THUNDER OF THE SANTISIMA TRINIDAD - Darth Mod - Napoleon Total War Gameplay

THUNDER OF THE SANTISSIMA TRINIDAD - Darth Mod - Napoleon Total War Gameplay - Today we have a 3v3 online naval battle. Also we will see a massive ship in action. The Santissima Trinidad, armed with 140 guns and about 400 crew (in game). She is a beautiful Spanish Lady :) Enjoy the Battle!


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100+ comentarios:

De Crom
De Crom:
calls a admiral "general" *TRIGGERD*
They are coming, They are here.
They are coming, They are here.:
You know what these battles need???

The major Napoleonic Naval powers were Britain, France and Spain, Behind them were Holland (Batavian republic) then Russia, Portugal, Denmark and Sweden, with everyone else weaker still.
Fun fact: Turning into the wind is called tacking. Tacking was a very dangerous maneuver. Every time a ship risked doing this, they risked collapsing their masts. Most of the time, a captain would go all the way around, which was called wearing the ship.
Quentin A
Quentin A:
Looks like Appolo definitly became a sailor
Bistronic HD
Bistronic HD:
Why had French ships a glass bottom?

To see the rest of their Fleet.
Dat Dude Yeah
Dat Dude Yeah:
Just started watching and it's already an amazing video
The Potatoe Show
The Potatoe Show:
The smell of the sea in the morn'
You sir, are spoiling us :)
More naval!
It's so extremely satisfying to watch for example the HMS Victory fire a full broadside
Jay Rohwer
Jay Rohwer:
I think the video is great! But personally the naval combat just bothers me. Ships have far too few crew- Santy had well over a thousand aboard. Cannons are destroyed too quickly (A '74 got reduced to twenty-two guns in like six broadsides in my latest attempt at a battle). Ships simply reef their sails if they sail any point upwind, speed is static with no sailing characteristics. Sail graphics are ludicrous, they should be quite taut not flapping around. No tacking maneuvers to go through the wind or simply increase turn rate in close quarters. I don't mean to be an over-realistic pain, but these problems seem to be mainly based upon the developers of the game making strange decisions, not the limits of the engine.
Adolf Hipster
Adolf Hipster:
Jesus apollo christ leading and protecting french armies from those peasky brits
Hell yeah
Viva España
Mingo La Flare
Mingo La Flare:
Pixelated Apollo Great video! I'm so glad to hear the French "surrender" jokes annoy you too... as an American it bothers me that too many of my fellow countrymen don't know their history! France gets attacked by Germans going through the Ardennes, an area everyone thought was impassable, more so RUSHED through (not even the German high command were sure it would work) and had barely began to mobilize, and still 77 years later people still use the stale joke.
Luke Rooney
Luke Rooney:
Apollo by saying "no French surrender jokes," you do realise that you'll just unleash a torrent of surrender jokes.
MVP to Spain fairly I think
Metallica Requiem
Metallica Requiem:
Heres a french joke apollo

