TikTok Star Cooper Noriega Dead at 19 Years Old

TikTok star Cooper Noriega has died. Noriega was found dead in a mall parking lot near Los Angeles on June 9. His death comes just hours after he posted a video to his 1.7 million TikTok followers with an ominous message about thinking about dying young. Cooper told fans he had been “struggling with addiction since” he “was 9 years old.” The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has not released a cause of death, which is “pending further investigation."

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it sucks how everyone who really cares abt mental health and strive to do better for others end up being the ones who needed help all along
People say people like this just “want attention” but after they die the same people go on to say “we need to do more! how could we have stopped this, etc.” Don’t judge others, listen and be supportive.
pops cahnam
pops cahnam:
such a lovely guy, so sad he didn't get the love he put out into the world
Alyssabeth Ellen
Alyssabeth Ellen:
So sad. I have a son his age. My heart goes out to the young who struggle. Please..... Listen to you children. No matter their age, always be there for them!!!!
Waal Al Rikaby
Waal Al Rikaby:
Rip my man, my heart and thoughts go out to Cooper, his family, friends, cousins, relatives and anyone who is affected by this tragedy 🤲💔
Kello QQ
Kello QQ:
When someone dies due to mental health issues, people pity them, wishing there was a way to stop them
But when someone alive suffers from mental health tries seeking for help, people would think they’re seeking for attention instead.
Rest in peace, Cooper 🕊
So young so sad . I'm 57 and I've struggled with depression most of my life it's real and very hard to try n act happy when your so far from it. Just remember that when you take your own life remember those you love and how that makes then feel if you were to take your own life. My heart breaks for his family and friends my deepest condolences 🙏
Lorenz Cobretti
Lorenz Cobretti:
he's freakin' too young! things like this make you realize how awful life, this world can still be. condolences to his family and friends! i don't know him, but this is just heartbreaking.
Always be kind to others. You don't know what they're going through.
Ash ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ
Ash ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ:
This breaks my heart. I have been an addict since a young age,I overdosed on fentanyl at age 19 and was told my my family that I died briefly. I have had an ex die from an overdose and I’ve had countless friends from rehab and AA die. It truly hurts my heart to see another young soul pass away. Rest In Peace
Drewferd 27
Drewferd 27:
My guy was 19 and an advocate for mental health, took me until my mid 20s to understand what was going on in my head. Wise beyond his years, gone too soon. Rest Easy Brother
The Businesswoman 23
The Businesswoman 23:
Struggling with addiction since 9 years old?! I'm sorry to hear that. It's hard for us to find help without being judged poorly and mistreated. It's getting better due to research and education regarding addiction and mental health .. but we still have quite a ways to go.
Rip 🙏 🕊 hope he found peace . My condolences to his remaining family.
I never heard of him but this is seriously heartbreaking! Condolences to his family. RIP.
Yocheved Chana
Yocheved Chana:
Sometimes the pain wins, no matter how hard you fight it. I pray that he's finally found peace.
Janella Fernandez
Janella Fernandez:
My deepest condolences to the family, relatives, and friends
htxden T
htxden T:
sending deepest condolences to fans, loved ones or anyone grieving over his passing.
Zail Boi
Zail Boi:
I can just imagine how he feels ik what it's like as well it's hard to quit and him wanting to help others around him is wonderful rip cooper such a good guy didn't deserve to be killed
christian Williams
christian Williams:
The hardest part about being strong.... Is nobody ever asks you if you're okay. Rest in paradise bro.
I've struggled with addiction and mental health issues, anxiety that is, for years and years and it is most certainly an extremely hard road, but still a road you can take and win!
My heart is broken! One of my favorite TT’s! As an addict in recovery myself, Coopers death makes me want to open a rehab for teens & young adults in his honor ❣️ Rest Easy Friend
I don't use tiktok that much, I don't know this man, but I send my condolences to the family and those who grieve his death. Just by this video, I can tell he had a warm heart and cared for others. So sad to see him go.
