give him 2 eyes again..
Mathias Petersson
Mathias Petersson:
”Just look into the eyes of the people you love” *process it stare quill straight into his soul*
Abbes Mejri
Abbes Mejri:
Sweet child of mine is the most beautiful thing in this trailer.
Alan Merrigan
Alan Merrigan:
Love the chemistry Chris Pratt w/ Chris Hemsworth
Am not even happy about it ... Imagine the world without Chris playing Thor
like not
like not:
This looks super fresh, seems like Thor gonna get the arc he didn't have time or place for in endgame, finally. It's super interesting to see a superhero trailer without a hint of a threat or villainous power. Maybe it's gonna be a first movie where it's really just about the characters which I'd be super excited about
AMV Universe
AMV Universe:
Nice, I love the trailer already!
I just know this is gonna be damn good
Came for the trailer, stayed for Sweet Child o mine
Gonna be a beautiful movie 🤍
James Henry
James Henry:
I am loving this teaser! It's really interesting to see Thor (a superhero that is defined by his ability to be very useful in a fight) try and leave his battling days behind him.
What is he now if not an Avenger or a mighty defender of the 9 realms? Some really interesting things to confront.
Cann we just appreciate how they launched the trailer close to when the movie actually comes out!
Zoey Trent
Zoey Trent:
thank god thor is coming back
Xof Metleh
Xof Metleh:
Its a 360 turnaround for this Thor franchise from a suspense serious action to a comedic love story.
Joey the Sonic fan
Joey the Sonic fan:
I’d like to see Gorr. I wonder what he’ll look like, what his voice will sound like. His powers will probably look pretty impressive with today’s special effects.
Me just realizing Thor grew out his hair again; loving it
I feel like this is the beginning of the end for Thor...I don't like this feeling
IGW Thanos
IGW Thanos:
Tell me why Marvel always picks the best songs for their movies and shows 😭😭
Athena Wu
Athena Wu:
I just miss Loki. their unsolved emotion would always leave an empty hole in my heart no matter how MCU continue to “grow up and prosper”.
Ankit Gautam
Ankit Gautam:
*I would say one thing Downfall of Marvel started just after Endgame, now Marvel movies don't have that MCU Vibes. These movies feel just like regular films with simple stories. After Dr. Strange and the Madness of Wanda movie I'm not Expecting more from Thor L&T*
Johandy Emperador Guerrero
Johandy Emperador Guerrero:
Wow I was surprised to see the girl taking the hammer, I see that the hammer is destroyed when Hela smashed it but it still works, if it is Jane she must have seen it taken when she stayed on Earth. Finally more company for Thor.
Alexander Matthew's
Alexander Matthew's:
Thor 2 is my favorite so far btw who's the Villain in Love and ⚡ ? 🤔
Mind-blowing man mind-blowing 💪💪💪👊❤️
Mike T
Mike T:
Party Thor vibes for sure !! 🕺🏼🤘🏽🥳
Chrisdead 27
Chrisdead 27:
This is very exciting and to see a God return to himself as a person not a hero. Thor work on that beer gut man.
mustafa zubair
mustafa zubair:
It's gonna be incredibly funny.. the movie ..i am excited..
Rose Malay
Rose Malay:
Love it
Christopher Woods
Christopher Woods:
Love it
Sauce Chocklate
Sauce Chocklate:
I am not movie fan, i came here to say that... this trailer is beautiful🤭
Pop Culture Guru
Pop Culture Guru:
Thor: No one else can wield Mjolnir but me.
Jane foster: hold my astrophysics degree
Captain America: hold my shield
Vision: hold my mind stone