So guy goes to french restaurant and says

Guy:I want a pizza

French Waiter:Sir this is a french restaurant we don't serve that here

Guy:Then i want a burger

French Waiter:We don't serve that ether

Guy:Ok fine I give up

French waiter:Now your speaking my language

;) your welcome apollo and other people
the red prawn gamer
the red prawn gamer:
Great mod, u should try the campaign
i love watching naval battles
Will you ever record Age of empires II ? Its a great game!
old spring Bonnie FNAF fred bears family dinner
old spring Bonnie FNAF fred bears family dinner:
He said yeah I know im heartless😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
William Huston
William Huston:
Are we blind! Deploy the Notification Squad!
Juanlu Lourido
Juanlu Lourido:
As a spanish im very happy to see you showing our trinidad!
I would love to see the battle of bailén,the first time napoleon's gran armee was defeated,and only by spain without english help
Gaurav Guha
Gaurav Guha:
the french retreating jokes are the best. see how pissed they got about not getting the spotlight in Dunkirk?!?!?
33:48 Ulven is old swedish for "the wolf" :)
A tip is don't say 'the' in front of HMS because it isn't. The his/her majesty's ship.😀
Matt B
Matt B:
The French are like the Elves in the Hobbit movies, when called to help they show up but then leave..
If it's spanish, It's spelled "Santísima" with one "S" :D
Great stuff!
Filip Fjälltorp
Filip Fjälltorp:
Ulven, older style Swedish for "the wolf".
The Duke Of Orleans
The Duke Of Orleans:
Thank you apollo as a Frenchman I too grow tired of these surrender jokes. It saddens me that many people don't realize that America wouldn't even be a country without the help of the french during the revolutionary war.
Ulven means 'The Wolf' in Swedish
Denis D
Denis D:
apollo can u please do more third age ppl nd medieval 2
Luis Correa
Luis Correa:
Life of a soldier: Ottoman admiral edition
Dat Dude Yeah
Dat Dude Yeah:
I decided to watch the video all the way and I LOVED it
logan ogle
logan ogle:
hey pixie been watching you since 10,000 subs
Ty Duncan
Ty Duncan:
I want to watch a land battle again..
I will break your nico, nico, kneecaps
I will break your nico, nico, kneecaps:
Battle of Trafalgar: " *Santìsma Trinidad Captures* "
Vice- Admiral Collingwood (cause Nelson died): "Ha, in theory"
Sean Hillman
Sean Hillman:
The French Navy had a rough time of it, with lots of new crews and some left over royal officers. So there was a qualitative difference at the beginning of the Revolution. Even into the Imperial era it was an issue.
Geechy Guy
Geechy Guy:
Damn only 15 comments, what's up apollo
Canal Skaikru
Canal Skaikru:
15:14 Well pronounced ;)
Yep Apollo, "Glorieux" mean "glorious"
Just started watching and im already amazed the french didnt surrender yet
Matt Daitsman
Matt Daitsman:
I love Naval Battles. Thanks for doing so many recently!
Thatonegamer XD
Thatonegamer XD:
Im actually going to italy today and im smelling the wind of the sea
speaking as a brit: nuuu portugal, why' you side with the french i thought we were bros!
Pixelated Apollo
Please do more call to arms!
I love watching those...
David Tetlow
David Tetlow:
Hey Apollo, not sure how realistic the gameplay of Napoleon is but one of the best ways to take out big ships of the line would of been to "rake" them which involves manoeuvring your ships to be broadside against the rear of the enemy vessel, this way the canon balls fired from your ship will travel potentially down the entire length of the ship taking out multiple canons and crew, if you exchange fire broadside to broadside at most each shot can only take 2 canons and their crew
Isaac Raí Castillo
Isaac Raí Castillo:
Actually you say "Santísima Trinidad" from the right way, perhaps the spanish is easy for you. By the way, is great to see the most important ship of my ancestors motherland, beat the enemy army for their amazing firepower; hopefully you upload more videos like this whit the spanish navy in this year. XD
Logan Robbins
Logan Robbins:
But Portugal was an ally of Spain. It was also made by Spain too.
Dr. Rhinoctopus
Dr. Rhinoctopus:
I'm really starting to get into these naval battles. Great vid!
Michelle Stone
Michelle Stone:
I wish they’d add the ability to see ships actually SINK or be able to customize and build yer own ships I’d pay $126 for that
Jorge Martin
Jorge Martin:
Thank you for playing our Santisima Trinidad! Keep on working on historical games rather than unrealistic/fantasy games.