Nov Z
Nov Z:
If you haven't been through it personally there's that one touch of experience that makes helping others who also struggle that much more relatable,
So if you haven't been homeless, you really don't know the struggle,
Or with anything else,
it's heartbreaking, he cared enough about others because he knew how it felt, and he couldn't get the same help they need. 💔🕊
Addiction since 9 YEARS OLD. Man sounds like he had a rough life.
R.I.P Young man. Millions of us have struggled with the fight. If there's a heaven you will be there.

This era is just so tragic. I dont think even the crack epidemic at its height was as deadly as the opioid epidemic of the 2010s/2020s
Ida Giorgis
Ida Giorgis:
I'm getting chills because I'm suicidal and his age and despite him literally going out of his way to express how serious this was to him it wasn't enough
As someone who struggled with addiction for 15 years , my heart breaks for this young man . There is light at the end of the tunnel if you can find the help you need !
Erin S.
Erin S.:
heartbreaking! coop is literally one of the sweetest humans. i wish the people in his life could’ve been there for him
La Le La Shay Brown 🌹🥀
La Le La Shay Brown 🌹🥀:
I wasn't as familiar with Cooper N. But read meaningful commentary about his life and how he was such a positive motivational speaker and influencer he left his impact over million of followers and he will be sorely missed I am immensely SORRY to hear he has passed on at the tender age of 19 oh my GOD it's so terribly sad. RIP beloved Cooper N ❤️
Denise Eugene
Denise Eugene:
So sad rest well young man ,You did your best to reach out to others.
Bougie Peaches
Bougie Peaches:
Even though I don't know him, it's sad that so many people especially young people suffers from mental health issues and a lot of people don't even take our mental health seriously, they always come up with excuses to neglect us until the day we ended up ending ourselves or others in order for people to take it seriously.
Strings 'n' Things
Strings 'n' Things:
Just heartbreaking. Addiction claims so many people. He seemed like such a nice young man. RIP.
This generation is completely different lets just say i honestly didn’t know him that well but he sure was so inspiring he had a lot of love and faith in him supporting too. man god loves you i hope your resting up there easily coop i love you.🕊❤️
this is so tragic. he cared about others and wanted to help them so no one felt the way he did but it was too much.
Siimply miilkytea
Siimply miilkytea:
Fly high man. Enjoy heaven forever. We will never forget about the impact you made on mental health care.
i dont know him but this is extremely sad and makes my heart dropped. deepest condolences to his fans,friends and family.
Sob_johnny boouy
Sob_johnny boouy:
Oh my God that’s horrible my prayers go out to him and his family
Cool Kids Bros
Cool Kids Bros:
May he Rest In Peace and my deepest condolences to his family
I don’t use TikTok so I’m not familiar with Cooper, but my deepest sympathy and condolences go out to his family and friends. That’s really sad that he never got to fulfill his dream of helping others overcome addictions. God bless his kind soul and I pray that he is at peace 🙏🕊
Please read this! I had a friend who always «joked» about dying young and said it quite often. I didn’t think much of it, but a year later at the age of only 21, he hanged himself with a garden hose in his backyard. If someone tells you this many times, take it seriously.
Silent Night
Silent Night:
It is exceedingly sad when an unhappy mind and soul chooses to leave a perfectly healthy body behind. Rest in perfect peace young Cooper. 🥀🌾 🌺 🌹💐 💔.
Kwintina Files
Kwintina Files:
Comforting condolences and prayers 🙏 ❤️
Heartbreaking that he said he wanted to help others, yet he couldn’t help himself. We need to reach out to each other. Can’t do it alone.
Ray Delgado
Ray Delgado:
So sad, poor young man. My deepest condolences to all he connected with....💙🙏💙
Sin City Designs Pro
Sin City Designs Pro:
Wow... Did not know him or even of him, but sounds like he been through hell and back at a young age and really aimed to make a difference. I hope his beautiful soul rests in peace.
Mellie C.
Mellie C.:
RIP Cooper. Mental Health is something so serious one can be dealing with in silence, I hope everyone gets the help they need 🙏
RIP to such a good person. Wishing his family and friends well.