Anyway, great video with great quality.
The Potatoe Show
The Potatoe Show:
Alphix 012
Alphix 012:
10:30 *Rule Britannia Intensifies*
Golden Gunga Gaming
Golden Gunga Gaming:
I'm really said now cause I was gonna do my first call to arms tomorrow but my pc is in an automatic repair loop so now I can't attend D;
Casa Dharma
Casa Dharma:
in 19:56 when he said to circle the ship that is what happened to the Santisima Trinidad in real-life
Leonardo Mendez
Leonardo Mendez:
If i may ask, what mod do you use to make this beautiful scenery with a cloud of smoke every time you fire, and does this effect land battles as well?
Sweden rules
About the ship Ulven. It means "the wolf" in swedish. And that's a L not an I.
Denis Gray
Denis Gray:
Hijtan !
Hijtan !:
Thank you apollo, you somehow made me smile :)
Robin !_!
Robin !_!:
The names on the Swedish ships.. I suppose they just gave up. :, )
Andrei Morar
Andrei Morar:
Please upload Third Age... I'm missing it
You could do a life of a sailor :p
I never thought that naval battle could be so awsome! Give us more!
Baby knows best
Baby knows best:
*[insert french surrender joke here]*
Owen Stevens
Owen Stevens:
do darth napoleon land battles
Troy Montville
Troy Montville:
Literally some of the coolest battles are these this mod makes a huge difference! I want to see a US Revolutionary war naval battle
oh, so Napoleon's a well-optimized Empire?
No explosions! D:
laundered silvrr
laundered silvrr:
Well, on the H.M.S victory they did put two extra guns on board. They were tied to a rope, and pushed off the crows nest with a random firing pattern. It was retired for obvious reasons.
Rodrigo Marino Romano
Rodrigo Marino Romano:
I was playing Portugal, this battle was an absolute blast (heh)

Although I did crash later on in the battle...(around the time my admiral got torn to shreds)
Ignacio Villegas
Ignacio Villegas:
Todo buen español debería mear mirando hacia Inglaterra -Don Blas de Lezo y Olavarrieta
Do a Greyjoy landing on one of the maps with the castle on the sea withe Seven Kingdoms TW
Kiku Japan
Kiku Japan:
The almighty Spanish Armada!
Eric Davis
Eric Davis:
I don't know what it is about these videos. I've never played any of these games but I'm hooked on watching them.
Jie Yuan
Jie Yuan:
Great content love the battle keep it up. Long live the knights of Apollo
Ivan Buncic
Ivan Buncic:
name of the song at 10:50 pls. It's the same as in beast master 64!
Judeo Bolshevik
Judeo Bolshevik:
Do more elder scrolls plz i really liked that
Sietse van Rozen
Sietse van Rozen:
lovin the vids, keep up the work pixie poo!
Highground sucker Neplex
Highground sucker Neplex:
Can you do another persons perspective (just chose a random officer)
Omg it's awesome apollo it feel like a movie
glen ford
glen ford:
The Santissma Trinidad. much like the Japanese Yamtoa, massive firepower and intimidating however in combat it is easily outmanoeuvred and out fought when facing a superior skilled crew
Dead Signal
Dead Signal:
this boi really gettin into boats huh
Declo 1
Declo 1:
139 guns?! There’s 3 on the back or front
love your napoleon videos, especially the navy battles and the napoleonic wars mod :)
Some people just like to see ships burn..... I am one of them!
Spain: I'm gonna build a ship bigger and more powerful than any other ship out there
Shipbuilder: So you want a very slow ship
Teike Baart
Teike Baart:
These are awesome battles! You are the only youtuber Where I like the vid first and then watch it:)
Vetle Vedal
Vetle Vedal:
tip: the forward facing guns are called chasers.
Angel of Death
Angel of Death:
A lot more historic research needed first please apollo, before you start quoting tactics, love the vids but there's so much inaccuracy in ur vids
More of these please!
Aaron Woodhouse
Aaron Woodhouse:
Apollo back at it again with the great games🤗
Bohemund of Antioch
Bohemund of Antioch:
Its a bug appolo of DM , denmark and sweden have two of the same ship in the roster one bugged one and a good one with all the guns , you can see if its bugged if it has les crew than the other
De La Fuente -
De La Fuente -:
USS Constitution!
steven majewski
steven majewski:
Turn off the camera shaking please! lol
Denis D
Denis D:
how bout a third age battle of all the factions or a campaign
Your Channel
Your Channel:
Another excellent video from my favourite YouTube keep up the good work
SGT Sniffles
SGT Sniffles:
Chain shots are actually used for taking down masts not sails although you could say it has the same effect.