Aaminah Aaminah
Aaminah Aaminah:
If only cooper knew how much him leaving us would affect everyone :( I miss him so much he was my safe space and how he's gone it's so sad how no one realised what he was going through
Darryl Bowman
Darryl Bowman:
I just got out of a mental hospital almost a week ago and it's hard but you got to keep your head up .
I literally saw him on some podcast where they made fun of him for wearing a crop top and everyone was livid at the way they treated him

About 4 to 5 days ago I remember seeing one of his very last tiktoks promoting the discord for mental health since I had a feeling to check up on what he was doing after the podcast

It's absolutely heart breaking to think the man I saw promoting something to better mental health die so young... RIP Cooper, you meant a lot to a lot of people

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Elijah Kalil
Elijah Kalil:
This is really sad. He seemed like such a nice guy with so much potential.
John Blaesel
John Blaesel:
What a shame. RIP Cooper and my condolences go out to your family.
sandra gilfillan
sandra gilfillan:
That's so sad. I hope some good can come from this. Too many wonderful young people not getting the help they need.
He knew his body was shutting down, he knew his time would come to a end soon, and that’s the sad part. Rest In Peace💛💜
Was just in the middle of a small mental breakdown contemplating _something_ again. Then by chance this came up and switched my mood drastically. I never knew that someone three years older than me would do it. I don't even know how to feel anymore.
I honestly felt this one harder than I expected and I don’t normally feel it. The kid had a good heart. He always supported people
Carol Granger
Carol Granger:
My heart goes out to his family. So young he had so much life ahead of him to live.
Melysa Corsan
Melysa Corsan:
😭 so sad. This world should start becoming more about helping each other than anything else. We need more peace in the world.
Laura Cogan
Laura Cogan:
He was so handsome and seemed so genuine. Addiction truly is killing our youth. I would bet it was fentanyl related.
mama 1
mama 1:
Left too soon brother😕 hope you're finally at peace. Sending condolences to his family, friends and fans
XXL Orange Juice
XXL Orange Juice:
All my condolences to Cooper’s family and friends, this was a situation that could’ve been solved if he gotten the help he needed, he was truly a good man.
Crystal Rusmisel
Crystal Rusmisel:
I’ve suffered from mental illness since I was 13. Don’t nobody truly understand what’s going on in another’s mind or what they’re going through unless they been through it too. I’ve attempted suicide on more than one occasion not proud at all about it. I’m finally getting the help I need and support I need to do better. If your having suicidal thoughts please talk to someone reach out for help it is there.
Tanya Leigh Conlan
Tanya Leigh Conlan:
RIP sweet soul. May you find the peace in heaven that evaded you on earth.
Huge loss 💔
Maxwell Marlin
Maxwell Marlin:
I’m so sorry!!!😥God bless his spirit and his parents
Jacqueline Jackson Fabre
Jacqueline Jackson Fabre:
Ya Boi Evan
Ya Boi Evan:
Didn’t know about him but RIP. No one deserves to go through depression and I’m praying for his family. Rest In Paradise Cooper
Sad fr man hope anyone going through anything gets through it you got this for real keep your head up 🗣💜💯❤️
Darryl Bowman
Darryl Bowman:
I was introduced to depression and ocd at the age of 25 living in a studio apartment in Columbus Ohio. But I didn't seek help until I was 32 year's old. Now I'm 36 and I feel more mentally stable then I did a couple of years ago .
Velda Lyons
Velda Lyons:
Sending prayers 🙏 to his family and friends … so sorry 😞 to hear about this
Kenny Gorehound
Kenny Gorehound:
Rip queen, too bad I only discovered him this way; his smile fills my heart with love.
You never know what some one is going through. This pandemic and what’s going on around the world doesn’t help. Especially how people treat others. My condolences to the family, friends, and fans.
Kimberly Soto
Kimberly Soto:
How incredibly sad. RIP, Dear young soul.
Rest In Peace we all have addictions to at least something:((❤️❤️ All we can hope is for the best God bless him and his family
Evonne L
Evonne L:
I don’t know him but so so young 🕊💔🙏🏿 Rest in Peace Noriega. I walk a fine line too in terms of mental health and ending it all. So I really do understand. Deep condolences to the family.
joy brooks
joy brooks:
Struggling with addiction since he was nine!!! May he rest in peace🙏🏽
Nell Iman
Nell Iman:
So sad and young, he had his whole life ahead of him. Devastating that people can get so lost that death seems like the only way they can be free. Rip 💔
William Blanco
William Blanco:
He was going true something and know he wasn't alone so he wanted to open a rehab to help others.We just lost another good soul RIP brother
Mercedita Jarabejo
Mercedita Jarabejo:
Mental health is a serious issue specially during pandemic. My friend told me her two friends from mental health and they went to have consultation to mental hospital. Sometimes you need a friend who will really listen and understand your situation.
Annette Melnychuk
Annette Melnychuk:
I never heard of this guy but I will send my condolences to his family. I suffer from issues caused by mental illness and it sucks.
Rest in Peace to Cooper, he never deserved to go through this.
Alyssa Honnick
Alyssa Honnick:
This is so sad. I don't know Cooper but it's so sad that he had to deal with this. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family
lolita nettles
lolita nettles:
He was just a kid. That's heartbreaking. My prayers of healing and acceptance to those he loved.
Seek help asap when u need it, don't delay!!! U never know what's gonna be your last straw. Please stay close to things and ppl that make u happy, stay strong 🙏
Kid Lightning
Kid Lightning:
"Nobody can save you but yourself...and your worth saving. Its a war not easily won...but if anything is worth winning then this is it". God bless all those dealing with mental health issues with includes myself.
I’m not gonna leave without saying RIP Coop.. I love you man🖤🕊💔
elijah mccourtney
elijah mccourtney:
19, he was young, and he had lot to experience ahead in his life. Condolences to his family
Anuja Vyas
Anuja Vyas:
rest in paradise, sweet sweet angel, LOVE U COOPER FOREVER AND EVER. ♾ ❤️
prayers for the family. hope he finds peace for his choice.
Jah's Big Private Dick Chinchilla
Jah's Big Private Dick Chinchilla:
This is terrible, I hope the best for his family and the pain they must be going through right now.
Rest easy brother. Mental health is a really important issue that society needs to discuss so as to help.
Maria Abramson
Maria Abramson:
Oh, oh no... too young...mental illness is a monster, so is addiction. I've struggled my entire life with mental illness, depression anxiety and ptsd, and was an addict for 25yrs... I've been clean and sober almost 4yrs and it's a blessing I wish everyone could know. This poor young man...I'll pray for his family. 💙☮🌻 I pray he has found peace.
Reefermane 710
Reefermane 710:
Never heard of him but my condolences 💐
Dayotsmosh 10 🦆🦢
Dayotsmosh 10 🦆🦢:
*Rest In Love & Power Cooper Noriega 🕊♥️ (2002 - 2022)*
California 31
California 31:
I’m very sorry to hear this, my condolences to his family . Young ones do not quit! Choose life, it changes even when it doesn’t feel as though it will. You have a Savior who loves you! Jesus Christ will give you peace!
Tamara Saved and Sanctified
Tamara Saved and Sanctified:
Deepest condolences to his family praying strength and comfort in Jesus Mighty Name 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
I don't really keep up with tik tokers but seeing that Cooper Noriega passed away is shocking. I literally saw a clip of him a week ago opening up about his mental health struggles and addiction, opening up about his journey to get better. This really hit me cause I suddenly remembered that clip. Sending my condolences to his family, friends and loved ones!!
Shadow monarch
Shadow monarch:
This is so sad, Rest In Peace🙏🏻
Be careful what you speak! The power of life, & DEATH is in your tongue! 😔 RIP Cooper !
K Apara
K Apara:
This BREAKS my heart ❤ 💔
Vivian Payne
Vivian Payne:
Rip🕊✝️ You will be missed❤️
Destiny Ashanti
Destiny Ashanti:
The world is just so cruel to some people at such a young age he had the sweetest soul